The Greatest STORM in the WORLD 2017, big Waves 20 m

The Greatest STORM in the WORLD 2017, big waves 20 m
This video was created for Educational Purposes, for people who want to know how a Beaufort scale 12-point storm looks like and what will happen when the 12 point Beaufort scale storm with 20 meters waves hits different objects in the sea, such as ships, oil platforms, lighthouses

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top 10 ship in hurricane storm with great wave
  • Intrader

    Las tormentas y los faros son una cosa y las varadas en una playa de Bangladesh son otra muy distinta. En éstas hordas de obreros en condiciones infrahumanas desguazan barcos de acero contaminándose con asbestos, gases de petróleo y demás sin ninguna asistencia y con salarios de unos 50 Dólares al mes. El tarado que publicó este video debería saber qué imágenes mete, y a quienes oculta y qué intereses preserva.

  • William Rance

    No amount of film footage can describe what its like when your ship is caught up in a raging storm. I spent a big chunk of the 1960's sailing the North Atlantic on the iron ore run between the UK and Sept Illes in Quebec province. The ships I sailed on were only small ships 8000 or 10,000 tons at most. With small engines giving a speed of about 10kts in calm weather. More often than not, in the winter months, we never saw the sun from one side of the ocean to the other. In many ways, perhaps, not seeing the sun, or even as far as the ship''s bow, spared us the horrendous view of what the ship was being pitted against! Being constantly engulfed in a fog of spume and spray, and hundreds of tons of sea water crashing over the superstructure from constant wave battering. The physical evidence of what we were up against lay all around us in the accommodation. On one occasion I remember the ship going almost vertical as it was overcome by a monster wave, well above 20 metres - it was a moment in my life when I was truly frightened. When, with good seamanship, and a sturdy ship beneath us, the captain nursed the old girl over the top and down the other side. Later, when I visited the ship's galley, I was sobered by the scene. Among the debris was a sight I never thought I would see. The Chief Cook and his staff were all set too with mops wiping the crew's lunch off the galley deck-head (ceiling). I remember asking the stupid question, 'Hey, Chief! How the fuck did all that get stuck up there?' He just gave me a grin and clung on to a rail as we hit another big one. Unlike the tight spiralling hurricanes, a North Atlantic storm can span the ocean from Florida to Greenland, to Iceland, to Norway, the UK and southward to Spain and the Azores. It can produce wave heights of terrifying proportions over thousands of miles - it's awesome, and this ex-mariner has no desire to go back into it.

  • Debdulal Maity

    I Can not believed this

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