NF - If You Want Love

Official music video for “If You Want Love” by NF from the album Perception.
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Producer: Nathan Feuerstein & Patrick Tohill
Director: Patrick Tohill & Nathan Feuerstein

Music video by NF performing If You Want Love. © 2018 NF Real Music, LLC
  • Brian Davis

    This is my first time ever hearing this song and artist and this song inspires me to be a better person awesome job to the song writer

  • Grumpy Meatloaf

    Don’t think I’ve ever listened to a rap artist and felt, “That’s a beautiful song.”Until now, that is. 🖤❤️🖤

  • William Martinez

    This song is so deep ! Love can be so Hard and if you’re not willing to go through the fire 🔥 don’t full people into loving you . Because you have to go through the pain and if you’re willing to change then don’t give up on it .

  • Andrew Frank

    Some real shit here. Love this man.

  • Polo20tec08

    When I first hear this I cried it is so emotional and when i feel bad I hear it

  • Vidmantas Tocilov

    I will be here in: August 2019: done August 2020: August 2021: August 2022: August 2023: August 2024: August 2025: August 2026: August 2027: Like so I remember

  • KassGhoul Rose

    My boyfriend is in basic training for the military and NF's songs, especially this one, are helping me get through it so much. I miss him so much and this song helps me. Thank you NF for being real.

  • Nahaliel Munguia

    Like si eres cristiano👍👌

  • Thomas Moweryjr

    I'm scared that one day I'll wake up and wonder where'd the time go

  • Toni Leon

    Yo i love this one specially because I already have someone too love and I have been looking for it all the time I love this song


    so sad your song and track

  • Lana S

    This song hits me so hard in the feelings . I’ve never heard such an amazing song in my 26 years . And I mean this 100% 😩

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