NF - If You Want Love

Official music video for “If You Want Love” by NF from the album Perception.
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Producer: Nathan Feuerstein & Patrick Tohill
Director: Patrick Tohill & Nathan Feuerstein

Music video by NF performing If You Want Love. © 2018 NF Real Music, LLC
  • Amir Akhondi

    He's The Best And The Other Rappers(!!!!) Sucks !!!!, I Knew Him Since 2017 by "Let You Down"

  • Abigail Lilinoe

    It been a year guys...

  • Jack Daniels


  • Eszter Tóth

    Beautiful song with a beautiful message and a beautiful music video.. <3

  • Ekaterina Kravchenko

    This video is dedicated to my one and only true love, and best sex ever Andrew Bentz, who not only knows all the words to every rap song, but who also helped me move to my new crib! If I had a ring from Jared or Kay Jewelers I would marry you in a hot second! Always yours Kat

  • Fates Demize

    i really needed this. thank you man

  • Andre Wallace

    I lost my whole world NF you got me . Im goin through the pain

  • Stephen Scanlan

    i really dig this old, ill admit lol, 36 now. youll be there b4 you know it. try these two songs bye big boi. " she hates me" and "tremendous damage" if u wish to feel some emotion. if you've lived at all these songs will ring thru you. if anyone reads this and you find yourself touched or you agree. let me know with a reply or pm. or just not all all. enjoy and i hope it helps heal another. SLS

  • ryan little

    Other rappers: Can’t make a song without cussingNF: Makes better songs then other rappers without cussing

  • Abs Ashraf

    If you really love me why didn’t stay with me why did you give a pain I trust when we feel in love but you broke that trust I think we can make things happen but if going to be this way just leave me alone as I love myself

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