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♫ 1 hour of smooth jazz and funk beats by our favourite artists.

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Music is all about feeling good and hope you enjoy this one guys ♥

  • Stay See

    Tracklist00:00 Blazo - Lively Purple03:46 Arman Cekin - Smooth Waves06:50 C. Da Afro - She Was A Dream11:17 Flamingosis - I'll Be There (ft. Tendencies)14:40 Handbook - Get Some17:48 Dekobe - Absence21:17 BouBou - Day After Day24:49 Caius - All My Loving28:44 Alex & Calderon - Sometimes32:27 Handbook - I WNT U35:17 Derlee - All My Life38:15 Chicago 87 - Last Drink (Vostok-1 Remix)42:17 Flamingosis - Ride The L45:08 E. Live - Flotational Device49:38 Falcon Punch - Cream53:32 Bonus Points - Road Trip56:11 Handbook - Lovers58:30 Le Véritable - Amour

  • Lila Lilo

    Stay see n°1 like always🌼👍

  • Vasilis Kostaras

    Exactly when I need it! You are like a superhero Stay see. :D

  • Carola Martin

    The best music stay see! Thanks so much!

  • It Maniac

    14:40 What an amazing track!

  • Swift

    Actually one hour long nice

  • Adam Continenza

    i have a confession... sometimes i neglect staysee just so i come back later and appreciate staysee all over again. <3 u bae

  • Volker Junker

    very cool, love it, greets from germany

  • jacinto bedor flores

    Smooth chill beats Posi está Bacan bro porque no deja bajar

  • Bernie :D

    Every now and then, i come back to you and you always deliver.

  • Nina Nina

    6:26AM good morning , back to sleep ... :)

  • Joseph C. Dean

    Soooooooooooooo good! Listening to this at work and after a stressful morning it's just the kind of soothing tunes I need!

  • Marsile Ficin

    42:17 Flamingosis - Ride The L............So Smooth

  • Rob Fee

    Stay See at it again. Much love and many blessings.

  • Silvia Raya

    Love it, love it, simply fantastic!

  • Gerald Luc

  • Sergey Mart

    that's what we need)

  • juan Adame

    G.O.A.T. stay true to real Hip Hop

  • javier mc laren

    Muy bueno encontrar sobre (Stay See).....<3

  • tomislav scerbe

    In love with you and the beats ❤🎧🎶

  • the other guy

    BouBou - Day After Day are just a crazy good production, wow thanks Staysee for this gem

  • Villahangar

    Amazing sound !! Reach us out for more deep house quality vibes... show some supporto to Villahangar ;)

  • Daryl Holloway

    For 49:38 is "E. Live - Flotational Device" really the track?  Is it a different version or mix?

  • Hugh Gallagher

    killa. love it. but song at 5:ish sounds like they singing "drop a doo doo" hahah

  • Brendon Toh

    anyone knows any mixes similar to this? this is so good! this keeps me company every time I do my work.

  • Vero Garcia Sanchez

    21:17 BouBou - Day After Day <3

  • Corey Christopher

    Amazing! And @ 41:00, soooooo gooooood!

  • Sithembiso Malindisa

    OUTLANDISH!!! This kind of passion* for music is at level extremely extreme and possesses the ultimate power to change the world as for what it has become today. Simply Outlandish!!! Tell the world about stay see and let's begin the musical revolution!

  • Rodrigo Ciccone

    MUSIC it is- Love

  • Rainer Vormfenne

    Cooool 🌴🌊🌞🌊🌴Music. e.vormfenne

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