Francesco Gabbani - Occidentali's Karma (Eurovision version) (Italy) - Official Music Video

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Francesco Gabbani will represent Italy at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv with the song Occidentali's Karma (Eurovision version)

  • lexter lex

    His smile is FABULOUS and the song is AWESOME!

  • Eleonora Matic

    Canzone bellissima! Congratulations from Croatia!!!

  • Openvisor

    Respect from Russia!cant stop dancing

  • TaranWanderer2

    Looks like the automatic qualifiers are pushing forth great entries all around—such a shame that us in Spain have to stand out as the paupers' choice among these great entries. Francesco is quite dashing..!! 😄

  • Wallester ESC

    Italy 2018, that´s all.12p desde España!

  • Kiwi Monkey

    I've never seen a more Italian looking man in my life.

  • iVo's Music Corner

    My gosh is he handsome

  • kateemma22

    I'm still angry at you Europe. Still angry.

  • Disaster7317 Roblox&more

    i love the dance and song text! Greetings from the netherlands

  • Magitalia

    My only winner, with his genius song.

  • Lauraa Simon

    Laura Pausini should represent Italy at the 2018 Eurovion Song Contest... She's incredible and a huge star in Europe AND she sings so emotionally.

  • RedHex Gaming

    Who else is just watching song multiple times?? It's very good!

  • carlopsis busky

    So funny and thought-provoking song! :-)And that charming and unique voice he has!!! wow!! 12 points! So clever and ironic critique to our contemporary society. Brilliant!!

  • EurovisionGirl-98

    Can't stop listening to this song! It's weird, but also incredibly catchy!

  • Shaco

    Very nice song greetings from Hungary :)

  • Yoan Dimov

    The original version has 100 million views boys! My favorite song, from Bulgaria <3

  • stamatismicro stamatismicro

    To me you are the winner Francesco. Your song rocks and so do you. Love from Greece.

  • Miiina B.

    Francesco, you're my winner <3 kisses from Poland

  • fisichella78

    12 points from Romania!

  • Paulin FC Bayern Munchen

    Goo italyyyyyyyyy 12 points from Albania😍Beautiful country,women, food, cars, Much love everything ❤❤

  • Loomie 12

    This man is so attractive

  • Eve Is Not An Eevee

    Yard time for everyone guys!!!!! ^^

  • Cheung Connor

    as an Asian I'm so obsessed

  • Jerry ESC

    So happy !!No english lyrics 😍😍😍

  • Robert Andersson

    My God...looking back on this now in 2018, I cannot believe this didn't win over that Portuguese guy's song! :p

  • Maor Yi

    Big love from isreal I always love italy songs and i will never stop to love them12 POINTS FROM ISREAL

  • Steve Newton

    this song should have won eurovision

  • Cily

    Damn, loved the second strophe, couldn't they have cut the song somewhere else? Oh well. Still my winner this year ♡

  • Lisa 2006

    I really like this song. 😊💕👍

  • Evie Hammond

    144 points from Bosnia !!! Best song this year definitely.

  • little mixer


  • kiane watt

    This song makes me so happy 😂

  • Rosita Steponavičiūtė

    It's been a month and I am still not over the fact that this didn't win. I swear, ESC 2017 had the bigest plot twist in human history.

  • SkyrimPrincess

    This guy is so charismatic, I mean you can feel it trough the song. Reminds me of Tony Stark for some reason

  • mazbickle

    Love it! love the ape, love the lyrics (when translated), love Francesco, love the fun. Love, love, love the fact he sings in Italian!!! More countries need to sing in their own unique language. Bored with everyone singing in English.

  • Nicolas Cage

    I was 100% sure this would win. But no. It didn't happen. Almost 1 year later and I'm still angry at YOU Europe! Shame, shame on you indeed...

  • Carla Ferreira

    check the amazing piano version of this song!!! "Francesco Gabbani Occidentali's Karma Live al pianoforte" Gabbani is such an amazing artist! :-D

  • Eerika

    I like this song. This is the best.

  • Lisanne Jaja


  • Ximena Kokoro

    So amazing! Love from the USA!

  • Chris TiMe

    check out my ballad version of this song! :D

  • WhyNot

    i like it because they at least talk in their own language instead of everyone speaking english...

  • Żaneta Wypasek

    12 from Poland ! <3

  • Nitsan

    I still think this should've won

  • Edgaras Petronis

    The best eurovision song from all of time


    Amazing song....wish you the best....Greetings from Greece

  • trap scavenger

    This song is so weird but i love it , I hope you win Italy! Greetings from sweden

  • Apollinariya

    Italy is the best.12 points from Russia!

  • Ioannis Petroulakis

    this song is a great and powerful critic our contemporary way of living and thinking. Its lyrics may seem simple but not. If this ape act was out or something more creative, it sould be first! I just love it! It is a straight critic-parody of the no-reason-to-overthink attidute. JUSt LOVE IT!!

  • myowncomputerstuff

    At first I found his voice very raspy and annoying, but after really listening to the upbeat background melody, the style of the song grew on me. Plus extra points for not being afraid of a little lighthearted cultural appropriation.

  • Lena !!!

    OH ITALIA I LOVE YOU!!!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Greetings from Greece

  • SeveraSeptima

    Italians can sing even about digestive problems, it will still sound so romantic and enchanting :-D I love Italian language.

  • Renske M

    Awesome song! Greetings from the Netherlands.

  • Mira Shadow

    I freakin' love this song! Namaste! ♡

  • Tony Space

    Am I wrong or they cut some parts?

  • Chris

    Let's just cut to the chase and rename this video - 'Eurovision 2017 Winner'.

  • #snivy fan

    this is my favorit song go the king

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