2012 - the year the US Dollar will collapse, US Dollar slippery slope to economic collapse

The US dollar is on a path of no return, it will collapse in 2012
  • pauldb707

    Max Keiser Financial Freedom Fighter!!!

  • Dolphin Man

    If you could show me credible studies to back up those claims I'd consider it but unfortunately for you none exist. Also, note I said credible.

  • SuperGogetem

    Why is he wrong? Explain.

  • Robert Thomas

    As usual, Keiser's forecast was completely WRONG. People have been predicting the collapse of the US Dollar for decades. Two weeks ago, Keiser said the Dollar "will definitely crash in 2013." Once again, Keiser will be wrong. The Dollar will never collapse. Keiser loves to predict "doom & gloom." He's clueless.

  • Joshua Cope

    its gonna happen in 2 to 3 years

  • Dolphin Man

    But they're powering the US work force in one way shape or form. I don't care if it's an internship it's still a job and doesn't fall into unemployment.

  • John Rider

    youtube waking up canada to the NEW WORLD ORDER

  • peter munny

    NEWS FLASH !!!!! 1 trillion "dollars" worth of lithium ( elec car batteries ) discovered in afghanistan !!! what a coincidence !!! actually discovered 20 years ago- im sure u wondered why russia went there ? haha karma, u will all get what u deserve xo

  • Clowntrooper

    no were not if the dollar goes then the euro will become the reserve currrency and after that the pound and anyway we will be f*cked when the oil runs out in 20-40 years

  • DrChicago

    What's undeniable is that *eventually* all the insupportable debt in the US and the world is going to come crashing down on us. But when?

  • Scott D

    dollar dollar bill yall 2013

  • Aizyv

    usa gdp is what makes it powerful

  • SuperGogetem

    And your reliable sources are....?

  • jRex918

    look at our car factories man; before people use to get paid to build the cars but now robots are fully constructing cars ; lol and look at our warehouse factories that make our products, they are now fully automated with a few select people overlooking everything; people use to make our goods in factories and now theyve been replaced; look it up on youtube and check the tours of corporations; when you see their factories its robots doing it, the construction of the products

  • Dolphin Man

    Congratulations. The "US dollar will collapse" video for 2012. There's one for 2011, 2010, 2009, and even 2008. Bottom line, this opinion has about as much backing as Y2K and Dec 21 2012.

  • Dolphin Man

    Next time look up the word "empire" before you make yourself look like a dumb ass. If you have and still consider the US an empire then I suggest you go back to school in attempts to further educate yourself.

  • AbumeyangProductions

    Didn't collapse yet, probably coming in 2013.

  • peter munny

    END OF THE WORLD ! OIL RUNNING OUT ! this headline is from 150 yrs ago ! they were talking about whale oil, then something new was discovered OIL ! haha " f..kd when the oil runs out=new power source lithium " the world hates all empire builders merica no different, u think use r king shit when u really, fart the butler lol-peace out haha

  • Clowntrooper

    iam not from america and also the richest companies in the world are oil such as exxon mobil and royal dutch shell and oil provides countries with lots of money and lithium batteries aren't the answer they dont travel very far and take ages (some even a day to charge up) how are planes, lorries and boats supose to use this

  • jRex918

    i have a feeling those numbers are off because there are people out there who are unemployed and dont file for unemployment; the numbers have to be higher than that the numbers are being misled

  • Thunkful2

    This is an example of how one cannot predict the future. 2012 ended without the dollar collapsing. If you realize how hard it is to predict the future, you should appreciate better the fulfilled prophecies in the Bible.

  • bottomboil63

    with the amount of fraud, drug money laundering, theft, insider dealing, rate fixing, pension stealing, constant money printing, debt extending, war financing that is going on common sense says that it will all go tits up soon, it has to. HSBC laundered trillions of $ of drug money and no-one is being held accountable, a billion dollars fine and that's all, no heads rolling. the banksters are trying everything to put off the inevitable, you can't sustain the unsustainable for ever.

  • malunggay pandesal

    America whats happening to you? wake-up you have a 16% unemployment rate, you print to much dollar into the market, you are drowning in debt. and you re-elect a Kenyan President.what else do you have to reach the rock bottomk

  • golden86

    You would think so. But it seems these nutjobs leave up their videos even after their predictions FAIL miserably.

  • RequiemFor America

    that's the one hundred trillion dollar question... but i agree - it's inevitable - it's probably going to happen later than all the doomsayers have been saying but a lot sooner than what the majority of americans expect...

  • dakippins

    He's predicting April 2013. I guess he can keep postponing the collapse until he;s eventually a stopped clock. I will give him some credit for previous analasys. Look at his documentary on Iceland before it fell to shit. He was dead right.

  • Ne India

    Afghanstan and iraq must be laughing their asses off when they heard about america collapsing.

  • TheLouisXXI

    Sorry RT but it is 2013

  • Andrew Niven

    He's trying to sell gold.

  • RedneckVoodoo

    I guess fucking NOT! 2013, dipshit.

  • yahoopig

    max kaiser talks shit

  • InstTaxSolutionsLLC

    Although the national debt continues to grow and is a problem, here we are midway through 2013 and the dollar hasn't collapsed as predicted. These kinds of predictions occur each year.

  • Thunkful2

    Another failed prediction. It is so hard to predict the future. I thot that by now we should have been severely punished by the Almighty for murdering millions of babies like Germany was for just killing a few million Jewish persons. But some how our judgment has been delayed. I am indeed convinced that we stand on the brink of destruction -- we are becoming another Sodom.

  • Murphy Ketake

    all currency is a metric system made up to tell YOU with the value of the planets material resources are worth. if corps. move their business to other countries instead of america, it's only because their people are working more and building their economy more so they will have an better playing field. americans will be like oh "hell naw" as idiots and either start working more to bring some of the currency back. i hope u.s. is out of the game so there is some freedom and a valuable lesson.

  • SuperGogetem

    I think Max Keiser has updated his prediction to the springtime of '13. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

  • Thunkful2

    Herseim, I think u are correct; but Hitler attacked the apple of the Lord's eye, Israel. I think that America makes both Hitler & Stalin look like pikers -- we have exterminated untold millions of innocent babies.

  • bottomboil63

    everything is controlled by the globalists, elite families and banksters but i do think that there is a change, I for one have become active and learned after i lost money in a Halifax tessa that was taken over by lloyd in 2009 and am surprised over the last 6 months how many people are waking up. AND Iceland just said fuck off you aren't getting your money back. I respect any authority or person who deserves respect but the corporate globalists and bankers are nasty.

  • pismo10

    It can all go much farther than it is today. Timing is the key, this could take decades to happen.

  • SS SS

    but now is 2013 and us dollar is still ''alive'', still holding, a bit ''weaker'', but still powerfull. us economy is still numero uno. big speculations, may be true, but still not collapsing, sorry max keiser. you were wrong about collapsing in 2012

  • bottomboil63

    legal system is in the pocket of the corporate globalists and bankers, no way to turn.

  • SuperGogetem

    I give up. And it's "you're" by the way.

  • jRex918

    you gotta take into account the people work part time minimum wage jobs too lol cause they dont make jack shit money and might as well be unemployed

  • InstTaxSolutionsLLC

    There is one good point in this video. That point being there is a constant friction between investors and speculators. There should be more focus on investing and less on speculating.

  • Dolphin Man

    We have a 7.9% unemployment rate and with that being said I can't take anything else you say seriously. In fact the highest the unemployment rate in the states has been is 10.8% and that was in Nov-Dec 1982.

  • Murphy Ketake

    united states please move over seas and leave america. the major players and people that want to build a global economy for you is over seas. they are begging for more money and better business and more pay, they will actually work. americans are lazy and fat and watch much "reality" t.v. and jack off. banks your wasting your "bonds" and time over here. let us suffer and die. the americans that want more money will go to other countries. come on take a hard look, the slave cattle is pitiful.

  • MsCode ™

    Every year since we get dollar collapse in 2012, dollar collapse in 2013, dollar collapse in 2014 now it is to be by the end of 2015.

  • SuperGogetem

    You still haven't given me the sources you go to for economic information and forecasting.

  • Geoff Botting

    Spring 2013: dollar up 30% against the yen, gold down, bond rates down. LOL. Nuthin he said was correct.

  • Joshua Cope

    stock up on guns and ammo

  • Dolphin Man

    Unemployment numbers aren't recorded from unemployment filings. Every American has a social security number, if you've got a job it will show that on your SSN. Even that, it's shown in your income tax too. Unemployment benefits are 6 months max most states and the unemployment rate has been high way longer than 6 months.

  • TruthHunter

    tik tiok .. still waiting for that friggin' collapse ....ah well, we've had the '(2013( version in the meantime ... now we're seing the 2014 versions....

  • Maxsim Geroshirdiesz

    Hyperinflattion is on the way in 2 weeks sell dollar

  • Murphy Ketake

    do it as a test. see if humans without money can actually build a strong economy from bare hands. take the police, take the guns, take it all, and lets find out for once and for all if americans can actually do something from scratch. is it possible, well america claims it's possible and talks a lot of shit about how we are better than everyone else. we may succeed or fail either way, let's see if america 100 years from now can put it's economy where it's mouth is.

  • jRex918

    im sure there has to be some workers who arent recorded on the database cause im sure there are like local workers that arent registered on the database as having a job but i get where youre coming from, the numbers are overall quite accurate; i have a feeling the unemployment rate will get worse though, and it will continue to get worse in this monetary based system; our jobs continue to get lost to automation and robots and im sure the trend will rise

  • timmeroo1

    Sigh. No wonder people don't vote for you guys.

  • Michael Kinsey

    The fraction reserve banking,fiat dollars, and world reserve currency is a rigged system which has enabled the USA, along wit CiA wars, to consume 40% of the worlds resourses by it's 5% of the worlds population. The more equitable system by China, Russia, Iran, ect, threatens this. The Jeyckel Island banksters will wage a total war against them to emerge with a new frac. reserve, fiat with the mark of the beast, and total enslavement to it.by all men. Criminal insanity guides them.

  • CryptoPrediction

    check the moon...it happened on 2008 and will happened 2015

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