Our Very Smart President Can Easily Handle Robert Mueller

Trump wants to talk to Mueller, but he's busy checking boxes on his dictator checklist. One proposal for a large-scale military parade down, one abolishment of the free press to go!

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  • KingOfMadCows

    Just take Trump to Legoland and show him the Star Wars parade. He'll tweet for days about America's unstoppable Death Star technology.

  • 223Drone

    Trump has called anything critical of him "fake news", praised authoritarian leaders and called people who don't clap at his speeches "traitors". Its no surprise that people are associating his desire for a military parade with leaders of banana republics and dictatorships.Its not about praising the military but rather feeding Trump's own ego. Not to mention several military officials have already expressed opposition to a military parade and you can't blame them.In short comparing Trump to other dictators isn't really far-fetched.

  • Jerricola

    Do it Trump! I can't believe I support you in something but go to that interview! It will be fun!

  • Jason Blade

    If you consider that trump suffers from “small penis syndrome”, everything make more sense after that.But it still doesn’t feel right...

  • Zant

    This is necessary. Transgender in the military is too expensive, but this... THIS is necessary.

  • carolina beacher

    im ashamed that in 2018 we have a president who makes a 3 year old seem like a genius in comparison.

  • Anne-droid

    The Garfield balloon would work splendidly, since good old James A. was the first president to claim to weigh 239 lbs...but using the Taft balloon would be even better.


    Maybe help homeless veterans with that parade money instead..?

  • Alixs B.

    Genius! Plz Trump... Testify! Pretty orange... Please!

  • Kim Jong Fun

    Wonder when will Trump officially change his title from "President Trump" into "Bigly Smart, Tremendously Stable Genius, Yuge Hands, Greatest Of All Time, Dear Leader Trump" ?

  • Stacy55ish

    “For someone who just declared it was ‘treasonous’ to not applaud him, and for someone who has, in the past, admired tactics of Vladimir Putin, it is clear that a military parade isn’t about saluting the military – it’s about making a display of the military saluting him.”

  • boonlincoln

    Monologue Order:1. Our Very Smart President Can Easily Handle Robert Mueller2. Elon Musk Is Injecting Space Travel With 'Silly'

  • gwheyduke

    How many Homeless veterans could you help with the money spent on a parade?

  • Lisa

    Trump should totally testify. As he told African-Americans, "what have you got to lose?!"

  • dcptiv

    We all know what kind of countries have military parades huh.

  • Nemesis Zero

    But,... But.... Its petrol.... Its liquid...... It can't be gas!!!!

  • Viet Nguyen

    Who clicked the correct start of the monologue on their first try?

  • Pat Doyle

    The military should get Disney World to do the parade they do every night at EuroDisney in France. "But sir, you said you wanted a parade like they have in France - you weren't specific."

  • TheReal008Zulu

    If Trump had the courage to really face Mueller, he wouldn't have dodged the Draft all those years ago.

  • John Edward Jones

    Agree...STABLE GENIUS. # no match for Meuller. Please Don, go and show the Special Prosecutor and team what you got. Please do it soon. Please!

  • Salm Man

    Trump is a dic...tator.

  • Sideon Sid

    The flag , the anthem and "the troops" are favorite tools of Virtue signalling for the Right , to parade their pseudo-patriotism and assumed moral superiority over everyone else. They don't give a damn about the troops . What they desire most is to use these virtue-signalling tools to accuse their opponents of insufficient patriotism and inadequate CONFORMITY

  • No Calvinism

    Well, what'd ya expect from a 5-year old???

  • Izzy Coburn

    And so the end begins...

  • mohamed samy

    i think america need some kinda of a new generation the youth should take the lead and speake we never hear any young voice talking why.what happen to the new generation in the free country .

  • inkblotCrisis

    "Trump really is one-of-a-kind" OH THANK GOD

  • humanforotherhumans

    Explaination for Trump's parade: Putin want to see his weapon inventory.

  • Dr PayneX

    It IS called petrol! 😂

  • Alan Graham

    The Independence Day (July 14th) parade is to celebrate the fall of the monarchy and the establishment of a Republic. The favorite parts of the parade a the traditional cavalry, the MUSIC and the French Foreign Legion (because the all have beards and carry axes.) There are no tanks or missiles. It is not a parade to show military might, but to show the unity in defense of the Republic of France.

  • Ry Sun

    "How bad could Trump be at being president" said the majority of voters. He certainly is setting a lot of precedents

  • MRTN13

    Here's an idea: why doesn't the Trump family do a parade on Penn Avenue themselves? A lot cheaper and it would look great in bright orange clothing and shiny chains

  • Thilo Manten

    Little Rocket Man Kim and Dumb Trump a.k.a. The Grand Marshal seem to be children of the same school of thought. Narcistic psychopath!

  • silly human

    Why would anybody call ‘petrol’ ‘gas’? Gas is a state of matter. It doesn’t even apply to the substance it is describing; a liquid. ‘Petrol’ is short for petroleum, it’s actual chemical name. So, that one is just America trying too hard to be unique.

  • The Rogue Wolf

    So now Trump is saying that Democrats not applauding him is "treasonous", and he's demanding a military parade.But it's Obama who was the "wanna-be emperor", right, Republicans?

  • Jordan Little

    Trump wanted tanks, and missile launchers at the inaugural parade? They should have also have blasted the 'imperial march' as well!

  • Karl Kahn

    Trumps reality check is going to be harsh and swift.

  • Mike Young

    I clicked the like. I hope that doesn't get me charged with treason.

  • Thomas Boulet


  • Robert Melvin

    Millions for a military parade and not enough money for military vets who need hospitalization and other life sustaining aid; this is sick and disgusting. Elon Musk would you please get Trump in your next car that you launch into space; PLEASE! I don't care where you send him, the Sun, the Moon, anywhere that's far far away; thank you.

  • mistaeric

    Hey Deplorables are you not tired of defending President Gump yet? Hahahahahahahaha!!

  • Alex Gowers

    It always amuses me how Americans almost on purpose have different meanings for similar words. Rubber being a condom in the US and an Eraser being a rubber in the UK. Gas in the US is not a sensible shortening of gasoline and petrol is a shortened version of petroleum which is the unrefined version, both are correct but gas always makes me laugh as you say you have 'gas' when you want to fart. Also Trump means to fart in the UK. It does get quite funny when watching any english speaking TV shows if you're aware of the alternates.

  • John C John

    I bet we'll also see Trump send the first man to the moon.Your argument is invalid. If it's on his tweets, it's true. At least alternatively.

  • Jonas Sandoy

    The movement «boycott the military parade» has to be started today!

  • Horizontal Tendencies

    I should move to Germany, they’re over the racist dictator stage..

  • duy bong

    At least soon we will have 'petrol chambers' soon.

  • Pierre Begley

    Petrol is such a way better name than Gas though.

  • Uknown Fool

    Butter is so creamy 😂😂😂😂

  • Pal läo

    C'mon! You all would enjoy the military parade if you could have one similar to the Bastille Day's parade!(including similar reason)

  • Gregory Marshall

    How long is it before he starts wearing a uniform with a bunch of medals he didn't earn?I mean, this dude sure loves the military that he did everything he could to avoid serving in.

  • SourceCodePhil

    He wants to show Russia who's got the bigger army. Or sell it to them for a special price, maybe something like a further legislation....

  • dlweiss

    I love how Colbert almost does the "Hobby Lobby" bit again at 5:12, but just barely restrains himself. :)

  • MRTN13

    Trump, talking to his half inflated Garfield balloon impersonator: "Soooooo.... Who's Lasagna? She sounds sexy. I'd like to meet her."

  • Josh Necessary

    Couldn't this be a request from Vladimir? 🤔🤔

  • zhi hao quek

    Don't insult Garfield!

  • Thémis Babalis

    must be embarrassing being an American these days....I blame Washington, for years they screwed over the average joe, and people voted for a complete outsider. Trump was tolerated cause he was entertaining, but as leader of the free world.....oh boy...just scary.

  • blaze rebal

    How about a motorcade through Dallas?

  • gwheyduke

    How many ballistic armor vests could you buy for out active duty troops with parade money?

  • Senam Lawson

    If only he were dumb enough to actually believe he can talk to Mueller...

  • Trish Truitt

    I had that one! I win DICK-TATER Bingo!

  • WestOfEarth

    A military parade. That is the extent of Trump's vision for America. On par with the completely original idea of building casinos.

  • Azure_Paladin

    Im still sending the military my idea of creating an army of super koalas and sloths to fight off the forces of evil and good!

  • Huff Puff

    Thank you for keeping me sane!!!!!

  • R R

    Military parades are not new to the nation, but millions of Americans see the new Commander in Chief as a threat to democracy; a rude, mentally unbalanced bully who is unfit for the office he holds for the moment. To have his White House Press Secretary state that the idea behind the parade is a show of “national appreciation” is to place those who view it with extreme distaste in a position of being unappreciative of our nation. We are not, but such is the twisted way the current administration manipulates and distorts the truth. People who dissent are suddenly being accused of treason, for Trump’s sake and he wants us to show up for his big patriotic parade? LMAO. The question to me is, why would the most powerful nation on earth have to show off it’s might by flexing its muscles in the street right now? Many believe that there are ulterior motives which are suspect at best and frightening at their worst. Anyone who doesn’t address this wide spread feeling, is not presenting the big picture of the United States in 2018, but thankfully we have people like Colbert, Oliver, Kimmel to keep us laughing at the not really great, oh so transparent dictator.

  • Ez

    I'm honestly surprised the US doesn't do military parades. Seems to be some kind of parade in the US every other week and the entire populace has that weird gun fetish.

  • JAG

    Next he will want his own police force!

  • Don Post

    Hey, Trump supporters...! How does it feel knowing that your great leader is such a LIAR and a FOOL that his own lawyers don't want him to testify? TOO FUNNY!!!

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