Our Very Smart President Can Easily Handle Robert Mueller

Trump wants to talk to Mueller, but he's busy checking boxes on his dictator checklist. One proposal for a large-scale military parade down, one abolishment of the free press to go!

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  • Katharina Nachname

    I dont get the buffalo wild wings joke?

  • Marilyn Newman

    Kill two birds with one stone. Just say, "sure you can have it. You just have to pay for it."

  • Carlo Mazzini

    I’m offended about the “lasagna” remark. I doubt Trump is incapable of understanding the finesse or a good lasagna... Please, Stephen, keep him in the cheap cheeseburger realm, where he belongs.

  • apple tile

    yes, so easily.....After all his IQ is A plus fart

  • Jeremy Mettler

    goes to show what happens when don't vote and think santa clause take care of country wtf city councils think they can decide if America or not to or wormy judgrs and cops enforcing stop and blow me mybe but stop and frisk and piles of unamerican bullshit got Americans in prison when we need them worms in there vote

  • Matthew H.

    Wanna see how much of a hypocrite Colbert is?? Check this video out! This guy is a coward who gave into the liberal media agenda to make a buck and try to stay popular! He's a total POS.https://www.facebook.com/TheArchKennedy/videos/2123470607872450/UzpfSTY4MzYyODg0MToxMDE1NTkxNTYzOTIwODg0Mg/

  • Barry Kort

    Trump's big mouth is his own worst enema.

  • James Wall

    Yes we do not have no smart President we have a pier idiot in there who is a phony phony baloney with no hair phony hair who tells l i e s and p o u t a s like a baby he's a dumbass print that

  • Joshua Szeto

    this video randomly played again and I think I might rewatch all of these videos just to jog my memory of all the foolishness that Trump has done 6 months ago. There is just so much foolishness. And it's even funnier hearing Stephen suggest a trump balloon and voila, Trump Baby balloon.

  • blkskin1

    3:46.....No need to insult Garfield sir.

  • Vago505 vago505

    The only way I see Trump really "handle" Mueller is by trying to pay him off a big chunk of cash.. he's prolly hoping he could bribe Mueller with a big amount of cash, he has a lot of it n he's probably thinking his freedom is worth giving up a big amount of his fortune..

  • polite critique

    Rapist trump puppet president with no power

  • Dexter Wilkinson

    solve corporation victim return sacrifice compound inspection broadcast logic image

  • yacket

    I was too busy throwing up during the Wells-Fargo ad to pay attention to this.

  • Jswines123

    Madam LaFarge is watching.

  • Nathaniel Frankford

    Stop separating trump from mr president, refer to him as Mr. President Trump or don't say it at all.

  • Tuber You

    What many don't understand is that the Democrats are for all the people and Republicans are for the most successful people. When you take either political philosophy to its extreme it begins to fail. Democrat begins to be communistic and Republican begins to be fascist in nature. That's why we have two parties. Each checks the other using the free media, the judiciary, the executive and the representative arms of government. It has led to the most successful Republic in the world for more than two centuries. So maybe stop bashing and insulting the other party and realize that both are necessary to support this bastion of freedom.

  • Faisal Ovi

    It is Petrol/octane/diesel..... Not gas!! -_-

  • AHDBification

    Stop doing the Conan thing. You're better than that.

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