Trump Says Giuliani Will 'Get His Facts Straight'

On Friday, the President told reporters that his lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, would 'get his facts straight.' He was wrong.

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  • Part of Government is illuminati

    899 Cuckoo conservative/republican/right wing down voters and cooooounting....

  • Eugenio Colussi filho


  • Naomi Meme

    That DJ khaled joke omg


    here kitty kitty. pussy riot, ey?

  • Drake Malfoy

    “Only one is going down” he’s talking about Dj Khalid saying that he doesn’t go down on his wife😹

  • Bethany Rishell

    The damn non-smoking commercial just make me want to go out and have a smoke. Or smokes.


    ONE MILLION YEARS FROM NOW THE NEXT CIVILIZATION WILL FIND THAT CAR under rock. The question is will they do a cover-up.

  • Piemonster48

    Trump has an ad on tbis video lmao

  • Claudia Ivy

    45 is being pushed against because he's not doing the position true justice. He is a snake oil salesmen.a fake.

  • Venkatesh babu

    If I have a single living cell of you I can get your entire history your all thought from birth till . And your families thought. Now a days super computers do it with such an amazing accuracy. Including your dreams you had. All through your Gene make up.

  • ezra

    Rudy will be an example of how to lose any credibility in job and still trying to cover for it

  • Vatatheo Anonymous

    "Ask your kids" lmfao

  • UtAnimeAlpha524 4

    Well mr. Colbert the opinion part of clearly lying is clearly he is lying though to be sure

  • Son Brimmer

    I still can't figure out if thats someones weird ass laugh at 7:19, or if it's some kind of sound effect.

  • Venkatesh babu

    Overseas Microsoft and Apple are underwater. Floods.

  • Floyd Girl

    I cannot get enough of you, Stephen Tyrone!!!!

  • MJW238

    Giuliani is correct however, in that $130,000 is what lawyers call “go away money” - what a rich client pays to a nuisance, as the time, money, and effort to fight it would be even greater.

  • Emma Schmitz

    scene classical turn urban starter abuse ahead telephone leaf clear counterpart weather.

  • James Lade

    I had sex with Spanky Twump. Send me $130,000. I know it’s just small change for you guys

  • the last wild one

    Lawyers the ability to lie at lite speed it's hilarious New Yorkers try to tell everybody Aaaa Yo dis guy's a real scumbag he make everybody yak fagitaboutit!!!

  • Marylee deFerrari

    Maybe that low payment just goes to show that Trump isn't as wealthy as he claims . . .

  • subg88

    Rudy knew about 9/11 and admitted it on camera. He should be underneath a prison somewhere.

  • Quirky Quipster

    Alternative facts you say? Right. He'll get them straight. 〰〰➖🔙⁉↘〰〰🔜⁉

  • Yusuf Ibrahim

    I love how on 1 hand u have those who say liberal media is biased against or haters of the guy who stole the W.H. Then claim their going to win again in 2020 but when u look at the 👍vs👎u c the ignorant supporters are outnumbered in the same proportion as they were at the polls.

  • Floyd Girl

    And you get better and better as the monologue continues...

  • Finn Williamson

    Source tired soup maker daughter metaphor pay.

  • Justin Ashton

    Hua hua uno hua hua dose hua hua trace


    no no no. it's ball goggling per A D Clay. :)

  • Mike M

    Trump PAYS people while Hillary Clinton SLAYS people!!! HUUGE difference, ya think!??


    here's your receipt.

  • sammyof300

    LMFAO the ad before this video was a fake news survey commercial for trump

  • Venkatesh babu

    They should have known Hawaii and next Canada and next California. The fault line travels. Taiwan Japan Bermuda triangle..

  • Davo2able

    Why do journalist still invite these ppl on? They just lie and lie. Giving them a platform just allows them to spread more disinformation. Which is diametrically opposed to the supposed purpose of a news outlet. Just doesn't make much sense.

  • RT Elkin

    Is Melania one of those mythical "European"-style women who know that their husbands are going to mess around and so fools around in turn? Republicans never forgave the Clintons for having that kind of progressive marriage. Does anyone look at DT & his wives & get flashes of cartoon Eastern Bloc sex slavery dominatrix porn?

  • David Sharbel

    We have a shooting rage here with the targets having pics of Trump and family members, Kelly Anne, Cohan, Sara H.S. and more of the Trump Mafia. The most used only by a small lead is Trump followed by Kelly A.C.So much of a anger relief HAAAAAAAAAh That feels good, Bulls Eye.

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