Stephen A. reveals issue in Fox News host's LeBron James criticism | Final Take | First Take | ESPN

In First Take's Stephen A. Smith's Final Take, he reveals his biggest issue with Fox News host Laura Ingraham's criticism of LeBron James.

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  • Primary Disguise

    He's right about everything except Lebron James being president

  • Osama shaad

    He just trying to fuck stop it

  • gii SB

    lebron, don and you add up to like 100 IQ In total... stop reading from the teleprompter, we can tell

  • Brian Jones

    And you know what that white lady want to tell somebody shut up and dribble won't she sucks shut up and suck a dick

  • Taha DEUX

    Right on the nail again again

  • Micheal Achilanga

    Shut up u twat. Who doesn’t know that you’re the worst News Anchor

  • Michael Harris

    It's funny how black people can be racist and work in the media! This little fart is a white hater and he runs his mouth like he knows something. He's hilarious when he tries to speak like someone with a brain. He uses words out of context and mispronounces words too! I wonder if he can spell? But he work at ESPN!

  • alex droogy

    Athletes are a disease !

  • gii SB

    lebron supports the dem plantation and he barely finished highschool. lets ask the basketball player about geopolitics and kicking the lefts behind... you keep it up haha

  • realist bob

    Lebron for president,,,,Now I heard it all.....Ya dumb and ignorant for president....

  • George Montero

    Whatever Stephen, it doesnt matter what Lebron has done, other people has done that too. The bottom line is, LeBron should stick to basketball coz a lot of young people look up to him and so is to the president of the country, No we see Lebron hating thier President. What do you think of this. Deviding people. LeBron you're the BUm!

  • piyush sahoo

    What if someone asked her to bend over and wiggle?

  • Mermaid We

    Excellent perhaps she should shut up and go home what a bitch

  • realist bob

    how bias you are....So now trump has to be the punching bag for africian americans....


  • Tracy Sharp

    Most conservatives think that they are smarter then the average joe they come at you to make you look dum she is a racies piece of shit !😈

  • Brian Jones

    I do not like Stephen A Smith he is a f**** a**** he do not like LeBron Stephen A Smith need to kiss ass and suck a dick

  • L Faulcon

    Laura Ingram: SHUT THE FUCK UP CUNT.

  • realist bob

    Lebron is ignorant and dumb....we all know this.. His comments about trump sounded like a 6 year player in the NBA without a doubt....stick to what you know Lebron

  • Tony Jackson

    smart what she invented nothing smart dumbass European every body smart in their own way

  • ClevelandCavaliers 2016champs

    Stephen A smith well said

  • Laverne Robinson

    what would she had said if he said make me shut up her face wiuld have turned red just daying lol

  • Gilbert Rocha

    She said,," someone said" ,,, shut up an dribble,,, duh what did you really hear,,!!

  • Athletic 03

    Actually Steven A more the 3/4 of the world you are apart of 100% has no clue who the fuck Lebron James is. Some dont even have power let alone a device or even the ability to purchase a league pass to watch the game.

  • Delta187 SFGa

    Lebron pays it forward as we all should when there are many that have need that are trying. Not those that feel entitled.

  • Robert Szmania

    She only said that because lebron repeatidly disrespects the president...not because he disagrees with him...lebron wont sit down with ingram or trump because he cant talk policy...he can only spew hate and he knows for stephen a...never trust a man that talks with a cadence...jesse jackson, al sharpton...reverand wright...I dont know exactly what stephen a.angle is...but I know he is profiting by saying things that are destructive to the black comunity.

  • Terry Knight

    Sad little attention seeking nobody jealous of successful smart celebrities like Lebron and Kevin so she uses the opportunity to express that by pouncing on them for what they said about Trump. Plus she stated in her first response to Lebron and Kevin something to the effect of "You 'smack' people they can 'smack' back." In her second response she stated that when people make comments then they shouldn't be surprised by the responses from other people and "If you can dish it out then you can take it." The door swings both ways Laura. By the way, if Laura were to make comments about Obama or whoever and Lebron or Kevin or another male were to tell her to shut up and host a talk show they would be called sexists. They would catch so much flack for being disrespectful to a female it wouldn't be funny, and that would be the least of their problems because they would lose their jobs. Just saying.

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