Stephen A. reveals issue in Fox News host's LeBron James criticism | Final Take | First Take | ESPN

In First Take's Stephen A. Smith's Final Take, he reveals his biggest issue with Fox News host Laura Ingraham's criticism of LeBron James.

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  • Activerici 23

    I don't say this often, but great job Stephen A.

  • Lor Dj

    Stephen A was right on the money with this one

  • Abdullahi Ali

    He will shut up and dribble if you shut up and cook 🍳

  • Brain Blue

    Destroyed.....Thank you Stephen A.Smith

  • darkspider009

    Pop, Kerr, many others criticized trump...but she went after Lebron...huh I wonder why ? :/

  • Josh Canaday

    She may as well have said, “shut up, “n”

  • Tanmay Singh

    At first they said : Blacks had subpar intelligence compared to white, then they said: they were not intelligent enough to study in white colleges, now they say: shut up and do what you are supposed to be doing? This white bigotry will never end, they will always find a way to show you they are above you.

  • Esau Abdul-Adl


  • Augusto Manzali

    Lavar Ball, shut up and talk

  • Raiders Cat

    1:35 yes SAS its exactly the same except I doubt the white lady can actually make a home cooked meal.

  • ten laflare

    I been waiting all,weekend for Stephen to go off on dis lady

  • SirBokChoySr

    LeBron James donated millions of dollars on scholarships for kids, countless parks, annual charity events, schools and has an incredible foundation. And Laura Ingraham... did a nazi salute and is the same person that incorrectly labeled a photograph of the Cavaliers' NBA Championship parade as a photo of Trump supporters in Phoenix... let that sink in.

  • Mixamaka

    .....because she is racist. We all know.

  • Mike Evans

    Paul George almost cost team Lebron the game with that field goal % yesterday He was straight ass and got a quiet 16 points

  • Jay Christopher Santos

    Salute to you Mr. Smith. On point!

  • Steve Angervil

    Typical responses She's racist!Shut up and Stay in kitchen!Shut up and Dribble LeBrons nuts in you mouthShut up (insert some poorly thought insult posing as an argument).

  • Warriors FC7

    I love how Fox News goes off on liberals for being “elitists” but then they condescendingly make fun of people who didn’t finish high school (which Lebron actually did...) and saying those people aren’t smart enough to speak on politics. Butt hurt hypocrites

  • Justin Nathaniel

    I'm proud of you Steven A. Smith. Been doing your thing for awhile now. If anyone disagrees with your final take it will simply be because of their ignorance.

  • Freddy Gaulman

    Time for everyone to pretend like they hate this chick Laura until someone rights a bad review on Black panther. I miss the days when people didn't care what others thought and just lived there lives...Oh well 2018 for ya I suppose

  • Leo Quintana


  • Nick Jaramillo

    Wrong !!!! She on her own show , actually has many programs that start , with the title" Shutup" and quote like. Shutup and drive" shutup and Golf" ⛳ etc this by the left was taken way out of context

  • Adrian Brown

    Laura...go make me a sandwich

  • Mencius

    This white woman has what I call "slave master syndrome". I call it like this because it is a psychological illness, that makes people think that everyone else is here to serve them. What did slaves do when they finished their work? They stayed quiet and didnt talk. This is exactly what this woman, and thousands and thousands of other people today have. Deep down in their mind, they still see themselves as a slave master. Granted, today, these people are not all white. While the majority of them is white, some are Asian, Latino, even blacks. If you think that everyone else's capacity goes only so far to SERVE YOU and NOTHING ELSE, you have this disease! To me, this disease is worse than cancer, because it already eroded your mind when you still are alive, and it depresses them so dearly because they will never accept how the world is today. No one in the world is here to serve anyone else. We are all here to fulfill our potential and do what we think is right to do. Millions have died for the ideal of freedom of speech, and it is a DISGRACE for her to say what she said, TODAY, IN THIS DAY AND AGE. If she thinks that Lebron is unqualified to speak, to thousands who have Ph.D's and Master's in sociology, law, and criminal justice, she is UNQUALIFIED! So, who is to say who is qualified and who is not!

  • Harvey Ford

    If the left wants to be taken seriously, they need to start coming up with actual arguments other than the race card. The right doesn’t care anymore about being called racist. It’s lost it’s meaning like the boy who cried wolf. SAS did a fairly well job of making a good point but the comments just saying she racist isn’t going to change a conservatives mind.

  • Daniel H

    when you're right, you're right Steven A.

  • SKYRO 91

    SAS......she is the only person to ever tell lJ to his face to STFU and play ball. She not all over his nuts like the rest of yall!!!

  • JustLouIt

    Stephan A should just shut up and talk about sports

  • Francis Schuessler

    There is no way that this is not racist... as a white male I recognize things we cannot say because for a white person to criticize blacks for speaking out that is not acceptable. Like him or not he’s the president, and EVERYONE is entitled to have an opinion. This was an incredibly racist thing to say and if she’s as smart as she thinks she is, wouldn’t she know it? Not acceptable to even think about totally inappropriate thing of her to say and there is no validation for it.

  • Abdullahi Ali

    Stephan Coon A Smith well said

  • Lokii

    Why you got to talk about Lebron every topic lol

  • Nick Jaramillo

    Fox news is always Sincere unlike CNN Clinton News Network true fact

  • Keith B

    I agree with everything that he said except i do not see how her comments were racist absolutely what so ever.

  • carl1223

    lol. I would love for Lebron to run for president. Dude would get destroyed.

  • Lonzo Balls Son

    LeBron for President ⛹🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

  • The Council

    Trump 2020 🇺🇸 Y'all don't like it get the hell out of our country !!!

  • LedZep's X

    Athletes deserve to have their voices heard outside of the sport due to the good they provide off the field/court. Many of them have charities ranging from many things. Should they abandon their charitable effort and just play ball? If they speak out against domestic abuse, child abuse, illnesses, or acts of violence, should they shut up. No, only when they criticize a Retard-in Chief is when they cross the line. I am sorry, but anyone who voted for a complete retard that doesn't know anything about politics to be president is not smart at all. They are retarded. Hell I'd rather have Mitt Romney or McCain. Not a retarded hypocrite, who says he "loves and respects" the military but did everything he could to get out of serving when he was drafted. The majority of conservatives are a cancer to this country.

  • noneurbiz

    Stephen Smith's arguments are totally retarded. He needs to shut up, too.

  • Hershdawg5

    The only thing that rubs me the wrong way about athletes/couches publicly spuing out their political beliefs is (1) It's usually a opinion/accusations that rarely supported by facts. (2) A large portion of sports viewerships are young kids and young adults that are still trying to figure out where they lie on the political spectrum. Then you have organizations like ESPN who un doubtedly cater to the left. I'd say the same if athletes and ESPN were open about their conservative beliefs as well. BUT the big caveat to all of that is, if a conservative player on a team came out and supported a guy like Trump he/she would be publicly crucified and deemed a racist. Thanks bias media..

  • Rick Solomon

    Stephen A. Smith, well done.

  • brycspain

    Why does Lebron show up with Hillary? I bet the people he helps are all Democrats. Do your research Stephen.

  • Tony U

    wow. the most sensitive people in the world.

  • AJ Youboty

    Lebron James should reaaaaallly stay away from politics

  • Shang Tsung

    Racial insensitivity? Lmao

  • Harvey Ford

    If you criticize a black then you are a racist! Gah why didn’t Laura know that by now?

  • Netrohz US

    I mean idk who the hell should give a shit what he had to say but LeBron and KD shouldn’t have said anything political. But she could’ve worded her statement a little different.

  • Nick M

    Why is it always a race thing ? He's an outspoken basketball star and while I do respect his right to an opinion perhaps not everyone will agree with him. But what the left does, is take a poor argument. Attach race or color or sex to it to drive the point home. The left wing liberals are the true racists. The door has been open to the disenfranchised years ago. The strong and the bold regardless of race color or sex have stepped through in pursuit of they're own success. The weak and entitled have stayed back and voted for Hillary.

  • Raiders Cat

    ESPN > FOXSkip&Shannon > SAS&MaxMe > YouMy cat > Your dogMy food > Your food

  • marlon ingram

    That don't have shit to do with what she said. you always trying to play both sides of the fence to save your job .just be 💯% real about this shit because she work on TV. Don't mean she smart you can be educated but not smart she said some stupid Racist bull shit it was stupid as hell for her to even say something no one asked for her opinion it wasn't even in her Lane to even say nothing this ain't had shit to do with her she should have stayed out of it when a man is talking to a man I don't feel no woman should get in that man's conversation .let's ask vice versa when a woman is dealing with a woman a man stay out their conversation. she was wrong for stepping into a man's conversation the bottom line is some people still is trying to take advantage of what was going on back in the day some people cannot leave it alone because of slavery days some people feel that they can still tell people what to do how to think and how to talk and that's the bottom line if anyone do not have a problem with racism discrimination or hate they're sick in the mind they have a mental illness they have a sickness and they need professional help anytime you hate another human life or human race because the color of their skin you have to be sick. as long as we have some grandparents and parents and people teaching kids grown ups to hate will never get over this hump. its sickening and it's tired and it's pathetic the bottom line is we get no respect because of slavery days and people is still using that against us and it was not fear then slavery should have never happened it should have never place people that treated another human life and human race the way they did in the slavery days they're was sick minded they were sick in the head they were mentally ill. in it will not be fair now 2018 shouldn't know one agree with someone being lynched murderd or beat or killed Just because the color of their skin are just killing for the fuck of it your sick.. telling someone to shut up and dribble 💯% disrespectful LeBron James didn't leave high school early and go to the pros LeBron James graduated from high school and went straight to the pros and Kevin Durant was in college before he went pro that's why she should have never said anything because she didn't even know nothing about LeBron James she did not know nothing about his background she only spoke up because he had something to say about her race who's in the White House and that's why she spoke up.this is my opinion and watch someone have some smart shit to say or something racist to say and I'm speaking the truth. My opinion. I'm not really looking for no respond back I'm just speaking on how I feel because im Tire. I'm going to continue fighting.. hate racism discrimination is tired it's time to brush your shoulders off and stick together and keep it moving so we all can play defense to protect our country from all enemies in the only way we can protect our country is working together.God bless all human life all human race if your 💯% Real 🙏🏿✝️✌🏿💪🏿🙏🏻💪🏽💪🏾💪🏼💪✊🏿

  • Adam chewy

    " Say what you want about my fucked up hairline. It's awkward, it's weird looking, and if one thing is certain I'll be at FSN within a year because this channel is tanking."

  • The Rambler

    Bron didn't make an argument, all he did was throw around the F-bomb. That's why she said he was unintelligible. And to call her racist is just ignorant as fuck. It'll literally take you 5 secs to google video's of her saying the exact same thing to white people. Maybe one day there will come a day when a white person can criticize a black person without being called RAYCCCIIIIST!. Ya'll at ESPN should shut up and stick to sports.

  • Paul Schmich

    Yes you all should shut up hahahahaha Playing basketball and getting a ton of money and then giving it away doesn’t mean shit

  • Donovan Holmes

    Stephen A said all that because he's trying to keep his job this is why I don't care for ESPN I rather watch the fox sports 1Skip & Shannon was on point with this topic

  • Herr Layman

    oh shut it Stevie Boy.

  • Max Ward

    But thats exactly the point your missing. It ingrahm vs. Lebron not ingrahm vs. Black people. Thats what she's saying. She tells other ppl "shut up and..." Which youre failing to point out as well. Its one of her catch phrases. This is why ppl lean away from the left. Saying lebron represents all black ppl is groupthink. She just had two black ppl on her show yesterday that disagree with lebron. One of them a former liberal retired athlete. He said he became conservative for this very reason. Its individual perspective for individual perspective. Lebron can obviously have his opinion but dont attach racism to it; its like giving up on thinking for yourself

  • Terry Bajnath

    Laura you should get fired!!!! Too much hate in that dark heart you got!!

  • sskgrs

    Stephen A is a cop out. He goes on Inghram's friend and fellow conservative Mark Levin's radio show often.

  • Dylan Harrison

    Laura is right she was harsh but u all fucking fools know that she is right that’s the thing. Lebron knows nothing about Politics period. He has no degree he has never been to college he is not qualified to talk about it. What she said is pretty harsh but she is 100% on the money only SAS would make it a race card

  • Jk47

    Goodjjob on the speech Stephen A Smith

  • Flying TRex 1

    I don't think she was trying to be racist. I also don't think either side is in the right.

  • DJ The GameBoy

    EXACTLY. Everybody wanted to focus on the “shut up and dribble” comments and talk about how she’s said shut up and sing, act, etc so it’s not racist. But nobody was addressing the comments about his grammar and his speaking being barely intelligible. Lebron was speaking in the manner in which he normally speaks as do many African Americans. If she was having trouble understanding what he was saying, it’s more of a statement about HER intelligence level than it is about his.

  • Lavar Ball

    Well said opinion by Stephen A!

  • Jãy2x HD

    Its obvious she did it for clout but SAS is spot on. #LauraShutUpAndCook

  • Kyle Smith

    And yet Trump won Ohio.

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