Why People Are Freaking Out About The Omarosa Controversy, Viacom Buying VidCon, and More

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  • Philip DeFranco

    The White House responded to something a reality tv star, who also used to be an employee of the White House, said on a popular reality tv show about another reality tv star who is also the President of the United States. WHAT IS 2018?!

  • IzzyGoneCrazy

    The more of the world I see the more I want to hide under my bed.

  • Mj Vision

    I think the main thing Doritos should be focusing on is bringing back the “GoSnacks”. Your fingers never got dirty and they fit well in cup holders, purses, etc.

  • Chad Pollock

    Lady Doritos will reportedly crunch at 77% that of standard Doritos. #DoritosGap

  • Anna JD

    i am exactly the same i Love Big Brother and i dont even understand why!!haha basically i do i just dont want to admit it!!

  • Media Addict

    Low crunch ! seriously that's half the reason for eating these bags of high blood pressure waiting happen, the crunch !

  • Anna JD

    The way a human treats to his/her significant other has NOTHING to do with how he or she is with others.....if you do not have a relationship with someone you dont know his extreme reactions in bad times.... EDIT:i am defending the woman !!pleAse undestand my comment before replying!!jeeeeZzzzzz

  • Chad Pollock

    Damn near covers this Omarosa garbage today for more time than the memo earlier this week. Priorities right?

  • TheBrass18

    My god, that Chips fiasco is the height of First World Problems. You could probably end world hunger with all the money on "research" to make softer chips. Hell, the starving ppl don't give a shit, if they make a noise if they are eating chips, they are just thankful to be eating.

  • Becca Ladd

    I don’t know why, but the term “Lady Chips” has me LMAO!!! 😂😂😂

  • Erica Patterson

    You can’t judge how someone is in a relationship. You may think that they are a wonderful person, they probably are but when two people get together that get each other so mad there could be issues there. Don’t dismiss domestic violence unless you date that person first lol

  • TheArrowsPath

    "I'm haunted by his tweets" Sure, but why?"It's bad" What is? You sound like a conspiracy theorist."It's not gonna be okay." What isn't going to be okay? And why isn't it going to be okay? I mean, since you're spilling the beans, spill 'em all.I'm sorry, but I don't find this woman to be credible at all. She's just jumped on the hypetrain and making it sound like there's a plot to destroy the world, or that Trump is some kind of JB supervillain. That isn't the reality of the situation. The reality of the situation is that a rather incompetent man sits in a position that is powerful. But he is still kept in check by a multitude of procedures, protocols and people that are much, much smarter than him.And if it is as bad as they say, America did this to itself and I feel very little sympathy. The Trumpians are dumb for voting for a complete celebrity reject. The Democrats are dumb for allowing a fringe of unamerican, antiliberal crybullies to dictate their policy and their values.You made your bed. Lay in it.

  • Mark Lipka

    The Doritos story is actually very simple & no big deal. Research showed that there is a need not yet filled, & they want to fill it. BFD.The way people are framing the conversation seems to be irritating others.

  • Fieryaleeco

    Why not market the Doritos as "Doritos for Movies/the Cinema. Less rustly packaging and quieter crunching. A much better option in my opinion

  • Wait What

    it kinda seems like she is just salty about getting fired tbh

  • TimeForAReview

    Ermmm. You do realize that big brother has been proven to be scripted....right?

  • Jesujej

    so I guess PropagandaCon will get better internet? ZULUL

  • borRIING

    These lady chips just sound like Pringles. As a male chip consumer, I'm actually kinda excited to try this. Though, I could do without the downsizing.

  • Lili Castillo

    Damn she has never seen me eat Doritos

  • Paul Peters

    Doritos truly missed the mark on this gaff. When will these conglomerates learn? Probably never. Instead of marketing these ''NEW'' crisps (chips) at women, they should market these for those who want a crisp while at work but do not want the flavor crystals on their fingers staining anything and everything on their work station be it at an office, factory...anywhere. Now that would sell.

  • Kyle

    Why is making a "lady chip" a big deal? Personally I think it's ridiculous but that said, aren't men and women different? I'm in no way saying a woman can't do anything a man can, but can we all agree that we are different? and based on that fact that we have different tastes and lifestyles? People seem to think by referring to something as "lady like" or marketing something towards women is somehow offensive? And I agree that depending on how something is marketed, it can be perceived as derogatory, but most of the crap making the head lines is simply that, crap. With that said I highly doubt the Doritos CEO (being a woman herself) meant any disrespect towards women.People seriously need to find better things to complain about, there are more pressing issues going on all around the world everyday.. And here we are on an uproar about a "lady chip" ffs.

  • CathyCanadianFam

    Porter's second ex-wife needs to get herself into intense therapy as she is acting still too much like his wife. She made the break away from him and finally got herself out of that dangerous situation yet at the same time she is still deathly afraid of him which is why she makes the second contradictory statement as if she is trying not to anger him.People do not realize that abusers come from all backgrounds.They are often very charismatic, warm, friendly, handsome.That is why no one would ever believe that they would BE an abuser and is why women stay for so long because they know this OR they enjoy the lifestyle that might outway the "bad" times. Someone once told me that was her reason for staying as I asked her that question after her husband broke my nose. At least I was able to leave after I got my Nursing degree; the only thing that kept me going during those 5 years and yet not all 5 were bad. Again I knew no one would have ever believe me either and I had no place to go at the time so I was stuck there. I think it was only after I was there for a couple years that he broke my nose. After though he would only punch my upper arms as I think he saw in my eyes that even back then, I would probably kill the next person who would ever touch me like that again.It was only recently that I thought maybe that was why my left shoulder dislocated so easily when a patient attacked me and I still have nerve damage to this very day as that was the side he would normally punch me on. I had to hold myself back from reacting as the patient did not realize what he had even done 2 secs. later. I did restrain a 70 yr old Psychiatric patient who weighed about 90 lbs wet as she was trying to stab me with a pen but that was after she backhanded me, hard enough that I landed on the floor and in a neck brace for 2 weeks. Even one time that my husband got really mad at me, was in my face and I told him to back off, I can't remember his exact words but mine were clear when I told him that the cops would need an ambulance to take him to jail by the time they would get to our house.NO one EVER knows what goes on behind closed doors. I wonder how many showers those people in Washington have to take each night to wash the lies and the shit that they spew each night off of themselves.

  • Matthew Talbot-Paine

    It's not like shops are going to stop you from buying normal doritos because you are a lady so I don't know what people are pissed about. Oh the harmful stereotypes women have purses, like to be less noisy and don't like to lick their finger. I don't know how they survive such an onslaught. Men and women are different on average because men have more testosterone.

  • Nicole zaza

    hearing that phil also irrationally loves big brother makes me feel so validated about my obsession.

  • Charlie Von Doom

    RE: VidconTL;DRHank Green - "Viacom is a horrible entity and they want to destroy small creators on YouTube"Viacom holds out check with a lot of zerosHank Green - "Viacom isn't that bad, I was wrong and big business is what makes this country work."

  • _Aud1out _

    Tbh i would actually like eating those 🙄

  • TimeForAReview

    The porter thing...good grief what is with the court of public opinion lately?How about no. I dont believe it. Otherwise call the cops. Why not? Bc shell get arrested for a false police report

  • Mad -Pac

    The Doritos CEO should double down and say the lady chips will come in two small-package lady colors (pink and lilac) and the slogan will be: "Lady Doritos: for the busy mother and housewife of today." And on the package a drawn picture of a typical White smiley 1950s housewife. Feminists would be just too apoplectic to say anything after that.

  • Jussi Mattsen

    Glad to see Cuck brothers are out of VidCon.

  • Justin White

    I find the fakeness of doritos flavour unplesant -however the way she describrs the crunch and pouring the crumbs into your mouth it made me crave them.I see this is a viral media story designed to increase sales. I bought a bag becausr of this story (which i am actually eating niw and getting cheese dust all over ny phobe)

  • CeBePuH

    Thanks for mansplaining the chip thing, Phil

  • Little Miss Stamper

    You make me a "feminine" Dorito and I'm gonna be pissed! Leave my Doritos alone 😡

  • Cooter Marie

    While I do question Omarosa's motives, the White House's response left me scratching my head. If the defense is that she was "fired three times" on The Apprentice and that somehow proves her questionable character, why hire her again for a White House position? That doesn't reflect very well on Trump's judgement. You can't have it both ways.

  • twildabuckingham

    Oh my god.... Doesn't surprise me that this person who believes women are like this, men are like that... She's Indian..... Is anyone surprised?!?

  • Lucas D

    Coca Cola launched Coke Zero because men didn’t like drinking Diet Coke which they associated with women. It happens. Get over it.

  • breecheesefrebreeze

    okay so i understand the anger around the doritos but i kinda wanna see what she talking about, like if u can make chips have a smaller crunch sound ummmmmmmmmmy pads need a silencer soooooooooooo

  • Scereyaha

    Why are we calling them "woman chips" instead of calling them "socially anxious" chips? The behaviours you are describing are not universal to Women, they are universal to the socially anxious.

  • anny05

    Less crunchy, less seasoned chips? Sounds like they just want to sell us the ones that didn't pass quality control.I'll lick my fingers and dump the crumbs in my mouth anywhere and any time. To not do so is just wasteful.

  • dmakk767

    As for ladies not licking their fingers I will just say I have never seen my wife use a napkin in her life. She can't help but licking her fingers. LOL

  • Bri Wei

    As a woman, the hell I don't tip those last chip bits in my mouth. They don't put much in there to begin with, like hell am I gonna waste it.

  • MerlosTheMad

    10:50 I just hate this person. lol, my god.

  • Orange Kayak

    vlogbrothers = sellouts

  • Thisnamestillsucks

    I don't care which gender you are, finish your damn chips.

  • PNathan

    I have a feeling that Doritos did their research when analyzing how men and women eat their products... Yet still it's a false stereotype. Is there really something so bad about acknowledging that some things men and women do are different? Can't we just accept that there are differences.

  • Alana Mishenene

    Durritos. Lol. I’m an Old Dutch Arriba kinda gal. The chips are crunchier and more flavourful I don’t even bother pouring the crumbs n broken chips into my hand, I pour all that shit into my mouth straight from the bag. :P

  • Ima Cow Irl

    I work for PepsiCo, specifically Frito-lay (who makes Doritos). Her statements aren't really surprising to me. The past few months they've been making more rules based off of the whole gender equality movement. We aren't even aloud to assume peoples genders. There are repercussions for assuming ones gender and not calling them by their preferred "pronouns".

  • lil pup

    11:10 the minute I found out I wasn't a woman

  • Directionally Challenged

    I feel like dorito's knew there'd be a backlash. Then was like, "Hey, let's use outrage marketing!"

  • TheCstar07

    Who are these women who don't like crunchy chips? Just wait for them to get stale then

  • Captain Smoka

    Why does that dude sound like a woman

  • Steven Banninger

    With Omerosa I think it's both. It's obvious she's embellishing her story, I mean she's on Big Brother she knows the cameras are on and it's a great plug for her book. But like Michael Wolf's book there may be a little truth in there. Omerosa is a lot of things but she's not dumb and I can definitely see her saying something about toning down the tweets, I can also see her feeling the weight of the white house and trying to better herself and her fellow staff, and I can definitely see Trump's people attacking her for speaking out. But it also wouldn't surprise me if Omerosa wasn't telling the whole truth. The fact that there is a source saying she was dragged out of the white house highlights this point.

  • MinorSixth

    Doritos CEO has obviously never seen me with a bag of chips. I eat how I want!

  • BanditRants

    Hey DeFranco you need an extra video editor?

  • Melora Carabas

    The sexism behind the doritos marketing pales completely at the fact that they passed the opportunity to call them "Movie Doritos".

  • frenlests

    People eat pringles in different ways but it's not like they should create a pringle for every different way of eating them. Equally just because I don't eat my fingers off when eating doritos doesn't mean I don't like them? Crisps are meant to be crunchy otherwise I would each chips.

  • Elizabeth B

    Those Doritos will be bought by millions of kids trying to eat in class.

  • Anton.d09

    I'm not really sure what exactly she said, though... besides that "it" is bad. What exactly is bad that we should all be worried? The tweets? That's not news to anyone that Trump needs to stop tweeting. Iduno, the whole thing is just vague and dramatic, with the background music and the whispering and all.

  • Fox Smith

    "The most powerful man in the Universe" lol

  • DomesticRockstar

    The problem with serial abusers is that they can manipulate their appearance to the people they don't want to know what they do to people behind close doors.

  • ChaosOrder

    I'm a man and I want "lady chips". It might not be the popular opinion, but i think it would be awesome to have a lower profile bag of chips. something you could eat in maybe a quieter place without the fear of drawing too much attention

  • Tracewell

    The idea that anyone is up in arms because Doritos may be making a chip for a particular group is ridiculous. First of all, if Pepsi Co. is not a completely incompetent billion dollar company. They have no intention of offending customers or losing money. If they've researched and observed that the genders engage with their products differently, then they would be idiots not to try and engage with those differences. This is what marketers and R&D does and has done to each of us. As long as there's not a chromosome test you have to pass to buy a product, then feel free to ignore their lady chips if they aren't the product you want. Buy men's razors if you don't want to pay extra for the pink razors. But being "outraged" by this, belittles your larger cause, in my opinion.

  • Taylor Butler

    Let’s be real, we elected a reality TV star to be president, and he hired other reality TV stars. If you expected this to go any other way than it did, then you’re probably not the brightest.

  • Buffy Summers


  • Gloria Williams

    The Doritos thing is frightening. They clearly have too much free time over in marketing.

  • Lainie Levine

    Went to Vidcon last year. It was a sucky experience. So I guess I'll stick with not meeting my favorite creators because it's either at Vidcon or they do book tours and don't come anywhere in/near my state.

  • Rabarn

    we already have low crunch- called "stale"

  • Picket Pants

    I don't trust Omarosa and I don't trust Trump. I believe that both of them are liars and therefor, I am going to believe that they both have bad intentions.

  • Shivys Pens

    Women: We're speaking out about out experiences, we will no longer be silencedDoritos: Less noisy chips for women

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