Why People Are Freaking Out About The Omarosa Controversy, Viacom Buying VidCon, and More

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Omarosa on Big Brother:

Rob Porter Accused of Assault:

Doritos for Her:

Viacom Acquires Vidcon:
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  • Tnotezmusic

    Check out www.soundcloud.com/tnotezDope Cool

  • itstaya

    i love omarosa so much omggg

  • Dawne Leaney Davidson

    Dammit! Now I'm craving Doritos!

  • Helen McFarland

    This lady has never seen me go to town on a bag of chips.

  • Cassie

    ;-; im a guy stuck in a chicks body lmao i eat chips just like a guy never thought there was a difference xD

  • Alisa A Lisa

    Seems I eat chips like a man haWho doesn't enjoy the crunch and leftovers?

  • TheDeviantYoutuber

    Wow, I didn't know you were a fan of Big Brother. Either way this was an enlightening segment on the show.

  • Luna 117

    Bulshit I've seen my wife lick her fingers after eating Doritos.

  • Lainie Levine

    Went to Vidcon last year. It was a sucky experience. So I guess I'll stick with not meeting my favorite creators because it's either at Vidcon or they do book tours and don't come anywhere in/near my state.

  • Reinforce Zwei

    The "pink tax" on Razors is an interesting one, given most female oriented razors have "moisture pads" and other cosmetic bullshit stuck before and/or after the blades.Mens? A simple lubrication pad if you're getting a "notreallymens" one and just BLADES if you get one for use with shaving foam.

  • Emma Grace

    Im a food whore idk what she's talking about

  • Avira Rosalita

    I would love to have that new doritos, the 'not making loud of noise crunch' would be very useful for me who always had a midnight snack. I don't have to carefully eat doritos so I won't woke up my sister anymore.

  • Beth

    So with the lady pen thing, women are actually more prone to get tendonitis from over using their wrists. The “lady pen” is made thicker so women have a better grip, so they don’t have to move their wrist as much. After I had to get a tendon release done, my doctor explained that to me.

  • Jessica Bushell-Hale

    I think they would have done better to advertise them as 'movie friendly chips'. Low crunch, not a lot of mess, easy to sneak into a cinema.

  • Marcus Liles

    Honestly, the Doritos thing is stupid. It makes sense to package things differently for people who have been PROVEN to eat them differently. Why are women complaining? A HUGE chip company completely redesigned their product JUST for women to be more comfortable eating chips. Why would ANYONE be upset by that? Besides, if I'm in my local grocery store and I see a bag of Women's Doritos and a bag of Men's Doritos, what's to stop me from getting a woman's bag of Doritos? I don't know...just seems petty to have an issue with something like that. You should be happy.

  • Louise Alves

    Apparently I eat chips like a man

  • Ken Darling

    I am by no means justifying his actions if they are true. But who rejects having sex during their honeymoon. I was under the belief that is what the honeymoon is for. If the allegations are true he's actions were uncalled for but, I find it hard to believe that she would refuse to have sex during the honeymoon.

  • Šöphïē.and. K

    im addicted to big brother too lol

  • maryrose

    I always pour the little broken bits 😶 but I also ate Yorkie bars purely because they were advertised as "not for girls" 😅.

  • The_Vicman006

    The whole Pepsi thing sounded sexist, demeaning to women. The worst part? It came from a woman's mouth

  • GenBloodLust

    Man, as a dude, I still want the Doritas. I want to snack and not bother anyone

  • Jordan Sicafoose

    No one knows an abuser, only those intimate knows. However, most that do defend, are abusers as well. And YES women abuse as well. So 4 people in the white house that are dv perps. And trump.

  • StickNik

    Yo Viacom, save VidMe plz


    What the fuck was Omarosa even doing in the White House anyway? Apparently she didn't even know herself what she was doing.

  • Laverne Blaszczyk

    My takeaway is that this administration is A-okay with cheating, abuse, rascism, sexism, pedophilia, homophobia, hypocrisy, corruption and lying....so much for the party of personal responsibility and family values

  • Philip DeFranco

    The White House responded to something a reality tv star, who also used to be an employee of the White House, said on a popular reality tv show about another reality tv star who is also the President of the United States. WHAT IS 2018?!

  • EMZjester

    This is the sick political culture we live in when Hollywood and reality TV stars are spokesmen for our news and politics.

  • OriginalityPeople

    apparently I eat chips like a man

  • Little Miss Stamper

    You make me a "feminine" Dorito and I'm gonna be pissed! Leave my Doritos alone 😡

  • only1daf

    I hate the way he lights his face

  • Maddie A

    About the Doritos I think that it would appeal to me not because I’m a female but because I’m a student. Quiet chips to eat in class, packaging that will fit better in a backpack instead of a purse. I would buy that. But that’s just my take on it.

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