How did Russia response to the airstrikes in Syria?

The United States, along with the U.K. and France, attacked Syrian targets in retaliation for the Assad regime's alleged use of chemical weapons last week in Douma. Markos Kounalakis, a foreign affairs columnist for McClatchy News and visiting fellow at the Hoover Institution, joins CBSN to discuss Russia's response to the airstrikes - and more.
  • Johnny B

    Ok u kno what I think it made it worst cuz ok ur blowing up the place where they have chemicals at not smart now the chemical is gona be in the air.WHOS WITH ME

  • Argiris Milonas

    She was very angry and putin gave an interview!but very angry!

  • Joe Kelsall

    Ready for it. Let’s see.

  • rauf my videos

    Lol , nice comedy channel, whole world see you as fools.

  • Hx-Flix & Blog

    CBS is just another propaganda organ of the government. Only the gullible believe their BS anymore. The public today is a lot smarter than it use to be way back in the past. Thanks to the internet we can get real news for many sources. That's why the government is trying so hard to control it. Just to give you an example of USA propaganda lies check this out:

  • gian oducado

    in the end it is all about MONEY

  • Dolfin Love

    Fake strike,not successful, jamming by brave russian army..

  • slavrus1

    Well still usa doesn't have a firm hand over syria

  • ayush khanna

    Destroying USA will lead to worldwide peace

  • Faiz Khan

    Russia do nothing in Syria

  • Devontè DeShay

    Where is all the evidence or proof to date on any of what this guy is saying , the United State France and Britain all these three heads of state said they had the proof , but no one has even seen it not even the western media , what is proof is the western European and united States act on speculation and not evidence. Fact ,we are far from a democracy but more like dictates.

  • Necromax

    suck my balls Russia u dirty pigs

  • Nil chowdhury

    ashad is very bad man

  • MrKerag

    They've done this trick with chemical weapons before to justify their actions... same stuff..people never learn

  • john Schaeffer kun john

    The So called Research Center near Damascus,,,Has been Build with the Help of France,,,French Politicians,,, some Years ago,,, Now President MACRON Invited the British andthe Americans to destroy it,,,, Nice Move is not it.... And,, All with the French People's Taxe Money... So..,, MaybeMister MACRON &​ co Will Build it again later,,, on,, With the French Taxe Money,,,, This is How Politics works.... They finish your money,,,, AndYOUVOTE FOR THEM AGAIN,,,,, YESNOAND BYETHE​HIN​ART​GROUP​

  • Tchinablue Khurvinus

    how can they possibly lie ,like that? stupid American government ,71 percent of their missiles was destroyed by Russian old missiles , 😁

  • Flood DryOuts

    Their response was 2Pac all that extra gasoline export cash into their wallet

  • Dolfin Love

    Fake, russian are smart .

  • Maxim Lucky

    Hello idiots, 71 of 103 rockets was destroyed by soviet weapons outdated by 30 years. How ca we react by this?

  • Tchinablue Khurvinus

    stupid false flags ,this Western idiots ,should be ashamed of themselves ,Western liars ,stupid , stupid Western propaganda , stupid , liars ,

  • Saim Qadeer

    Trump is the stupidest President i have ever seen

  • wouter kellerman

    what a bunch of crap.

  • אלכס אנטון

    יש הרבה בעיות ברחבי העולם. למה ללכת רק שם הנפט נמצא להילחם "זכויות אדם"

  • メAllas

    What do you think? Heh? Russia responded then with HARDBASS


    "SUSPECTED Use of chemical weapons in Duma last week." . . . . . So you mean they Attacked with ZERO Evidence and FACTS??? . . . . Just like WMD's in Iraq.

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