How did Russia response to the airstrikes in Syria?

The United States, along with the U.K. and France, attacked Syrian targets in retaliation for the Assad regime's alleged use of chemical weapons last week in Douma. Markos Kounalakis, a foreign affairs columnist for McClatchy News and visiting fellow at the Hoover Institution, joins CBSN to discuss Russia's response to the airstrikes - and more.

  • hhkhf

    "How did Russia response"

  • Hollywood Hawkins

    I see what’s going on here.. this is a clear push to start a world war.. the catch is all of these world “leaders” are pals..Edit: start preparing your food rations and water folks it about to go down!

  • korencek

    "putin making his people believe that there was no chemical weapons attack"... srsly. russians were there 5 hours after the staged attack and found nothing. what did americans do? started bombing syria based on their staged cw attack.

  • Martins Hacks

    We are being prepared for ww3 where 9 out of 10 people should be killed and it is not war between usa or russia or europ or syria this is UK rich family plan to get rid of population on planet same as with ww2 which was also planed out and sponsored by them - so as US dollar is about to collapse and this war is good way to do it to start another currency - and for those who does not know Federal Reserve which means US dollar is owed by UK private rich people banks

  • Sunsence Navale

    You know your news is unbiased when they can't even be bothered with a grammar check. JOIN THE GLOBAL FALSE FLAG MARCH

  • Godzilla 73

    I wish US would just stay outta other countries affairs. All other countries are going to hate us, if they already dont. Especially the muslim world. Im proud to be an American, but i wish we would just let other countries deal with their issues.

  • Albert N

    It's funny how a month ago Russian news reported that the US was training militias in Syria to use chemicals as a false flag attack to justify US invading Syria; now that the chemical attack happened, US, UK and France refuse to wait for the investigation on who did it, and instead jump on the band wagon to bomb Syria, illegally against the UN's will. Now the evidence is probably bombed off the face of the earth before OPCW gets there.First they claimed Russia poisoned the Skripals, doing their best to make sanctions against Russia. Then the neutral Swiss Spiez lab investigation finds this poison was of UK/US making; they claim Syria poisoned their own people, wiping out any evidence before the investigators get there. Seems suspicious no?Why would Syria drop chemical bombs on their own people knowing they'd get invaded by US, UK and France, when they were winning the war against ISIS big time? Wasn't it US that fuelled the rise of ISIS in the first place? Why does US UK and France want to bomb the Syrians so badly claiming it's to 'save lives' while supporting dictators destroying far more lives in the middle east? How can anyone support this insane warmongering?

  • Blob Dragon

    Alright after a couple hours of research this is my conclusion, please don't hesitate to correct me if I am wrong.- United States Of America -with their assets it would be easy for them to enforce the will of their allies. Plus they wanna mitigate the growing influce Russia has on Europe.- EU -They wanna cut the growing dependents on Russian oil, so building a pipeline trough Europe to Soudi-Arabia would cut the Russian influce while at the same time increasing their influce in middle East.- Russia -They wanna hold onto their power, in Europe, but also they income is mostly derived of oil. it would be a huge hit in they economy if.- Syria -The pipeline goes straight trough their borders, and since they don't get anything from it, and their major Allie, Russia, is not too keen on it even being built, they didn't see any point in allowing foreign organizations to rolle in their land.

  • Mikrobyo Zero

    The USA is really the most war mongering country every.

  • KUALUMPUR Zagreb

    Listen up, what everyone is trying to TELL YOU GUYS in the Deep State is this - NOBODY WANTS THIS WAR !! AMERICA FIRST PLEASE !! Also, Syria belongs to the Syrians.They voted Assad in. Let the Syrians decide HOW TO MANAGE THEIR OWN COUNTRY !!

  • sarah silverman

    The title was written by a 22 y.o. LGBTQ SJW Hillary Feminist college grad on a cell phone with auto correct, while driving.

  • The Doctors Office

    This is why the main stream media is fake news

  • Roxanne Kami

    This guy talking none sense. West and specially USA looks very good and strong at this point .Fk Russia With love from Persia (Iran without mullahs )

  • El Mas Chingon

    😅its funny how Russia "interferes" in US elections while Murika sabotages other countries political government and try to impose puppets but they call that Democracy lol hypocrites much??

  • von volts

    orchestrated illegal attack by the us,uk,israel and france, we've seen this before evil forces trying to bring chaos into the world , and the zionist media won't tell the full story, they'll regret messing up with the BEAR.

  • CRT Mojo

    I don't have any trust or respect for the news anymore. People all over the world are spotting the flaws in the videos and asking reasonable questions. But it goes unanswered. It's the digital age. We know what's up. We know how to question. We want facts.

  • Paul Shalom

    So you tirelessly campaign the allegation that Syria uses chemical weapons and that you have identified the weapons plant(s). Then 1 day before an international team of inspectors are scheduled to inspect this plant, you destroy it with missiles?? Right. Even u.s. news teams are parading through the rubble immediately after and not even one person has to wear a hazmat suit. Why is that?

  • August Reigns

    don't see anyone in a hazmat suits walking around the bombed sites.

  • Alpha Omega

    The U.S is the problem in this world not Russia.

  • Kenny _88

    Everything this guy just said is the opposite of whats actually happening. There were chemical attacks, but it was orchestrated and carried out by the US. This whole thing is a false flag operation so that the "One's behind the curtain" can take control of the region for financial and political gain.. AGAIN! Remember Gadafi.. Remember Hitler? It's happening again!

  • Janak Jodhan

    This is much BS disinformation that supports and excuse to defend extended military actions > why is the media failing to connect the report to the two pipelines going through the area to Turkey?

  • Xiang Lung

    Tired of American Govt. and western allies, they lies and they start war in the name of mass destruction and mass murders. This is what they have done for 5 decades.

  • Tu Maldita Madre

    Chemical weapons, you say? Stop me if you've heard this one before.

  • Preussen über alles

    This is egregious propaganda from the outset.'Putin's Russia, his people believe there was no chemical attack'... 1. Preparing the audience with a biased opening just to reinforce previous propaganda.2. It is the Western audience who 'believes there was any Chemichal Attack'.Britain and the United States of Pindostan complain 'Russian interference' prevented their drones to catch evidence.What?How, then, you got the bludgeoning 'evidence' to prove such 'attack'?Where are the corpses to practice forensic tests?Where are the surviving victims?Now that a Swiss lab had found out that the Skripal's poison was British and not Russian, is the West still worthy of any credit?Not to mention the long list of slanders and False Flag Attacks like the timeless 'Weapons of Mass Distraction' in Iraq never found until present day.This outlet is directed for a captive audience that is afraid the reality could tell them they are wrong to keep calm in their cozy information prison.

  • Zaku II Zaki

    Anyone who studies the strategies of jiujitsu or judo knows immediately Russia has won this one. By being restraint and appealing for recourse in the UN to condemn US aggression and flagrant breaking of the UN charter, Russia has won the hearts and minds of the world. Whenever US MSM talks about 'the world' it usually means the US and any country which agrees with the US [the usual suspects...] But the world means Asia, South America, Africa, Middle East, even the peoples of Europe and in the US itself sees the airstrikes as naked aggression and utterly illegal under international law. The perception being reinforced is that the US is the greatest threat to world peace. Do not underestimate the damage in international credibility, in the eyes of people around the world, the US along with UK and France have inflicted on themselves. Russia won this episode with calm restraint and 'using your opponent's own aggression against him'.

  • John Solo

    Assad is a secular but brutal dictator like Sadam and Kadafi. You have all your freedom's as long as you don't criticize the government. And their own ethnic/religious group always get the best positions in sociaty. Far from a good system but much better than being ruled by sharia law.

  • Matthew Turner

    To CBS, it's respond, not response. Hire a proofreader.

  • Job Vermeeren

    this dude is either rly rly dumb and uninformed.. or he is just lying

  • felix keliberg

    Yer the US is ready for millions to die

  • Alex Brown

    Wow talk about fake news right here. It’s funny how our supposed intelligence here says that Putin is a dictator in so many words and does things that his countrymen have no idea about. Well let’s just shed some light on this since it looks like people are actually taking this seriously, first off Putin’s people are informed of every move Russia makes no one is left in the dark in that country, Putin takes pride in keeping everyone informed not just his own people but other countries as well like ours for example, Putin has said many times that our media lies to us and also just blatantly never reports on what’s actually going on instead we get updated on traffic stops, car chases, and bits and pieces of a real new story that only seems to go to one side. Wake up people, Americans are driving the nails in the coffin and the people have no god damn idea and it’s pathetic

  • qwerty 13420

    Remember kids there are 3 sides to a coinThis if a perfect example of 1 sided information Do you want to be Sheep or Shepard?Use your brain and just THINK

  • Diogo Emiliano

    This is pure lie report huahuahuahuahuahauahuahauauhauahauaahauaauauahah

  • Eddie Garcia

    There is no chemical plant. They didn't even have investigate yet.This is the Iraqi war all over again

  • Jose Villavicencio

    WW3 is starting to become relevant

  • sun spots T

    This guy knows nothing about what he's talking about

  • stanhirt

    US allegedly fired 107 Tomahawks at only 3 sites,some empty old buildings demolished,too expensive fireworks

  • jkenney940

    The U.S and it's allies just took the Syrian bait....Bad move....

  • Clayon Gunzelle

    Assad is in the final stages of defeating the rebels so why TF would he do that to himself????🤔🤔🤔 Something isn't right doesn't take a genius to figure it out

  • Ronald van Kemenade

    I tried to listen to this guy 3 times, but every time my BS filter kicks in.Honest to God, it doesn't get through to me; my mind just wanders of.

  • J Gutierrez

    What a bunch of crap, the russians and the whole world know better this is another WMD bull crap

  • Not Me

    Putin is already winning ;)

  • Steve Wildasin

    Russia was wise not to respond. Remember when Russia said any missiles will be knocked down and the ships and planes who launched them would be atracked? Well, they didn't do anything. Because the US was prepared for Russia to counter attack. All of Russias ships would have been sunk to the bottom. So they were smart not to respond.

  • Dennis Fajardo

    Wussia will be the new name adopted by Putin for his

  • Kenny house

    Russia and usa are acting like they hate each other its staged

  • Christine Thilmany

    its war then we all have to hide.

  • jinnjuice0

    “Russia didn’t deflect any missiles”Well... Actually they deflected 70....

  • Ben Segall

    The only reason the Western World is there is to secure our international oil interest... thats it. Not suspected chemical attacks not any of these lies.

  • Jay A M

    I can feel my brain cells dying while I watch fake news.

  • Crazyy Guyyy

    honestly who can believe an news channel with an eye as a banner? wake up history is repeating itself....

  • Crypto Deus

    Hmm they said Russia didn't intercept any missiles, but if you do your own research, they actually intercepted 70 missiles. American media needs to get their facts and grammar straight.

  • achraf zarroug

    Because there was no chemical weapons... it's fake, it's all about oil and gas

  • SuperSeannolan

    Russian trolls thumbs downed this video and infested the comments

  • Kjraider2009

    I'm just here to tell CBS they need to learn to grammar.

  • Sabo Gaming

    Bro, who's ready for Call Of Duty WWIII after all of this?

  • Mikhail Kapralov

    You will never undestand syria untill war knocks your door.

  • Andrew50bp

    If Nikki Haley says that where they assemble the Chemical bombs, the missiles hit. So wouldn’t there be Chemical in the air or around that area some Distance, I don’t think the missiles hit any chemical factory, only a cancer research building



  • elSOSA

    Suspected. Guilty before proven innocent? I don't like Bashar al-Assad though Western countries are allowed to bomb who ever they want without evidence.

  • 78robirob

    Are there also weapons of mass destruction? Show me the proof! Quit lying already..

  • Cnoteblazinitup

    Lmao oh Russia has disinfo u mean cnn? There were no chemical attacks there’s no proof or motive the us has motive since they got a pipeline they’re trying to run through Syria which crosses where Russia is trying to put their pipeline

  • Ducati Drew

    It’s about a natural gas line that Syria is routing to Russia. US doesn’t want Russia to get this natural gas. They just forgot to tell everyone the truth.

  • Amytes Contreras

    Please no warWe don't need it

  • Prod By Shortcut

    western propaganda at its finest...

  • Gilbert Johnson

    Another bunch of disinformation from the pentagon. Again they use the tactic of trying to demonize Putin like every other false flag operation. Same exact words they used about Saddam. Talking about Russia selling weapons. LMFAO the US is the LARGEST arms dealers in the world. They talking about Russia and plausible deniability? This is again a Washington thing. They must be running scared they have the CIA propaganda machine running at 100%. One last thought, in Washington they talk about spraying the Syrians with chemicals yet in the good ole US they drop heavy metal aerosols on all US citizens that are known neurotoxins like alumina particulates for geo-engineering. Where is the outrage there. None! So please space me that we care about the Syrian people. Syria has been embattled for decades and the only time the US gets involved is when a proposed oil pipeline is going through the Country. Look it up for yourself. Let calmer minds prevail and undertstand Putin is not the next great evil that our media propaganda machine is pushing down your throat.

  • trizy of 300

    We are fcked thats what i thank

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