Paul Ryan Is Taking His Tax Cuts And Going Home

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan achieved his 'longtime dream' of passing tax reform and now wants to get away from President Trump, his 'longtime nightmare.'

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  • Just the real news

    Paul Ryan is leaving because he’s going to make more Money in the outside world is a former corrupt politician.

  • Glenn Chapman

    Why don’t you take your crooked ear and go home

  • Majestic Horse

    Honestly why aren't you guys talking about Syria? That should be your main concern.

  • Picket Fence

    Paul Ryan, that miserable cowardly worm. He knows his party is over.

  • L S

    Once Trump is forced out of office. Rich retirees shouldn't be allowed to walk away without paying taxes. It's a scam by republicans to undermined the people and secretly give themselves a bonus while everyone else pays their taxes.Trump cutting services for the people allotted money to pour into the pockets of the rich class.

  • Michael Gfroerer

    Maybe Paul Ryan should try medical marijuana as well? He really can't lose anything !

  • Fisty Carrera

    this audience is so easily amused. the kind of people who used to go see tapings of friends

  • joyce russell

    Paul Ryan is a spineless, godless, piece of shite. His cowardice in standing up to Donald dump is actually mind blowing. And his tax cuts and attempts to dissolve Medicare and Medicaid as well social security are just heartless and and bad economics.

  • John W

    This country is going to end up with the Republicans leaving just as global warming starts and wipes out the race.

  • BixbyConsequence

    Doesn't want to preside over the impeachment.

  • Dog Man

    Poor stevey wouldn't have a show if it wasn't for Republicans and Patriots. Oops, almost forgot, and those who live off the Government and not have to worry about getting up in the morning to go to work. Good thing their mommy's have cable in the basement!

  • socrappyicoulddie

    Best monologue in a while.

  • Tripdango Gangslin

    Paul Ryan evil Eddie Munster

  • O L E C R A M

    He’s going to go with the ‘Saviour of the republican party’ act in the next presidential elections to overthrow Trump.

  • Stephen Dahlem

    Speaker Ryan is not that bad I feel there may be problems and cheering just based on partisanship


    Paul Ryan work too hard on his career, let's it go down like that .

  • consulting insultant

    Pot & porn greatest cash cows

  • AndyBebop300

    Maybe now that Paul Ryan is leaving his job, he can finally go get a spine.

  • B1st IS

    The person Wahington Post speaks of was paid to remain in office via the new TEA PARTY inhabitants. Remember John B. left the building. Ryan stayed on "bribed" to get most ridiculous budget for wealthy passed and probably got paid more to manage.. Paul Ryan is the complete asshole opportunist, even blind saw, last decade coming... forces allowed----

  • A P

    How i pray for the death of cobert , his fans and all their scumbag brainwashed children

  • Mark Williams

    If John Boehner suddenly starts wearing an "Adventure Time" necktie, we'll know he's switched over the "greenside".

  • w. scott Hamilton

    Jimmy Munster all grown up and messing up every program which benefitted the middle class.Thanks for nothing!!!!!!!!!!!

  • O. Jackson-Bey

    "Wait,the FBI raided Michael Cohen's hotel room, NOT IT!!..i LOST MY SHIT AFTER THAT LMMFAO!!!!

  • Eric Fisher

    Paul Ryan was on the sinking ship looking left and right and saw the photo that Colbert shown. He smiled knowing he will be saved and working the guns for the show.

  • richard wilmot Ph.D

    Speaker of the House Paul Ryan's Muslim Terrorist Beheading Doll: lift knife and recording says: Get ahead by getting a head... not giving head.

  • Kimme Evermann

    Paul Ryan is ACTUALLY Eddie Munster

  • Opaul Elven

    It’s sad to see pot get corporatized

  • One Two

    Ryan is leaving, because he is going to run or POTUS in 2020. Mark my words...

  • Go-go Akins

    Goodbye and good riddance!

  • Al Mullen

    He swore he wasn't retiring 6 months ago.

  • polite critique

    Americans. Have to work until age 75. Cos wars for Israel. Need your money meanwhile this traitor retires rich and decades early

  • Mark F

    Why the hell do people always think ryan I'd some fit person. Heat fett tall. The shorter you are the easier it is to develop muscle. Praise him if he's 6 feet and cut. Most dwarfs looks fit to. Jesus people

  • HighMagnitudeGT

    Remember when your audience cheered Comey getting fired?

  • skip schnepp

    sucking up tax payers money, what a turd, your not worth the money you think you are, what a TURD

  • Dan Mooney

    I still say he looks more like Frankenstein's creature.

  • Kallie S

    John Boehner: the human personification of a tomato basil Triscuit

  • Jesus Lozada

    Crossfit's Dracula!

  • Brittanie Jones

    These Retiring Republicans know what they’re doing... They’re taking the money they earned through dastardly deeds and skipping town before Mueller can roll out the latest roster of indictments. They know the ish is about to hit the fan!!! Oh yeah, and I believe that John Boehner has been high for the last 10 years...

  • Jonathan Cangelosi

    "That's not what the last 30 people who quit said" had me dying XD

  • Mark Russell

    Colbear the retard bear. Staring WW3

  • Cerbyo

    Meanwhile the rest of the world is just plain scratching their heads how the poor of this country will fight to the death to allow the far right government to keep taking their money. And everyone is just plain jealous of what the american republicans have achieved....getting the people you screw over to be your biggest supporters. Its hilarious. So many parallels to domestic abuse here....the liberals (police come) and try and help the abused but they stand by the one beating them and attack the police trying to help them. SOme people like getting fucked, leave them alone you stupid liberals.

  • Gene Green

    The Swamp is shrinking one repub at a time!

  • John Do

    They sure screwed the American people royally. Laughing here, how stupid Trumptards are.

  • Earth Vega

    That's what Ryan's plan was all this time!

  • Tom Ripsin

    Every time a dirtball politician says he wants to spend more time with his family, I always wonder what the family thinks about that.

  • rointz2003

    Stephen Colbert looks, and talks in such a way that it's easy to believe that he must be a bully in real life.He's always making fun of others, let it be their odd habits, their microexpressions, their choices of words, their actions or inactions. He never says anything positive about anybody.I start to feel sick after hearing him complain about just about anything 5 minutes into it.

  • jpdemer5

    "I am unalterably opposed to whoever isn't paying me at the moment."Republican values in action.

  • Elena Christian

    Anyone else got that song from Les Mis stuck in their head?

  • AbbieJolie C

    Ryan came into the House saying he would balance the budget, then shoved this taxcut down our throats and is leaving us way way in debt. Thanks so much.

  • Michael Lee

    One of the best videos EVER! Thank you Stephen Colbert!!

  • Lisa Dixon

    I don’t think the midterms will be that sweeping. In the south, still pretty sure it’s goin red. Maybe even more so than before the 2016 election.

  • Olga Ortiz

    Being high and watching/listening to this is amazing.

  • Majestic Horse

    Of course he's leaving. He got his rich people tax cut and is now jumping ship before the poor and middle class people come for his head when they realize he screwed them over.

  • Cindy O'Hara

    We appreciate Ryan stepping up to the plate when we needed him but he really never fit the bill. His youth was a nice asset but his responses were BS.

  • MrMus TangMan

    All rats scatter and seek higher ground when the ship is filling up with water and sinking......

  • Michele Eslick

    I wonder what deal Paul Ryan had been offered. Maybe he realizes that he’s incapable of growing the balls to stand up to Trump.

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