midnight walk. [lofi / jazzhop / chill mix]

Have you ever taken a midnight walk through
the city with eerie beats in your headphones?

If you haven't, I really recommend it.
Drift away with us!
(But remember to stay safe and stick to main roads,
or just stick your head out of the window as a substitute)

01 00:00 Evan Awake - 05.00 a.m
02 04:32 Hatoshi - Midnight Empathy
03 06:14 Connor Sharp - Hear My Thoughts
04 07:34 Trog'low - Streetlight Bounce
05 09:24 Evening's Nostalgia - 3am Thoughts
06 11:10 Evan Awake - City Escape
07 15:52 Ginji - Dusk (Ft. Idealism)
08 18:00 Ljones - Mother's Heart
09 20:02 KUPLA - Emerald
10 22:30 Freddie Joachim - Night Cap
11 25:22 Bahwee - Prima Donnas
12 27:38 Elyon - City At Night
13 31:18 Michita - You Gots To Chill
14 35:12 Clay - Orchids
15 39:02 xPanda - Moon Horizon
16 42:00 .Anxious. - Memories
17 43:48 D'yer Mind'er - Dream
18 46:58 Ginji - Sketch #1
19 49:14 Nujabes - Spiritual State
20 55:28 GlaceAzuka - Alicia

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» Trog'low - https://soundcloud.com/milchizzy
» Evening's Nostalgia - https://soundcloud.com/window-wonderer
» Ginji - https://soundcloud.com/ginjibeats
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» Kupla - https://soundcloud.com/kuplasound
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» Clay - https://soundcloud.com/conativeclay
» xPanda - https://soundcloud.com/xpandaprod
» .Anxious. - https://soundcloud.com/anxioussounds
» Dyer Minder - https://soundcloud.com/dyerminder
» Nujabes - http://hydeout.net
» GlaceAzuka - https://soundcloud.com/glaceazuka

Image Source: 5 Centimeteres Per Second [2007]
Taken from the anime, edited by us.

(most content has been permitted to use, but if any artists wish for us
to remove their work contact us at jazzhopcafe@gmail.com and we
will remove it immediately.)

  • The Jazz Hop Café

    Our favourite music w/ atmosphere moments- Midnight walk through the city- Summer's day road trip, car windows open!- Summer/Rainy night head out of the windowWhat's yours?

  • ThievNWalrus

    I love you. I'm glad you guys exist.

  • Indigo Ponce

    There's a beauty in solitude in much the same way the world seems to become clearer at night. The stillness of it all seems to encourage us to see the details. I love this music. Makes me so inquisitive and creative.

  • Maryam

    I used to walk home from the library at night in the lonely city... Put my earbuds in (still looking out for creepers) and just start walking towards home, past the pretty lights and closed buildings, wishing for somebody to keep me company but at the same time I loved being isolated and alone.(one night me and this guy i met in the daytime walked around the city from midnight to 2 am, we dont talk anymore) I'd be the only one outside sometimes. I discovered a lot of stuff about myself those nights. Mostly that I was just sad, but I found ways to keep being optimistic. This whole music mix made me feel nostalgic and inspired. Thank you ❤

  • Elyon

    Yo, thank you for featuring my track on your playlist. What an honor!

  • Jesh Numan

    Soothing and thought provoking.

  • kareymogg

    To any fans of the first track - I honestly can't recommend the album / producer enough, especially if you like your Nujabes etc. Evan Awake / Bakoda is so on point with creating a sense of atmosphere and emotion in their music and this has remained one of my favourite "chill" albums in the last few years. Huge inspiration.

  • Phil Ibrahim

    Instantly knew the gif image was from 5 centimetres per second. That was such a beautifully put anime. Every scene was goregous and you just brought life to this one certain clip! Loving the mix! Gonna rock it pretty much every night now whenever my mind tends to wander.

  • RyugaHidekiOrRyuzaki

    I take a walk through the city I live in at around 3-4 am almost every day and I have to admit it's the only time I don't listen to any music while I'm outside because it's so peaceful and quiet.But, if I did, this would be the kind of music I'd listen to.

  • Oba Lloyd

    this is my fav playlist of '17 fa sho

  • Sinan Aslan

    Damn I felt so happy while imagining walking in the streets of this cartoon city.

  • Fantasy Reviews

    Solving mysteries. Searching for secret concerts. Romcom situations. Popcorn. A New York slice

  • David S.

    Man, I haven't seen the night for a month now, I miss it. Midnights here are like a very long sunset that turns into a sunrise

  • Claymore007

    I love listening to beats when studying, reading, or just doing anything lol.

  • Moosiejr

    I've been dealing with a lot of tough shit lately and my anxiety and depression have been at an all time high and listening to this really helps calm me down. I just close my eyes and embrace the music.

  • Spechrome

    I wanna start like a Cafe/Bar with Lo-Fi Music.A place for my kind of people and friends ;-)

  • Naruu13

    Good mix for manga reading, thanks :)

  • Katarina

    I know this is random but this mix reminds me of how alone I am. My friends aren't even human. my friends are flowers, cats, music, books, video games. And to be honest, I am not even sad about it. A few months/years I was really lonely and depressed and I had nobody and it would depress me even more. but now I'm just ok with that. I am a happy loner and a proud friend of flowers and animals. I know in the future I'll have more friends that will care and love me but now I am at peace. thank you for reading random human, now keep scrolling and I wish you an amazing life! <3

  • John Doe

    Would be cool if the clock in the photo progresssed withthe time of the vid

  • amcb

    i wish i could take a midnight walk without getting raped

  • Pesm

    Track 6 really give me some anime movie vibes !

  • kawaiiafangirl

    This music makes me feel lonely- and yet there's a certain beauty to this loneliness.

  • ChiGod

    read the title and immediately gave upvote 👍🏾

  • elizabeth !

    Because of this. I wish YouTube would work without wifi

  • K a d i a Creates

    One of the best chill mixes I've found.

  • Pokemoonie tsuki

    I love this style of music but sadly I can't go on a midnight walk where I live because it's too dangerous ;-;

  • niall

    spiritual state sliding in at the end :D :D

  • Alantxrres

    its a trippy life, whats your weirdest experience while midnight walking??

  • Simon Gooding

    Seems like your clock is broken...

  • James Davies

    I'm writing a scene in my book where a girl is taking a late night walk through Tokyo. This popped up in my suggested box. Perfect match for my writing mood!

  • Bê Garbulha

    I have a serious problem with crowds and loud noises, I get anxious and it's hard to breath, then, whenever I have to face these kind of situation I listen to this channel's mixes. It makes me calm and able to breath properly again, thank you guys.

  • jeon shook

    I honestly always feel that i am about to cry at the moment. Maybe is the wonderful feeling of lonely solitude. The beauty of it makes me wanna cry so sadly but I will still have that warm tender smile that makes myself feel comforted.

  • Rainy

    Sometimes when i'm listening to this type of music, I just kind of make up my own little fantasy where i can just put on a jacket, put my headphones in, and walk out the door to the city at night and experience that peaceful and relaxed feeling. Walking out the door, outside my small apartment, and into the bright, brilliant city. Where i can either stare at the beauty of the area around me, or pull my hood over my head, look down, and just walk.

  • RithIsland HD

    omg i just wish i could meet all these amazing other people who I feel that we can relate to in the comments section! everyone else i know would just have no reaction after I show them this and imagining walking through the streets at night which just thinking about it gives me the spine chills which are awesomeeeeee but I just wish I could meet people who I could relate to about these kind of stuff. sigh

  • Shemsuh0r

    god DAMNIT this is so fucking good for a 4am walk.

  • Brodie Thomas

    This is perfect. I'm sitting here on a lonely evening, listening to this, drinking a cup of coffee, and reliving my childhood by playing Pokemon Emerald. Thank you for this wonderful playlist!

  • rhizah1109

    I just wanna know what cities yall live in to be able to take a casual midnight stroll. In my city that's asking for certain death. Or having a shirt that reads "Please end my life"

  • Luis Rebellon

    Yes feed me that nihilism baby

  • ZaleronGT

    rain+lofi = best feeling in the world

  • Monty Cotton

    sometimes it's good to just be alone. just to pretend you're the only human alive. turn off all the lights and zone out on the floor. notice all the little sounds and movements around you and then shut them out, one by one. it's nice just to take half an hour to forget that anything exists outside of this room.

  • Dark Blades

    What is this heavy feeling in my chest? My eyes grow heavy, Yet I have no need for rest.Tonight's mood and atmosphereA simple recipeFor Melancholy. I ache, Yet I'm not sure what forI try to take in what feelings there areYet I'm only getting what's underneath me, The asphalt and tar. Neon lights play What they sayA mystery to me.So I walk, Lost in thought; With nothing but melancholyAs company.

  • Edsel Fajardo

    Listen to this on a midnight city bike ride

  • gaby mutiara

    i really want to walk alone in 3 am in the morning while listening to this playlist but i have strict parents and the place where i live in have high criminality -- i'd be either get killed or robbed if i did it.

  • Radical Edward

    love the fact the train in the background is moving

  • Prank Me Silly

    Walking along the golden gate bridge high at 2am, best experience of my life

  • Catcat71 Gaming

    Why do I feel like a 90% empty subway train/metro train on the surface going through a dark city or taking a walk with a bunch of friends in a busy Japanese at dusk just as its getting dark goes perfectly with this type of music

  • w. rand

    anyone else get that feelin like you don't belong there? so...where then??

  • K a d i a Creates

    omg and that was before I heard biggie <3it was all a dream.

  • Free Mind

    I wish this city existed in real life.

  • Riz Switheral

    *puts on headphones , going out now at 5.10am . *cat stares at me -nope, NOPE!

  • Chai Latte

    I love listen to this before bed :) Calm me down from a busy day.

  • Javier R. S.

    where can i find the background video ?

  • Angelica Rodriguez

    This playlist saved me from a world of boring house chores. It's a cool, calm playlist that improves the atmosphere. 😆

  • Ichaa Lee

    Indeed we have to much taste ... indeed we will not always be together forever... if indeed we are destined to be together forever, love would not be where ...

  • Jace Prince

    i can see myself walking through my little neighbourhood with this music playing in my ears at night. i want to take this music with me everywhere, its so peaceful and pretty.

  • Sean Gonzales

    Don't you just hate it when you really want to listen to some smooth jazz vibes while you fall asleep..but the ad before the video is an ad for a fucking horror film and you just get the spooks..? How the hell am I gonna sleep now..

  • Ashton Harper

    im longing for a place i can never really be.

  • joel kariid

    This is what the inside of my mind sounds like

  • JC Valentine

    OFFONOFF has this kind of vibe they do a lot of lofi stuff

  • Christian Enmon

    Glad to see my music herebtw I am Evening's Nostalgia and I hope everyone's chillin out in the middle of this stressful <3

  • Simón Mejía

    I live in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and there's a bridge(one of many) that divides east and west side of the city, and when you're passing through it (it takes around 40 seconds) you can see a dense sea of lights from the part of the city that lies beneath the bride, at both sides of the river that divides the city too. It's one of the places I wish I could take a walk on right now while listening to this. This track makes me really want to walk around this city while it sleeps. But then again I live in DR and I could get stabbed or robbed in the weirdest scenarios so... lolAnyone wanna talk about these things?

  • bitterfly ;

    you know that moment of random nostalgia when its 5:48 and you can see the sky alternating from the different shades of blue as the sun starts to rise? yea yea music like this makes it even more nostalgic for some reason ;)

  • Pandacorno Unicornoso

    Thank you all for the beautiful work that you have done. I will use it to walk and actually hope to use it as a midnight walk. Thank you all ❤

  • Angel Rowen

    Why are the cities in Anime shows the most beautiful mesmerizing sights you'll ever see.

  • Agust D

    Is actually 1 am, and i feel like i wanna have a walk

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