midnight walk. [lofi / jazzhop / chill mix]

Have you ever taken a midnight walk through
the city with eerie beats in your headphones?

01 00:00 Evan Awake - 05.00 a.m
02 04:32 Hatoshi - Midnight Empathy
03 06:14 Connor Sharp - Hear My Thoughts
04 07:34 Trog'low - Streetlight Bounce
05 09:24 Evening's Nostalgia - 3am Thoughts
06 11:10 Evan Awake - City Escape
07 15:52 Ginji - Dusk (Ft. Idealism)
08 18:00 Ljones - Mother's Heart
09 20:02 KUPLA - Emerald
10 22:30 Freddie Joachim - Night Cap
11 25:22 Bahwee - Prima Donnas
12 27:38 Elyon - City At Night
13 31:18 Michita - You Gots To Chill
14 35:12 Clay - Orchids
15 39:02 xPanda - Moon Horizon
16 42:00 .Anxious. - Memories
17 43:48 D'yer Mind'er - Dream
18 46:58 Ginji - Sketch #1
19 49:14 Nujabes - Spiritual State
20 55:28 GlaceAzuka - Alicia

(Remember to stay safe and stick to main roads)

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» Nujabes - http://hydeout.net
» GlaceAzuka - https://soundcloud.com/glaceazuka
  • Wonderstruck Guy

    This backdrop looks similar to my city. The first song makes me think about what my friends who I once knew so well are doing. I don't want to sound edgy but I often just feel very alone despite having numerous people in my life. I know that's wrong but I'm not sure how to not feel that way.This playlist is like a bitter sweet comfort zone for me. Thank you.

  • Someone

    I feel lonely. For some reason the night brings me comfort. It is my best friend. It welcomes me with open arms. The moon and the stars listen to me. They never judge, never respond. They just listen. I can trust them. I know they will keep my secrets, my fears, my doubts. I kow that they'll be waiting for me the following night and the night after that. The cold air makes me shiver. The soft breeze embraces me like a mother embraces her child. As the breeze goes through my hair I am taken back to the time when I was just a little child; when my mother used to brush my hair before I went to sleep. I find peace in those childhood memories and I notice how my troubled thoughts slip away as I stare into the sky.

  • The Jazz Hop Café

    Our favourite music w/ atmosphere moments- Midnight walk through the city- Summer's day road trip, car windows open!- Summer/Rainy night head out of the windowWhat's yours?

  • vurevi .ᄉ.

    Wow. There’s something indescribable about the atmosphere of this mix. I can picture both a cool night and a warm night, both walking down main roads and down hidden alleys, both going home and going nowhere. This isn’t quite loneliness, it’s a...cigarette-and-gasoline smelling, clear-and-mild-night feeling, content nostalgia. Idek man.

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