Swedish Interior Design Ideas

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#ScandinavianDesign is so simple yet elegant and has so much to offer, it is sure to inspire anyone who is need of some creative and practical decorating ideas that can be incorporated easily into any style.

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  • Sarah Willumsen

    I'm not Swedish but I am Scandinavian, and expect from the photo at 0:37 and 1:59 (maybe 3:14 and 3:55 too) I did not find this very scandinavian.. :D ..to me, it has to be very simple! and more space, and high-quality! classic! furnitures, not big ugly couches, - and white/black and dark colors, not too many colors, and more tree - but maybe that is just my taste? :D :D .. like some of these photos: https://dk.pinterest.com/saki0060/scandinavian-interior/

  • Lisa Teodorsson

    Love to be inspired!

  • dani daniel

    Divino el home! Te copié las sillas del comedor, jajá. Besote!

  • Abrahast

    That country kitchen at 2:54 is really impressive.

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