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  • George Long

    This dude is unreal but real as it gets. No gimmicks and no worries about being himself like other "influencer/YouTube" pretenders. This dude gets over 50% of his subscriber counts in views in less than 2 weeks on every video. Who can run a huge tour for just doing him. God damn genius.

  • Bobby Terry

    Yo Danny my locker at school is 69😉

  • Gemini jets 777

    It’s sort of funny that my dad birthday

  • reddotsxight

    I like how his tickets cost less than His merch

  • Bruce Vrodoor

    “And if you’re not interested... FUCK YOU”

  • Danny Duncan

    Tour tickets available at ❤️

  • Nikki Brienzi

    Restock virginity rocks white and red board

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