Corporate Taxes: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Many of America’s largest corporations shift a surprising portion of their profits overseas to avoid paying taxes. Even more surprisingly, that’s a legal thing to do.

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  • VectoriaDesigns

    I live in Belgium and every Monday I wait for this guy to appear on YouTube to share my breakfast with 😏

  • Debbie Gross

    OmGOSH I hate most corporations! But I have to say my favorite cereal is Total with raisins but who gives a shit.....

  • Ryan Walsh

    Can I put my profits overseas to avoid paying taxes? No? Oh thats right the working class has to pay for the rich to get richer. Makes perfect sense.

  • Remigio Moncayo

    One more reason to hate apple overpriced crap.


    I probably shouldn't have been smoking weed when that pirate joke hit. I'm absolutely DEAD 💀💀😂😂

  • 2ShyShy

    Having a "Double Irish with a Dutch Sandwich" sounds like the absolute worst threesome possible.

  • Gregory Lombana

    John I bet you a chia pet, a dozen racks of ribs, and a two-pack of carmex chapstick that you won't put on a Harry Potter costume and say "Give it here Malfoy" like Harry does in the sorcerer's stone but have it make contextual sense with whatever tf you're rambling about that night. After that guy claimed he'd give you a zillion dollars to feature his comment in a fan mail clip, I looked it up, and this chach-muncher made up a "zillion."

  • owlcity24

    get paidget laidtax evade

  • Rainydaygirl57

    I am CRYING WITH LAUGHTER regarding the segment about reading tRump's tweets and using CAPITAL LETTERS!!!!!

  • CanterlotCrusader

    Yeah, no shit that letting corporations hoard money doesn’t create jobs. The fundamental problem of all trickle down economics and tax cuts for the wealthy is that there’s no accountability and its clearer there for the corporations interests while the majority of Americans are denied basic things that other first world countries have, and told “oh there’s no money for it, we would have to raise your taxes to pay for it.” Trump’s administration is full of shit, but its the same shit Republicans have been eating up for decades.

  • Smokin aces

    Wasn't taxes meant to be money for your own country so it can take a benefit for the welfare of your country ( like infrastructure, healthcare, education).Then why do these so called patriots and nationalists (like Google, GM and Apple) avoid paying taxes?It's just like you saying as a parent; I love my child but i don't want to spend any money for his/her education, clotches, or other things. I don't care that much.If i even try to avoid taxes ( i pay 40,85% income taxes) the Gov. sees me as a criminal, but if a large company or very rich person ( like Queen Elizabeth, Bono, Bill Gates) avoid it then it is part of the job?!F#*#king Hypocrites!!!! 😠

  • Ethan Toth

    I don't understand why people think that Donald Trump - a man who started off rich, made even more money through all the shitty companies he put his name on and ran into the ground, probably never had to struggle with anything in his life - gives a single shit about the people who aren't already at the top of the economy

  • Meruivel J

    One of my professors has informed us that we should grow up to be corporations. They get far more benefits than good people. He's got a point!

  • Creepy Stares

    The US has been fucked since the 80's Reagan days. GOP has been supporting this model, increasing it's effectiveness, every time they are in power. Yet, poor people vote for the GOP. smh. God and the GOP always seem to get an out when the real world intervenes.

  • TJandFriends

    Last Week Tonight fan forever, another well done episode as I saw on the HBO app

  • Joshua Perkings

    Yet ironically the average American will pay high taxes but vote for people who will raise taxes on them and give a break to those who don't need it....

  • Orb A

    This just in: Welfare payments to absurdly wealthy corporations outstrip all such payments to the public... and have for decades. Loopholes the size of supertankers to blame. More at eleven. : (

  • Eddy Alex

    If a corporation does that it's fine if an average citizen does that the FBI and the IRS break down the door and take you to jail and sell all your assets to pay back the government .

  • eric5280

    I hate to say it but it's not the Corporations or the CEO/CFO's fault. They have a fiduciary responsibility to the stakeholders to maximize profits in legal way. As long as such legal loopholes exist, they would actually be committing a crime by being aware of these loopholes and not using them. It is why carefully crafted legislation is crucial.

  • Noah Lamberty

    Why do I pay more taxes than most big corporations

  • Shubham Bhushan

    We need to overthrow the government.

  • TheRamenKamen

    Millionare Cardi b complains that she is paying 40% in taxes. Humm weird. Imagine the middle and lower class

  • lexie

    I'm a teacher. Could someone explain to me how Trump is helping us? I can no longer write off classroom expenses on my taxes, yet I still have to buy classroom supplies, so I'm actually out more money now. Since January alone, I've spent at least $100 on small yet necessary things like paper and pencils.

  • Timboy Gaming

    This just goes to show.. All these huge companies with enough money for them and their next 100 generations of families to survive the end of the world for many years to come.. Literally sitting there slowly getting higher and higher off the ground on their pile of money.. While people that cant make millions a day are being thrashed of their savings trying to live a normal life. Fucking SICK

  • TheMrMallard

    At the beginning I heard "you're going to jail Anthony" while I was facing the opposite direction of the screen and kinda panicked. Hi my name is Anthony

  • RichieHendrixx

    Taxation is theft! - Who is gonna build that road you drive to work on then?

  • Luke Cuddy

    I actually Really like a Republican style Corporation tax plan! Specifically, Eisenhowers 90% Corporation tax rate.

  • Viswanath Aditham

    The "put money here. I like money" Bucket already exists. Only, Apple calls it Apple products

  • Isaac Clodfelter

    I am a really big fan of that book about corporations. Too bad that just as few people have read that as read Common sense, by The few that have It.

  • Christopher Prock

    The NFL doesn't pay taxes either. They NEED to.

  • Datulab Tech

    6:24 Isch susch no öper vo Zug?

  • Go Trixie Go

    Where are Trump's taxes?

  • aegideus

    Ha! Jokes on you John! I'm a college student with basically no property, no real exemptions to speak of, and who paid a whopping thirty-five dollars in taxes this year, so it took me all of 45 minutes to get my taxes done!

  • hertzer2000

    Cardi never heard of Google.

  • Chris Thorn

    The more I watch this show the more I hate my country. So the little people have to pay taxes but all these companies can get away with paying nothing. Here’s an idea, tell these companies to pay US taxes or those companies will not be allowed to operate in the US

  • João Pedro Tomás

    All great and all but what can we do? Even John Oliver's employer, HBO, probably engages in some of this shady corporate practises regarding the tax code. It's all chaos, we're all doomed and hell just keeps on burning. A very select few just have the possibility of having their AC on while it burns...

  • WrathRaf

    No one noticed that John isn't wearing a checker shirt huh? Probably wanted to match his dress with Steve Munchkin/Mannequins lol

  • wendel.f16

    Can I stash my minimum wage overseas?

  • Brian DePalmaDeMajorca

    Cardin B must have a negative IQ

  • Richard Zuberecz

    This is the least disliked video of LWT, I cannot believe it.But seriously Cook, wth are you talking about? You did not concern yourself with hiring 20k workers?Then bring out your chief economist, or your chief financial officer, or the the HR general manager or whatever executive you have there and ask him/her for the rationale behind those numbers.If the average salary of those 20k workers was around $50k/year (PPP/cap), you would still add one goddamn billion dollars in costs.You are either bullshitting, are incompetent, are the wrong person to be interviewed, or have the discretionary ability to throw out at random $1bn/year :)

  • sarah noel

    “the government’s gofundme page” pretty much hahahaha

  • Daily Stock Picks With Jeff

    All I wanna know is, when can we buy stock in THE JOHN OLIVER COMPANY?

  • Roland Michel

    When T'Rump finally goes down in flames, EVERYTHING that cork-soaker has done should be rescinded, immediately!

  • Ethan Drake

    12:42 some companies have been happy to pay along.

  • Shady

    While this may just seem like a normal episode, if we could actually get the rich to pay the taxes they owe, it would solve a LOT of problems. The answer isn't to tax the rich higher than the poor, that just makes the people who play by the rules get fucked more than the people who don't. The answer is to get the rich to ACTUALLY pay their taxes. If we could get them to pay their taxes, we could lower taxes for everyone and solve a lot of the problems we have in this country due to lack of funds.

  • tammra leigh

    i never thought i'd live to see the day, john.there is actually a walmart version of you and his name is steven mnuchin.

  • Matt Wood

    So if there was a way for you to legally pay $0 in taxes, you would decline to do so?

  • PChangerProductions

    Glad some people are getting to keep their hard earned money! It sucks that most of us have ours stolen by the government through taxes.

  • Garnet Cookley

    12:43 did he just fucking glitch

  • Michael Boyd

    The empire of the USA is now being raped and pillaged like Africa and Asia!

  • kyle1847

    John Oliver is actually one of the talking rats from "The Secret of NIMH" wearing glasses and a suit - Change my mind.

  • biscoito1r

    Do products become cheaper when you cut corporate taxes ? For instance if you cut Apples' taxes by 20%, will iphones become 20% cheaper ?

  • Königstiger

    Taxation = Armed Robbery

  • I Shrestha

    Why is this not trending -_-

  • JoyfishXO

    Reading Trump's tweets lol

  • Frosty1979

    This gets even more perverse, when you realize that a lot of politicians are receiving benefits from those corporations to protect their tax avoidance schemes. No matter if you would vote Republican or Democrats, they are all desperate to keep those loopholes for the mega rich open.

  • CCKillbilly

    Cardi B is severely mentally disabled.

  • Vignesh Senguttuvan

    I don’t know how he kept a straight face after that Steve mnuchiin joke

  • DewDrops

    And people get mad at people who are on food stamps, these corporations aren't paying their taxes!!!!!

  • John Allen

    Keep voting for this twone party system sheeple

  • Ari Sen

    Jokes are super on-point this week. Keep it up!

  • 007kingifrit

    oliver fail to note that small businesses (which make up 66% of all employment in america) were also being taxed at the 35% rateand they can't afford expensive tax loopholes

  • Randi Young

    "I want receipts and everything!" Honestly, I've seen Cardi B all over the media, but never really paid attention. Now I'm a fan, and haven't heard the first song. 😂

  • Eric Mitchell

    IDK maybe if you make the tax code so complicated that the largest corporations can pay millions of dollars for the best and brightest accountants so they can not pay taxes, you should eliminate deductions and have a realistic tax rate

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