End of Soviet Union - On the News 12/8/1991 ABC News Coverage

Leaders of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine establish commonwealth of states.
12/8/1991 End of Soviet Union
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  • Wade

    And Alexandra Ocasio Cortez want to bring this crap back.

  • Fatium

    This is so sad. Alexa play Despacito


    What a tragedy that day was

  • Son of Sevenless

    Top ten saddest anime moments

  • Moisesezequiel Gutierrez

    RIP Nazi Terminators you will be missed :(

  • DrunkCommunist


  • Ezio Lorenzo

    Before you scroll down.. I want to inform you, reader. That there are some salty Capitalist who fight Communist. So, if you're a Communist, be ready. If you're not, well.... Tangina.

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