End of Soviet Union - On the News 12/8/1991 ABC News Coverage

Leaders of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine establish commonwealth of states.
12/8/1991 End of Soviet Union
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  • ManWithSpicyMemes

    Death is a preferable alternative to communism.

  • Kiwa Singular

    iT'S ThE BeSt dAy EvEr

  • That Snazzy Chap

    Top 10 Anime Celebrations

  • Alan G

    *Soviet National Anthem Stops

  • HandWasher

    Crab Rave starts playingUSSR is—————Gone

  • John Way

    Yet the conservatives are crazier than every...soviet agents in west...no way out 1987...sleepers...trump supporters

  • Stalin

    What happened to glorious Soviet Union?

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