Trump Might Have a Secret Kid and Mark Zuckerberg's Second Day in Congress | The Daily Show

A rumor surfaces that President Trump secretly had a child with a Trump Tower housekeeper, and Mark Zuckerberg continues his testimony in Congress following the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

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  • Beth Faulkner

    Didn't you have a secret kid. You signed papers without a second thought. Sad how people ignore their kids I agree. I was there and you did this. You are a hypocrite. Your ex-wife. You also cheated on me right before we married.

  • Titoub

    Wait what at 2:27 "called in facebook CEO", AND? wait did he say "and" that means also.. Is Mark not the CEO and then who is?

  • Pleey _Mckhatean

    trevor kodwa wathathwaphi😂😂😂😂😂

  • Dezarae Medley

    I don't understand why anyone would have sex with THAT.

  • 15 seconds of truth

    If only you had a cry track you could meet the south African that was fucked up enough to bang ur momma

  • Hussein19ish

    I wish I could meet you, Trevor, you are teaching me so much.

  • gloria Luna

    Telling him how he should fix the shit

  • V Sen

    Trump might have a secret kid Mark Zuckerberg.That's what I read.I need to fill my coffee..(yawn)

  • Titoub

    As a real programmer I believe Mark Zuckerberg did not make facebook. Yes, his name is on it but there is no way wrote any code. He did not know any answers to those simple questions. I made thousands of lines of code and trust when I say, "I remember what it all does".

  • molly cruz

    I read somewhere Trump's secret kid is Jared Kushner; which made it very awkward his daughter would fall in love with him.

  • StonedG

    His hair cut tells you everything.

  • glenperu

    These cunts trying to cash in, thieves!!!!

  • Chalky Tyrone

    Just discovered Trevor and he is fucking hilarious

  • Myrre

    USA got buttfucked by facebook.. Europe kicked the shit out of facebook and made it their bitch,..

  • Vanessa Raices

    We love you trevor😍😍😍

  • unique999 rose

    Trever's got a killer smile😍😍😍

  • Hamza Tariq

    I think the best joke was when he goes, idk what I did wrong but congressman I’m sorry 😂.

  • Wi To

    Trevor is on the Trump train!🤣

  • Maura Irish irish

    You do know this format is mind control. To teach what they want you to believe. The laws of this land "the constitution" have not been followed for so long they ask the stupidest questions that have NO bearing but to fill their sick agenda$ to destroy America so they can bring in and control all aspects of your life and thoughts. The only way they can be successful is dumbing down the masses first. Paying the youth to parade the agenda. Look up color of law. Language of admirality law.You are being played and they are laughing all the way to the bank living off your ignorant lazy butt!All money goes to THEM to be powerful and live in lux! It has gone to other countries who hate us. Thank God for POTUS who is man enough to reveal the satanic/ black magic agenda so all can see! Open your eyes. Open your mind. Think outside the box they've put YOU in literally. Its all evil vs good. And no one will get away! room for evil doers min of danger will robinson danger! gum imigration

  • Javier Vergara

    when u rich u can hire the best lawyer (s) say "I don't know".... again we the people have made this white privilege kid we become addicted to divises we don't need!

  • Samantha Converse

    I ain't lisyened,yet this is Nothing yo play witj,laughing clown of the world-class which doesn't quite affect me, because I try NOT to Puget too.involvedall of this is a result of,.one lie started the downfall of man...facebook is one giant data base....

  • Scott Chadwick

    I'm a child of Genghis Kahn, who literally took over Asia and Europe. Fuck Trump.

  • Claire Deiotte

    CEO ? I know For Fact 5hat 5here are Russian quatar telling I soije with one 2minths on messenger how he got my name m? I got kicked off for friending sineibe 8 didn't know and this guy asked if I was alone children worked said he wanted 5i retire and fall 8n love and that was with me !! Ha. Buddy m. I said you don't know me and blah blah then I said 5o him how do I know you not a terrorist ? That was it blacked me. He said he was a Oil Consultant yaya Mr. Background sisbt jive for the area .and I'm military bear you are Not IN a Ship .. You are ON a Ship. Big mistake

  • Ezra Gans-Crocker

    the zuck is a robot operated by a reptile with a robotic brain

  • Jose Ortega

    Trump won! nuff said.

  • Ms G

    I like Zuckerberg.... him and his wife give back to the people. Congress needs to get back to Trump....

  • Ricardo Brown

    Dwl it SERIOUS i crack up with laughter🐒😳👏👏

  • GuilelessDragon

    Can we add Mark Zuckerberg to the "most punchable face" list?

  • Nilsa Kuchera

    He sounds like a Robot

  • V Sen

    No action was taken against this Mark Zuckerberg. This shows how actually all government in most countries are using those data. Do you really think he will go to home and solve the problem he created.

  • omegagilgamesh

    First time this year we've heard a man apologize for something other than sexual harassment? That reminds me, other than for very minor things, like "sorry for cutting you off," my aunt, who gets anxiety problems when MSNBC radio isn't playing in the background and religiously listens to Rachael Maddow, has never apologized for a single thing in her life. Such as taking my old cabinet to the landfill and buying me a new one because the old one "clashed with the wall paper," nevermind that it was a FAMILY HEIRLOOM! She especially stuck by her decision when she realized it was from my father's side of the family, and she frequently forgets my father is a hardcore Democrat like her in favor of seeing him as a Fox News obsessed Republican.

  • leeanne

    I think Stormy had an abortion!

  • Reema Alhussain

    When he said “it’s me papa Donald”I dieddd😂😂

  • Jeremy Guerra

    Mexican child I chose you

  • gloria Luna

    Just. Shut the fake book down

  • CyberLawLLC. Work


  • iCreate TV

    How about: “I got to this video via a facebook post!” Trevor maybe genius but the humor of it goes to another level. Zuckerberg stand up.

  • Albeit Arson

    Seriously, Trevor Noah, I dislike Trump as much as the next guy but get some new material. No wonder you lost to John Oliver.

  • Father Finger

    deport this motherfucker, he is taking one African American job.

  • Pardhu Lucifer

    Anything other than "I'm not aware of it.. I'll let my team follow up with you" could've been used against him. He really knows how to handle a situation (by stating IDK).

  • Conchita Reyes

    And, there are even Trump guided abortions on the horizon. Tighten your seatbelt !!

  • T Love

    Marks a clone.. remember he's said"when I was human"

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