Trump Might Have a Secret Kid and Mark Zuckerberg's Second Day in Congress | The Daily Show

A rumor surfaces that President Trump secretly had a child with a Trump Tower housekeeper, and Mark Zuckerberg continues his testimony in Congress following the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

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  • Silas Kwame Addo

    Trevor is out of the world😂😂❤️❤️❤️

  • Shaq Attaq

    Your browser should be in question, not FB. He wouldn’t know much about FB lol being a CEO of a company, you wouldn’t need to know the nitty gritty. Think about it. If you own a company but started it from a certain position aka the thought process you would have to employ others to do whatever it is needed to run the company (unless ur super awesome and can do it all of course I won’t leave those very talented people out 👏🏿) He wouldn’t need to know browsing info at all nor would he be able to really ascertain a full spectrum of what the others aka the general public using this app are doing on it. Mostly things like ads seem to come up based off your TOTAL Browsing on this lovely internet. It’s not fb. You could have never used that app ever on that device and depending on what you look up will depend on what ads are shown. That’s for all sites. Damn the internet has been around for a while, and definitely has been doing more or less the same shit for a long time now-to everyone. So of course I’m gonna sit over here in the confused corner over that one. But yeah there are a lot of people not realizing just like the senators that there’s no way he’d know every answer to these things. They aren’t understanding how big FB really is only the use of the site for a threat. The worry here is that if you say something between people will the internet tell on you lmao 🤣 but younger audiences only used that type of communication with personal emails(nothing to do with FB) which most likely has to do with jobs, setting up accounts for sites, etc. or they communicate in dm direct message but it can be anywhere from oh I don’t have my phone so imma use this as a text message, to a group chat for an organization, to just tryna holla lmao. They would have to expand their mind in order to understand why he wouldn’t know the answers to these questions and that they have something/somewhere else they need to be looking at instead of Facebook. Please correct any internet problems with my comment lol but I’m sure I may be more on track than not lol

  • Nik Il-Sung


  • J M

    I was born in NYC in the 80's and I don't know who my father is 😁

  • Omen Nemo

    Poor Zuckerberg.  Why does congress want to regulate Facebook.

  • Emilie Rowe

    "shady nerd"😂😂

  • JANAESWAG23 love

    I love how he talks about tge things that need to be talked about in a way that anyone can understand it💯💯


    Trevor noah, you are pure genious and funny at same time. Ahh... My cheeks hurt laughing

  • lisa roy

    thats the curse from the Hawaiian lands you stole you dirty mother fucker

  • sharon capuria

    Trevor you are so funny and so entertaining, love to watch

  • tee tops

    "I don't know what I did but I'm sorry ". 😂😂😂😂 Trevor's a genius!!

  • Hanan Mohamed

    Mark sounds like a robot.😅

  • jon Doe

    seems like they trying to hide the dirty money

  • Irene DelRosso

    Good answers to have in our answer bank.

  • sabeen khan

    Hahahahahaha awesome

  • wes wells

    The ads you see on Facebook are based on your browser itself through cookies and your search history. The ad spaces are there on Facebook yes but what's in them is based on your browser history bc you idiots keep cookies on so you dont have to keep entering your login info. That's what Zuckerberg shouldve said damn

  • Tyler Hanlon

    CLASSIFIED DO NOT ACID WASH FOR ALL AMERICANS EYES ONLY So lets say the the Russians meddled in the election which they clearly did not ,exactly what are they saying the Russians did ,,expose Hillary Clinton 30,000 acid wash emails that would've exposed her and Obama's crimes and treason, the fact her and Obama gave weapons and cash to ISIS, to overthrow Qaddafi and that they colluded to have the ambassador John Christopher Stevens murdered cause he found out the truth and was going to expose both of them, or the fact they have first hand knowledge and involved in the satanic pedophile rings in Washington, or Hilary pay to play where she got kickbacks to the illegal money laundering business known as the Clinton Foundation ,when she was secretary of state and going back for decades. or the fact Obama illegally approved without a vote from congress via executive order to give 150 billion of our tax paying dollars to Iran that would allow Iran a nuke in seven years to nuke Israel and he got away with it well almost oh yea and how much of that money did Obama and Kerry got to stash away in his newly created Obama Foundation ya know he learned from the best ,,still to come we know the dnc emails that Seth Rich was murdered for giving those emails to wiki links that exposed Hillary votes from dead people and exposed her illegally ruining Bernie Sanders campaign or that she sold uranium 1 to the Russians and got a but load of cash of course gotta add George Soros who makes his money off of what is known as shorting in the stock world aka when a country goes bankrupt he makes trillions of dollars betting that this will occur .we also know he owns all the media aka the echo chamber and Hollywood entertainment known as the most the actors souls because he paid for them he funds Black lives matter and antifa and he has strategically placed his bought and paid for corrupt politicians to carry out his evil plans to bankrupt our country and wipe out our constitution while he gets richer and reinforces the plans of the new world order to rule. he lost billions, because trumps presidential win THANK GOD!!!! the NEW WORLDS PLAN IS TO OVERTHROW GOVERNMENTS "REGIME CHANGE" AND TAKE CONTROL OF THERE MONEY SO THEY WOULD HAVE CONTROL OF THE all the COUNTRIES ,,,of course they hate god and Jesus and worship Satan. gotta include the bush crime family the Rothschild's Rockefeller Warburg ....Just the tip of the iceberg folks open your eyes we need humanity and god to come together so we can stop all of this insanity before its to late

  • MissOJAY

    Wait whaaat 😱3billion?

  • george blunders

    Trevor Noah is a worthless Racist Dick that doesn't offer shit for America. Fuck you Trevor Noah

  • Ankit Sharma

    I received an E-ticket in WhatsApp. Shortly afterwards, I was reminded by Google. How is that possible ?

  • Leina Montgomery

    He isn’t cute but his so damn billionaire. Happy for you Mr & Mrs. zuckenburgh

  • trustingblindly

    You can’t delete you account you can only deactivate it I HAVEN’T USED FACEBOOK IN 4 YEARS and my account it’s still there is deactivated but it’s sill there

  • MsShervy

    I do not have that informationed with me ? Dude whaaat? Looool he speaks like a robot

  • wes wells

    Ya Zuckerberg you shouldve taken broader steps to stop trolls and every other site... smh

  • Ascent

    I wish Facebook would just die. Billions of people might have a chance at forming, what was that thing called again? Oh yeah, a life. If there is a hell there is no shot Zuckerberg is not going to be in it. He’s responsible for billions of instances of intense senses of self importance, countless affairs, ridiculous pieces of moronic “information,” being exchanged by idiots who weren’t prepared for the internet (think of stupid bullshit like pizzagate. Those morons were duped by other morons on FB), getting Donald trump elected and unimaginable time wasting suckage.

  • Shaimaa Zohdy

    Maybe his autistic thats why he speaks in a robotic way or dosent show alot of emotions its not funny

  • Balasaravanan Palanirajh

    Facebook... You Zuck big time...

  • Sal Prive

    Let's face it. The world can not stop using Facebook. Almost everybody that I know has Facebook and they are addicted to it. Facebook gives you adds so that people can use Facebook for free.

  • SoTaSpEaK

    I wonder where Laura Silsby is working now?

  • Eliza Anastasiadou

    This fucking NigNog shitskin commie cocksucker!

  • Mandy West

    LOL... you are killing me ...... LOL

  • GSSwordsmen

    @ 3:04 when you're part of an IT company and people ask you questions about everything NOT related to what their acutal computer problem is lol 😏"I love a certain type of chocolate." We're still talking about Facebook security....right? 🤨

  • Entoto Terera

    Trevor is a genius. Keep it up.

  • knowledgeiskey0110

    Trevor noah is not even funny

  • jmitterii2

    He's not that smart. He just stole an idea, had connections to the Napster's venture capitalists and quickly launched a website and went public asap to collect pension and 401K money from the public stock market.He even stated, he was "lucky". Or lucky added with a good dose of a corrupt progress all the way to the bank.

  • Tish Smiddy

    I have a few accounts, I tried to delete them but never could!!!!!!! ???

  • Steve Baltazar

    If you’re Trump’s kid you might get a small loan of a million dollars

  • jon Doe

    it sounds like them politicians are worried that someone gonna find their kitty porn

  • AK _

    I got a BUILD THE WALL ad before this video are you serious

  • Israelite Jay

    I use to not like this guy . but he knows his stuff . keep doing what your doing bro!

  • abnuridd24

    Honestly, I'm 27 and I'm not too far from those senators. I can't keep up with what's going on online. It's too taxing on the mind. I really don't have many friends either. I still live off of real life interactions even though they have become more and more scarce. I'd rather not take refuge in an online persona. It may mean that I have less "social interactions" but I've always been a quality over quantity kind of person. At least I'd like to think that.

  • MatthewTheThinker

    That was a very very good Trump voice! 10/10


    Trevor can be Trump child they can speak in same tone


    Wow. People percieve him as funny?!

  • eduard classen

    1983 where is my money 💵😁😁😁

  • Juan Manuel Montes

  • InsaneTacoz

    Oh god… could Ernesto Trump actually be Donald Trump’s illegitimate son?

  • Dykes on Disc

    The stockholders liked what they heard...

  • Rod Bellfield


  • Jessy Smoote

    "I'm a human, and I'm sorry." LOL

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