Trump Might Have a Secret Kid and Mark Zuckerberg's Second Day in Congress | The Daily Show

A rumor surfaces that President Trump secretly had a child with a Trump Tower housekeeper, and Mark Zuckerberg continues his testimony in Congress following the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

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  • Gaiaisi - Gaia's Eye - Gaia is I

    Trump's secret kid probably feels a lot luckier than Barron Trump right now, that kid seems extremely embarrassed every time he's seen in public, and was full out rolling his eyes during his dad's acceptance speech on the night Vladimir Putin won the election.

  • Ritz Kola

    Racists Republicans be like:“No! Stormy lied!”“No! That other girl lied too!”“No! His lawyer is innocent!”“Yes! That Black guy’s credit card could’ve easily been mistaken as a gun and therefore those officers did nothing wrong...”

  • shreyash Chaudhari

    Facebook let Jesse Eisenberg do the talking.😎

  • ziljin

    Zucc is a robot. Delete Facebook!

  • Joshua Morriston

    $10M/min. I got a few minutes for some serious apologizing. I'll tell you all the dirty details of my mistakes.

  • Heracross X

    I honestly don’t know why Trump suddenly cares about what Melania thinks about his affairs; it’s not like that’s stopped him before. Also, somebody recap: How many scandals does that make now?

  • Eric Caraballoso

    Trevor, you are fucking hilarious dude. Your delivery, your impersonations, your acting. I almost wish I had cable to watch your videos sooner.

  • NJOverclocked

    I've gotten ads for stuff I wrote about in WhatsApp. Less than 8 hours later. VERY specific items

  • Star Cherry

    Why were all of these women sleeping with Trump? Ew

  • Imrahil

    I found the Zuckerberg hearing disgraceful. The questions where he had difficulties answering were those where the answer was so complicated there was no chance anyone in that room would understand...



  • Claptrap Claptrap

    You CAN'T DELETE A FACEBOOK ACCOUNT! I tried: all what happens is that I was promised others cannot see it UNTIL I RE-ACTIVATE IT!

  • Safirlady

    Trevor is pure Genuis, lol. Hilario, lol

  • Neftali Valentin

    CEO Mark Zuckerberg all of a sudden became the CEO of this Country Trump. I'm just the CEO, but have no knowledge of anything. He became the "I heard" or "I'll get back to you" CEO. The most corrupt country in the world wants to tell the rest of the world how to run their business but look at this mess amongst many. Smh

  • TinyShaman

    To be clear, I don't particularly like Zuckerberg. But I think you've got to admit that it is a rare occasion when the owner of a mega-corporation clearly and directly admits to his fuck-ups. Other things being equal, they are usually more inclined to the "It wasn't me, I had nothing to do with it." mantra.

  • mrt57rn

    A sexual predator has an illegitimate child....anyone surprised especially when he doesn't use a rubber.

  • Outlaw Soul

    he knew congress has no spine, especially now. He took cues from his friends Bibi, Trump, and Sessions. Sit there and pretend like you’re sorry and 'can't recall.' No laws introduced. Just a circle jerk. All of them need to be voted out in november.

  • Serenity Joy

    My Android phone came with Facebook preloaded and I can't delete it without jailbreaking my phone. I think we need to be down Google's throat demanding the ability to remove it. Please start spreading this.

  • Natalie J

    Trevor is so damn cute❤️💕💕❣️👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻

  • Agustin Goba

    I think a big part of Zuckerberg's expressions (or lack thereof) were due to him being dumbfounded at just how ignorant most of the questions were.

  • Majikalnight

    Did he sign this disclosure agreement this time?

  • OsloT Heavenonearth

    ''I dont know what i did but...iam sorry'' loool

  • Mike Dang

    "This is the first time in a year we see a man apologizing for something, and it wasn't sexual harassment."

  • Ray B

    How about kill Citizens United, ban lobbyist and institute equal air time on tv and radio (not sure how to handle internet). There will always be corruption, but the constant need to raise money to run a campaign is insane. Doesn't England and Europe handle it differently?

  • LitAfuseiCantStop

    I Googled a freaking dog kennel replacement tray & lo & behold, the next time I logged into Facebook got tons of ads for them 🤔So yeah I’d say Facebook tracks your browser history. I know, but Zucc has no clue?

  • Geo Gmz

    Omg I died “Jerry Jerry Jerry” I forgot that show.

  • spoonerandforker

    Trump's lovechild is Steven Miller.

  • Crypto Chan

    What about google, apple, and microsoft? They also have our info. Now the government has to hire a bunch of coders to audit the APIs.... This is lunacy man. LUNACY.

  • Germán Bobadilla

    Mark didn't really just answer "don't know" to their questions. I watched the whole facebook hearing and he answered them as long as he had the answers. It was a 6 hour hearing, dozens of questions, and just a couple of them had no reply because he cannot answer something that he doesn't know, and doesn't specifically fully understand.I think The Daily Show with Trevor Noah should remove this video from watching. Although you guys use comedy to help ease the consumption of the news, I believe what you say. But Trevor made Mark look bad in this video. I disagree with this one.

  • bitsiphon

    I laugh every time I hear someone talking about Facebook privacy I wonder if they asked Alexa for help.

  • Haha

    This dude got the same hairline as Zuck lmao

  • M. A.

    I am quitting Facebook today. I will not support a company who has ties with Russia. The ads and the Russia hackers make me so angry. Zuker was so arrogant, and why not, these lawmakers asked dumb questions. He was in control.

  • Adrian Duran

    The Covfefe story by the Daily Show predicted the future

  • Ocate

    7:00 - why is it always about race? isn't that racist?

  • Johann Latimer

    Idk what i did but im sorry, lol

  • Chris Tso

    Mark Zuckerberg knew Facebook kept data. They make money off selling your information to add companies. That’s public knowledge. I’d like to see him have a testimony on oath that way if and when he lies he’d be criminal.

  • CJLAKE123

    It should've been $10 Billion.

  • BlaCkDranZeR21

    haha! (GDP) Gross Domestic Pen**

  • Chiye

    Once you sign in on facebook you lose every right to all your data (it is in the terms if use). That is like selling a book to a book shop and then being angry if the book shop sold your book to someone else. You lost all the right to your data, you can‘t get angry that things that don‘t even belong to you are sold.

  • tizodd6

    Zuckerberg is like Bill Gates at this point: he had a good idea and brought it to life. But now he just barks orders at employees and tells them to get stuff done while he enjoys being rich...Or he's just pretending to be ignorant.

  • badasspuppy

    March 25th. That's when EU's data privacy guidelines come into force. The US should just take that document and copy it.

  • EarlyTrail ET

    Oh my God trevor you really got me there bro, when you said if people are born in the 80’s, i could be trump’s son, and i had a chance to inherit billions of dollars, and i started to smile of hope that i could inherit billions 🤩, but then you went on to say, inherit billions of dollars in debt, and that’s when i got shocked with my mouth open 😲, then i was like oh hell no, im not trying to inherit debts lol 😆

  • Taro Samuelson

    My friend downloaded Facebook, and it turned itself into a administrator app, so he could only delete it by factory data resetting his phone.

  • LoveliAngelVibes

    Government is always trying to regulate something...ugh. How about all of our data that government is spying on tho....who regulates them though? Leave Facebook alone.

  • JudyTheAlien

    why do we always get so worked up when a government representative cheats? Like ok he isn’t faithful to his wife OH BOY! But honestly WHO CARES??? He can be faithful to his wife and still be a bad leader

  • Gas and Games

    Trump's kid should be pretty obvious.Just see if they've got tumbleweed for hair.

  • Anthony Claridge

    Papa Donald? I'm dead...

  • SnowmansApartment

    i don‘t know what i did.. but i‘m sorry“ 😂👌

  • King Robert

    I disagree as CEO of Facebook, he should have the answer to every question. I want my money back.

  • Eckhart of the Cygnus Knights

    It's Eric isn't it?

  • Adrian Bustos

    Man. Trevor killed it!

  • sharif jahan

    People! Just boycott Facebook. That solves all the problem. Understand the power of boycotting.

  • VS9050909

    Mini Trump, but with bigger hands, better grammar, a higher intelligence and??? Well if anyone wants to add more please do thanks🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣!

  • TheSilentCartographer

    Well you have to consider that Facebook has an extremely large amount of investors, and any instability in his answers might mean the collapse in his company. But saying that he doesn't know, it gives him more time to collaborate with his lawyers as to how to respond. It's not that he "didn't know," it was that he can't respond impulsively and risk the well-being of all the employees that work underneath him. Thinking before you respond is actually a great tactic, and I commend him for remaining logical in the midst of all that emotional and fearful adversity.

  • chill  衛挨佳

    zucc.exe has stopped responding

  • gymkhanadog

    Fire Zuck. Teach the child a lesson.

  • Caleb Olds

    If a CEO knows every single thing about his company, he's a bad CEO. You're supposed to know the major things, but knowing everything about servers would be the guy who's in charge of running the servers. Etc.

  • Jacob Durcan

    This is getting out of hand

  • Mandalada

    I find it interesting that instead of picking the candidate who's been cheated on, we picked the candidate who cheats on. Now I don't want to start an argument, but those are the facts, take what you will from them.

  • remi9Xer

    Have you seen my son Chris?CHRISSSSSS!!!!!!!!CHRISSSSSS!!!!!!!!My son, I need to find him!CHRISSSSSS!!!!!!!!

  • Bent Neatly

    As long as lobbying is as powerful as now, nothing will get better for us.

  • The Timejumper

    I think that Zuckerberg may be the one person both Democrats and Republicans in Congress can hate. Democrats hate him because he's a corrupt greedy corporate overlord who's lying to them. Republicans hate him because he's a young tech giant he doesn't pay them enough.

  • Brian Jackson

    So $10 million on lobbyists is all it takes and the issue is over????? Corporate power bigger than government.....

  • Ansal A

    “Tell me I have crackhead blood mama”. 😭😭 that at least sounds better than trump blood

  • Abaddon SerpentOfOld

    Z U C C will S U C C your homan data

  • Abdulaziz Sayed


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