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Chris Stuckmann reviews The Lion King (2019), starring Donald Glover, Beyoncé Knowles-Carter, James Earl Jones, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Alfre Woodard, JD McCrary, Shahadi Wright Joseph, John Oliver, John Kani, Seth Rogan, Billy Eichner. Directed by Jon Favreau.
  • Trapped Mind

    This is a movie for children. That’s why you don’t like it... you are an adult now.

  • megakazuya123

    This film is woke, especially since scar is white now

  • Delsin Z

    So glad I didn’t waste my money watching this shit make

  • Cinthia Vasconcelos

    They completely butchered the Be Prepared song... in the original, Scar is my favorite character with his snide comments and sarcasm... in this new one he was meh, sounded like a bitter old man and the actor they picked couldn't sing which prob why they basically cut the Be Prepared song out. Also thought the hyenas were not as funny and in sync with each other as the original.

  • Akshay Goyal

    I am a huge fan of aladdin since it first came out. I even remember all the tv episodes. And I loved the new movie. So, yes. What the hell do you know.

  • Josborn

    You mean to tell me when I said this movie was going to suck, I was actually right all along? mind blowing.

  • Lucifer Faust

    I'm looking forward to the film. Can anyone tell me what the new song was?

  • Ej Espinosa

    Just finished watching the movie about 30 minutes ago and I totally agree with this review 👍🏻

  • SkyRanger999

    Meh and if they would have re-written the story people would still be bitching. If its like the original then so be it. I would pay to see it again

  • Starhunter Terra


  • Petter Nilsson

    How can it be a soulless film if its just as touching and incredible as the first one but also has probably the best visual effects ever created? Your being dumb right now

  • The Spectacular Spider-MAN

    eh you are wrong it is way better than the 94 version and i grew up with the 94 version

  • Alexandra Markovic

    I can say I like it just because I am a huge fan of the story thus the nostalgia factor but I does lack the emotional impact , many moments which were emotional in the original are nonexistent here due to its focus on realism. On technical aspect movie is amazing but emotionally fails to make a big impact, that the original still has on many generations

  • Ace Diamonds

    live action remakes suck.

  • LambofGod

    Souless film but have to give credit to all casts , performance and the work put in making the film. Can you feel the love TONIGHT, does make sense here in Austtalia, I swear 10pm here in the summer just as bright as in the afternoon sometimes... So I guess it makes sense in Aftica .

  • pisswobble

    Remakes remakes remakes.... Why would anybody want to watch... I'll save my hard earned for something original

  • Mew Chocolate

    i hated this remake. I hated the loves scenes with lana and simba

  • Yifat Ratsabi

    When they change something we get mad saying why would you change something that is good, when they don't change it we get mad saying it's exactly the same...Asides from the fact that every remake is made purely for money, i personally like the option of not touching the good stuff... Unless you wanna find yourself watching Jasmin's song with a meltdown

  • Joey Delia

    Why are critics so stupid? Like this guy. PEOPLE WANTED A REMAKE. Nobody wanted a classic to be changed

  • Josefine Jonsson

    Pro tip: Don't have super high expectations, I came looking for great visuals and crazy cool fur CGI and got that so I'm happy, first half of the movie was great, the hyenas and scar had more backstory and personality I think, If you want the emotions and nostalgia, just grab the original and stay at home.

  • StarDust XO

    Short: the movie remake was unnecessary

  • wolfpackflt670

    That's the first thing I thought when I saw the first trailer. CASH GRAB

  • An00bisY00tubis

    Let’s not sugar coat this - this Lion King adaptation is bad. Save your money, stick to the original, end of

  • wyatt kammer

    If it aint broke dont fix it

  • TF4D 150

    I don’t care what anyone said. This is what I am. It’s good to see a anime to a live action.

  • Mari741s

    For a very big Lion King fan, like myself, I feel this new 'The Lion King' remake is like a big treat for fans. The 1994-version almost made 'real'

  • Chris Rodarte

    Well at the same time I'm glad that they didn't try to change the original and ruin it more. It's cool to see an animated movie that we all loved in a whole new way.

  • Legacy Gaming

    I thought everyone knew it was a shot for shot remake..

  • Iban Modern

    I don't really like the Alladin movie. Not hate it nor like it.

  • Jessica Brauman

    This was the first time I've ever been bored watching a film in the cinema. Once you get over the animation, nothing in the movie is novel.

  • juan Camilo Mera

    lion king is a good franchise

  • Joshua Nelson

    I disagree. This film I found was brilliant. Yeah, Disney should stop making live-action remakes, but this is a film they definitely should have done. No, this film was not perfect. But the Lion King is a story about the relationship between a father and his son, and the Quality of a true King. Yeah seems like you ain't really liking how the film reenacts the original with all the shots and stuff but that was the beautiful thing about this. Its a remake of a film that never gets old. Its remade into something much more thrilling and modern. The CGI was spectacular. The Cinematography on-point. They managed to make an audience have feelings for some CGI animation. Even if they did remake it into a different story, people would give it the same amount of hate. "They ruined it because they changed the whole story!". Its a remake, and it's very good. If you don't like this one, I do not know how you would like the original. The original actors did spectacular. So did the new ones. The thing I really enjoyed is how they brought in a bunch of modern humor into the film. And, they DIDNT POLITICALISE IT! Thank goodness. You can hate it, but this film was amazing. And let me make this clear. This film is NEVER going to be better than the original, but this is a Disney remake I actually really enjoyed (Loved). Well Done Disney. Well done.

  • krayner33

    I had the exact same though when i headed for the exit! It's basically a quick cashgrab for disney.


    But aren’t all the live action movies that Disney has been releasing the retelling of an already told story? What were you expecting? More realism? Out of... animals and animals only?

  • me24469

    The Lion King (RTX remastered edition)

  • Christopher Matthews

    So pissed......the voice acting ruined it.

  • Sean Red Fernan

    "You thought he was dead? I thought I was dead!" - PumbaHahaha. Funniest part of the movie

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