Marco Mengoni - L'Essenziale (Italy) 2013 Eurovision Song Contest Official Video

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Marco Mengoni will represent Italy at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest in Malmo, Sweden with the song L'Essenziale

  • Arman Culah

    Italy is always best.:)

  • karateo Papa

    I can't really understand how these beautiful and outstanding italian songs don't deserve a fckng win!!

  • MMiraJeS

    A masterpiece, so underrated!

  • franinconverse

    His voice is beautiful and he is damn pretty I can't.

  • Alexander Alejandro

    Ποιο ιταλικη φαβοριτα πεθαινεις

  • Petito Tofky

    Only 1,500,000 views, after 3 tears ?????This is a MASTERPIECE !!!

  • NewPcGamingGeneration GamingGeneration

    The best song in Eurovision!!!From Greece 12

  • Christy Lou

    perfect song!!! <3love from Greece!

  • TributesAndUnique

    Dem sideburns doeSeriously though, that's a really beautiful song

  • ali ibrahimov

    perfect songI from Azerbaijan

  • nelloula

    Oh how can you call this boring?I think it's a nice song! :) Greetings my beloved Italy,from Greece <3

  • Marina xD

    Best eurovision song ever!

  • Tina Kupina

    The best!! Love from Croatia!

  • David Wilding

    What a song. love it from start to finish.

  • fary tail

    so so SO amazing! love from Greece!

  • Suburb Wigger

    one and half a year late though, i am officially in love with that song

  • meriluis68

    27.000.000 of views on official video ... great Marcooo

  • Music Music Music

    great song well performed at Eurovision

  • Loli Ramírez Ariza

    Preciosa canción! Te adoro Marco, me encantas!!!!♥

  • Siv Elisabeth Verndal

    Armenia for the europian win this year?

  • Oliver Barabas

    I'm from Italy it's sool pretty .Come visit Italy on Garda sea.

  • sandocean17

    Best Italian eurovision song havent listen to this for a long time

  • Francisco A. Herrera

    Perfecta canción, magnífico intérprete

  • ingrid281073

    piu' l'ascolto e piu' mi piace sempre di piu' questa canzone

  • Joy

    Just seen the amazing portoguese song winning and then I rewatched this performance and god, how did this masterpiece managed to get only 9th place. If eurovision wanted art to win, l' essenziale and grande amore should have won.

  • MrRosy6

    great song, amazing voice!

  • Sifis M

    I truthly like it!! And actually,congratulations for singing in your own language!! We love Italians!! Many greetings!!:)

  • Mr Brightside

    i dont know what he say, but im gonaa crying :((

  • Maria C

    Beautiful should have Won

  • Kristiina Leevik

    Soo beautiful and lovely song, makes me warm inside... one of the best songs in eurovision 2013 !!

  • Ruud22NL

    that is just pure nonsense, a lot of countries have send great fantastic songs in recent years, not only Italy. So do not be so arrogant. Listen to the Neherlands for example and if you like more modern pop songs Norway did a great job too, or listen to the very dramatic beautiful song from Iceland....Yes Italy is in my top 3 this year too definitely

  • sneezejs

    5 months down the line, this is my favourite from this year's ESC (then Gravity)

  • Christina Kakkava

    love from Greece!!!! Love this song!

  • dylan cassar

    This is one of the best song that Italy has sent in Eurovision history !

  • Oliver Barabas

    The most beautiful island is Sizilia😍❤bella!!!

  • Lorenzo Tibollo

    Marco sei prprio bravo con questa canzone mi insegni a lottare edire ik vero alle persone come quellav che amo

  • Dimitris ULTRA' Bianconero


  • Martin Pintamalli

    I listen this in 2015! Good song should have won!

  • Aleksandar Petrovic

    I find this song quiet boring.

  • Abby

    I can semi understand some of this song cause it has similar words to español pero mi encanto esta cancion ! :) no mi importa si no le entiendo todo ;X

  • Houston we have a problem Band

    uomo hes I miei preferiti cantanti

  • Krisztina Maderspach

    I just simply love this song...

  • NArek Davitian

    love thissss songggggg ,,,

  • silmarillion007

    Precioso tema.Gran intérprete

  • Frontrunner on the road

    Forza Marco! Forza Italia! Still listening in 2014, greetings from the Netherlands :)

  • EvelynaCandy

    Forza Italia!!!!Sono Greca ma non amo la nostra partecipazione! Essenziale!!!!

  • Justina

    Okay, at first, I didin't pay attnetion to this song... But now, I'm just in love with it! One of the greatest song this year :) Greetings from Lithuania <3

  • Brummelfrosch 94

    At first I didn't liked the song very much but as ofteh as I hear it it gets better and better.

  • staskertube

    Italiani soliti egoisti...

  • Grace

    12 points From me ;)) like Last Year

  • educadorist

    12 point from Spain. La mejor canción! el mejor interprete! no sé como no gano...

  • I pretend not to have strong opinions

    u cant talk in the name of a nation speak for yourself u dont represent anything

  • Ajla Buffon

    Italy is always the best in everything!!! <3 Italy have the best songs,the best football players and the best people!I love Italy!!!!!Italia per sempre!

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