Michelle Obama Brilliantly Mocks Trump On His Awful Leadership - Full Interview

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  • skatelyn christi.benin

    All praises to God!Barack & Michelle are dignified, courageous & highly enlightened blessings!

  • Stian Myrdal Laursen

    The rest of the world miss this wonderful woman.....

  • Michael Tester

    I made a trump supporter run like a girl today been a good day

  • Glynis Meeks

    2020 Michelle Obama for President

  • Ramona McFann


  • Maureen Doherty

    I miss the Obamas!!! True class!!!

  • Avelino Mayoral

    Both my wife and I miss you and your husband in the white house.

  • Lempwei Roiie

    If you look deeper, US's democracy is still at its infancy's stage even after 200 hundred plus years... When Uncle Sam demanded that we elect a woman into our Congress, most qualified women said they didn't like the job...

  • Because I Am

    Lady Obama ...You and Lady Winfrey need to start a grooming program from the beginning ...prep and groom females that show aptitude in these areas ...with scholarships etc ...It's how the men did it...Right?

  • david nichols

    I don't trust anyone who is ashamed of their own nature (pretending to have straight hair her whole life.)

  • Joey Barz

    This was very well spoken and I am no fan of the Obamas. I respect her reasoning for not running for president. Focusing too hard on the R's and D's ruins your ability to mentally sort through candidates, being unbiased is being free, free to choose with no restrictions.

  • Maritza Diaz

    Mrs Michelle Obama stoped Trumpo yeeessss

  • Michael Tester

    Michelle would make a better president even Arnold would be better Terminator for president anyone but that idiot Trump

  • music talks

    "Share your Perspective" say's who?? and why?? I just checked and she/he isn't in office anymore. There's a new chief in town. People should be following him. From all the research I've done you were right there destroying your country. Just because mainstream isn't saying it doesn't mean it's not true. The American people got it right this time.

  • Amankwaa beatrice osei Oosei

    Michelle u are a QUEEN, but not a President.

  • louise ngo bikond

    Always gorgeous in her speeches. Thank you, Michelle OBAMA

  • Kim Correa

    Yes she is the best First Lady ever😀

  • Perry Moore

    NObody supported trump because they were racist, we supported trump because we didn't want someone who hates babies in office or who supports the rape of children enough that she went to a pedophile island with her husband to have sex with children

  • Chuck Elson

    Too much negative baggage to run.

  • diana dowie

    Michelle Obama is awesome.

  • Jean Jones

    She looks like a farm animal to me. There is nothing "cool" about Mooch. Bah bye Bamas. Good Riddance.This thing that lived in the WH for 8 yrs was the 1st Ladyboy! ... A woman with a size 12 shoe? That is NOT A WOMAN... She walks like she was raised in a barn, around animals... Her hair looks like a Brillo Pad.. Take a look at the PHOTOS of this thing before she spent $500 a shot to iron that wool down. Now thats something that will put fear in ya . I've always said that thing is a cross-dresser and Obama is gay... I was right in both cases.

  • Let it Rest

    I've been a workers rights advocate for 27 years. I've never drawn a pay check from any labor union, however. I've chosen that way, so that I can have opinions. That DOES NOT mean that I blindly follow ANY political party either. I voted, wrongly, for Donald Trump. Never, EVER, would I vote for Hillary Clinton. Neither would I have voted for Cruz, Rubio, Romney, J.Bush(or any of the Bush's). Barack Obama, I voted for. He had the background. He spent time in the trenches, as a community organizer. He showed that he was willing to listen and try to help working people.In my opinion, Mr. Obama did not read the groups, that should have given him more support, correctly. I don't think the labor unions, truly had his back. That is a shame. I think Barack Obama, should be noted, as an excellent president, in the history books.

  • I am just a mom

    Dose the old woman in the beginning mean the room is full of old folks? "Not collage age, professionals that aimed for the top, have the history of situations." Why not just say elders?

  • Peter Maxwell

    She dosent even bad-mouth Trump..classy lady, she knows he the president. And voted in.

  • Kat Potter

    Hey Michelle Obama run for president? I'd vote for her

  • John Simmons

    This President and First Lady set the bar where it needs to be. We still learn from them on matters of correct thinking, correct consideration of others and how to conduct oneself with real dignity.

  • deniseg812

    I agree, but I think Elizabeth Warren was perfect, for me.

  • Cheick Doucoure

    No to not smart.Intelligence and wisdom are the best.

  • Drackkor

    This is one ugly dude. People didn't vote for Hillary because she was going to almost be as bad as Obama.

  • Robin Rozario

    You have all of that.. First Lady runnnnn

  • Guru Sandirasegaram

    Michelle & Obama belongs to Africans jungle 🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍Civilized countries don’t wants this negro couples.

  • Raine Ticket

    Barry Obama's real father is Frank Marshall Davis, CPUSA 47544Ask this affirmative action dummy about her real father is law, Frank Davis, and how this stupid black woman only got into college via affirmative action because she is too stupid, and not a white guy, so she needs special help, like retarded people and other non whites

  • Cons and Piracy Theorums

    I hate you with every fiber in my body

  • Too Many Hobbies

    Look at who is calling the kettle black!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4hXix76YeI&t=290s

  • Lao Ma

    Old and not so young Libtards do not die, or go away. They stick around boring others to death. Mrs Obama should apologise to Americans for the 8 years she and her husband tried to destroy America.

  • mtucc07

    A thief, a liar, a freekin criminal was the most qualified, go back to what planet you fell from you lying bitch, I cant believe people believe her, what a bunch of fuckin programmed fembots!

  • Ly Chanthina

    Thanks dearPresident Solution good with all thankful Michelle Obama

  • New York

    We miss Obama and Michelle.

  • CHUR66 H

    Nikki Haley for President 2024 she’ll carry the baton on and the Trump legacySorry but you was one fugly First Lady thingy ma jig

  • Darlene Ireland

    I hope whether a woman or not runs we better not be afraid to elect a person with a heart that wants to take care of people truly. This person needs to want the job. It's not about feeling good. Understand the issues around the world. Who has the ability and competence? Dem better show us someone soon or votes will walk again. I'd vote for Mr. Joe Biden in a second. He could even have Bernie on his ticket. Dem better not sling mud at one another either , just agree to disagree.

  • Cheryl Adams

    I love me some Michelle Obama. Dam I miss civility

  • Wendy King

    A blind and deaf piglet would be better then himself! Pigs are smart, as smart as dogs!! This TrumPutin 🤡 must go, to restore sense again!

  • ?

    Barack and Michelle....too much class and intelligence for the brain dead zombies in our government.

  • Miki Nabu

    Wow she make us proud

  • Ari Family

    I miss the classiness of the White House, which is now a "Dirty House."

  • Steve Hetzel

    Ask Elizabeth Warren to run

  • New York

    Triumph he fucked yo this country so badly and he will more and more day by day.

  • Amankwaa beatrice osei Oosei

    Yes,truly politics is a very dangerous & "hatred" game. The oppositions will insult, & say all sort of words. They try to frame or speculate a lot of lies unto one's life.

  • Kyle Larson

    nothing exciting about a woman who said she didnt love the country.this women shit.wtf.im voting for you cus your a woman.what messege is that.liberal till.we dont agree..

  • Cons and Piracy Theorums

    You know why I hate you and its not this story but what you did to me. I will never forgive you. You are in debt forever as nd you will be killed for that debt

  • Yolanda Van Roosmalen

    Micheal is BIAS & a TRUMP HATER and FULL Of BS, SURE Wanted Hillary Because the Obamas are JUST as CROOKED and CORRUPTED as The CLINTON'S.

  • My Keneism

    Sigh, I'm so glad they're out the WH. 45 has accomplished more in 2 years than 44 has in 8.

  • Gimpy Nogo

    I know many women (and men) who would have loved to vote for a woman just not Hillary. I’m glad she didn’t win, I didn’t want her either. She doesn’t seem trust worthy.

  • Darrell Phare

    Wise talk, all true, but historically, when it gets down to it, Americans vote for who they recognize, who makes them feel good, who they'd have a beer with. Americans aren't wrapped tight. SO, we think about these ideals, but we vote for idols. Who fills both roles? Is the DNC capable of panning for THIS gold? Sofar, they haven't shown this ability.

  • Bombiss_

    People didn't vote against a woman president. They voted against Hillary.

  • Kevin Smith

    YOUTUBE! If I wanted to see and hear shit.. I'd flush the toilet. Ftb!!!Ca plunk... ps time machines rock

  • Perry Moore

    If you people would realize that Barack Obama committed treason and TRUMP didn't would you still support the traitor Barack Obama

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