H3 Podcast #65 - Logan Paul Slammed On Twitter & Ethan Quits Social Media

Today H3H3 talks about their social media detox, Logan Paul getting slammed & live performance with Chaos Chaos and so much more! Thanks to http://forhims.com/h3 & http://blueapron.com/h3h3 & http://expressvpn.com/h3 for sponsoring us!

Chaos Chaos new self titled album is out now everywhere, and featured on spotify under new releases. They'll be on a national tour starting next week. Buy tickets here http://chaoschaosband.com

Podcast Theme song by EchoRobot:
  • Skystruck Crypto

    Now people won't steal your videos and get the views before you get to post. Unfortunate you had to rely on YouTube tho.

  • Adub Htown

    Ethan was in his feelings about the Kimmel thing.

  • Worthless Being

    Breastfeeding is now R a c i s t

  • Fusilli Jerry

    That guy sends Ethan an email thanking him for not being a dick and exploiting him for sleazy content... Ethan proceeds to goof on him and hopes to exploit him (and Skippy) for future sleazy content

  • Pockets2Big Rikishi

    Social media, even cellphones haven’t been around long enough for you to be able to say that the average person spends 4 years of their life on their phone

  • Alex H

    I agree, social media are the biggest time wasters and unhealthy indeed.

  • FunTimeMonkey 209

    Ethan got a lil preachy in the beginning

  • Jacob Barone

    The first caller sounded like a fucking Borat impersonator lmao

  • Andrew Wishon

    Jimmy is always on crack anyway, such an emotionless face all the damn time and so invasive lol

  • jaiden barbee

    I feel you on the social media thing. I dropped acid yesterday and all I used on my phone was music player for beautiful music. I walked around and apritiated nature

  • Miky ॐ

    that jordan is annoing af

  • mi zh

    i know my phone is bad for me, it's really bad for my eyes but i use it anyway

  • Ranaris Moonwood

    love hearing Dan laugh loud as hell from the back room at something Ethan said lol

  • The Tomster

    I can relate to Ethan so much about being a teen...

  • Andrew Wishon

    see now I thought they got rid of their phones and electronics, I thought you went amish didnt know you half cheated it guys...

  • fat jew

    Got me 🅱️Icken 🅱️ack 🅱️eing 🅱️ool Quasimodo

  • shockwave317228

    liked the band at the end!

  • DeathTrooper 67

    Fucking love the intro it's great! It's a mistake but sometimes mistakes make you laugh the most.

  • Ferenc Szaffenauer

    That was the best call in ever

  • Anthony Ramirez

    Does hila or hula add anything to the podcast??? She only responds with a chuckle or “yeah”

  • Some Kiwi

    I think you getting rid of social media for a week was a good idea.However, social media can be useful in moderation. It depends on how you use it.If I spend <30min a day on online socialising and get some inspiration/knowledge in one way or another then it’s time well spent.I ride bikes, Instagram is a great way for me to connect with riders all over the world. I’ve found tricks/tips, bike shops and had conversations that have helped others and made my life better-through instagram.But, I like taking photos. It’s a hobby of mine(for lack of a better definition)and in turn I like photos. I don’t really like people’s “daily life” posts, unless I’m close to them.It’s up to the individual to decide whether they’re “wasting” their time or not. Hila, for instance, could(and probably is) finding or keeping up-to-date with current trends which directly affects her brand.

  • Dinosaur4Hire

    God of War is trash. The new one obviously. But great vids, keep it up.

  • Ben Love

    I don't mind Elon as a person but his hyperloop idea and bfr aren't the best, i mean i'm not the best at this but check out Thunderf00t's videos on them.

  • Jojo The Panda

    26:25 lol PhychicPebbles strikes again

  • Dillan Sidaway

    "Hey dont play this on the air but" continues to play clip on airLmfao

  • The Tomster

    Loving the music part at the end, another great H3 Podacst

  • H3 Podcast

    Sorry about the audio nightmare at the beginning, it ends here: 1:09--Thank you to our sponsors http://forhims.com/h3 & http://blueapron.com/h3h3 & http://expressvpn.com/h3 who got caught up in the mix! God bless em and YOU appreciate ya

  • Mr. Pancake

    They showed us auto correct humanity in my school we were fucking dying laughing

  • Makaveli_Heavy

    Sounds like Boogie that called in as Jordan lmao

  • metal parsnip

    The intro: L A Y E R S

  • Tropical Fruit

    To be honest 4 years of your lifetime spent on a phone is not that much if you assume you die at 80. I played CoD 1 for god knows how long, it's probably thousands of hours but I've been playing for about 10 years and those were the times where I couldn't play long. Now I have 3k hours in CS:GO which is about half a year worth of time. Those 2 games alone took away over a year of my life out I bet and I'm 20. If you stretch it to 80 y/o ppl it really isn't that bad...

  • LilRedPanda

    Is Jordan Psychicpebbles? It just can't be real can it? It's too good

  • Darrin Bell-Wolff

    lol, "Erv" is Zach

  • Edwardonius Portal

    yo that music was dope. Good show dawggys.

  • Deus Slayer

    No one is going to mention oney huh?

  • Sidney Khryseai

    > spend your free time in a certain way> stop spending your free time in that way"wow i have more free time now!!!"

  • Jackson Baker

    Psychic pebbles aka me hilarious is irv

  • Corrupted

    Me and my friends have a rule: If we're going out together, have a drink, or whatever..none of us touch their phones. We just let them sit on the table for hours and just talk. (Except for important messages obviously.)It's not a big deal at all, we just spend time together and really enjoy it!

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