H3 Podcast #65 - Logan Paul Slammed On Twitter & Ethan Quits Social Media

Today H3H3 talks about their social media detox, Logan Paul getting slammed & live performance with Chaos Chaos and so much more! Thanks to http://forhims.com/h3 & http://blueapron.com/h3h3 & http://expressvpn.com/h3 for sponsoring us!

Chaos Chaos new self titled album is out now everywhere, and featured on spotify under new releases. They'll be on a national tour starting next week. Buy tickets here http://chaoschaosband.com

Podcast Theme song by EchoRobot:

  • H3 Podcast

    Sorry about the audio nightmare at the beginning, it ends here: 1:09--Thank you to our sponsors http://forhims.com/h3 & http://blueapron.com/h3h3 & http://expressvpn.com/h3 who got caught up in the mix! God bless em and YOU appreciate ya

  • Dave Altizer

    That intro was such an H3 opener. I loved it lol

  • Moofy

    i thought i clicked on a meme video for a minute

  • SRV TheSheep

    how did erik from internet comment etiquette watch ethan if ethan was using a vpn

  • Howsenselessdeath Howpreciouslife

    i love hila's sunnies

  • Test Test

    Papa bless to Hila’s Dad. Love you guys.

  • max mcculloch

    i think the volume needs to be turned up a bit.

  • Taylor AH

    Ethan! My husband has that same tshirt, and the longsleeved version. One of my fave Dead shirts!

  • Zachary Beyer

    Ethan is right. I'm 20 years old and ive never looked up from my phone. I'm even looking at my phone right now.

  • MrChristamouse

    Yo get a live Joji performance

  • A BigRedBall

    FYI The reason Elon is getting into confectionery, or at least why he said he was, was to troll Warren Buffet. Buffet takes his sweets seriously and the two had an argument recently. As a result, Elon is using his company to annoy Buffet. It's two rich guys being arseholes to each other and it's hilarious.

  • Michael Veldman

    You guys should try and get Andy Milonakis on the podcast. Not only is he a YouTube pioneer but he also is a hilarious guy with a ton of industry experience under his belt. I think he would make a fascinating guest.

  • Glasses&Mouthplates

    You can't blame Hila for grouping Team 10 with Logang altogether, barely any human can distinguish between Logan and Jake, let alone tell which Paul is a bigger douche.

  • alex

    live music was a good idea, do more of that

  • SatanSupimpa

    The way TV people interacts with YouTube creators, show how detached they are from the fact that their media platform doesn't have a very promising future.

  • Alice de la peschardière

    I LOVE this community: H3, Maxmoefoe, Howtobasic, Joji, Erik, Jack, Vsauce, edups, pewds, Phillyd and CaptainD..... I mean these guys are somehow the fathers of Youtube, their channels are just great and thought provoking, they always keep me entertained! To me they represent what's good on this website. Thank you guys

  • EmissaryOfSmeagol

    Chaos Chaos is the same band that made 'Terryfold' with Justin Roiland. They're on some levels.

  • Mason Stanf

    *slammed on several youtubers, *fought for fair use in court, *been on the news, *calls out the big guys. "H3 is KINDA problematic"

  • I'm more important than you

    I just really dislike Jimmy Kimmel's show.He might be a fine person but I find the show has as much inherent value as The Big Bang Theory.



  • iWrecksauce

    Sucks that your job requires you to be involved with social media so much. You seemed to really be enjoying your time away from all of it :/

  • pixel car tuner

    I have never used reddit i dont even know how it works 😂

  • Lul J A#66

    Aye bro u look skinny papa bless man

  • bobandi

    the first minute is so beautiful

  • s a m p l e t e x t

    The Am mazingSpider r-man10/10 stream

  • Evan McCarthy

    Is it just me or does erv sound like psychic pebbles?

  • Soviet Walrus

    Can you do a podcast with Pewdiepie or Pyrocynical? Both obviously pretty cool guys and I think they'd be awesome to have on.

  • salami mander

    I started cracking up at the beginning it started getting louder and louder

  • Andrew King

    Get Brazil on the podcast!!!!

  • DrizzlyEarth

    Ethan "I'm just gonna let it play" Other Ethan "pause it every 5 seconds"

  • Riley Nicklin

    Honestly the laughing in the background adds to the podcast.

  • Casey

    At the rate it's going in 3 years there will be rehabilitation centres for sufferers of "social media addiction"

  • Ned Nimbus

    As far as the condom on the finger goes it’s suppose to be so the girl doesn’t get an infection from bacteria on your hands.

  • Hope Hansen


  • Vegard Nielsen

    Don't come to school today

  • Luke Troy

    Chris D'Elia should come on the show

  • somethingsnotright

    Big money salvia for Co host pleeeaaassee

  • Annsuyaa _

    What if we're not looking at the phones but it's the phones looking at us

  • ErickFooty

    The "las vegas" caller is the same "kid" that called in to defend jake paul. Kinda disappointed it wasnt real but still funny!

  • Zachary Manning

    You guys should bring back Erik's Conspiracy Corner (if ya'll can)

  • Mason Campbell

    we want eric andre on the podcast! papa bless

  • Louis Desaix

    I think you are kinda misinterpreting what the guy is saying about disconnection. Yes we are technically more connected than ever, but not in person.

  • Pleb Proud

    Just play the video you autist. Cant help but pause every 2 seconds

  • Noah Harris

    You guys need to get IDubbbz back on here.

  • Ben

    Hila: remember when we first came here and no one had a phone? Hila... in America we had an iPhone in 2006 for $300.....

  • Simon Barnes

    BRO I order Papa Johns at least twice a week in Shanghai we down with Papa John culture!

  • CHEF

    The co-host should be Erik

  • kaskade gaming

    That intro was pure gold, amazing how an accident can fit the character so well

  • powertortoise

    anti-social media is correct. I dont use a cell phone..When my freind visits once every 6 months he sits there facebooking. Whenever i speak he has no idea what I said. Wy does he even visit me.. Extremely rude and obnoxious behaviour.

  • Michael Tate

    adding a band at the end is such a nice touch! Love the evolution of this show! Great work keep it up, also might be a new chaos chaos fan now

  • bawsy move


  • MrPink

    Damm son didn’t even know that they’re banning wet wipes :( RIP toilet butthole kisses

  • Buddy Boy

    Let the video play boi

  • Chip Skyler

    I always losing my brain cells seeing Paul brothers Twitter. Only here I can have fun on their budget.

  • Vasiliy Agiy

    the music was odd, i liked it

  • Dave A

    Who is tired of Ethan talking about Logan Paul ?

  • Jenny H

    "I'm just going to let you watch this; I'll stop." video rolls for 5 seconds "See, this is what I..." You're bad at this, Ethan! lol ;)

  • Kenzi

    I thought i was having a stroke in the first minute lmao

  • spray32

    The band was really cool! Love me some deep web techno dreamy rave jams

  • Säsch

    I wanna see next time Chris D'Elia!!! get it Ethan!!!!!!

  • Shawn Williams

    Jordan is a world class troll xD

  • Diego

    Dude invite Post and Eric!!!!!!!

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