H3 Podcast #65 - Logan Paul Slammed On Twitter & Ethan Quits Social Media

Today H3H3 talks about their social media detox, Logan Paul getting slammed & live performance with Chaos Chaos and so much more! Thanks to http://forhims.com/h3 & http://blueapron.com/h3h3 & http://expressvpn.com/h3 for sponsoring us!

Chaos Chaos new self titled album is out now everywhere, and featured on spotify under new releases. They'll be on a national tour starting next week. Buy tickets here http://chaoschaosband.com

Podcast Theme song by EchoRobot:
  • LootableCorpse

    lmfao that sharkies story is so seinfeldy i love it

  • ZKnmemo

    This has probably been said already but there is no such thing as a flushable wipe. The companies that sell these do bogus testing. I work in the wastewater industry so I know first hand that these so called flushable wipes do not break down like the companies selling them say.

  • Michael Shannon

    please talk more about the video instead of showing us the video you’re talking about, it doesn’t give me aids at all

  • Anna W

    Someone please tell me if Jordan is fucking real or not lmao

  • 313 SIDAWAY

    "Hey dont play this on the air but" continues to play clip on airLmfao

  • YaBoyBillson

    holy shit that audio hellscape got more and more intense lmfao I can’t believe how insane that got

  • mi zh

    i know my phone is bad for me, it's really bad for my eyes but i use it anyway

  • totallyspooked

    once i had a dream i got raped by logan paul

  • LilRedPanda

    Is Jordan Psychicpebbles? It just can't be real can it? It's too good

  • Tom Tom

    ethan klein, thinker of inadequate thoughts

  • Kyle Wit

    "Its a deep fake"

  • Small Moustache Man

    The intro is like Tay Zonday playing TF2 lmao

  • H3 Podcast

    Sorry about the audio nightmare at the beginning, it ends here: 1:09--Thank you to our sponsors http://forhims.com/h3 & http://blueapron.com/h3h3 & http://expressvpn.com/h3 who got caught up in the mix! God bless em and YOU appreciate ya

  • Atmosphere ASMR


  • Ancillary Sword

    There are flush-able wet wipes! UK banned only those plastic ones.

  • Elijah Robinson

    I agree but I'm 16 and when I have nothing to do social media keeps me away from depression

  • GodleyX

    spiderman shirt girl .. holy smokes. i love her

  • Slit Bodmod

    26:25 lol PhychicPebbles strikes again

  • BrokeBot

    H3 opened up a bottle of recursion lol

  • Antonio Peterson

    can we get an update with Ian and the card? lolol

  • AAA

    He is saying 4 years in a lifetime not 4/5 years, more like 4/60 years spend on the phone. Just to let you know👌

  • AAA

    He’s on the beach because he is trying to say to go out there and not waste 2 hours on a toilet seat

  • Small Moustache Man

    "Im just gonna let it play"Pauses every 5 seconds

  • Austin Epich

    Make herb a regular caller lmao

  • Big O

    Good voice. Shit song.

  • Sara Isabelle

    I can't remember, was this before the Thailand cave rescue or after? i think elon musk has done some amazing things but his jackassery went mainstream after he called that rescue worker a pedophile because he suggested that the rescue team didn't need one of elon's contraptions to do their job. and he keeps doubling down, too. like he still hasn't retracted it.

  • Corrupted

    Me and my friends have a rule: If we're going out together, have a drink, or whatever..none of us touch their phones. We just let them sit on the table for hours and just talk. (Except for important messages obviously.)It's not a big deal at all, we just spend time together and really enjoy it!

  • Kiely Cushman

    Welcome everybodyyyyyyh to another episooooooooode

  • Israel Santana

    Anti social network... duuhhh!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Ferenc Szaffenauer

    That was the best call in ever

  • ThatGuyKoofer

    Breastfeeding is now R a c i s t

  • Dude with 5 Subs

    Ethan talks about wasting time on phone *me sits here watching the podcast for 5 hours

  • ScreamingBeast

    Are we still pretending those odd calls that sound all the same aren't Zach?

  • thieves.

    Pretty cool that every time I follow something I like.. Chaos Chaos is somehow introduced into the mix. Love these two, great to see them get more promo!

  • death stroke

    tbh just make your own tunnel to your router as a diy vpn or better yet convert to tor

  • Aisha Delva

    Try going no devices at all lol

  • Ky L

    Jimmy kimmel is a problematic person in so many ways

  • dipset22554

    Bro Ethan your shirt is so fire... can I get it too?

  • Kuebiko

    Looved the live segment! New band to listen to!

  • Klaas van Beest

    Why dont u go work out for 2 hours in the morning?

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