Sunday - 2011 Two Days In May

Final Round Action, interviews, Rule of the Day, Course Look.

  • Disc Golf Nerd

    sometimes when I play a round by myself I do commentary in billys voice for myself. "He goes sneaky sneaky and Badayow! hes gon have himself a putt inside the circle"

  • b00mer2012

    I could watch these videos all day.

  • Zescape

    i wish they'd shown Bear getting the disc...

  • tylowylo12321

    this is the best announcer on a dg video that ive heard.

  • tylowylo12321

    looked like a stalker to me, but i have no idea.

  • mike bland

    thanks for the commentary..makes it so much more enjoyable to watch.

  • Sterling Gafford

    what an amazing course

  • kayjo0925

    At 1510, what is that 'trick' y'all are referring to? I izzzz new and learnin'~ Thanks for the video! (3 years ago and it is still nice to watch.)

  • TomMac Garrett

    at min 22:17 you call Matt Dollar, Jason Makarovich. i am sure you realized it as you said it, and i have a feeling you will be saying Matt Dollar's many more times. along with Makarovich and all those dudes. thanks billy for all your hard work.

  • blunder420

    23:41 "he spent a lot of time on his knees yesterday" lol

  • Dillpic71

    played with mj here in charlotte what a great guy man i must have asked him fifty questions answers every one unlike jerm who looks at you like your dumb this guy is what disc golf is all about nice ace also

  • Andrew Nelson

    SIIIICK Ace MJ!! $%#^@

  • Arthur Haverkamp

    c'mon over Barry! You can stay at my place. You would be the 4th Innova team member staying here...:) Arthur

  • Benjamin Protzman

    23:40 - thats what she said!

  • Steven Jacobs

    and then the mac daddy hahaha

  • Conor Montague

    i like the colorful use of the term "butt-puckering" that described one the holes

  • Kristopher Gerstung

    23:42 spent alot of time on his knees yesterday

  • Connor Wright

    my legacy ace run is today can't wait i am going to be the onlyy 11 year old there but don't worry ill win

  • stephaniehas3

    I would really like to hear What disc they throw on some of the holes

  • Kevin Padilla

    what disc was mj using when he aced

  • foxcore074

    i didnt know that rule so thanks

  • Chris Davies

    23:33 - marker disc violation. Why was he not issued with a warning here?

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