Why Humanity Destroyed Itself

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“One day, if human civilisation ever wipes itself out, aliens or one of our successors will cast an eye on our ruined planet and ask themselves what ever happened to homo sapiens. Their answer might look a little like this.
The root cause won’t be the specific catastrophe, conflict or devastation that eradicates us; the problem will begin with the architecture of the human brain....”

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Nick Hilditch

  • Sir Growalott

    What happened to humanity?Humans happened to humanity!

  • H0wlrunn3r

    We are so complicated and yet so simple...

  • Pinnacle Of Man TM

    So true, every problem can be related back to separation, ethbicentrims and selfishness

  • Veryde

    Every intellectual act aside, no matter how impressive, we're still animals. Animals unable to realise that they broke out of their restricting eco-system and are causing devastation because of that. We're no pest or virus as many people state, we're just instinctively driven to eat, reproduce and consume, as most mammals are, it's the lack of restrictions that harms us and the planet. We basically outsmarted the system but are too ignorant to live outside of it.

  • Matthy5k

    Biggest flaw is the unstoppable desire multiply infinitely in a finite space.

  • fjoa123

    It is very depressing to think that all the people who desperately need to understand this will never do.

  • Jaspreet Singh

    they are not going to understand , but i appreciate your efforts for this video

  • Ketan deshmukh

    i am that alien from the future

  • mediastarguest

    The real reason why we are and have been destroying ourselves is because ONE is never enough. One dollar, gold coin, tree, piece of land, territory, piece of fruit, piece of food, wife, lover, horse, car, home, castle, palace can NEVER be as good as two or more.

  • Yung Magi

    When I observe the world and the behaviours of our species as a whole, and when I am REALLY honest with myself, I have to say that I think our species is doomed. We're too destructive, selfish and lazy to continue on, especially with how many there are of us now and when you consider how powerful we are. The Reptillian Brain is too dominant. Just my outlook. I'm honestly perfectly fine with this. If we wipe ourselves out, so be it.

  • Troy Petersen

    Ironically, the largest threat to mankind actual isn't any of the 3 flaws mentioned, if anything its a denial of the 3 that causes this problem to occur. In our current age of peace and progress, we've created on problem from which there really is no way to stop, the explosion of overpopulation.

  • Felipe Cruz

    > Humans are short-sighted> Proceed to explain how we need to act for the next thousand yearsOh dear...

  • Karl Pilkington

    You know what strategy we know for sure works for long term survival? It has been proven to have worked for hundreds of thousands of years, even millions of years, without a change in the system:Living in small tribes where everyone knows everyone else and we have to work together with and against nature. These tribes were split up and separated and hardly knew of each other's existenceSmall populations of humans might need to return to that state on isolated terraformed planets if we did want the human race not to go extinct. They'd have to forget about the incredibly complex tools we have today and return for a couple of generations to a very basic existence until the information is forgotten and then they will have no choice but to live naturally as we have done for millions of yearsThat is IF the human psyche would be the root cause of our extinction. But certainly better not to put all the eggs in the same basket. Civilisation is an all eggs in same basket scenario because this particular basket is close at hand and much physically easier to navigate than the basket 'provided' by nature.For the time time being we have to put all efforts into getting off this planet and exploring knowledge etc. We need to recirculate the genepool instead of giving into unnatural selection that could rip us apart as a species and change us into non-functioning individuals. We just have to hope that one day further down the line if the time is right our descendants will know it would be best to return at least some of themselves to that state of existence. It would be hard and would feel worse than suicide. I hope they have the guts to do it

  • kichigaisensei

    I legally carry a gun everyday. So far, I have been angry, upset, happy, disappointed, joyous, etc while carrying a gun. I've experienced the full range of emotions. So far, I haven't shot anyone. The human species IS capable of controlling their passions and deciding that killing isn't the only way to solve problems.

  • Alfredo Alfaro

    It's even harder when one considers that tribalism was one of the features that allowed us to become what we are, and maybe it was one of the keys of our survival as a species. Even worse, we frequently base love on wishful thinking, and even when one gets over the romanticized idea of it, our rational development gets confronted by rejection and loneliness. No easy way out here.

  • Gonnae no dae that

    Self awareness is a rare commodity, but we already have the intellectual tools to help achieve this. Once one is trained in this manner it becomes easier to overcome these errors. I think eventually we will reach a point where we can better teach people to be more self aware. Our biases aren't so bad once we are aware we have them and are more comfortable with confronting them.

  • CabanaG BOI

    I can't take this video seriously when I saw that alien and giant cockroach 😂

  • acrobatsutr

    the day humans go extinct is the day that will start to heal everything.

  • eluukkanen

    Is hatred of foreigners what made the species fall? That was very political correct to say but humanity didin't just had a tendency to strike any foreign people they met. Going out in flash of nuces is quite a romantic thought. If world is ever going to fall, it will propably be a slow death.

  • Platinum Trainer

    One problem is the lack of help people get in understanding things when they need it. A lack of understanding in some areas usually doesn't bode well for that person's future. And even when others see that lack of understanding, it's simply ignored and passed over as normal, even if it actually isn't. People are just expected to already know how to deal with everything or to learn it themselves.

  • Matthijs N

    Its not the planet that will be destroyed, its the people. on. the planet that will be destroyed.

  • Plaid Wicket

    Your philosophy is good but I think your cognitive neuroscience is bad. You have to remember that it is your reptilian brain that keeps you alive, protected, fed and makes you reproduce. Tribalism is also why we work together. If we all die in the certain short term then the uncertain long term becomes less of an issue. Wishful thinking also makes us creative. It's not clear that we want to overcome these things, or that overcoming them would be a more optimal strategy for survival.

  • Steijn Muller

    But isn't then warfare a result of our tribal mind?

  • Daniel Jefferson

    GGWP. The end is inevitable. 7 billion people wont change that easily. Only God could do that.

  • Gordy Elumba

    I dunno, advocating that love will solve all problems is just wishful thinking to me.

  • Hoferman

    the best way to get rid of tribalism is for one tribe to prevail. A diverse crowd filled with tribalism will destroy us, yet a unitary tribe with the same purpose and desire, now thats beauty, thats progress. (yes im against multiculturalism and yes against diversity sorry, I see that a unitary state with pride for ones self kind is the only way for humanity to continue to progress.)

  • OGDonNinja

    The industrialization as well as technology are the reasons.

  • Teo P

    @ 0:57: "...this hugely successful ape..." Hahaha hahaha, oh my the timing had to be unintentional 😆😆😆So in summary: the only way for humanity to save itself, is to defy human nature...... Ok....

  • Rusty Byrnes

    The solution can't be in the mind because as you have pointed out that is the source of the problem, and the 'reptilian' (insulting to reptiles) part is as much a part of us as the neocortex. The solution is in creating institutions and structures that see all these flaws and curtail them. At the moment many of the overarching mental architectures of our society actually reward our selfish and short sited impulses instead of punishing them. Humans are endlessly malleable, and for the majority of our history on earth we have lived and died sustainably. It's only the last 10,000 years we have risked this sort of collapse.

  • ChrisTheAnt

    At the end of the day it all comes down to greed in my opinion. Greed is the power, the motive behind many of the moves that people of high power make. For example, the presidents. Why do they want to blow up other countries with nuclear weapons and steal all their land? Because they are greedy. They want more than what they already have and they don't take what they have already for granted. If we could all just share, and love, and work together as one, we can do anything. We can stop global-warming. We can stop racism. We can stop sexism. You've all seen what we've done already, all the amazing things humanity has invented. We are capable of creating amazing things and working things out, and thus I believe we can work out a solution to all our current problems.

  • Hulk Hulk

    Why humans destroy themselves because of greed.

  • Miika Mäentaus

    we might be living in the peak of human civilization

  • The Milanovic

    You talk about wishful thinking being a problem, yet you display it so strongly in your "salvation"... how dense are you mate?

  • superfisher28

    How ironic that nuclear weapons have prevented us from starting WWIII. Without them NATO and the Soviet Union would have had a conventional conflict years ago.

  • GGame

    Love A Stranger - Sounds like something a Pedophile would say

  • Mustafa Shams

    In a way, tribalism, selfishness, and war have done a lot of humanity.

  • Dead as Dreams

    For the love of the unborn, leave them unborn.

  • Hatred

    also another flaw is huge lack of creativity in descision making in a lot of individuals

  • Guarionex Batista

    History teaches you to not make bad decisions in life still we make keep repeating the same mistake each day.

  • Leo Adian

    The actual core of the problem is that we're animals, nothing more nothing lesseven if we were the smartest beings to ever exist in this universe, this fact will be killed by the fact that we're just animalsand animals live off emotions, emotions that instinctively drive them to do things and avoid thingsI'd guess that's what makes us different from machines but also destroys us as a living species to extinction

  • fenrirgg

    If aliens reach our world they'll probably find our civilization average and boring.

  • Lushtown

    Only the LOVE can save us all...

  • JJ

    more conformist liberal bs. missing the trees for the forest, so never understanding the truth of the forest.

  • Serial Chillin'

    Humanity is inaccurate, inhumanity seemingly is more logical. We've been conditioned into this subhuman/humanoid subspecies.

  • arrotoxietak

    This is the typical liberal drivel. Things are much more complex than love/hate and accepting "the other". First: how many others? Millions, billions? What is their political agenda? What is the timeframe? Why is the idea of accepting foreigners unconditionally a fixation of political propaganda in the West ONLY? There is no such thing in other parts of the world. It looks like a plan to destroy Western culture, and only Western culture. If you have love, you will have hate. These two are the poles of a dialectical dynamic. Abolish hate, you will abolish love too. If you love something, you will also hate something else, and vice versa. The idea that political communities can be run on the principle that "everybody must be forced to become a saint by law" is simply preposterous and indeed no theologian has ever argued anything of that kind, for good reason.

  • Alex Brown

    This is all well and good, but what the bloody hell are going to do about it? This video is like a doctor diagnosing a patient with cancer, which the patient knew about all along, yet nobody wants to do anything about it.

  • WJValente

    This explains perfectly why I hate it when people say, “it’s none of my business”... No, actually... it is... because like a stone thrown into a pond everything everyone does has ripple effects that will last all thru time...



  • Clayon Gunzelle

    I'll tell you what is an illusion, thinking we will somehow change and turn it around for good

  • 1845Raven

    This video isn't as smart as it thinks it is. The situation is vastly more convoluted than its simple answer.

  • Naomi PR

    More flaws: A lack of self-awareness or relativism. We can build complex webs of logic and reason to defend our own actions, but we are hard-pressed to apply the same types of logic to the people we don't like (or who are different from us).

  • Nycto Films

    AS WE PROGRESS WITH TECHNOLOGY THAT MAKE AS MORE INTELLICTUAL, DOCILE AND NARCISSISTIC, WE BECOME SLAVES OF WHAT WE HAVE MADE.Specifically Technology as Media like entertaiments; manmade facts, fantasies and dramas. It robbed us the emotions and curiosity that we are suppose to question and relate to one another specially your mother and father, media made us real world actors, instead of building a real character to this world instead we became imitators of what we were watching which is temporary.I myself was a victim to the point I made a mistake by destroying people's lives.

  • formless777

    Warfare is a major engine of social and technical progress, and is a good and necessary thing in defence. Some short term solutions are fine in the lobg term too. As all communication is merely symbolic of the truth, everything we communicate is a lie at some level.

  • Bank21khz

    The end of humanity in this case wouldn't be Crash Bandicoot's archnemesis. It would be the fact that the truth is what they hated the most.

  • Ua

    We are at best, emotionally unstable and sensitive animals.

  • Justin Brown

    This is so true, unless we can solve our own problems once it for all the majority of people all over the globe aren't going to get any better.

  • Jason Gastrich

    That's deep and sobering.

  • Charlie Davidson

    Such true words. If humanity would realize that ignorance breeds hate, and hate leads to the suffering of all, maybe we could change all that. Until the day everyone realizes how wrong they are about everything, this world will continue to rot and decay, until its eventually purged by nuclear fire.

  • Shrey Vaghela

    So basically morality is the most important behaviour.

  • Harkon Maskaluk

    I don't think Tribalism is inheritance an evil concept, Ants, Wolves, bees, among other creatures behave with a hive/ tribe mindset, would anyone not put the people they were raised with, the people they spent their lives working alongside with, over people they just met, whom they not know their intentions, or even the same language in some cases.Rome was just wanted to own the world, by that they slaughtered millions, plundered lands like France for example.People like Trotsky wanted worldwide communism, his ideals far more than Rome.Unity is what kills our individuality, our diversity as different tribes of humans.There is no diversity in unity.

  • raffa ojeda

    why ? cause of geopoitics, capital system, greed, over pipulation...and other vicious acts

  • Philly Cheesesteak

    WT... I can hear your opinion a and it is devilish.

  • Rimu N

    And then the comment section threw this video to hell or I guess in some ways proved it. Disagreement cannot happen without insults it seems.

  • Wisoras

    (Warning: Non-Native-Speaker opinion)We live in a time where things change extremly quickly and many countries own so strong weapons which could destroy our world more than one time. The solution to overcome our negatice abilities is to change our system even more and even faster than ever before in something that is focused to suppress these 3 negative attributes.Economies must focus on stability and not on maximize their profit at any cost.Policies must focus more on tomorrow instead of focusing on only their ruling period.Our news must stop to focus on only negative events and must start to report completly objective and realistic. (Even when days exist that are boring to report)The Education must focus their knowledge more on the needs of our jobs and everyday life (example: How to use computer properly)And the most important change necesarry is a new system that adjust itself regularly to our current problems. To achieve this we need to simplify bureaucracy and laws without changing their importance. A main problem today is complication. The more complex something is the harder it gets to make it right.And complication is something made by humans to prevent others with the lack of their understanding from something. (at least in human systems like politics, judiciary or even economy)I mean everybody could create an economy or political system in a week that could work (maybe with some flaws but still). Some Games are good examples that proves that a simple economy or policy could work in itself. And I think we don't need a very complex system to get our world running. Yeah, maybe not so simple like in some games but still much easier than our current system is.There is only one huge problem: In our current system only the ones could change it that are benefit the most of it.Another solution could be revolution but I doubt that today any mighty nation could get their people to do that (especially in a world where everybody has a different opinion than anybody and hunger is vanished as a reason)But it is a fact that a revolution was the way of the past to get politics back from their dead end to the people they represent.This is something we lost today in our democracy. If we are against something that no party is offering to us we can't change it.If the humanity will destroy itself it would be because our system is not matching with our current problems and we could not change it into something that prevents our extinction. Our brain itself is not the reason because we had overcome our problems with society inventions. Only if these inventions fail and we can not correct them we will fail as the human race altogether no matter the gender, believe, skin, intellect or age (and so on)

  • Wise Afro Duck

    woah...this is all so biblical, jesus taught how to save this world using the steps stated to save mankind

  • QuEtZ1997

    The end of the world is near

  • coolboy Rony

    its amazing how different people sees those msg differently, truly in his own self concern way.

  • Frank Hunter

    my philosophy in life is to do whatever makes me happy while avoiding as much conflict with others as possible and hoping they do the same.

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