America First | VICE News Tonight's Special Report On Trump's First Year In Office (HBO)

VICE News Tonight presents America First, an in-depth look at President Trump’s unprecedented first year in office, focusing on his two biggest campaign promises: restoring manufacturing jobs and building the border wall.

Correspondents Michael Moynihan and Isobel Yeung travel across the country — and south of the border — to chart the progress of key campaign promises, and meet the voters who rallied behind Trump’s political revolution.

The documentary special features insights from Trump surrogates including political consultant Roger Stone and conservative commentator Ann Coulter. We also hear from key opposition players including Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

Undergirding it all is a focus group of Trump voters led by Republican Strategist Frank Luntz. Almost all of the people who voted for Trump in 2016 say he’d still get their vote today. “My biggest surprise in the last year is that many, many Trump voters are as mad at the GOP as they are at the Democrats. It’s Trump versus the world.”

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  • Involuntarily Anonymous

    The fact that a focus group is in disagreement about the facts is not at all surprising.

  • Nick Taylor

    All of these people are sheep. They live in a box and are blind to the true nature of things. They are sheep and so is the person with the mic speaking to them.

  • Johnny O'Neill

    Make America Angry : /

  • Truth Addiction TV

    I was a Rand Paul kinda guy, so I was a bit hesitant voting for him. God damn I'll so glad I voted for Trump!

  • Marc Piechowicz

    At least the police shot their loads when they saw the smugglers. Apparently sometimes the smugglers even shoot their loads when they see police officers

  • DZ football & news

    trump didn't cause tension between Americans , a single man cannot cause something like that in a year ! . the left caused it by race baiting / identity politics , no one from republican party has advocated for racism or " white privilege " , but on the other hand the left did invent affirmative action , replacing white characters ...

  • VICE News

    “My biggest surprise in the last year is that many, many Trump voters are as mad at the GOP as they are at the Democrats. It’s Trump versus the world.”Watch Next: The True Story Behind The Secret Nine-Month Paradise Papers Investigation -

  • Stephen Waskey

    sick,sick people for orangeman

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