America First | VICE News Tonight's Special Report On Trump's First Year In Office (HBO)

VICE News Tonight on HBO presents America First, an in-depth look at President Trump’s unprecedented first year in office, focusing on his two biggest campaign promises: restoring manufacturing jobs and building the border wall.

Correspondents Michael Moynihan and Isobel Yeung travel across the country—and south of the border—to chart the progress of key campaign promises, and meet the voters who rallied behind Trump’s political revolution.

The documentary special features insights from Trump surrogates including political consultant Roger Stone and conservative commentator Ann Coulter. We also hear from key opposition players including Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

Undergirding it all is a focus group of Trump voters led by Republican Strategist Frank Luntz. Almost all of the people who voted for Trump in 2016 say he’d still get their vote today. “My biggest surprise in the last year is that many, many Trump voters are as mad at the GOP as they are at the Democrats. It’s Trump versus the world.”

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  • VICE News

    “My biggest surprise in the last year is that many, many Trump voters are as mad at the GOP as they are at the Democrats. It’s Trump versus the world.”Watch Next: The True Story Behind The Secret Nine-Month Paradise Papers Investigation -

  • DemocraticSocialist01

    I loved the electrician.

  • MsNooneinparticular

    If your only argument FOR a candidate is "the other guy was worse," congratulations: you're a brainwashed member of the 2-party system. We had more than 2 options on the ballot last time I checked. Most developed nations do. It's your own fault if you let the media scare you away from voting for them. Stop settling, America.

  • Joe T

    31:07 This woman has anger issues! She goes into combat every time she speaks!

  • 22ishetgetal

    "At least other countries take us seriously now!" No we dont...

  • Pr3ssPl4y

    "Trump's tweets are intelligent" - Wait, what? I refuse to believe people are this dumb. Yet, here we are.

  • Ilan Zinoviev

    This focus group is like an internet comment section for the last 3 years.

  • ChrisDamnBrown Vlogs

    Wash out bible belt... demographics, wonder why it's so hard for them to just say it. "we want America to stay white" LoL

  • MrMwc123

    Holy shit, people are still falling for trickle-down economics.

  • Joe T

    The President IS NOT and NEVER WILL BE a super hero! Why wait for the president to save your job?

  • CJ Jones

    The Electrician is the smartest guy in the room apparently. I died when we said are we on PLANET EARTH? LMFAO

  • IP

    "I love the poorly educated!" -Trump. Just remember Trump supporters, he's talking to you!

  • Sura Mbaya

    I would like to see what people under 35 think. Reason being, the panel is made up of baby boomers who seem to be struggling with rapid demographic, technological and global changes. To them Trump represents the last old white hope and they will cling to him like they would to their guns and ammo

  • Sophia Harrison

    Trump won for a number of reasons: white fear of America's changing demographics, the middle and working class tiring of the status quo, people who felt that Trump could provide them with the piece of the pie that they've been denied etc. But the main reason Trump won is that Americans lack a fundamental understanding of economics and the global economy in which we live. I'm a trained economist. The JOBS ARE NEVER coming back. Corporations follow the money. It is not cost effective for them to hire Americans, who cost them more money and eat into profits, over lower earning employees in developing countries. Even small companies in the US are now commonly using employees in lower-income countries for tech support and customer service. We live in a global economy now. There is no turning back the clock. The best the working class can hope for is more governement funding to provide job skill training.

  • Zen Queen

    50 % unemployment under Obama?! These guys are so gullible.

  • Dcup

    that focus group was really something

  • Janelle Ntim

    Why bring up Hillary? She honestly doesn’t matter. She could die today and nothing in the work could change.

  • Elias Scimeca

    thank god that lady is a R E T I R E D educator

  • Helder Pinto

    That blonde woman in the focus group trying to weasel her way out of sounding racist after saying we need to watch our demographics is one of the most hilarious things I've seen in a while.

  • Keenan W

    Frank Luntz is a very smart man. He seems to be spot on with a lot of his analysis, and his focus groups are insightful and entertaining.

  • Patryck BuckleySmith

    Wow!!!! Not only do these people seem uninformed, they seem really gullible. They don't seem to realize that Fox News isn't news. Critical thinking seems to be devoid in most all of these individuals, and they're quick to condemn anything that isn't said by Pres. Trump. It's like their blind allegiance is considered what's right.

  • jahistudio T V

    Donald Trump is a Russian sleeper

  • TheTron08

    As strange as it sounds, people are identifying too closely with their politics in this day in age. What that means is if someone says something that challenges or disagrees with their politics, it is taken as a personal attack instead of just a different point of view. There's no longer any attempt to calmly discuss nuances and differences in perspective. Since people feel they are being personally attacked their knee jerk reaction is to escalate to shouting, what-aboutisms, insult hurling, and/or complete disregard for any points the other person is trying to make, regardless of it's content.

  • Don Juan Bob Jovi

    We got screwed out of president Sanders and Gore

  • Politically Incorrect

    The antidote is locking up the criminal class in Government. Both Democrats and Republicans.

  • Didier Morin-Laprise

    The "cult members" commentary sums it all

  • OrthodoxPlanet

    'ISIS is gone & Syria is "over"!!?'

  • Timothy Shafer

    wow, clearly wisdom is not always a byproduct of age!

  • shorty Gado

    i can't take trump supporters serious😂 idiots smh haha

  • xYouthAttackx

    Idiocracy at its finest.

  • Bambam Boom

    Most of the people on that focus group are so incredibly naive and knee-jerk partisan that it's pointless to even talk to them because you already know exactly what they're going to say. They're aren't interested in reality, facts or anything that contradicts their set in stone ideology. The dark-haired woman in the back is downright scary in her angry fanaticism. At least a few people were able to show some signs of rationality, but it appears that most Trump supporters are totally trapped in cycle of ideology and confirmation bias which makes them totally incapable of making an independent rational decision based on critical thinking. The sad thing is that they actually think they are well informed.

  • Ryan Marshall

    3 minutes in, too much cringe, can't go on, this is a group of insane people shouting even more insane rhetoric

  • Güney Karabulut

    that retired educator is the most stupid person i have ever had to listen toshe is full of fox news propaganda

  • Matthew Pressley

    You are uneducated if you honestly believed that trump would keep his word. You’re dumber then a sack of dirt.

  • Andrew Doherty

    "Syrian war is over" this is news to me

  • JRHeathrow

    That teacher is really disillusioned

  • d'ad kar

    God, there is really no saving for these ''Tiki Torch whites'' !!

  • the_rugged

    Its interesting how the pro-trump people in the focus groups skirt around the issue of demographics... they cant really say it out loud, but in reality its all about the inability to accept brown people as equal political partners in civil society

  • Ksnamaste

    America has become a very scary place...its sad

  • Pablo123456x

    There are more tables than IQ units in that room.

  • nazongo

    They are all taking defensive positions. They all support Trump but don't agree on same issues and when somebody say "I support Trump but...." inmediatly everyone are ready to attack him to defend Trump, It's like they really feel that is Trump and them against the world and all is about support him no matter what because if they don't stand togheter liberals are going to rush them totally. Claps for that guy who stand for his opinion against all focus group, and that crazy woman just confirm something with that words "I wanna fight hard, I love that man" we lost her, she doesn't see a politician anymore she just praying to his new saint, fanatic.

  • Chris Kelly

    All those people sayin "look at the stock market" to that I would reply 1.Odds are they don't even have money tied up in the market so they're talking out their ass 2. the stock market boom is a bubble just like 2007, and a crash is coming just like in 2008

  • Moses Jonson

    Bring it on, republicans (usa) and Conservatives (Uk) will be losing seats in summer this year period.

  • Rene Alvarado

    this is what happens when you don't have a honest leadership representing this Great Country,. so Sad!

  • Mythic

    That ex-teacher needs to calm down, lay off the Fox & Friends and go for a very long jog.

  • Jon Finney

    Obama dropped black unemployment from 18% to 7 %

  • megan emery

    These people are brain washed.

  • ivan hernandez

    Even Trump supporters can't stand each other

  • Englysh Wint

    Absolutely clueless people, Black unemployment was not even close to 50%. SMH

  • A Hairy Potter

    Centrism is the answer my friends. Both the left and right have their own flaws. We need an independent chief executive that draws philosophies from both sides rather than one that inclines towards a side in the political spectrum. Politics cannot have a place for wingcucks.


    I like how White people are concerned about Black unemployment,not. Most Black people I know are working and have been working. Lies on President Obama. These ridiculous people are in a cult. They do not represent the USA.

  • Dragon Shield Jarkhan

    "The best president we've ever had" that women is on crack

  • karbonkid97

    I don't know whats scarier, that lady in the focus groups fanaticism, or the fact shes an educator.

  • Arabian

    Trump ran for presidency to promote his brand.

  • Dab Science

    What a depressing group of people. Wow.

  • T MO

    30:45 Do you get a job from a poor person? Poppycock!We're not bringing back any jobs with lower tax rates because we can't compete on wages and automation.

  • urkidding

    IF that "retired educator" ever spent time in a classroom, I'm confident any student behaving like Trump would have been expelled. Right?

  • Ó Cúin

    “But Hillary already killed people” Hillary stopped being relevant over a year ago. Stop talking about her.

  • j Steinbrenner

    The mainstream media has fueled this, this isn't about right Vs left, this is a bunch of rich people in control of what we watch, what we eat, stirring the pot dividing people so they can come in and do what they please while we aren't watching .

  • Moss Linden

    Couldn't help but notice they wouldn't be smuggling all that cannabis if it were legal.

  • ItsColour

    So carrier was set to lay off 1400 people, trump stepped in and 730 people kept those jobs, why do you only speak to the employee's who lost their job, and not anyone who still has a job because of what he did?. That about sums up this video and most media. Somehow manage to make a good thing sound negative. As for daca trump tabled a deal that would see nearly 2 million illegals with a path to citizenship not just amnesty in return for immigration reform and wall funding but it was shut down by dems. He offered them much more then they were asking for and they refuse to give anything in return, that's not how compromises work. I also like that hes signed the least laws in recent history, hes also removed massive numbers of regulation, don't need government to regulate every aspect of our lives, need less laws, less regulation and for government to get out of the way and let people live their lives how they see fit.I'm not what you would call a trump fan but I try to be objective about things and give credit where credit is due. Hes far from perfect but hes not some huge failure, racist, bigot, sexist, ect ect ect that the media tries to label him as. So many things wrong with this "in depth" look at trumps 1st year but I don't feel like writing a short story here. Can't say I'm surprised it is vice after all, very partisan news outlet.

  • RelativelyEdgar

    What is scary is that some of these people are educators

  • President Obama

    i cant look at ann coulter for too long or i start to feel the presence of satan taking hold of meann coulter looks like a genderswapped david duke

  • Where It Counts

    I find it interesting that Luntz used the term "blew up" in the beginning of the focus group to describe volatile discourse and slowly but surely that lexicon became the default and was repeated by the focus group themselves.

  • mullet

    "somebody says something, and, the whole thing blows up." Says it all right there.

  • Jade Rochez

    Wow...this is some scary shit. Some of those people in the focus group have really brought in to Fox News cool aid.

  • bigtruck guy

    I like how they admit most of the border problem is related to marijuana smuggling. Legalize it in all states and it wont be a damn issue.

  • LIFE

    Its mostly older people always being angry getting old sucks

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