America First | VICE News Tonight's Special Report On Trump's First Year In Office (HBO)

VICE News Tonight on HBO presents America First, an in-depth look at President Trump’s unprecedented first year in office, focusing on his two biggest campaign promises: restoring manufacturing jobs and building the border wall.

Correspondents Michael Moynihan and Isobel Yeung travel across the country—and south of the border—to chart the progress of key campaign promises, and meet the voters who rallied behind Trump’s political revolution.

The documentary special features insights from Trump surrogates including political consultant Roger Stone and conservative commentator Ann Coulter. We also hear from key opposition players including Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

Undergirding it all is a focus group of Trump voters led by Republican Strategist Frank Luntz. Almost all of the people who voted for Trump in 2016 say he’d still get their vote today. “My biggest surprise in the last year is that many, many Trump voters are as mad at the GOP as they are at the Democrats. It’s Trump versus the world.”

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  • VICE News

    “My biggest surprise in the last year is that many, many Trump voters are as mad at the GOP as they are at the Democrats. It’s Trump versus the world.”Watch Next: The True Story Behind The Secret Nine-Month Paradise Papers Investigation -

  • DemocraticSocialist01

    I loved the electrician.

  • Ilan Zinoviev

    This focus group is like an internet comment section for the last 3 years.

  • Politically Incorrect

    The antidote is locking up the criminal class in Government. Both Democrats and Republicans.

  • Dcup

    that focus group was really something

  • Moses Jonson

    Bring it on, republicans (usa) and Conservatives (Uk) will be losing seats in summer this year period.

  • Andrew Doherty

    "Syrian war is over" this is news to me

  • RelativelyEdgar

    What is scary is that some of these people are educators

  • Ó Cúin

    “But Hillary already killed people” Hillary stopped being relevant over a year ago. Stop talking about her.

  • xYouthAttackx

    Idiocracy at its finest.

  • MsNooneinparticular

    If your only argument FOR a candidate is "the other guy was worse," congratulations: you're a brainwashed member of the 2-party system. We had more than 2 options on the ballot last time I checked. Most developed nations do. It's your own fault if you let the media scare you away from voting for them. Stop settling, America.

  • Jade Rochez

    Wow...this is some scary shit. Some of those people in the focus group have really brought in to Fox News cool aid.


    Why is Trump still making his clothes in Mexico and China? Why Ivanka Trump makes her clothes in Indonesia? America first? Good joke.

  • Crayfish3D

    If you have right conservative leanings, building the wall and anti abortion or whatever, fair enough, but the tone of this group was cult like bordering on religious, fanatically intolerant to even the slightest constructive criticism. The members who primarily identified as getting their news from Fox seemed unable to digest anything but completely uncritical flattery of the dear leader and were visibly bursting to shout counter attacks and verbatim praise whenever anyone else spoke.

  • Kim Jong Fun

    America is an idiocracy

  • GarrettFischer1

    That focus group was crazy because they all watch Fox News.

  • guillaume langlois

    It's idiocracy now. Trump is only a symptom.

  • Rocky & Bullwinkle

    Wanna know how to greatly reduce the flow of drugs from Mexico? End the war on drugs and legalize marijuana nationwide. Problem solved.

  • First Step Travelers

    This was eye opening. Great reporting! Thanks for this.

  • karbonkid97

    I don't know whats scarier, that lady in the focus groups fanaticism, or the fact shes an educator.

  • ivan hernandez

    Even Trump supporters can't stand each other

  • Alex Gome

    The reason why drugs are coming into America is because they are in demand...

  • I_get_bucketz_00

    Man this is depressing its like the guy cant do no wrong, they are a cult seriously to vote for him again ??!!

  • 22ishetgetal

    "At least other countries take us seriously now!" No we dont...

  • Amelia_James

    The hardest part of this video honestly was the focus group interviewer’s shoes Lol

  • phantom_2412

    Triggered Trump Supporters In The Comment Section

  • Bart R

    "Jerusalem is the capitol of Israel"... god , white Christian conservatives are fools!!!!

  • Ant C

    I can't believe America became as powerful as it did with citizens like this.. morally bankrupt and incredibly stupid.

  • Chris Bruce

    Sad to see the sheep following the Trump wagon.

  • Fair Play

    I have to agree that regardless of how long you have been illegally in the US, you should absolutely be deported. Forget the wall, create immigration, ice and patrol jobs. There's your wall.

  • HappyToker

    Scary how brainwashed that group of people are.... Don't drink the water

  • Double D

    Isis is destroyed? Lol and they say they aren't brainwashed

  • A Hot Carl For You

    The “retired educator” is a crazy woman

  • T-Hugs

    Donald "I love the poorly educated." Trump.

  • sickdogg11987

    These females are turds only one guy had a brain in that panel

  • Milo R

    trump has the lowest approval rating of all time and it just keeps getting lower lmao this shitshow is falling apart

  • Green Ninja Pro

    2:00 The old guy wont stop shouting long enough to realize the fat guy is AGREEING with him, instead they both just shout louder and louder. This is the best metaphor for american politics I have seen.

  • Milo R

    that women at 19:03 knows what's up

  • The Hacks-By-Jack Channel

    Want to make America great again? Send everyone back and give the natives their land back. I am sick and tired of hearing that cheesy infantile slogan for years and they still won't drop it and keep bringing it up like a broken record. You notice they never mention exactly when America was no longer America? They're okay with Reagan and both Bushes sending jobs to China and overseas but when it's the brother's time they flipped out. Must by when we had the first half black President in the White House. These racists fools will never admit their even racists. Racists saying they're not racists are comprable to murderers saying they're not guilty of the crime.They're proud and not even embarrassed of watching Fox News. They're always telling Democrats stop bringing up Bush Obama is the president now. When Trump is President what do they do? Blame and only talk about Obama. The very same thing they accuse the Democrats for doing is the very same thing they're doing now but only by a hundred fold. Notice how Trump supporters are unintelligent and angry like him? They pick up and learn from him their big deadbeat daddy. That's why they can relate to him.

  • Pr3ssPl4y

    "Trump's tweets are intelligent" - Wait, what? I refuse to believe people are this dumb. Yet, here we are.

  • Bob Bob

    All trump creates is hate and divide. Full stop.

  • Jay T

    2018 & 2020 will be a interesting voting years.

  • ChrisDamnBrown Vlogs

    Wash out bible belt... demographics, wonder why it's so hard for them to just say it. "we want America to stay white" LoL

  • chill dude

    Notice how there are no young people? This makes me happy about our future

  • 89 Til Infinity

    "Its the best president we have ever had." These people are legit insane.

  • MrMwc123

    Holy shit, people are still falling for trickle-down economics.

  • Greg Ibara

    I'm not a racist but...

  • IP

    "I love the poorly educated!" -Trump. Just remember Trump supporters, he's talking to you!

  • Morten Sembach

    It's scary that these Trump imbiciles have the right to vote.

  • TheMaloney

    People are so uninformed. There should be a knowledge test before letting these idiots vote.

  • RaptorChic

    It always takes dedication to try and get thru a heavily biased propaganda story Vice gives. Your in a complete different reality.1- The Wall. Trump made very very clear that how Mexico is paying for the wall, would be thru all the plants and businesses that will move to the US that fled in droves under the heavily regulated O regime. Also thru Trade. We have close to a $70,000,000,000 trade deficit with Mexico. Trump will fix this. Almost all of his campaign promises have been filled in the first year. 2- Im not shocked this reporter cherry picked news about the prototypes. Or Vice doesnt do research before interviews about the Wall. Our most elite SEAL Team, went to the prototypes with an objective of getting thru or over the Walls whatever it took. Our SEAL Team could Not do it. So yeah, the drug dealers wont be able to get thru or it will take some time before they can figure it out. I dont think they will be able too if our SEALs cant3- Mexico is heavily anti Immigration. If you cross into Mexico illegally they take you to jail, No questions asked. Also, We paid Millions if not billions to help build Mexicos Southern Wall. Also, O gave mexico $200,000,000 a year to maintain their Southern Wall. So for this jack ass to criticize Americans wanting a Wall is so hypocritical that Vice should do another news report of what a douche this guy is.I can go on, but have now spent more time then I wish too, on people ignorance of doing any research at all. I will refrain on spewing the records Trump has broken for our country since these first few months of office.

  • Daniel Aquilina

    That intro was painful. Christ some people are morons. The fact that one used to be an educator is scary.

  • BamBam KapoW

    "stop giving us china jobs, I want to wear nike not make them."

  • Emperor Red Pandarushi

    Trumptards love being cucked by the Orange Beast

  • Sam asaur

    A lot of these Trump supporters are fed false information by Fox news and other right wing groups. It's not their fault, we have to remain United folks.

  • CJ Jones

    The Electrician is the smartest guy in the room apparently. I died when we said are we on PLANET EARTH? LMFAO

  • Joseph Higgs

    This has been VICE News best attempt at real journalism in almost a year.

  • Rakita

    This report was amazing, it was pretty non biased, and as a liberal who wanted Sanders I feel the pain of a lot of the former trump supporters. They voted for what was important to them. This reporter did a good job getting the facts and stories and staying neutral. More reports like this vice. Not everyone is “evil”. They are just misunderstood.

  • Sophia Harrison

    Trump won for a number of reasons: white fear of America's changing demographics, the middle and working class tiring of the status quo, people who felt that Trump could provide them with the piece of the pie that they've been denied etc. But the main reason Trump won is that Americans lack a fundamental understanding of economics and the global economy in which we live. I'm a trained economist. The JOBS ARE NEVER coming back. Corporations follow the money. It is not cost effective for them to hire Americans, who cost them more money and eat into profits, over lower earning employees in developing countries. Even small companies in the US are now commonly using employees in lower-income countries for tech support and customer service. We live in a global economy now. There is no turning back the clock. The best the working class can hope for is more governement funding to provide job skill training.

  • Sura Mbaya

    I would like to see what people under 35 think. Reason being, the panel is made up of baby boomers who seem to be struggling with rapid demographic, technological and global changes. To them Trump represents the last old white hope and they will cling to him like they would to their guns and ammo

  • Ross D

    As an independent who hated both choices and voted for neither (voted to vote on local/state issues, skipped over voting for President). I gotta say, Democrats WAYYYY overplayed the “fear Trump!!!” campaign tactic. Hillary’s entire campaign was more “be scared of him” instead of “here’s why I’m a great choice”. Now it’s backfiring. Trump can still do ‘pretty bad’ and compare to what we were told to expect, he’s going to look great. I don’t think he’s making us “great again”. But we really are doing just fine.

  • Guilherme Goncalves

    Yup that's it, China is the new superpower.

  • common sense

    Funny how trump supporters thinks people all around the world are not laughing at him.. lol greetings from Indonesia where people are laughing at trump..

  • Richard Weberg

    Yes!! Been patiently waiting for this to come out on YouTube so could watch it, and get to be the first comment on an amazing episode! Thank you Vice for yet another unflinching and well summarized look into the Trump presidency, his administration's first year, and the political climate in America that's responsible for it. Always awesome to see journalism strive to report both ideologies of a disagreement (our politics), not just the "what" but the "why". Keep up the good work!

  • soupsnake

    9:25 did he just illegally immigrate to mexico?

  • Janelle Ntim

    Why bring up Hillary? She honestly doesn’t matter. She could die today and nothing in the work could change.

  • Robert Ladner

    Watching these white people tiptoe around voicing their racism is some funny shit. 🤣😂

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