Of Course Trump Wants to Throw Himself a Military Parade: The Daily Show

President Trump asked the Pentagon to throw him a Bastille Day-style military parade, which Trevor thinks is just the latest move in his quest to become a dictator.

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  • Official_Moose

    I’m betting right now trump is not going to gain the power of hitler, Stalin or anybody else. All he does is run his mouth and waits for a reaction from the liberals and the democrats, and y’all fall for it every time.

  • Cole Lawrence

    petition for putin to win “best oppression of political opponents” for using to plutonium to straight up murder his opponent

  • Michael Winchester

    He's a cheap Hitler knock off

  • Idahosuz

    Can anyone be in this parade? How does one arrange such an entry?

  • Artemis Chemistry

    I applaud The Daily Show for at least posting compilation videos and reruns. I am suffering from late night comedy withdrawal. Where did you go, Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers? Crickets chirping.

  • Quentin Johnson

    As serious as this was... It was very funny as always, Trevor Noah always finds a way to make these situations funny. Its a good laugh after a 12hr day at work.

  • Justin Matthews Sr.

    Bill Clinton got more play than Hillary got supporters at her campaign rallies! #RealJSr

  • Gusztav Foldvari

    Maaan, Viktor Orbán wasn't even nominated 😢

  • aa tt

    Bashar is the animal by far

  • Blanca Rosales

    Oh Man on those awards they were absent Rafael Correa from Ecuador, Evo Morales from Bolivia, Daniel Ortega from Nicaragua, Dilma Rousseff from Brazil , Cristina Kirchner from Argentina and Raul Castro from Cuba

  • Bobby Fields

    A brain dead talentless ass from another country gets a show in America and uses it to bash our president and our country....and all you NPC cucks eat up EVERY LIE.Mindless sheep.

  • Los Angeles The Scandalous

    lol say what you want but I think a military parade would be cool

  • 15 seconds of truth

    I bet when ever someone tells their dog to come! Noah drops to his knees and opens his mouth

  • Lv Youtube

    Hey India has military parades but they are not authoratarian

  • Naya Tallacagua

    I am from Bolivia and I'm very offended... that my president has not even been nominated 😂

  • Justin Matthews Sr.

    Trevor Noah for 2020! Why elect a senile old hag like Hillary, Pelosi, or even Oprah..........Oprah claimed to hear God himself say to run for 2020! I think she should be checked into a mental hospital. That's insanity. And I'm a criminal lol! 30+ years in politics didn't mean sh** when your person of choice couldn't cut it!!!!!!!!!!!!! #ThugLife

  • Jj Chen

    Its because america's military is trash. They cant afford to show anything publically because of how garbage it is. Afraid of looking weak in front of China.

  • Krav Haganah Texas Combat Defense

    You're an #idiot

  • Sim

    Why isn't Khamenei from iran in the list of nominees? 😑 He hanged 3 innocent people just for being Kurds 2 weeks ago.

  • tishelle francois

    This sounds like the Hunger Games

  • ShadowReaper2006

    I’m so happy Turkmenistan 🇹🇲 got an award.

  • Jenni Raisovna

    I turned red and started laughing when I heard Gurbanguly Berdimuhammedov winning an award for the best performance in a propaganda video....this couldn't be any more true!!! I'm so glad you finally brought this prick up, and I was hesitating to ask you to publish at least one video dedicated to this dictator as it is never good for the US military to know where to come next for "saving the oppressed" to preach "democracy", but this video had the best light to represent him in a real way! So thank you team :)

  • Chewy Reacts

    Are you kidding me, wow just wow! God I hate liberals😭😭 imagine if this happened to Obama...

  • Justin Matthews Sr.

    How is Hillary going to be President if she didn't even win after 30+ years compared to a business man who has no background on politics?........."How she gonna be the man of steel if she can't use all that metal lol?" I'm saying for a woman who has a d***, she still lost! What a shame. Who she married too again?????????

  • pop5678eye

    'Me, me, MEEE!!!' (the substance of every quote from Trump, ever)

  • pretty bullet

    A military parade is nothing but a big waste of tax payers money.

  • Adam Adam

    Fake news exists so does fuck trump

  • Lumierre

    Uhmmm Im from the Philippines and I just recently subscribed to this channel but uhmmmm. Pres. Duterte is not running a dictatorship in the Philippines. Still we are the Republic of the Philippines were any horrible mistake by our leader could turn into an impeachment..hihihi

  • Benihana

    So much for america being a world military power.

  • Jay Jones

    Trevor Noah- Idiot.You really should research your topics before taking about things you’re unfamiliar with. Talk about Africa. Where you’re from. At least it’s something you’re familiar with.

  • Escape Reality

    Asad was elected lol

  • Jj Chen

    america doesnt even have enough money for a military, let alone a military parade.


    You have forgotten one of the best nominees for decorators Isayas Afewerkie

  • April Garcia

    No honor to our military! That money could be better spent paying illegals to storm our borders, or paying for thier housing or sending thier kids to college. Why on earth would we spend a dime to pay tribute to our soldiers when there's so many other things to spend it on, right?

  • Gavin G


  • MrEmpireBuilder

    Duterte is a horrible man. Donald Trump's one saving grace is he doesn't have a personal death squad that kills people randomly with violence. And that DT hasn't yet removed the Supreme Court Chief Justice and has unlawfully imprisoned a Senator.

  • arash khan ayubi

    Love from afg to you Trevor

  • United Islam

    Who does he think he is.. Kim Jung?

  • 100 shinozaki

    I like the Chinese and Russian style parade

  • rolling_stoner

    Now that's funny

  • Konsu Bee

    Trump is just an ass hole

  • claire bigelow

    Just because other dictators get a parade doesnt mean we need one...stupid ass idea..just so DUMP can show Putin ...Xi and Un that his is "bigger" Little Teeny Weenie itsy bitsy penis man....

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