Of Course Trump Wants to Throw Himself a Military Parade: The Daily Show

President Trump asked the Pentagon to throw him a Bastille Day-style military parade, which Trevor thinks is just the latest move in his quest to become a dictator.

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  • Gusztav Foldvari

    Maaan, Viktor Orbán wasn't even nominated 😢

  • Steijn van Doorne

    Those leaders like Saddam and Putin and even Hitler were horrible people but great leaders for their country

  • Mateo vazquez

    That's like Thanos telling the Black Order to throw him a circus. 😆😆😆

  • The Great Chairman Fred Hampton

    Imperialists better stop hatin' on ya boi Maduro.

  • Al Frankenstein

    Why don't you let the military decide what they want to do. Then if you don't like it go back to your own country. The English who needs them?

  • Jenn Smith

    great idea.....what kinda jerk doesn't like parades?????

  • Blanca Rosales

    Oh Man on those awards they were absent Rafael Correa from Ecuador, Evo Morales from Bolivia, Daniel Ortega from Nicaragua, Dilma Rousseff from Brazil , Cristina Kirchner from Argentina and Raul Castro from Cuba

  • Solis

    I’m betting right now trump is not going to gain the power of hitler, Stalin or anybody else. All he does is run his mouth and waits for a reaction from the liberals and the democrats, and y’all fall for it every time.

  • Floxxoror

    Count the Dead Bodies. Then remind your stupid self, that not Putin or Saddam is an example of the bad guys. It has been your presidents. America is the bad country, everybody should point at and say: "We cannot be like the leaders of this warmonging empire." Putin -> bad, Saddam -> worse, Every fucking US-president-> the worst.

  • lop top

    I like the Chinese and Russian style parade

  • Jj Chen

    China is the greatest military of all time.american garbage military

  • MrEmpireBuilder

    Duterte is a horrible man. Donald Trump's one saving grace is he doesn't have a personal death squad that kills people randomly with violence. And that DT hasn't yet removed the Supreme Court Chief Justice and has unlawfully imprisoned a Senator.

  • Sam Vue

    But sometimes I think Trump is like a a baby and needs his milk sometimes I think Trump is glycol a baby in needs his milk

  • C GR

    That’s very creative !

  • Kike Lomo

    You absolutely deserve a standing ovation, Trevor. Kudos!!


    How much has trump already spent on golfing🐽?... Already has out spent Obama's 8 years!🐽🐷🐖 Trump wastes too much money and yet the left is silent and rapidly becoming broke...🤜🤡🤛

  • Mr Mic

    Amazed people listen to this. You get paid millions for attention but we shouldnt spend a few mil to recognize our heroes?

  • Yue Xu

    Why is no nomination for president xi

  • Teweldemedhin Aberra

    Not even nomination for Kim Jong Un?

  • Jenn Smith

    If obama had wanted a parade, this stooge woulda been volunteering to be head majorette.

  • Ahmet Selim Savi

    Military parade has nothing to do with dictatorship. I cant even take that guy serious lol

  • Ron Garvin

    The only thing i hate more than Trump and the average Republican are ignorant and hypocritical Democrats. Fuck everyone of you dumbasses

  • C M35

    Boy! I can't wait for the next annual Oppressys! I'd better get to using my psychic powers to control my citizen's very thoughts! They'll have a hard time topping that! ^_^

  • georgesoros paidtroll

    Classic dictator move. Its no secret how much respect he has for Putin and Kim. This is not ok! I can't believe so many people buy this shit!


    You have forgotten one of the best nominees for decorators Isayas Afewerkie

  • Jester Frogman

    So armed drug pushers and users who refuse to surrender are oppressed? You guys are shit.

  • Hana nouch

    The Oppressys was hilarious and genius!

  • keller blair

    Difference is Napoleon didn't dodge military service

  • Ainchase Ishmael

    Everytime I watch this“Rodrigo Duterte sings ‘Ee-cow’”BOI

  • Cynthia Nwahiri

    "Sexy missile follow back" 😂

  • tishelle francois

    This sounds like the Hunger Games

  • Epy Honey

    Good segment and all, but who was the idiot who wrote "Nicholas" instead of "Nicolás"?


    He is wasting money, money that can go to the nation, money that can go to Puerto Rico after the hurricane 😒😒🤔🤔🤬

  • Benjamin Diel

    No joke I would do the same thing as president 😂😂😂 but of course shortly after I would take over the world but still😏😏😏

  • Earth Rocker


  • Biluan drone

    I mean... Finland has an annual military parade that is held on our independence day... Do people think that Finland is ruled by a militaristic dictator?

  • Amelia Wright

    I’m dying holy shit 😂

  • A D

    I like everyone on this comment section. My kinda peeps. I think we need each others support from time to time. By the way, did you hear President Twats idea for a SPACE FORCE!! I had to crawl out of the living room I was laughing so hard. Good god.

  • EAFW! Elite Action Figure Wrestling!

    outro Song Good sir?

  • Amatsu Kami Mikaboshi

    I dont know i was more scared of having trump being thirsty to dictators than him having nuclear launch codes.

  • Arshan

    I hope its one of those ones where its set in a huge square, all soldiers goose-step in unison and salute him as they pass, and they roll up the nuclear missiles in camo'd out trucks!If US is to do it, lets go full Banana Republic eh?

  • janning schrotter

    Trump is one thing but a lot of people gave there lives so this dude is not hanging from a tree somewhere so take it back on the military.

  • Konsu Bee

    Trump is just an ass hole

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