Of Course Trump Wants to Throw Himself a Military Parade: The Daily Show

President Trump asked the Pentagon to throw him a Bastille Day-style military parade, which Trevor thinks is just the latest move in his quest to become a dictator.

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  • thenormalstate

    That whole award show bit was informative and hilarious. Amazing.

  • Onta Mi chuleta!

    And i heard the parade its gonna be on his birthday!! Its gonna be a tremendous party! Believe me...

  • Tsnore

    Frump is too stupid to realize it would put him in league with the Kims, Stalin, Xi, Mao, Khrushchev, Castro, Saddam, and the mullahs among other savory lads.

  • Cynthia Carpenter

    In spite of how bad it gets, Trevor Noah always makes me laugh. Thank you for that.

  • TechGoggles

    India has a military prade every year on 26jan

  • Eckhart of the Cygnus Knights

    A military parade in honor of the country's leader and display the nation's strength.Where have I seen this before?

  • Luliby

    We keep putting Trump alongside these dictators and other evil people and he keeps fitting in like a glove, yet people can still somehow find a way to keep supporting him.

  • Dale Berning

    Maybe spend that money to help the island that is surrounded by lots of water - Puerto Rico!

  • Gary2837

    This young man is funny beyond compare and so on target with what he says.  I know the worshipers of dtrump will not find it humorous and become offended. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂!!  Thank you Mr. Trevor Noah, keep up the good work!!

  • Naj_Singhs

    Wait. There's always next year??? You had me all the way to the end, Trevor, all the way to the end. My poor, little heart can't take MORE stress. Lol❤ Great job. This was very creative & entertaining.

  • James Burgess

    999 days.... 999 days you guys.Mark your calendars, it'll soon be approaching.We can finally get Cadet Bone Spurs out of the White House.

  • Tsar Fox

    Saddam Hussein, you know what he did well? Killed terrorists. You know what else he did well? Commit genocide, commit various war crimes, and drove his country into economic ruin. There you have it folks, the president admires a genocidal mad man.

  • Briar Horn

    Its so crazy that DT is president, that sometimes I realize it all over again.

  • Eric Paul

    "...for achievement in the Autocratic Arts." Brilliantly funny!!

  • Tosha Johnson

    Wow~but Americans can’t get the medication they need2survive!

  • Not In My World

    Some very fine people already had a #militaryparade for Donald Trump last year... They had Tiki Torches and wore khaki pants 🤔🤔

  • An C

    ...it’s in their countries right now. Lol SAVAGE

  • Simon Cow

    Forget Mexico paying for the wall, this Fat Orange Goblin can't even get the wall that he promised his lemmings started using our tax money either, lol what a buffoon.

  • Timothy Hoffmann

    I cant wait to see Trump wearing all the fake medals at his parade

  • grooversify1

    Come on peoples look around homeless people, states still recovering from storms and you are planning a parade. Children hungry I can go on. It just hurts my HEART.

  • burner1

    Gutless draft dodging coward wishes to throw military parade and more absurd stories at 11!

  • Samuel Lubell

    Don’t compare trump to Napoleon, napoleon, by far was smarter, and a lot more popular

  • iinmediasres

    Let's be clear: The "strong men" Trump admires are not actually strong. They're immature, blustery children just like him -- a weak person's idea of what it means to be strong.

  • Miranda Philippen

    Loved the Oppressys part !! So good !!

  • x Miller

    "The Oppressys" : the best bit of satire to come along in a long time. All enablers of dictators and would be despots should be somehow exposed to this clip- it cuts the throat of authoritarianism and hangs it upside down to drain, and it causes Trump supporters and associated Russian trolls to froth at the mouth in helpless rage.

  • Marissa T

    Content just keeps getting better and better! Thank you Daily Show 👍🏾

  • In The Mind of Kibara

    A goddamn Military Parade?Seriously?

  • Nancy Qug

    so true, trump is wasting tax payers money by showing off military machines, he's such a child. He could take all that money and fix the roads.

  • Wilmrbadguy

    FOX even turned on him lol...Wilmrbadguy

  • authentica63

    Can we use money for the veterans health instead? Show you care potus.

  • Bryce Walburn

    Graphics department killed it hahaha

  • ipsita mahajan

    Wow this is trending in India

  • Robotic Cynic

    Although, I feel like most of us Americans are realizing we are winning at dictatorship Bingo.

  • Rodsuper 1213

    We have already have Parades to Celebrate our Brave Military and what they do to protect our Country, that is Veterans Day in November!!!!! WHY DO NOT PEOPLE JUST SAY THAT!!!!! He just wants to be a dictator like North Korea, Russia, or China.

  • nachobis

    Looks like Trump is doing a great job, a great job at being a clown and entertaining the USA public from looking at what really is wrong with the corrupt goverment. Right now the only difference between USA and most third world countries is that it will take a little longer to empty any richness USA has.

  • James Burgess

    The same people who want this parade of military weaponary, are the same people who say the 2nd amendment is protection in case the military will take over....Lol, let's see what your mossburg is gonna do against 3,500 tomahawk missiles aimed at your trailer park.

  • NightKing

    So if Obama would do this...?

  • BergenDev

    Wont be long until he decorate himself in medals he dont deserve as well.

  • Healing Dog

    The bone spurred cadet wants his military parade...

  • Brendon Wainwright

    so funny! thanks Trev!

  • Slwan Kadbeh

    wow, it's a great idea, more of Oppressys and please include us.

  • melissa connatser

    I hope they have a big float of Hillary smashing black berry phones with big hammers. And a big float with Obama handing assault rifles to Mexican gang members with the crew of Fast and Furious on board

  • Kuma Inu

    If he wants a military parade, let him pay for it, not the taxpayers!!!

  • Ritz Kola

    People are missing the point. The military, while being predominantly white and still afflicted with heavy amounts of racism is also filled by people of other backgrounds and ethnic groups. An order for a military parade would be passed down through the chain of command as just that, an order. Whether you want to participate and agree or not military personnel would be forced to partake in it. Trump would use this and spin it as “oh look people from all backgrounds are celebrating me in my parade! Even the black soldiers are!” And idiots would believe it. Even though the majority of AA military personnel are against trump.

  • CrossfacePanda

    Glad to live in one of the few countries that doesn’t have a US military presence. Seems like there’s not a lot of us left...

  • Diane Patten

    0:50 look how uncomfortable the fox newswoman is when her cohost insults Trump's idea. It must be hard for Fox on the rare occasion that they speak against one of Trump's ideas.

  • Sk Skw

    The pressy part was fantastic

  • Kenya Sims

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾. We might as well not be uptight okay. It’s like it is what it is. I tell people why get mad with one another this is a rich vs rich situation. We The People are in the middle looking right and left like really we have come to this. They are using him he using them. The sad thing about it is these decisions are being made over We The People that are quite detrimental for our future. UNITE JUSTICE!

  • kharn the betrayer O

    France isn't a dictatorship has military parade.

  • Adam Martin

    This parade isn't for other countries. It's Trump's attempt to remind the democrats and the FBI that he's in control of the military.

  • lorettacamp

    What blows my mind, the comedians don't have to work hard coming up with jokes. 45 is constantly feeds material.

  • Loc Gama

    Best honest Award ceremony so far in 2018

  • Blind Eagle

    this is not a parade to honor military familes, it is a parade to honor emperor trump.

  • Sulfen

    Trump should participate in such parade as long as he gets to drive in an exposed vehicle so that the people can show him their true love of him.

  • pasodiufwen

    Some of Noah's best work.  And from my view he is doing a terrific job following the trail blazed by Jon Stewart.

  • Mo Smith

    Yay America's first dictator finally showing the world his true colors

  • sharon nagle

    The military needs the money ( funding) so let's not throw a parade to glorify A draftdodger.

  • Weirdude777

    Military parades are either associated with longstanding traditions or dictators seeking to praise themselves. Since the US is lacking on the first, you'd better draw up the conclusions yourselves.

  • V.A. D-R

    I loved this segment. OMG!!! This was the best ever!!!! EVER, EVER, EVER!!! Oh, so good. I haven't laughed so much.

  • OtreblaIIIable

    "But they're my toys!! I can do what I want with them!" Don't the soldiers have a say on the matter? Won't they feel or already feel like they're being treated as toys, as a prop, as a euphemism for 'look mine is bigger than yours'. He doesn't what to show the other dictators that the U.S has the bigger military, he wants to show them HE HAS the biggest military, because to him, all this is his, soldiers and military personnel. #notatoy

  • Jan

    0:08 - from what year is this map supposed to be? Why is Czechoslovakia still there? O.o

  • rekkerya

    Trevor Noah = TV host too piss scared to talk about Q anon, the memo (the real memo) and still suffers under the weight of the chip on his shoulder , ag shame man Treva ...🤡

  • d3f73

    Donald trump won't pay for that stupid idea, we do from IRS tax extortion...

  • jalila love

    If Trump wants a display of honor perhaps he should use the money intended for his parade to better the lives of the people that have served the country, ya know, considering he never did that...

  • tingkagol

    As a Filipino, I have sympathized with the Democrats throughout Trump's presidency, but I feel Americans need to learn more about the Philippines and Duterte before they lazily line him up with all those dictators and make him a pawn to push the Dem's agenda. (He's not a dictator)

  • William Ridge Sr.

    Who is supposed to come watch the parade? trump's ignorant sheep won't have the gas money to get to Washington. It's not part of their Beer and Meth budget.

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