5 Hilarious News Bloopers

We try and guess some of the most LOL-worthy news blooper outcomes you've ever seen. GMM #1294.3
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  • Witty And Funny Name

    That first reporter handled the situation like a boss. That was one epic flip😆

  • HereforRandL

    I love news bloopers! And Rhett was so excited! 😂 😂

  • UnPhayzable

    Shout out to all the weather people that accidentally draw "ice cream cones" when explaining the weather

  • Witty And Funny Name

    Link's hair looks great today and I like his tshirt too😊

  • TheRadiantDehd

    "Of course they're in Florida."-Rhett 2018

  • Rapha Conrad

    Rhett might not like Cats (and community colleges), but he sure loves News Bloopers 😆

  • Elmari Jankowitz

    Why was I hoping that she would fart loudly?

  • Tom Talks Movies

    Wow today’s episodes were great! Maybe a bit more adult and I really like that

  • Manisha Shah

    Download lil embarrassing now

  • Andrew Cullen Entertainment

    Someday D should actually be the answer once

  • Caleb Kneen

    I could have swore she said her rap name was Lil Nervous...

  • Cademan Caden

    I'm a little nervous cuz I'm about to fart lmao

  • Benjamin Vroman

    You guys missed out on a really weird news blooper. There’s one clip of two news anchors giving the upcoming stories and one of them goes, “In other news a man just climbed up Mount Everest! But... he’s gay! Wait, no, he’s blind. He’s blind guys.”I’m paraphrasing here I can’t remember exactly what she said.

  • Remzi Suleyman

    It's my birthday today happy birthday to me!

  • Katie Allen

    The Russian reporter said: voting on the removal of the renovated house... Whoa, there's a dog in here... Can be done online, or in your neighborhood election area. Can the producer tell me what to do with the doooooog in the studio, guys!

  • Mason Causey

    Had to skip the rap, can't handle cringe!

  • m c

    Loving link's natural hair lately 😍 also I've been up for 20+ hours and just watched old gmm episodes all night/morning. Thanks for making it feel less lonely ❤

  • Sona Isha

    When you want to comment, but you don't know what to comment...

  • Zoe Tuinman

    "Because Anchors" That's a t-shirt.

  • Brandon Switzer

    Rhett had the same reaction I did for “you know what time it is.” “Of course it’s Florida,” lmao. Yes, I’m a Floridian.

  • Malena

    Rhett looks high af I love it

  • carella211

    When are we gonna get some GMM bloopers!?!?

  • Joseph Peters

    This show is slowly becoming less family friendly but, it’s great 👍!!!!

  • Rob Leth

    Sooooooooo, thanks for showing my video! And yes, I'm ok :)

  • Typicalli Elite

    Good morning from Cleveland

  • Dragon-Tamer

    Goodnight from Australia

  • Jezzie So

    Goodnight from New Zealand

  • RaspyStatus

    "NEWS BLOOPERS" damn i thought it said NEW I was very excited

  • Evangeline Mercy

    good morning from Tennessee!

  • Equabolt

    RIP Sniperwolf vid lololol

  • undertowsoul

    Goooood moooorniiiiing Vietnam!

  • Arran HS

    "Of course they're in Florida" I was thinking the exact same thing.

  • 4mit20

    Heh funny bloopers.That rap was awkward af though.

  • Baltimore Z-Wad

    "I see the Pacific ocean there and it just needs a big penis in it"God bless you Rhett

  • Aaron Griffin

    I worked with Jennie at WXII for about 3 years, she is awesome.

  • Noah W

    I think you guys should do an episode on having link eat peanut butter blindfolded and guess what type it is.

  • GoddessofEggrolls

    Why is the A.B.C.D. lineup on the final question different from all the rest of the questions? Vertically stacked versus side by side, haha.

  • dixielee323

    Robin Hood is a Road! So is country club! Funny how you can get all excited when your state is mentioned 😂

  • Im CeeJay

    I live in Winston Salem. Thats amazing lol

  • Madison Hulton

    Rhett’s beard is looking particularly feisty today!

  • Cooper Black

    Notfication squad is gay OMEGALUL

  • Black Zucchini

    Good Night from Australia

  • Peter Schmidt

    I swear they're going to say "queen sweep" enough that people are going to start using it themselves without realizing it

  • Big Jillo

    The gold guitar on the wall is the same guitar slash uses 😀

  • Luigi

    First...To like my own comment

  • Jason Becker

    We demand your bloopers

  • hailey sanchez

    is it j me or has the one in the glasses gotten way cuter 😭 (forgot his name i think it’s neil or sum)




    Bring back the video of ssniperwolf( keemstar anyone?)

  • Marius Ninjai

    #1294.3 description because of pi day?

  • therachelsam

    Abe... Bane... I mean, who can really tell the difference anyways?

  • Kevin Fager

    That fisherman's best catch of the day haha

  • A M

    Of course the Canadian one was in winter🙄 IT IS NOT ALWAYS COLD! That was still hilarious though😂

  • Nikki McNiff

    If it lasts for more than 4 hours...throw it to the other guy.-rhett

  • Tony Veneziano

    The scorpion flip!!!!!!

  • JulyStar


  • JulyStar


  • Gustavo Gama

    Rob Leth, the inner tube guy is the brother of comic book writer Kate Leth

  • tanner carter

    I live on country club road, shout out Winston Salem!!!

  • Sapio 0

    Lol at Rhett being a bit pervy at the end and asking for a print out of the girl on the guys lap where you can partially see up her dress

  • Courtney Hairston

    I am so disappointed with Winston Salem hahaha. That is my hometown !

  • Joey Lane

    Ayeee shout out Winston!

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