Burger time for Obama and Medvedev

Barack Obama treated Dmitry Medvedev to lunch at a common burger joint, surprising its staff and patrons in the process. The presidents signed cards, shook hands and posed for pictures with those who dared to ask.
  • Bobby Dawkins

    She better make sure she give him the right change back

  • Maria Gutierrez


  • Shifty Powers

    They probably spat, ejaculated, shat on, sat on, rubbed on the floor for the Russian presidents burger

  • Muntazim Shah

    Really he was a great leader

  • The Thunder

    "Yes"Amazing English

  • Mark Oneill

    The way it should be


    Mexides and obam. 🇷🇺🇺🇸

  • Tayek Miah

    The Russians hated Obama because he was really tactical he had then by the throat. That's why they love Trump.

  • Jose Garza

    Obama 3rd term. Trump sucks donkey nuts

  • Revanges Of the Queen B

    Very unhealthy ..choices to those adults


    There is not going to be another president like Obama

  • michael Mend

    fake trump will never be able to meet real people in the public like president obama

  • P O S I T I V E E N E R G Y

    Damn cold af. This is me and my broke friends eating n chilling at some cheap restaurant along the street and forgot the fact that we're both presidents of US n Russia hehe

  • Amasso Mazohk

    LMAO The moment when I saw Go To Hell T-shirt

  • Kingmrgoodbar Black

    I hope he had hand sanitizer atleast after shaking all them nasty hands than eating

  • الهجرة واللجوء

    سبحان الله العظيمنفس الزعيم علي عبدالله صالح وبشار الاسد والقذافي وحكام الخليج وباقي حكام العرب

  • Busta Knutt

    He orders his burger like he addressing a town hall... knowledgeable and considered!

  • Maria Gutierrez

    Republican+Democrats=A Great America

  • Danielle Francillette

    Ce monsieur est authentique

  • LaProfetesse

    during that brief moment in Russian history where Medvedev was filling in for Putin as president.

  • Anna Vajda

    But outrage when Trump buys fast food for Football champions with his own money?

  • Wladimir Tayninskiy

    Why Trump will not invite Putin to McDonald's ? Putin is angry because he did not eat !

  • scrubl0rd

    multi-millionaire president tips $5

  • Maria Gutierrez

    Minor Defects with in the judicial branches, such defects were detected and acted upon in a justibale way.

  • Suzie McNaughton

    Please come back President Barack Obama 💖💓❤💕🖤💙💜🧡💛💚❣

  • John Mandro

    I'm like to be an american. Great..... 🗽🇺🇸.

  • Umang Kasaju

    What a Attitude man.......friendly and cool......Being a US president!

  • Jair Moreno

    What if Donald did this?😂😂

  • Max Max

    Fucking medvedev. Hi's not a bear. Only rat. He sold libya and now it's death. He sold russian people. He is not healthy guy.

  • BeatsbyK

    Hes the best definitely

  • Venus Ventura

    this is so freaking cool... I can't even imagine, I'm minding my business and in comes the President..loved and always will love, the only President that has me visiting, all his youtube appearances..and i know for a fact that he knocked the Russian President out!.it was his wtf moment..lol

  • ahmed aziz

    that must be the safest day ever ..

  • nad berr

    Greatest president in the world God blesse you 👍🤝👏

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