Burger time for Obama and Medvedev

Barack Obama treated Dmitry Medvedev to lunch at a common burger joint, surprising its staff and patrons in the process. The presidents signed cards, shook hands and posed for pictures with those who dared to ask.
  • Jay kumar

    Great presidents...frank

  • Andrey Vetrov

    бля тогда еще США дружили в Россией

  • Marksss

    Истинный президент своей страны,уверенный открытый и общительный с простыми гражданами,а не говно компот метр с кепкой

  • paulgary allbritton

    This man is the epitome of CLASS;cool, calm and collective.never to be mentioned in the presence of "what"s his name."

  • MAX A

    Penn and Teller show.

  • bfitnessjoe

    00:30 Shouldn’t that soldier stand at attention to his commander in chief or salute him ?

  • Mahesh Daga

    Obama sir really u r the best......i am an indian but a person like you we rarely get

  • Deep Lover

    Coolest president ever tbh and I’ve only been around since Clinton but he’s the coolest n more like a celebrity than president

  • utumap

    Where's the food taster?

  • Lassy

    That girl look like elor goulding

  • Buydaa M.

    Sadly the restaurant is permanently closed...

  • Mario Reece

    Am I the only notice the military men did not salute their commander and chef lol I don’t want to be there when they get on base

  • Micheline Smith

    medvedev eating it without the top bun


    Eating Americas taxes 😁🍻🍺

  • Hermenejildo Lule

    That's how leaders of the world should behave and world peace would be attainable, maintained. Respect would be long lasting and future generations should be able to follow this example or gesture of peace.

  • serhat turan

    adam medvedevi resmi ziyeretinde hamburgerciye götürüyor eğer sarayda yedirirse ay sonu maaşından kol gibi kesiyorlar , bazı geri kalmış ülkelerin liderleride halkının kesesinden muhtarlara sanatçılara saray sofrası kurduruyor , ayağında ayakkabı bile olmayan eşşekler öder nasıl olsa ...

  • Berdyansk 360

    Медведев, как мешок ну вы поняли с чем... Обама красавчик, простой и открытый. Такой и должен быть президент, приехал похавал с народом и норм. А не так как в России, 10000 охранников вокруг.

  • Forest Hill

    huge difference between cold medvedev and cool obama..us comes first

  • Nam Nguyễn Quý

    Xin hoi.o viet nam co thang loll nao lam dc nhu vay

  • Ryan Blais

    Man, if I were there I'd be scared s***less of dropping my milkshake and getting tackled by the secret service.

  • Kamal Shanap

    حط بقشيش ادايهمحطش كل الباقى

  • tim murphy

    Most respectful and dignified president of our generation

  • Googoodoll Googoodoll

    Peña nieto no podría salir así.a las calles

  • Andrey Panin

    Эх, золотое время...

  • Farsad TV

    Russia and USA can bring to together and make the world safer .

  • The Hacks-By-Jack Channel

    The president should never had his back exposed like that at 5:05 while sitting in public place with a bunch of people around. You can clearly see no agents were close enough to stop an attack if one was to occur in an instant it would've been too late. Very bad job. Can never have your guard down. Anyone of those dudes sitting by him could've lunge at him with a fork or steak knife. Either have secret service always standing directly behind him or have his back against the wall not expose to a possible attack by a threat.

  • Buydaa M.

    A real American burger

  • Khettar Mansour

    Coul Obama dieu te garde. Mais vraiment très très très coulecoule. Mais il donne du pain sûr l planche pour ses gardes du corps. ..merci Mr le président

  • bertha tejada

    Bello!! Hermosa persona!!

  • acoldcanuck

    Oboma is the coolest Prez you guys have ever had

  • junior torres

    TRUMP HAVE DONE IN ALMOST 2 YEAR WHAT obama didn't do in 8 years; 250,000 new jobs in October,economy is booming,WE CORNERED china and some other bully around the world, USA ARMY IS STRONGER AND READY, TRUMP IS Draining the Swamp, God keeps blessing Donald J Trump MAGA 2020

  • Hermenejildo Lule

    Somehow I believe Medvedev resembles Lucas Black from the Fast and the Furious - Tokyo Drift. Take a look at a pic of Lucas and you'll know what I mean.

  • Crystal Sherman

    I would love to have lunch with Barack and Michelle

  • Kiri Jones

    I've watched this so many times, unsure why really 🤔 I have been searching for Trump eating out videos and haven't seen any yet.

  • Paulvinho

    Medvedev looks so uncomfortable. He's totally overpowered by Obama's charisma. Whatever you think of Obama he has charisma to burn. Makes one wonder how he won the Russian presidency...

  • MAX A

    The corruptionist Medvedev is sooo lame...

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