Burger time for Obama and Medvedev

Barack Obama treated Dmitry Medvedev to lunch at a common burger joint, surprising its staff and patrons in the process. The presidents signed cards, shook hands and posed for pictures with those who dared to ask.
  • Red Carded

    All that handshaking with very many strangers and the touching food without washing hands, yikes

  • Mass Destraction

    It is amazing the contrast of what we have today, how the hell did we end up with the train wreck that we have today?

  • Leonid Brezhnev/Ilyas

    When they ordered drinks, Medvedev was like: “umm..... do you have kvas?” He was really tired of the pics, you saw in the last few seconds! XD

  • CNVideos

    This and the tan suit were Obama's biggest scandals. Now we're saddled with the most corrupt "president" in US history, but the Republicans worship him.

  • kidlat1968

    obama is so loved by the people, trump is garbage he cant do walks like this without being shoot at

  • Jonathan Lujan

    the only president who eats with the secret service in a fast food resterant I love it

  • mario condello

    All that hand shaking i'd be getting the wet wipes out for sure.

  • Ryan Blais

    Man, if I were there I'd be scared s***less of dropping my milkshake and getting tackled by the secret service.

  • Georgiy Danilov

    these politicians awakened my appetite!

  • Easwaran R. B.

    Obama was the coolest president in the world...

  • Bernardo Rodrigues Sobrinho

    Quanta diferença do atual presidente....

  • I Hope Google Gets Sieged

    We need to open an investigation into obama over this burger

  • kruz fourtwenty

    a commie n a commie walk into a bar....


    Eating Americas taxes 😁🍻🍺

  • Buydaa M.

    A real American burger

  • Life is a Deathmatch

    0:39 i bet 10% of the guys in here are secret service in civil

  • God Sun

    Great Dear Mr President⭐❤💪👏👏👏👏

  • The Hacks-By-Jack Channel

    The president should never had his back exposed like that at 5:05 while sitting in public place with a bunch of people around. You can clearly see no agents were close enough to stop an attack if one was to occur in an instant it would've been too late. Very bad job. Can never have your guard down. Anyone of those dudes sitting by him could've lunge at him with a fork or steak knife. Either have secret service always standing directly behind him or have his back against the wall not expose to a possible attack by a threat.

  • Life is a Deathmatch

    mmmh a stake knife in his throat, i know secret service is fast but,,,,,,, (scenario. i would not do that) luckily nothing happened it was very dangerous

  • Carlos Garcia

    The most popular president of the United States

  • MAX A

    The corruptionist Medvedev is sooo lame...

  • Constitutional Rights Stand Up

    I don't care what anyone says, President Obama was one of the great ones. Very comfortable just being normal with the good people of this US of A. I can't imagine Trump doing something this normal, without being condescending to everyone who wasn't kissing his ass, bowing down to his stupidity or who isn't at least a millionaire. May God reach down, grab Trump by the neck, toss his lying, deceitful, hurtful, disrespectful and destructive useless soul, right into the depths of hell. This is for the way he has treated and still destroying people's lives. Whether they be from the USA or any other countrie. Trump has absolutely no decent human quality whatsoever. He makes rules that destroy families, tears them apart without any thought of how they are hurting. May God bless this world and I pray that my God damns Trump for the pain and suffering he causes daily. Amen.

  • Hermenejildo Lule

    You don't see cold hearted corncob hair and Putin do that and it would look awkward anyway, even though he claims they both want to have a great relationship.

  • illuminate fuck

    The innocent rusian nation of amerika innocent innocent,islam,jewish,crishtian budha even innocent which scapegoates us all is The illuminate group,the devil worshiper,his men are banned the eye one. Peace greetings from indonesiA

  • acoldcanuck

    Oboma is the coolest Prez you guys have ever had

  • Baja Naya

    Russian cloun is in town

  • Deep Recce

    Thats a real President..such towering authority yet embraced with humility...Love you Mr President!

  • JoanneLG1960

    Can't help smiling

  • Thaman Thapa

    what a cool president?

  • Paulvinho

    Medvedev looks so uncomfortable. He's totally overpowered by Obama's charisma. Whatever you think of Obama he has charisma to burn. Makes one wonder how he won the Russian presidency...

  • MAX A

    Penn and Teller show.

  • Kiri Jones

    I've watched this so many times, unsure why really 🤔 I have been searching for Trump eating out videos and haven't seen any yet.

  • 6 100 tor 1jay

    big boy shouldn,t you wash your hands before eating after shake hands with all that massive?

  • MrRJS27

    So we're cool with Russia now? I didn't check the date.

  • Giau Tran Minh

    Obama is very friendly

  • Khettar Mansour

    Coul Obama dieu te garde. Mais vraiment très très très coulecoule. Mais il donne du pain sûr l planche pour ses gardes du corps. ..merci Mr le président

  • Andrey Panin

    Эх, золотое время...

  • paulgary allbritton

    President Obama was/is so COOL-see how relaxed his is?Imagine frog face being in that kind of atmosphere!

  • Micheline Smith

    medvedev eating it without the top bun

  • Constitutional Rights Stand Up

    How awesome to hear the lady at 07:02,when Obama walks up and say bye. She's like OMG..... How sincere it was.... Loved it.

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