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“Aristotle was born around 384 BC in the ancient Greek kingdom of Macedonia, where his father was the royal doctor. He grew up to be arguably the most influential philosopher ever, with modest nicknames like ‘the master’, and simply ‘the philosopher’. One of his big jobs was tutoring Alexander the Great, who soon after went out and conquered the known world...”

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Mad Adam
  • Lan F

    i love this, it goes so fast and you just laugh at everything about a couple minutes after he says it

  • Artur Slyusarev

    Где ?Где на русском Пишите пожалуйсто

  • Liam OD

    Today 2pac is considered a philosopher.Lol

  • Kreaper MLG

    i wish i can understand all about philosophy one day

  • gamers 11

    please dont give the yellow colour on background ... it tire eyes

  • Razorblade 110367

    Goblok gk jelas videonya anjing gw cari what does aristoteles create?,malah keluar ini tolol

  • Lucas R-W

    But pride is a sin as well!

  • Ricardo Santos

    Corruption is often seen as a virtue. When all around you threat you well, you can be murdering people and eat babies as breakfast. And still believe yourself good as those around you approve of you or at least pretend they do. Rich people have this problem. They believe themselves successful and virtues for what they have. Simple minded fools. Nowadays we call this an echo chamber.

  • Śmiem Wątpić

    Thank you!!! :) Great stuff :)

  • shiva rakshak

    Wen i want to die ..I just go through philosophy

  • Alicia Obledo

    that's every near death experience that open'$ your eyes, and your mind, to stuff never thought before. ....

  • Rahul Ahuja

    I fucking love your videos!

  • Amit Agnihotri

    Waiting for Android App

  • Atheist hates Lucifer

    Why there isn't a single islamic philoshoper here? They also contributed a lot back in the days, some of them also inspired by West Philosophers like Plato, Aristoteles, and the others


    The biggest poison in these videos is the ad! :D

  • Kevin McMahon

    Nothing about his non-contradiction principle? I would have thought that inventing the field of logic was important enough to include, even in such a short video.

  • Tom More

    I have no idea how people can stagger through life .. I guess religion plays an essential role quite appropriately.. without even a notion of Aristotle or Aquinas and final causation and just how it is we are "formed" as in our word information. Ed Feser and Mortimer Adler are good on this stuff.

  • Ferdinand Chizema

    your videos are entertaining

  • A RioFa

    Correction: Aristotle was Plato's best student after joining the school when he was 17 years old. He did not become Alexander's teacher until many decades later.Regardless, great vid, keep them coming! :)

  • Kitkat Smile

    my favourite Greek philosopher.

  • Łukasz Wybrańczyk

    I maintain that this is an amazing video!

  • LandofLions Abyssinia

    Can you do one about the Ethiopian philosopher Zera Yacob please?

  • ThoseWhoBelieveInCircles OweItToTheMoon

    Too bad the West banished his empirical worldview. Nowadays, there is so much anti-education and anti-empirical sentiment, they are anything but Aristotelian.

  • dancerinthemountains

    What a great presentation style this channel has! Think I've got a new favourite here

  • Christian Robinson

    Studying his Rhetoric personally myself

  • nkaranth100

    All those philosophies by the masters of the past sounds so contemporary. we seem to have the same problems but multiplied multi fold.

  • John Hardesty

    Trump's philosophy is Greediostle!

  • Ethiopia Mel

    there are no human moral values, we believe in what we been conditioned to believe in, subject to interpretation. Being exposed to erroneous values system.

  • qu1nn #1


  • Insaan

    I am 27 and yet so many important things to learn. Thank you.

  • Luke McLaren

    Ποιόσ άλλος δινει πανελληνιες σε εναν μηνα;

  • keto naleo

    Thus make me so sad looking at some points :(

  • Noch Cole

    Dude can you slow down a bit you sound almost like a raper

  • ThrasherTheKid

    I just found this channel yesterdayy and it´s full of wisdom, thank you!

  • Mero Maglakelitze

    It was not edited by his son. His son was dead.

  • Goldena Medina

    Read completely what Aristo says about walls. Very interesting !!

  • James Boaz

    It's just a thought but I think if our perspective changed with regards to our role versus the role of government and if the role of government had their perspective changed and we had more influence in decisions made policies changed then there'd be a lot more philosophers people learn to talk better and they learn to understand better we should have massive debates massive where instead of 30,000 people showing up to see three presidential candidates toss mud at each other for our amusement we all get a say we all get to put in our own two cents and soon enough after a lot of people got in front of the country and the world and made an ass out of themselves people would wise up they would start learning how to speak properly and how to understand each other which is really what philosophies about is being tolerant and understanding and in those ways we get cooperation our government there is no cooperation it's literally the World Wrestling Federation of government they talk s*** on camera they beat each other up good for our Amusement but behind closed doors they're all budding up for drinks and making deals with the fascist corporations that really rule the world.

  • Cameron Michael

    School of life and John Green should debate the wisdom of Aristotle.

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