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“Aristotle was born around 384 BC in the ancient Greek kingdom of Macedonia, where his father was the royal doctor. He grew up to be arguably the most influential philosopher ever, with modest nicknames like ‘the master’, and simply ‘the philosopher’. One of his big jobs was tutoring Alexander the Great, who soon after went out and conquered the known world...”

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Mad Adam

  • Alex Ander

    I wish philosophers would play a more important role today!

  • James Bone

    Can I get a "Bruh."

  • SilverRadiant

    bruh i wish philosophy was an elective at school. I LOVE IT!

  • Yeah K

    'Katharsis, which is Greek for: catharsis' I don't know why I found that so hilarious

  • mangobanana

    Im on a binge spree of these philosophy videos, help me I cant stop

  • wonder girl

    It's hard to find the "true friend" nowadays... wherever I look, I only see people looking for fun and nothing else.

  • Eric

    Yup. You're officially my new favorite channel

  • Brooklyn Jones

    This is so interesting

  • Anand Nair

    i watch these videos when i am high

  • AWDlyArousing

    I've always felt as though my life has been a decline. I realize now, that it's a lack of understanding the purpose to life. I recently started researching philosophy, and have been much more content. So many questions answered in such a short amount of time. I used to want nothing more than to be tinkering under a car all day. Now I want nothing but to gain more knowledge about our ultimate purpose. I don't know why, but it brings peace of mind, more than anything else I've ever had a passion for.

  • Treefrog Johnson

    "Gets Kate Winslet - great, then hits an Iceberg - awful". haha.

  • Rafael Haro

    you gotta love ANCIENT Greece...NOT modern greece but ANCIENT!...probably the GREATEST civilization of all times

  • Vito C

    Aristotle thought that your brain dribbled out your nose when you had a cold

  • Makedonche

    Nice to see a video that talks about the good, relevant and practical parts about Aristotle's life and teaching.While Aristotle was wrong about some things (Flies having four legs springs to mind), it is rather tiring to listen to and/or watch videos that do nothing but bash Aristotle.

  • Donx

    These synopses of great philosophers are wonderful and pregnant with the most important aspects of their teachings. They are witty and fast paced; I'd much rather replay a video to make sure I get everything than get bored by long pedantic explanations. The great part is that you are being succinct without leaving anything out, which has always been my goal in philosophy. (Oh, and thanks for the video on "Misemployment." That really needed to be said and is a beginning toward our society addressing the fact that there simply aren't enough jobs for everyone. How will our Calvinistic ethos handle this?)

  • Dirty Hairy

    How can one really enjoy life before one know how life works? No one can fully enjoy life until they know why things happen and where their life will lead. People have it backwards, they wanna experience life first without knowing how things really works, and as a result they become victims of the law of balance; ups and downs, no real comfort, no direction, no fulfillment. Google Truth Contest and read The Present, it will change your perception of life completely. You never learned something so crucial as this at school!

  • Natto Bean

    What software program are these videos made with?

  • dingoo1971

    sorry, I am new here. who is the mastermind behind this channel? so great...

  • mysteriousgirl46

    These videos on philosophy are good, but they don't talk about the criticisms of the philosopher being discussed. For instance Aristotle was pro-slavery and sexist...

  • sahar farah

    This is the best account on YouTube!

  • Jims

    So many people dissing Billy the Gate. Being rich does not automatically make you a bad person, it's merely the means to making a notable contribution towards whatever you see fit. Most rich people selfishly contribute to their own image and to strip clubs and yachts, but there are good people like Bill Gates that put the world before themselves and aim to make a difference. How often do you come across someone in his financial position that could actually be considered a role model?

  • Starphysics

    Make an episode on Hume!

  • Ian Parker

    The ultimate question is: Did that cactus just flip me off at 0:55 ?

  • Dicer328

    Bill Gates is the clip art for virtues...haProducer could use some critical thinking skills it seems.

  • lefu

    Interesting how this video does not mention Aristotle being completely wrong about every scientific issue he became the golden-standard bearer to for centuries in the West, despite predecessors like Democritus arriving to the correct qualitative deduction by careful logic and reasoning, something missing with all of Aristotle's scientific assumptions.

  • John Allen Cris T. Delos Reyes

    I cried on the friends part.

  • Ha Kou



    5:58 Perfectly sums up why societal progress is painfully slow. Fantastic work guys, keep it up!

  • takyume

    I have an essay about aristotle, this saved me completely.

  • Louis Tournier

    It really made me want to know more about Aristotle's philosophy. Very good introduction to his ideas, Thank you.

  • TheBigBadTatt

    If you could go into greater detail about his logos, pathos and ethos definitions that would be amazing

  • Daniel Allen

    Missed all the bits where he is disastrously wrong, the bits about women and the natural state of slavery spring to mind...

  • Eng Gear

    Aristotle is the most admired philosopher in Muslim culture.

  • pedestrianme

    Very helpful. I want to print out the list of virtues, and their imbalances, and carry it around in my wallet.

  • Christopher Campbell

    I've recently delved into Aristotle's Politics and it's quite encouraging to me to see modern people discussing higher ideas. So far I've read the Art of War, Tao Te Ching, The Prince, Beyond Good and Evil, Anthem, and (as I said) Politics. Politics has opened my eyes to the political world in ways I never would've conceived of before and that to me is the point of philosophy. To encourage new understanding. Granted some of his views are a bit antiqued (particularly those regarding slavery and the role of women) but it still holds many truths and I'd encourage it. People see me reading it while I'm at work and ask me, 'Oh what college class am I taking'? I answer it's for my own leisure and they seem impressed. Apologies if this seems long winded, but I find I'm quite short on people to discuss this with.

  • AnatellwnTromos

    Correction and fun facts. Aristotle actually studied and worked at Plato's school Akademia for nearly 20 years before leaving for Macedonia and then coming back to Athens again to open his own school. Plato had two nicknames for him. The first was "The Mind" . When Aristotle wasnt at class Plato would say" The Mind is absent and my audience is deaf " . And because Aristotle would often choose to stay at home and study on his own Plato would also refer to him as "The Reader"(he was a huge bookworm since early age . His father was a doctor and Aristotle grew up reading his books.)

  • anthony montoya

    the world needs philisophy...damn

  • Victor Simones

    Please make a video on Socrates

  • Elizabeth Santos

    love this video. its truly amazing to me how Aristotle born in 384 BC resolved and acknowledged, thoughts and problems we have today in the modern world. I do know that by our efforts and practice we can all be virtuous. Much wisdom i have gained while being a peripatetic. There is so much excess with in society today, that was projected in his teachings, before the high tech, iphone age was even known of. Lets be happy and connect face to face and not be separated by a screen.

  • slimak lol

    hey Christians, this guy lived 300 years before your Lord, and he was 10 times smarter then him. And yet, you believe that Jesus was son of god. lol (plus there is much more evidence for existence of Aristotle than Jesus)

  • Humberto Ramos Costa

    Someone have an explanation for the apparent inversion in tutoring Alexander and going to Athens? I'm pretty sure that Botton know a lot about Aristotle and is hard to believe that he would make a mistake like this. So i suspect that there is new findings in this matter, someone have more information about it?

  • fsabouni

    Very good video. However, you neglected a major side of Aristotle, and that is the political animal. Aristotle made great contributions to political theory that were not mentioned in this video. His major works such as Politics and The Constitution of the Athenians are too important to be left out. I hope you make another video of Aristotle in your Political Theory series focusing on his political ideas.

  • The Joker

    Aristotle is like a god..

  • Yassine Amil

    "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."Aristotle

  • Hovo Ibn Al-Bassam

    The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.Happiness depends upon ourselves.The energy of the mind is the essence of life.You will never do anything in this world without courage. It is the greatest quality of the mind next to honor.                                                                                                                                                                       Aristotle

  • Angelica

    well, tell this to my professors xD

  • Slavestorms

    Have you read your Quintilian? He said that The Art of Rhetoric is the Philosophy of Virtue and Eloquence. Not, as you posit, simply the art of getting people to agree with you. That seems a rather dramatic over simplification of, as Quintilian states, The Orator, who is on a quest to be the perfect man. You appear to have downgraded it from philosophy to some formula for jingoism. The way you use it makes it sound more like the craft of some sleazy ad man or a propagandist pitching his new book. No wonder the term, empty rhetoric, is so disdainful.What was it Cicero said? Children are unruly and everyone is writing a book. What did you tell us earlier that Aristotle said about books? They have the ability to dumb down a population, which has plummeted, like a stone, to the depths of ignorance since the advent of the internet. This has turned our planet into a raging sea of angry, insolent snobs, treating everyone with contempt and spiting any chance a true happiness through real friendships. There are very few real friends, as described by Aristotle, around these days.

  • Rob Smith

    Love your books! I'm an avid fan, I have status anxiety and consolations of philosophy. Great books that really illustrate the practicality of Philosophy in the 21st century.The video series is also quite successful and I really enjoy them 

  • Millhouse Manastorm

    Holmes vs Moriarty.Aristotle vs MASHY SPIKE PLATE!

  • Jericho Palmes

    This is where the answer is, to learn more about history and philosophy. Thanks for creating these channel.

  • CK

    I don't know if anyone pointed this out already but you were a little wrong in the chronology at the beginning. Aristotle studiet in Athens before becoming the mentor of Alexander.

  • Miriam Rokeach

    Plato and Aristotle both great men , holwever inmy humble opinion Ithink Plato was greater Plato music and art Aristotle Science

  • ImlekSutra

    Aristotle did not invent the ''art of rhetoric''.

  • James Reaves

    Being under virtuous is better then being over virtuous. But being over virtuous is more likely to become mid virtuous then being under virtuous

  • Craig

    We need more pity and sympathy, the video tells us, but doesn't the Golden Mean suggest that it should be possible to have too much sympathy as well?


    1 I'm always struck by any ancient writings that the concerns of humans have not changed at all over time.2Aristotle did not invent rhetoric. In the 1000s of years before he was born, I'm sure many people understood the art of making a winning argument. It annoys me the bias we give to the historical figures we like.

  • Jim Siriotis

    There's a little sexism in all of us, if we're honest with ourselves, its identifiable. As for slavery? Are we not slaves of current economic systems of the eclectic or "chosen ones".  There are sinister forces out there that are presumed non-existential but in actual fact ...

  • TheTomofBomb

    These videos are goldmines of awesome, condensed knowledge! Thanks for spreading some wisdom waves through the air, and helping to create a better, and sharper thinking global society.

  • Yiannis Kostakis

    by the way "peripeteia" means adventure

  • Mosixman

    "Good and successful people" shows Bill Gates, a genocidal eugenicist sociopath, that's what we're striving for? Shoulda put Martin Luther King Jr. Or somebody else that was/is actually good. Other than that good summary.

  • Nachelle Baylon

    Cramming for my Political Theory exam in a few hours and I can't even stress how much your channel has helped me learn with these videos.

  • RustyTube

    Aristotle, the most overrated know-it-all in Western history. So much so that when Galileo told the Chief Inquisitor to look through the telescope and see for himself that the surface of the Moon was not smooth, the Inquisitor refused and said the matter had already been settled by Aristotle!

  • Soso Matiashvili

    best educational channel i ve ever seen

  • satchel frost

    I love the self referencing joke at 7:01

  • Synthinque

    As a Greek myself, I find translated ancient greek philosophy terminology quite disturbing.Mostly because of the pronounciation. For example Katharsis is pronounced like "kAtharsis"(κάθαρσις) (capital letter is the represents the accent)while he pronounced it like kathArsis and Peripeteia literally means adventure and is pronounced like peripEteia(περιπέτεια) which he pronounced peripetEIa. It really sound weird because the accent can change the meaning of a word : athEna is the city of Athens and athenA is the goddess of wisdom, xEro means know, xerO means dry (neutral adjective)

  • Braden Dredge

    I would say unambitiousness is the deficiency, pride is the excess, and ambition is the mean. I see ambitiousness as a good attribute, and pride as a more negative one. Plus, modesty as a mean would already conflict with pride as a mean. Then again, I think the error was made only through translation from Greek to English. You can say one can be overambitious, and another being proud of his own achievements, but not boastful of them.

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