Red Army Parade [1945 - English]

The Moscow Victory Parade of 1945 was a victory parade held by the Soviet army (with a small squad from the Polish army) after the defeat of Nazi Germany in the Great Patriotic War. It took place in the Soviet capital of Moscow, mostly centering around a military parade through Red Square. The parade took place on a rainy June 24, 1945, over a month after May 9, the day of Germany's surrender to Soviet commanders.
  • Layne AIC

    For Mother Russia!!!

  • Conaman

    Why did we have to fight..Sons and daughters of Europe.. We must start thinking by the blood and soil! We are broethers! Slavs are Europeans!


    Honor and eternal glory of motherland !! valerous soviet people !! URSS-CCCP !!!! slava Stalin !!!!!

  • Guy Sayer

    Most Russians I've met in my life have told me they lived better in Soviet times.Bring communism back to Russia!

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