Red Army Parade [1945 - English]

The Moscow Victory Parade of 1945 was a victory parade held by the Soviet army (with a small squad from the Polish army) after the defeat of Nazi Germany in the Great Patriotic War. It took place in the Soviet capital of Moscow, mostly centering around a military parade through Red Square. The parade took place on a rainy June 24, 1945, over a month after May 9, the day of Germany's surrender to Soviet commanders.
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    Watch how Bigboss1982 reply to my comment angrily just because i made an opinion about USSR

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    This looks better then the ridiculous goose stepping they do these days. Leave it to the chinese

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    слава героям ! героям -слава

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    Russia lost million of soldiers and civilian but they fight and defend for themselves, until they can fight back and breakthrough Germany together with america

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