President Donald Trump’s Proposed Military Parade Gets Mixed Reaction | NBC Nightly News

The Pentagon is considering a military parade at President Trump’s request, which would be the first since 1991. Some have supported Trump’s proposal, while others like Sen. Dick Durbin questioned the cost of such an event.
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President Donald Trump’s Proposed Military Parade Gets Mixed Reaction | NBC Nightly News
  • Honnes T

  • Nice guys finish last

    Hey, Obama was going to throw a massive parade for traitor beau Bergdhal until American's found out Bergdhal had joined obamas ISIS army. Democrats love parades don't they? Democrats fly over to watch French Military parades on Bastille Day and watch the French walk around in tight little outfits. But god forbid we have a parade. Democrats are ISIS

  • edris mateso

    Trump is imitating Kim Joung Un his role model

  • Arden Tizzy

    It’s very strange how trump is supportive of the military now and yet when he had the chance to do his own military service he was a five times draft dodger ?

  • Jesus Jimenez Hernandez

    You might as well tell the people in the parade to blow him while they're at it!!!!!!

  • Rae West

    I hope the U.S. has their parade. I'd love to see the uniform that Trump designs for himself. No doubt it will have decorations and medals covering his chest.

  • Nina Liu

  • Tinashe Dixon

    let's make America great again

  • daniel spillett

    so are they calling france a dictatorship for having a military parade and what about us brits and the changing of the guard

  • insert name


  • Diesel Lover

    Wow now that would be awesome it’s about time to be proud of what we have America

  • Ron Cameleon

    Thank you nbc and Fox to compare the parade to France and not only communist country like cnn abc Washington post fake news ...from Canada

  • Mike will

    Gen Mattis YOU! have sold out ANY! honor and truth you had, for a job in the White House. " The Presidents Respect..Fondness for the Military" Trump has attacked/Disrespected Veterans, Navy SEAL's, Generals, Admirals, Gold star Families, Fallen CIA Officers, Trump shook hands with Terrorists that murdered US Marines in Beirut, lied about giving money to Veterans and ran 5 times to avoid wearing the US uniform. Trump has shown by his actions, that he HATES! The military. Actions speak louder then words Special Operations Afgh Iraq Africa and around the world

  • Steven Nault

    Some call a military parade a show of might, some call it a show of appreciation to those that served, opinions will always be divided...

  • wandering spirit

    Trump wants to celebrate the military with a parade like many other countries already do. Democrats seem have a problem with celebrating the brave men and women in our military it appears as they are whining and moaning 24/7 about it..Typical twisted liberal thinking.If Obama wanted a military parade, all liberals would be on board 100%. Hypocrisy? You bet.

  • Joe Morello

    President Trump has to keep up with North Korea's military parade! It's all about being one up and President Trump is not a second place person! 🇨🇦😀

  • Lady Death

    A military parade is not patriotic at this point..using the money that would be waisted on having trump play with his " toys" to help veterans would be the patriotic thing to do

  • Shirota

    Compared to China. americans will have to get used to second or third or fourth place

  • Nannunbgd

    Is a good ideea! Is abbaut identity,pride,honor and power! So is a good ideea. Romania dont have US mony,and doing this year by year.

  • Shirota

  • Christopher Fritz

    I love the idea because I remember the first parade and it was a blast! But I'll admit that it won't happen because the ANTIFA scum will come out of their RAT holes and protest..

  • JTN Akl

    There's a difference. France has military parades to honor their troops and commemorate the founding of the French Republic. Trump wants a military parade to honor himself and give himself and ego boost (kinda like what Saddam Hussein, Ferdinand Marcos or Kim Jong Il did).

  • Kyuss Qotsa

    Obama cut off America's balls and shoved them in his tranny wifes purse.Trump has decimated Isis in a single year and America has it's balls back.I would love to see a military parade on July 4th.Show the world a Muslim traitor no longer runs this country.America has brass balls once again.Great idea Mr. President.

  • Raksmey Chan

    please your weapons is out date. don't make the world laugh.

  • Nina Liu

    Thats what graphic looks like. americans killed on american soil

  • A deeper Reality

    Oh wow! This is what I call real news. Something Trump proposed is getting mixed reactions. This is truly a first. Thank you nbc for this very enlightening journalism. Your starting to run a very close second to cnn 😒

  • Sooo Wavy

    This shows you trump is a follower not a leader

  • camaro rider

    I'm going to show our troop support! MAGA!

  • brian glaze

    just be happy those tanks dont say UN, a hardcore reality if Clinton won

  • juu

    YEah I'm not with this. Seems like a massive waste of money. Is a parade what we really need? I'm a veteran but this is unnecessary....

  • Dorian Video Hobby North Carolina

    A Parade it's a Honor to the President and the Troops of United State of America but it's "not a show off in arms like other communist countries.Airplanes flying over that's fine, but ridicules tanks and missiles. those are 3rd countries crummy parade.

  • Nice guys finish last

    Democrats don't allow Military parades because they are loyal to ISIS and communism. Truth hurts

  • DrewB Studios

    There is a difference between having a parade because your national mood is one of pride in accomplishments that recently involved the military vs having a parade to just show off the toys of the military. This would be the latter.

  • Frank

    The government has faced multiple shutdowns recently with lack of funding being one of the main issues. So he wants a military parade at a cost of $30 million dollars ?? The only purpose of a military parade is to inflate his already over the top ego. This is the kind of behavior you see from unstable dictators.

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