Best of Trip-Hop & Downtempo & Hip-Hop Instrumental Vol. 2 Re-Upload

This is best of Trip-hop & Downtempo & Lofi & Hip-Hop Instrumental Vol. 2
I do not own any rights to these songs.
➥ More information in the description.

This is a re-upload of the old mix (blocked in 277 countries)

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Painting by Mandy Jurgens:

00:00:00 Little People - Moon
00:03:42 JIM - People in love
00:05:44 Mononome - Never Leave
00:08:59 Griz - It's Over
00:12:55 Bonobo - All In Forms (Letherette Remix)
00:17:51 The Cancel Band - My Soul
00:22:47 Tm Juke - Just For A Day (Sunday)
00:26:46 Timewrap - Smoke miash
00:34:20 Triplem - Friday
00:37:19 Zboy365 - Taxi
00:39:28 Nym - Rooftops
00:42:09 L'Entourloop - Moving Along The Line
00:44:26 Easy Sweep - A change is gonna come
00:46:52 Constrobuz - Droppin' Bombz
00:48:41 Mindpleasure & Friends - Où es-tu mon amour (Instrumental)
00:53:25 Travelling Day - Édith Bad
00:57:00 Poetree - Mirage
01:00:14 Aquastonethrone - Think Big
01:02:00 Souleance - Jazz et thé vert
01:05:23 Lesky & Phlocalyst - LWTL
01:06:49 True School - Where The River Flows
01:10:16 Mac Dusty - Mind Expansion (Original Mix)
01:13:01 joubts. - GANGSTA
01:15:14 Terem - C.H.A.N.G.E (Instrumental)
01:19:39 JHAS - Pain Au Chocolat
01:21:40 JIM - Lost paradise
01:23:31 Air - La Femme d'Argent (vinyl)
01:30:00 Jack Elphick - Rotations 2
01:32:44 FKJ - Instant Need
01:37:07 Styles in Black - The Indweller
01:41:02 The Cancel - I Believe
01:43:49 Jesse James - 50s Japan
01:49:17 Degiheugi - Qu'attendez-vous de Moi
01:53:06 Dj Signify - 1993
01:56:22 Joey Pecoraro - Toy Houses
01:58:59 Hugo Jugy - Chicago All Stars
02:01:15 Genius - Cantaloupe Island
02:03:44 S'il Vous Play - You don't
02:05:53 Axel Jung-Once Upon A Time In Detroit 1
02:08:23 Smokey Joe & The Kid - Funny Guy (Kognitif Remix)
02:11:24 The Geek x Vrv - Girl Like You
02:14:06 Funky Fella - Oh My Babe
02:16:37 9th Wonder - She Came Through (Rhythm Roulette)
02:19:28 jimmysquare - Like Apollo
02:21:30 Philanthrope - MELLOWMONDAYS
02:25:06 Hellblazer - Footfalls Of The Night
02:28:21 Moody Sanchez - This is not Wonderland and You are not Alice
02:32:17 Poetree - Outro


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  • S!X - Music

    It happend again, we had to replace Egyptian Reggae with something else, due to some copyright issues. The original version is still online but is blocked in 277 countries. We hope you still like the new version.

  • Andre Borisov

    Alan Watts, great way to start.

  • Kaelon Drae

    Is that Emelia Clarke?

  • Julien X

    Thank you for the reupload. This is one of my favorite mixes.

  • Niki_Tai Fitness

    love it! im out in the backyard gardening to this

  • Susan Anderson

    This track has been my go-to for work (writing) for a few months now. Instant "zone" - put it on, brain goes into creative mode. Thank you so much for making this mix.

  • pushfoldbot

    Holy crap...This mix is awesome. Thx dude!

  • The Researcher

    Thank you for uploading this again. My favorites:00:00:00 Little People - Moon00:12:55 Bonobo - All In Forms (Letherette Remix)00:17:51 The Cancel Band - My Soul00:22:47 Tm Juke - Just For A Day (Sunday)00:53:25 Travelling Day - Édith Bad01:02:00 Souleance - Jazz et thé vert01:05:23 Lesky & Phlocalyst - LWTL01:15:14 Terem - C.H.A.N.G.E (Instrumental)01:23:31 Air - La Femme d'Argent (vinyl)01:30:00 Jack Elphick - Rotations 201:49:17 Degiheugi - Qu'attendez-vous de Moi01:53:06 Dj Signify - 199301:58:59 Hugo Jugy - Chicago All Stars02:21:30 Philanthrope - MELLOWMONDAYS

  • PrestigePlumbingUK

    Don't ever stop making these please! Even if they make you take some down.

  • JustLoveMusic

    :O Thank you for re-uploading. I've been waiting for this, I missed it. Too many nights sitting in front of the laptop trying to study and nothing coming out... now I know tonight it's all going to flow.

  • Chucrutt ckhar

    there is gold here, brazil hugs

  • Gulakov

    I payed 0 attention to what this dude was saying

  • ZBlu

    absolutely love these mixes <3

  • Azunai4

    Isn't there a possibility to get a free download? Most converter softwares don't work since the video is longer than 2 hrs.Please help! I need this music in my daily life! :c

  • guillermo marquez talavera

    medical students? anyone

  • Inostigativ

    its baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack. i´ve missed so much. 1000 thx

  • Jon George

    One of the best productivity mixes on YouTube, hands down. Thanks for sharing.


    is that alan wats? at start? :) :P is!! :) briliant mix of his lectures :))

  • psynchro

    Absolutely love this mix!

  • Edo

    as far as I remember I always wanted to be Sillent Hill Gangsta'

  • Joel

    Little People for the fucking win. So good

  • pedro nascimento

    Please, don't mix hip hop with trip hop/downtempo, it mixes good vibes with non sense rhymes u.u( not destroying the work, its a nice set :)

  • Bibiana Jelenska

    I absolutely ♡ this track. Thanks so much!!!

  • J Goetz

    Fire Tracks Much Enjoyed Stoned Camping Out It's Night and Those Stars are Shining

  • Ryan Harnett

    Thank you for these mixes, they are fantastic. Will surely play these as I create in Oculus Rifts Quill.

  • Klondike997

    Thank you for this. It's brilliant. Copyright??? More like advertisement. I will definitely be purchasing from many of the featured artists and keeping an eye out for live acts.

  • Lars Taylor

    No download link? Need this in my car please

  • The Third Mind

    exactly what I need, thumbs up

  • elekt robin

    this mix is really great!!!!!

  • J.R. VanWoert

    Much love from Flint, Michigan. These playlists mean the world to me!!!!! Thank you so much :D

  • brayzbeats.

    Damn, I love it so much! These trip-hop atmospheric always catches my soul!

  • HipHop Since 89

    Nice!!! I enjoyed the video. We’re compiling the hottest artists on our page you should check it out! #89

  • MaikoXSekai

    Really appreciate the re-upload!.

  • MCgibMirWhiskas

    who is the voice in the first song? heard it sampled many times

  • The C3 Network with Cee

    One of our favorite mixes, Thanks.

  • Dowzer

    emanuelle béart on cover?

  • BackeRoth

    This is amazing! Thanks for uploading :)

  • o--Kane101--o

    Came here just to congratulate you on using a image on a Trip-Hop video that isn't someone smoking something. Rare to see now days, well done.

  • rusty focus

    Great mix! Love it a lot! Alan Watts <3 haha ;D

  • Revilo Redlen

    Loving This!! Check revilo redlen

  • Bhaumik Koladiya

    om jai jagdish hare!!!!

  • Carlos Romero

    Muy Bueno. Excelente. Woowwww...!!!!!! Carlos.Buenos Aires.Argentina.

  • BackeRoth

    This is epic! I really love your mix <3

  • 59 Hurtz

    oh man what a great fucking mix

  • evlredsun

    ugh, these playlists always start off good and then get stuck on bad glitch hop broken record awfulness. can we get some dj's that know how to mix music clips instead of imitating a record skip?

  • bismarck61

    von wem is das lied bei min 18 9 rum1

  • StagHead

    "The same thing as it" What does he mean by "IT"

  • evlredsun

    first half of this mix is phenomenal, second half is broken record junk.

  • BlightT.V

    So muchsoul brother. You will have to search 99 years to regain your composure.

  • Benni B

    Jim - Lost Paradise is great. So is the timewrap track. A lot of great tracks. Gotta get my serato scratch box and decks out of storage. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Jeff Griffin

    this was a great ride, thanks for the mix !

  • ShadowakaBigG

    Can't seem to find volume 1?

  • Sab Aliu

    Nym - Rooftops......... nice tune!!!!

  • Fazle Rabbi Tanjil

    17:00 to 22:00 Minute...... I am melting in pure bliss....

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