Chill Study Beats 2 • Instrumental & Jazz Hip Hop Music [2016]

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2 Hours of mellow jazzy beats from artists like J Dilla, Nujabes as well as a lot of lesser known artists. This one is for those of you who need to focus for work, study or just enjoy real mellow vibes! Give it a 👍 and share if you like it to help us. ♥
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▬ Tracklist ▬ (* = Unreleased)
0:00 Nymano - Solitude [ ]
02:28 Freddie Joachim - Waves [ ]
* 06:02 Gorila - Inlove [ ]
08:45 FloFilz - Dulce [ ]
* 10:57 Moods - Love For The City [ ]
12:43 Juan RIOS - Marula [ ]
14:43 Sleepless - Ponder [ ]
17:22 Wun Two - Snowing [ ]
19:27 The Deli - 1-47AM [ ]
21:48 Chinsaku - Midnight [ ]
24:45 J Dilla - Alien Family [ ]
26:56 Jinsang - Kona Park [ ]
30:18 CoryaYo - Good Morning [ ]
31:37 Thovo - Dawn Till Noon [ ]
35:32 Fredfades & Ivan Ave - Hands (Instrumental) [ ]
38:40 Wun Two - I Like
40:32 Gorila - Akaido
43:44 Vanilla - Gigi [ ]
47:36 Made in M & Juan RIOS - Submarino [ ]
49:50 Mono:Massive & Philanthrope - Wake Up [ \ ]
52:49 Mecca:83 & Joel VDK - Light Ways (spirit walk) [ ]
54:27 Nujabes - Brothel Love [ ]
56:55 Joe Corfield - Piano Loop [ ]
58:25 The Deli - Tyner
1:01:09 CoryaYo - April In The Rain
* 1:02:41 Moods - Samplers 3
1:05:15 SoulChef - With You (Instrumental) [ ]
1:08:25 miraa & smuv - Breakfast [ ]
1:09:40 Mecca:83 - Foundation
1:11:44 Juan Rios - Sol
1:14:00 Nymano - Daydream
1:15:01 Cooper Albert - True Colours [ ]
1:17:14 Nymano - Bedroom Thoughts
1:18:33 Flamingosis - Breakfast Poutine [ ]
1:21:28 Toshiki Hayashi - Hours [ ]
1:24:11 The Deli - Day In The Life
1:27:19 Tomppabeats - Puffin' [ ]
1:28:07 Wun Two - Chimney
1:29:40 L'Indécis - Monday Chill #6 [ ]
1:34:15 FloFilz - Tilezeit
1:36:39 The Deli - Garbage
1:38:01 GlobulDub - Seppuku [ ]
1:41:09 Gorila - Sid
1:44:07 Joseph Jacobs - Full Circle [ ]
1:48:28 CoryaYo - Fresh Air
1:50:00 Aso - Timeless [ ]
1:55:24 Jinsang - Island
* 1:57:51 Birocratic - Sophisticated [ ]

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  • EdgeRL

    What if i have no homework?

  • watermalone

    i feel personally attacked by all the comments telling me to get back to studying

  • Will Pak

    If you see this and you are doing homework, stop procrastinating! you can do it! Finish your homework and ace that test that you wanna do good on!

  • Shania Sanchez

    This soundtrack got me through fall semester, and my last final that I'm studying for now! I've literally listened to this whole soundtrack more than 15 times haha! Until next semester! Thank you, chillhop!

  • Alvin Velasco

    Somebody should've told me it would be like this

  • Jordan Kohler

    shout out to all the students grinding out homework last minute

  • Ron Hein

    my daughter and I tried to free style to this and failed


    I love that beat😍 Can you tell me your opinion on my latest chill rap beat? :)

  • Anna Kathure

    Thank you Chillhop Music for this playlist, it really helps me concentrate with my homework , listen to this every time I study, btw I'm was doing math homework,French, and science I'm in 6th grade and school is in Paris. Anyway love this so much<3. Now do your homework or study's XD

  • AleKSander

    Im going to thank you for this <3and if you are doing homework/studying stop scrolling you got this! <3

  • eatsleepplayrepeat

    I think that quote at the beginning is from Cowboy BeBop episode 14.Edit: I was wrong, it is actually episode 12.

  • the bootleg fool

    ayy got that j cole instrumental at 2:28

  • ROBERT GPlays

    Relax and feel the moment.

  • vic castro

    And to think that because of this video, I was introduced to lofi hiphop, jazzhop and so much good stuff. <3

  • Piano Roots Music

    If you're doing homework, you shouldn't be reading this comment... though following that logic, I shouldn't be writing this comment either...

  • Fillup 82

    This has become my go-to bath time jam 🛀

  • Mikemurda

    They say humans are social animals. That can't live alone, but you can live pretty good by yourself. I tell ya instead of feeling alone in a group. It's better to have real solitude all by yourself!

  • SmoothSoulBrotha

    I love that opening! Thanks for this. Listening as a 1st year medical student in the US.

  • kosmique

    Stop studying and do your scrollwork !

  • ronell cutkelvin

    wish I could download the whole 2hours to my phone this shit right hear so chill shout out chillhop music

  • Fionn Bennett

    i use this wile studying

  • I Like To Eat

    I love it. especially the first song. I get Philly vibes. Anyone else.

  • MakeMusicOnly

    02:29 Joey Bada$$ - Waves .. obg

  • Mista Anonymous


  • Mettvin Lachsbrötchen

    Gibt es Situationen, in denen die beiden Regressionsgeraden (von y auf x und von x auf y)zusammenfallen?

  • Top bran16

    This is a study track right here

  • Kieren Lawton

    Is it just me or did I hear some voicing from the anime series “cowboy bebop”

  • ChilledTea

    i walk around San Francisco to this mix all the time! thanks!

  • Following Excitement

    17M views! Must be some bangers on here. Let's go on a journey.

  • Darryl Goins

    There is absolutely NOTHING, better than making it home from a long day, grabbing my fav drink to sip on why laying in my hammock on the back porch of my home while the sun is setting, listening to this. Keep em coming. You may or may not know it. But some people actually need to digest ♪♫♩♬♭♮♯ like this on a daily basis. I respect you and every thing you do. Thumbs up for Chillhop.

  • U6 Rogue

    Sounds Like Walking Downtown In NYC Seeing Christmas Lights And Trees All Over While At A Café With A Special Someone By The Fireplace 😊🎄 What Does It Sound Like To You?

  • Insanuinu BLEU

    I hope this music can flowing in my brain when I am studying. Thanks and good luck!

  • Cynthia Smith

    ‘Like’ if you’re neck deep in abstracts...notations...APA formatting and such! Ughhhhh - AND taking summer classes 🤦🏽‍♀️Let’s get it though! Keep pushing ❤️

  • Abbie Schmidt

    the homework is temporary, the success is forever! now get to work and stop scrolling! you got this

  • Magna-x

    Just done a new song with X

  • Olivia Tulloch

    What did the librarian say to the kid?Read more

  • Marky Shark

    10:59 is my favorite beat.. doing math right now, chin up to all the college students up at 12:48 AM trying to get it <3 keep grinding. Your work will pay off, good vibes, much love.

  • Cassandra


  • mpho magoro

    12:48 name of track please

  • Nabil naba

    yo the second beat is from a jcole song...

  • Anthony Vega

    When your going through tough times and listen to this, honestly its like a get away. Anyone who feels the same will agree w me

  • The Clooney

    STOP reading the comments and go do your homework!

  • Dru Bear76

    I'm actually on the john listening to this, this is so relaxing. Great music keep up the gd work.

  • Kaoroo S.

    Super musique pour pécho

  • Seon Hong

    To the people who are scrolling through, have a nice day! <3

  • mrsdaphjack

    WOW i love the sick beats make more pls! :)

  • Ivan Benitez

    what program do you use to animate the logo in the into?? anyone knows?

  • Rebecca Kavanaugh

    Studying for midterms! Hope this helps

  • Nick Liaw

    started studying and stopped procrastinating thanks to the comments. amazing how the sweet sound of music can motivate us to get work done. bomb music.

  • NoxiousChef GO

    Só lembro do Goularte escutando isso <3

  • Ruby S

    alright alright i'll go back to doing my homework geesh

  • pollito garcia

    I really love it 😍😍🎶🎷🎼


    Studying for Final Exams! Lovin' the beats! THAAAANKS ALOT!

  • Jamari

    2nd beat was a from one of J-cole's songs

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