Sleepy#2 Made By Me Dianna Longo contact me..Http://www.facebookdianna4108/

This Baby Doll Is sold!!..she is #2 in an edition of 6... and all 6 are sold!! I will be having a new baby Doll coming out in Late June ( A Boy!)((( I DO NOT ANSWER QUESTIONS ASK IN COMMENTS I DO NOT VISIT THESE VIDEOS TO SEE QUESTIONS.))).. go to to contact me!
I sculpt, mold, pour, paint and root my own Baby Dolls.
They are made for Doll collectors or any one who appreciates Art, there are many many hours of work into each of these dolls..
I don't paint or root anyone else's baby dolls.
There are Nude pictures of a BABY DOLL in this video!
If this is not something you think you will appreciate just move along there are millions of things on You tube that will strike your fancy...
  • Linda Edvardsson

    Im sorry but shes so blue she looks dead to me😩.. dead..but for sure real..

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