Trump Does A 'Jekyll And Hyde' On DACA смотреть онлайн бесплатно в хорошем качестве hd 720 kinogo

When it comes to the Dreamers Act, the President is going back and forth between two states of mind. (And not 'stable' and 'genius.')

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  • Diego Silerio

    3:57-4:01TrueFranch, North Korina😁😂Happy 14th birthday Jared Kushner... Ivanka Trump charged for pedophilia!😁😂5:44-5:55Hey Hey Hey😑

  • London belly dancer samba dancer Hen Party Sandrine

    Can’t believe Colbert has been talking about trump every day, since November 2016....


    Making America a Shithole Again 💩

  • ThePoshBoy 1

    3:57 - despite being a joke, Obama was against Trump and opening spoke for Hillary instead of Trump

  • Fuentes


  • Harry Callahan

    SCREW ALL THESEILLEGALS!! They are now old enough to have their asses kicked back over the wall!! VAMANOS PUTAS y PUTOS...


    If Donald's doing a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde thing, you know how his presidency will end.

  • Jeff corsiglia

    Wait, is this how America became great in the first place?

  • Fernando Meseguer

    Shit, I just realized you can only see one of Colbert's earlobes, the other one is like folded in. Can't unsee!!!

  • James Harris

    If we could only get a Federal Judge to block Trump from entering the White House...

  • Atticus Finch

    Trump bashings cornholebert caught cow blowing poopstain clinton.

  • Agnete Askhøj

    Erna is actually a name here in Denmark 😉

  • Admin-Support spcVenturesLLC

    Sadly, we ALL know how the game is played, right? ME... too much of all this too long, I need a vacation, you?

  • Tough Talk absolutely love this💖

  • Dalek Supreme

    Are all these Trump tweets real? Because I have a sneaking feeling that they are...

  • Nathalie Fortier

    Let's face it, this is what happens when you don't have any backbone, when you have no opinion, when you can't choose a side. Trump is a sponge...and he'll pretty much do and say whatever those around him do and say. The man has absolutely no convictions or morals. He is incapable of making any sort of decision thus he flip flops back and forth. It's time for this guy to resign and let someone more capable at the helm.

  • Pauline Richter

    operator immediately bishop hgelcv facility trading first industry above visit.

  • Antonio cordero

    You sir are an idiot .that's why I don't watch you lame show ,Trump2020

  • usernamedkjah

    Whoa whoa whoa... Scar is much cooler and more likeable than that splotchy faced bloated corpse of a beardless Santa Claus.

  • Michael Gabriel


  • Nick Valentino

    Liberal media pushing mental health because Russia failed! Trump has the second highest i.q of all U.S presidents.Love the liberal armchair psychiatrists! Fail!!!

  • Songs Mirth

    I'm a teacher and one day I looked at Trump's signature. I dare you all to do so. The first initial of his name is the same as mine and I can't even read it. Look at the other letters. There isn't one you can read! He can't even write his own signature correctly and this clown's the leader of our nation. A nation Putin hates and it's why he laughs all the time at how easily it is to blackmail fool this child. And he's told Xi and Kim about him too. I could go on and on how Xi fooled Trump in China when he took him to a factory where they take other people's inventions from all over the world, tear them apart, find out how they work and then sell the design to their own businessmen and one woman. It's here on YouTube. I recognized the place immediately. There are even designs on the wall and a guy's sitting there putting the clock back together. Mrs. Xi keeps looking at Trump to see if he gets it but he's so busy talking, probably about himself, that he doesn't get it at all. And she keeps smiling. China's thieves. The top man and his laughing wife. Trump didn't take an adviser because he knows everything you know. And I'm sure Xi required it. You praise Trump and he'll do anything you want. Even for a Communist. Look up the videos of, "serpentza," on here. He says that there's a saying in China where he's lived for 12 years. He's from South Africa and married to a Chinese Doctor. The saying is if you can cheat someone then cheat them! No kidding. Chinese people, on the whole, believe they want money today and they don't care about the future. Look it up. It will scare you and Trump is still having them make his ties and baseball hats! Still doing his businesses from the White House because this is, "Trump World." He worships six things now. Free money from us that he uses, money itself, power, sex, applause and lying. People can't get him to stop it. We're also paying staffers to go with him to his rallies because he wants to pepper the audience with cheering people! How insecure is that. The spoiled child wants more applause. This is just sick. :( Songs

  • shashank kumar thakur

    As a citizen of INDUStan, I enjoyed this video a lot.

  • John Cobb

    Jail house rock. I love the band!

  • slockhrt

    3:11 He could still mess things up, though.Jon (off camera): Yeah, he probably will.

  • rob slover

    john deserves major credit for playing elvis 'jailhouse rock' on the piano when talking about jared kushner and trump going to prison.

  • Atticus Finch

    cornholebert still disrespecting Potus fire this asshole liberal.

  • Songs Mirth

    I think Melania hates her husband for cheating on her and that's why she borrowed a few thoughts from one of Michelle Obama's speech. I really wish she's divorce the bigot. Pregnant with Barron and I'm sure he's found it out poor kid. And they don't sleep together. I wonder if like Kennedy, he has women shipped in? Sure wouldn't surprise me. And I'm sure she knows about it as well as his son knowing what a dog his Father is. I notice that Barron isn't doing Trump's tweets any more. That's why the bad spelling as Trump has a spelling deficit and won't wait for an aide to write them for him. He's off the rails in so many ways. He's fighting with everyone in the government except his yes men and two women. And Sarah, a daughter of a minister, is STILL lying for him! And Betsy DeVos still dislikes him. He bought her job as a billionaire and even admits it. The only one to do so. Our democracy is imploding and if we don't take it back this traitor is going to run into the ground. These people aren't loyal to America. They worship money. Their own and loved passing that bill that gave them so many tax cuts it's unbelieveable. People like Mitch have been allowed to stay because they get their states whatever they want but here's the thing. Mitch doesn't care what people in his state wants. He votes for himself and he worships power and he's had it for a long time. It's the only reason he's stuck us with this monster. And history will write of him that he was a traitor to America. Forget about party lines. He got a spoiled child in who lives in, "Trump World, " where Kim Jong un made a deal with the idiot. You pull out of South Korea and I'll destroy my nuclear bombs. And I'm sure he talked to Putin and Putin told him how to praise Trump and pretend to respect him. In North Korea all school children are taught to call us, "American bastards." See the man he pretends is his Grandfather told the nation that America started the war when he did. And we came to him on our knees begging him to stop it. It's the reason the Kim's have never allowed the Internet in the country. If the North Koreans found out they've been lied too for decades, they'd kill him and all of his family. They have an internal type of internet. But Trump didn't even look THAT up! Know why? He can't use a computer!! Look at his desk. Only once did Ivanka put a computer on it and took pictures of him looking at it but Trump hates them. One of the first things he did was call leaders of other countries and ask them what their population was! He didn't even know a President could call people like that because he never studied anything about the Presidency. He only went to that church the day he was sworn in because all Presidents did but look it up on here what he did. Stop pretending to sing and put down the hymns and then took his wife's who can read and put hers down too. Every single day he does something to embarrass us all. Vote Americans or we're going to loose our democracy and it's already imploding while he spends our money like it's nothing! He loves to spend other people's money. :( Songs

  • Jacob Cook

    conventional entertainment intense bacteria gun spectrum kid report leg move.


    Anybody see how Chump is using our Military as his Pawn to use...But I guess the BIGGEST ASS on the Planet. Needs the Biggest Military to Cover it. Kimmy would be Proud lol tear.

  • MrPilgrim

    These thumbnail captions always catch my eye at the perfect time, love all of you guys over there (hope to meet everyone someday!)


    One bright thing about trump presidency is the comedic value.


    Sais the twitt from fake news.

  • William Beck

    Asshole has made a career of blaming the white male for all the ills in the world , his show is nothing but one liberal propaganda attack after another, I used to watch Letterman all the time, but this cheap shot artist just doesn't know when to give it a rest, never a bad word about Obamas divisiveness and inappropriate comments during times of racial crisis, not to mention his awful foreign policy and feud with Israel , he gets a free pass became he's black and a democrat , and he constantly has Hilary Clinton on , who is one of the most corrupt people in the world , with her latest excuse on why she lost the election, get over it and just shut up witch , get on your broom and fly away !

  • Pales Gensler

    That is really offensive to Scar he is not as bad as Steve Bannon.

  • Teencat

    As someone from the state of Israek I am disappointed by the President's behaviour at our meetings on the conflicts in the Middle Feast

  • Sheryl S. Crow

    Real Americans.......those whose ancestry can be traced back to the foundation of our country......know right from wrong.Dreamers vs AmericansTo side with lawlessness is, contrary to the basic principles of our Constitution. Which illegal residents do not embrace. For if they did, they would've had enough self respect to NOT ILLEGALLY ENTER OUR COUNTRY to begin with. Then chain migration starts. Decades of illegals entering our sovereign nation and staying here as though they think it's within their rights. Clearly, it not. I don't give a damn if you are here 30 plus years, have a family, established your self, live......what the American Dream. If you entered our country illegally to initiate this charmed life you live......THEN YOU AND YOUR ENTIRE CLAN/ FAMILY ARE ILLEGALLY HERE. Mexico is actually a really beautiful country as far as it's scenic lands go. The problem is, the Drug Cartels. They have turned the over whelming vast majority of Mexico into a true bona fide SHIT HOLE! Yet, the Mexican people, instead of fighting back these warlord criminals, take the easy way out by coming here illegally into our country and becoming one of these stupid ass so called dreamers. Sad part is, if Mexicans actually took their country back, embraced its true beauty, the tourism would bring in tens of millions of dollars. Even the cartels and gangs cannot rival such numbers. Let alone deny it. Yet, drugs, guns, people get pushed across our borders 24/7 and until Donald Trump came along, no one did jack about it. Now the dreamers want amnesty? Seriously?Of course the liberal Dems want the illegals. Who else would be stupid enough to vote in a bunch of troglodytes? In fact and a point of fact, Dems cannot get elected unless they have sufficient numbers of illegals here to get them voted into office. From Alderman to Presidents, liberal Dems need these illegals. Not for grass cutting, mind need votes. This same old boring tiresome crap has been going on for decades, but not until Mr. Trump was elected, did it become front page news.ENTER Kate Steinle. A beautiful women who had yet to enjoy the fruits of her labor. Get married. Have children......taken from our midst by a 5 time deported illegal Mexican, making the odious claim.......I JUST PICKED THE GUN UP AND IT WENT OFF! Such bullshit and he got off, but kharma is already at work in his case. Rumor has it, he hasn't long to live and where he's going, he will burn for all eternity. Kinda like being permanently being on fire. As for all you so called dreamers......TO THE DEVIL WITH EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU and every single one who supports your illegal entry into our country.On the flip side of the proverbial coin. I applaud anyone.......ANYONE AT ALL.....who enters our country LEGALLY......and ASSIMILATES to our laws, language and life style. It is all of that make our country great and awesome. Its not easy. The road to coming here is fraught with all sorts of difficult challenges. For those willing to work at it, by doing the right things, again, I applaud each and every one of you. YOUR efforts are not in vain or unnoticed.What part of ILLEGAL ENTRY do you dreamers not comprehend??Well???Crickets and "he who is silent, is said to consent" . Go to your ridiculous rallies. Hold up those stupid dreamer signs. All you're doing is engaging in semantics. All of you are illegal and along with your entire CLAN.........MUST BE DEPORTED TO WHEREVER YOU COME FROM......because sure as all will never,NEVER EVER Americans. DREAM ABOUT THAT👈👈👈

  • venomdrake

    let's all ignore the fact that most dreamers are over the age of 20 and have yet to apply for citizenship and continue to play dumb because you guys are willing to rub their tummies.

  • Evon Williams

    Really he is working his mouth

  • Manatee Man

    Skyrimerica belongs to the Nor...wegians!

  • Edward Jones II

    Why does that Scar betrayal scene seem fitting?

  • Raider81 Black Hole

    Oh Stevie,get over it,you are mad cause you lost the election.Trump won.

  • rpbsjy

    Jarod doesn't have much time. He'd better get right on that prison reform thing before the prisoners get on him...

  • Suzette Figgs

    The demise of Scar, it's what happens when you cross a bunch of hyenas lol.

  • Northern Center for Social Justice

    My dear friends, please, stop addressing people who are illegally in this country as “Dreamers”. It is insulting to us, legal immigrants. I am a legal immigrant. So I am not a Dreamer?  Should I return my visa to the government, go back, and return illegally to be called a “Dreamer”? Join at

  • contrerados

    I wonder how they would write and pronounce Papua New Guinea...

  • John Smith

    I love seeing snowflakes panties in a bunch. You have a shithole show buddy and when 2020comes around and hes re-elected you will be sooo sad.

  • OHM

    trumpzombies are the worst animals ever !!!

  • Noorjahan Khan

    ‘The WH is working overtime to make sure the president is working...anytime’ 😭😂😂😂

  • Epistrophe Monk

    Afganvilbabil. Capital: Kimbilaytil.

  • Daniel Graham

    Good use of Disney animation there, Colbert

  • webduelist

    Dreamers and liberals....... Immigration reform is going to require bipartisan legislation. The only way that is going to happen is forcing the issue and making someone look bad if a deal doesn't happen. Trump is trying to get you Citizenship, DACA had no path to Citizenship, this ends with you getting citizenship...... but no because its Trump your against it. Congratulations, your celebrating a judge telling you, you can stay here but you will never be a citizen. While the guy saying figure out how to fix immigration, give you citizenship, and lock down the boarder is the devil......


    Don’t even get me started on hati

  • usernamedkjah

    I've scanned a labia or two...

  • diane whalen

    Finally some good news

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