Trump Condemns The 'Disgraceful' Raid Of Michael Cohen

Following the raid of his lawyer's office and hotel room, the President called the FBI a wide variety of words like 'disgrace' and... 'disgraceful.'

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  • James Burgess

    It's more hilarious that Trump calls this a "witch hunt" when half of the people going after him or checked off on raids, either he or his administration directly appointed them. Instead protecting him, he's surprised they're protecting the constitution.

  • arthurneddysmith

    I’ve said it before: Trump literally sees himself and synonymous with the USA. He thinks an investigation into him is like an act of war against the entire nation.

  • seeamerica1

    Even before the election anyone paying close attention could predict that the GOP would slowly dissolve just like the WIG party

  • Fixo Music

    He left his soul on the bus 1:26 :D

  • ScarlettP

    Lmao "threaten pornstars by telegram"

  • maria I

    Trump's modus operandi on display. He repeats the word disgraceful in order to affect and control perception of events. He's all about that. The DC spinmasters are jealous.

  • Imperial Advisor Arem Heshvaun

    I need to know, which is Galino which is Farnes? Is Farnes the sexy one?

  • M Leibs

    I guess Trump is a witch! Who knew?

  • Shadow Heart

    "They may kidnap him to jail". I lost it.

  • kijiji93

    As great Robert mueller is with his investigation, the unsung hero here is rod rosenstein a republican hand picked by trump HIMSELF yet he’s the one that basically got the ball rolling for the Cohen raid to happen...rosenstein’s interests lie with protecting the constitution and not trump which is a relief

  • Andrea Roll

    technically speaking, if Trumps gets impeached or ends in jail he would at least fullfill his promise to drain the swamp

  • Dark Arts Dabbler

    A lot of the trump supporters are acting like the FBI is a liberal organization or something. Do these simpletons not understand what the FBI is/does?I read some idiots comment about how the police are going to arrest the FBI after this. Like really? How dumb can you be?

  • Ana Diaz


  • James Burgess

    Now I see why liberals don't use the chant, "LOCK HIM UP!"We wouldn't know which person we're talking about, that's a list of at least 30 people.

  • waltonsimons12

    Trump will finally be able to build his border wall, what with all the bricks he's shitting.

  • Captain Obvious

    6:16 That guy who asked Trump was a plant lmao. Trump never repeats questions before answering them, he wanted everyone to hear it again. Lmfao that whole question/answer was staged.

  • Jenny Gavin-Wear

    The sooner Trump is arrested the sooner the USA can start to regain the worldwide credibility it won with Obama.

  • Raoul Radio

    Every sentence Trump speaks contains at least one falsehood or outright lie. Trump's the disgrace. And he's destroyed his own credibility.

  • pyro lopez

    Looks like Trump Better Call Saul!

  • SpyengoEen

    "Disgwace"Jesus, he actually is a toddler

  • Andrew Owens

    What's even funnier, while Trump whines about the fact that the FBI "broke" into Cohen's home, Cohen himself said that the FBI were very respectable when they arrived. Can anyone spot the contradiction there?

  • Sindollx666x

    They broke into his office! Lol I seriously can't get over that gem from Trump. Effing ridiculous!

  • a Washington

    So, if you go on a "Witch Hunt" and find a Witch..........😏

  • Justin Huang

    The only thing disgraceful is how low Dumps has sunk the country

  • David Hammer

    A witch hunt? Someone should tweet the pres and ask him if he'd be up for getting weighed against a duck to see if he's truly a witch. If he really thinks it's a witch hunt, then a witch hunt is what we should give him.Meanwhile, in reality.... Let Mueller be. Let the man do his job and give us his findings. God knows he's one of the few men left in Washington with any sense of truth and integrity.

  • justalurkr

    Weren't no-knock warrants part of the Patriot Act? Or was that just sneak-and-peek? If they were, a Republican dictator wannabe is getting his butt bit by a dictatorial law a Republican pushed. Oh, the irony.

  • Steve G

    Ironic how he campaigned on the principles of law and order

  • Terrie Smith

    Trump=JofferyPence=Little Finger Kelly=Tywin Lannister

  • sooph1e

    "Men realizing he left his soul on the bus" .. Yeah, an Access Hollywood bus! LMAO

  • Wolfram Stahl

    Trump has the best words... word. He has the best word.

  • greekgirl209

    Trump taken down by a porn star would be the best!!!

  • pilotrt

    Oh, I will relish the day when Rump gets led out in hand cuffs. You will hear the collective clapping of the world when this clown gets taken down!

  • Kim Jong Fun

    Fun Fact: During the FBI raid, just out of habit, Michael Cohen tried to offer the FBI $130,000 to keep the whole thing quiet.

  • DaTAiM

    people usually cross their arms as an defensive posture if there is something scary/intimidating or sth. to hide.. now look what Trump does when the reporter mentions Mueller. 6:18

  • Dalí_Hemingway

    James Comey saying that DT behaves like a Mob Boss is an insult to mob bosses.

  • Coastfog

    One more "welcome" and Stephen would've gone full John Oliver

  • Cancun771

    Kudos. Stephen has really perfected the Trump hand gestures Tony Atamanuik talked about when he was on the show.

  • Sovereign Sentience

    Donny time to hire Galino & Farnes

  • Ashley Smith

    One of the best Colbert segments yet. His glee is palpable!

  • John M

    I have to say Colbert has got the best Trump impression in the business. Priceless parody.

  • Paufit

    I wish it was a witch hunt, fill his pockets with stones and throw in lake. If he sinks to bottom he is not one, but if he floats he is. Then you burn at the stake...

  • Kim Jong Fun

    I love how this "witch hunt" just keeps finding out more and more wicked witches.

  • Plink Plonk

    Clocks ticking hillbillies, better get an extra batch of moonshine brewed up

  • Conflict Of incest

    Mike pence silence is deafening

  • flamboyantstudioscom

    Hey Stephen, please consider not showing video of the idiot so much. It literally makes many of your viewers sick to their stomachs.

  • CatLady MB

    "It's a disgrace.""It is tremendous...""Like no one has seen before.""Trust me, believe me.""Well, we will see what happens."The only lines he knows. Very sad!

  • Romantic Outlaw

    trump probably ok'd the paperwork for the raid without reading it 😂

  • Ryan L

    Trump crossing his arms is a sign of defensiveness and fear. He knows he did something wrong, Nixon did the same thing.

  • Emperor Napoleon

    My porn name shall be Buck Naked.

  • Conor Mc Kernan

    OMG his impression of Trump is amazing LMAO

  • Xakkef

    If the subhuman pustule that is the president actually knew what "disgraceful" meant, he would have dropped out of the race.

  • Jessie Soul

    Thank you, Rod Rosenstein, for you service to this amazing country. And I never thought I would EVER say that about someone in this administration.

  • joebaseball17

    So where's the comedy? Oh yeah, it's Colbert... Just more hate for Trump.

  • Tsriel

    Firing Mueller at this point wouldn't help. It would only incite the FBI even more, appear as a stark admission of guilt, and basically guarantee impeachment if not also imprisonment.

  • Deja Voodoo

    I bet Trump is planning a feel good rally in some red state right now. Screw the conference in Peru, I'm going to play golf in Florida!

  • Yve Parizz

    It's a disgrace... a total disgrace... a disgrace... I think it's disgraceful... a total disgrace... It's a disgrace.... #trumpsONLY5words 😂😂

  • Robert MacCaull

    Used a warrant? HOW DARE YOU BRING UP FACTS!

  • Neil Silverstone

    Oh this is a witch hunt but trump's stupid birther movement wasn't. He's getting what he deserves times twenty, all narcissists do.

  • Neice

    The FBI are not criminals they don't have to break in with a legally signed warrant!!!!!!!

  • John Robinson

    Trump can't even do FRAUD well. lol

  • Infinity hurd

    When are they going to come for him, so we can try to repair all the damaged he cause this country.

  • Mike Mullen

    Doesn't have Trump have a lawyer who could explain this to him? Oh right....

  • Warren NZ

    So Bill Clinton gets a blow job (that doesn't harm anyone except Hillary when she found out) and gets impeached but Trump commits one serious crime after another and is still in office?WTF is going on America???!!!

  • Eric Brinkman

    Don't give these guys ideas!! I promise you there is an attorney right now thinking about how he can work without a fixed address!;)

  • steven ewart

    I've been in a coma for 14 months. How's trumps presidency going?

  • Mike Bastoni

    this kills me more all the Republicans approved the raid they want Trump gone

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