Trump Condemns The 'Disgraceful' Raid Of Michael Cohen

Following the raid of his lawyer's office and hotel room, the President called the FBI a wide variety of words like 'disgrace' and... 'disgraceful.'

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  • Tom Riddle

    Is it great again yet?

  • Rocky Rocky

    I hope we are getting close to getting ready impeach the Racist Pig trump.....Thank God......

  • Leeanne Bishop

    The way Trump is acting about everything is because he know hes screwed so he lies and covers up everything not relizing that some people are to smart to fall for his lies and BS lloololollooll

  • Michael Hart

    Publication sexual database modify buddy contact operate toward shock brilliant.

  • Ejb954

    This show is a embarrassment to the American people imagine how this hack makes are country look to the rest of the world.

  • juice monster

    This guy ever coming out of the closet?

  • Leeanne Bishop

    The constitution is what protects the people from scumbags like trump and he clowns but the US has been blinded by money, cheating ,by lying corrupt politions the more that leave the more he puts in it just shows he’s running scared watch it trump they are coming for you .

  • Totally Nameless

    Why does Stephen constantly refer to her as a porn star? The fact that she is a porn star is irrelevant. She's a woman who was threatened with violence if she didn't keep her mouth shut. It's degrading to treat her like a joke rather than a person.

  • Ben Arnona

    Not to mention unhinged, and easily triggered, and manipulated.

  • Amelie Caron

    Purchase commission trick advocate twist weekly urban dangerous budget Senate wave.

  • Zach Kleine


  • Marilyn Newman

    Speak for yourself. I'm 72 and I've been on the internet for 20 years. I also have a degree in computer programming.

  • Chuck Longino


  • T higgman

    This is lala land. So filled with hate and desperation that people are pretending that Mueller and Co. are seeking to protect the Constitution. It's frightening what people will convince themselves of. None of you obviously give a damn about the Constitution. You're sick. Btw, where did Occupy Wall Street go anyway? Ah yes. In lala land the billion dollar corporations care about gays and blacks and people in the government care about the Constitution. Again, you people are sick. A bunch of grunting tribalists dancing around your dung fires.

  • jo-jo volkswagen

    I know ... the porn star won't take me to be on the films for sure ...but I still have open mind for any business ...because they are all brave and talented ! I admired all of them .. or don't you ...or you have only the negative option only ...and you already great and the best in the world ....really ?

  • jo-jo volkswagen

    The world know very well about the vampire Dracula story ! Do you know how Dracula feel ? Do you have any sympathy or feel want to give some kindness to Dracula life who have been working for everyone in the world but people misunderstand him...curse and afraid of him , and want to kill him bury him in the basement forever in this life and next life ... such s poor duke!

  • Chuck Longino


  • Josue Pina

    It makes no sense. It involves dying? Do that. Anything.

  • William Wallace

    I will believe in America again if Trump actually sees consequences for ANYTHING he's done so far... so... yeah. I dont believe in America and am not likely to in the future.

  • William Eaton

    3 months later Trump is going after Cohen himself...

  • Trev Mac

    Trump owns all of you losers

  • Lesley Leith

    Trump Tethered, well, the Brits did a great job with the Baby Trump Blimp, I’m sure they’ll come over and let you all play with it.😻😻😻😻😻😻🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  • Corcon

    Witch hunt? Kinda like that whole wiretapping fiasco, right?

  • Leeanne Bishop

    Trump the dodo king he wallows in it, I think the US better wake up before they lose everything trump is going to prison more evidence has been found everyday the people will get answers when the time comes and when the investigation is done and if trump tries to stop it he will lose the PRESIDENCY he touch mueller because he protected by an act, so come stump try it and see what happens, hey Giuliani go crawl back under your rock old fart your useless. Geez another trump crook added to trumps corrupted legal team. Mueller blow them all away. Lolololol

  • Zaid Quraishi

    I really hope US gets a new sane president.. if he stays for long, he's gonna start world war 3

  • Brian Holmes

    The only thing that liberals don’t realize about this is that they aren’t doing anything illegal. Steven Colbert and other democrats act like this is some sort of big deal, but it really fucking isn’t. It’s worse than high school drama!

  • AHDBification

    Would you prefer Trump impeached or to govern from federal prison? I'm kinda on the fence.

  • signalfire6

    Throw a bucket of water on him and watch him melt.

  • He1artliving

    We all are poor and shithole people so we can’t be graceful to trump’s family and ministries.

  • MaxTheEverything7

  • cyninbend

    That ad was the best! Cohen could be their 3d partner...tho they might need to get some new skinny jeans, loafers, and ditch the ties. Then, grab their Starbucks, light a cigar, and find a chair on 5th Ave...or was it Park Ave where he and his buddies were hanging out when his lawyers could not answer the judge's questions during the hearing?

  • Vivian Stimpson

    If you have more (or less) hair than you know what to do with, never owned a computer, like to golf, are into building walls, are senile and 71 yrs. old, try running for president of the USA !You just might win !

  • sartorian darkstorm

    i wonder just how much evidence is needed to get a president kicked off his position

  • Todd Brooks

    the american people don't believe the biased fake news brodcast across most tv channels nowadays we will keep voting for change after Trump's second term. It's like this people" hillary can't lose the election" they say, WRONG !!!!! we have been lied to time and time again from the media their days of manipulation are coming to an end. they are all worried about the sealed indictments and are still trying to crush the american spirit before they are sent to jail

  • Ben scott

    pervert trump make it sooooooo easy to make fun of him , a orange joke and those who voted for him ,lol ,lol

  • Adama Koroma

    Didn't he claim he have all that money plus more in the bank!? If he was that successful couldn't he have went to the bank and retrieve the payment without suspicion? After all he claims he is a business man 🤔.? What more do you want to know about him?!!!. He's a scam 😡.

  • joe dell

    America is a continent not a country, we the people who lives in this continent are tired of how the name america has been kidnapped by the united states of america(uniteds staters)please call yourselves the right name, united staters(estado unidenses or gringos) and leave the name america alone. Name your country something else like Gunland, bombland, Godland, well, whatever....

  • Anko Ranko

    The man who left his soul on the bus LMAO 😂😂😂

  • Kvyn Gmbyr

    I love Valspar Products

  • Libby Cumberland

    “Up till now his been tethered” 🤣 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • JusticeNLiberty Happiness

    Colbert is being hired by the elite media to rally the democrats back on the "plantation" agenda, The democrats want to enslave the people, give them food stamps, housing, cheap medical supplies, take away free speech, take away the guns so you cannot fight back, make people dependent on the party and the government, once the liberals get into power again. and If the people up-rise then they will have another group like the KKK fight again, or the military if they are in power. history will repeat itself. The democrats were the KKK, read your history..The elite liberal media will tell the party what to think who to vote for. As I get older and see this play out, it's going to be really interesting to see how the liberals will fight, lie, cheat and continue to abuse POWER.Look at the top democrats like schiff who said he saw and had proof of Russia collusion, real proof, but he didn't think the memo would come out and it did, NO proof! , President Trump WAS A REAL EYE OPENER, we will see if President Trump can expose the elitist corruption that Obama breaded. Look at Holder and the others, look how hard they are fighting. Only guilty people say and do the things he is doing. Democrats would do and say anything, it's corruption like we have never seen before

  • Erich Altekalt

    Tar and feather as a first warning then stick him on a pole, head down and rectum up.

  • Ben Arnona

    It's o.k. though everybody "Tweety" bird will be in a cage singing like the canary he is. Trump is such a moron, and everything he does just makes it harder for himself to prove his claims of innocence. For the record I'm non partisan, and independent, and just want a president who puts country over personal interest, and does the job we elect them for, and not disgrace us, and act like some clown on a reality t.v. show. It can be a candidate from whatever background America can offer legally. None of that party stuff matters to me. Heck if I ran I'd promise to try not to make promises that I couldn't keep, and look out for the country as a whole while respecting our relationships with other nations. Of course I would never run for office after this disgrace of a fool trump gets through tarnishing everything this country stands for. I mean who'd want the headache of repairing his damages?

  • HorzaPanda

    Haha, that last bit is slight nightmare fuel. Some sort of Innerspace type thing, with all Trump's vital staff living inside him XD

  • HorseMuse

    Love you Randy Thrust! Good name Will.....(Shakespeare in Love ref....for Millennials)

  • Daniel Brown

    I need to hire Galino & FarnesThose guys are totes legit 😆

  • Tony Gunk

    Trump = defending CohenTrump (4 mo later) = Cohen is the worst lol

  • Liza Aragon its 2019 and nobody has done nothing regarding Trump's corruption.

  • jo-jo volkswagen

    I am about to die in the fire anyway ...since u know where we live ., please ... come visit anytime ... I will prepare to get the 2 American flags as you request ...if u want

  • Marcella Furtado

    colbert i love you but your trump impression sucks

  • Ben Arnona

    B.t.w. Mr. Stephen Colbert if you wanted to ever use my nickname for trump tweety bird in a joke one show that'd be awesome, and an absolute honor. Of course so would a reply be an honor. Wow that really sounds like desperate brown nosing lol

  • Mind over matter

    I was never more entertained and sick at the same time time ever since this administration has taken office. Just cant wait for this to be over.

  • Victor Vontrap

    the fact that cohen has turned turncoat makes you see this clip in a different light

  • Tina Saenger

    Let us start this New Year off right. Get rid of Trump.

  • l-_- Merlaut -_-l

    Trump watches this and turns to the secretary he is currently sexually harassing."Tell the Secret Service to let a short bald guy and a taller guy inside when they come... I need their help to hide my own corruption".

  • Divya Sasidharan

    Those guys r so good

  • gmkbelanger

    I really don't think that I could love Stephen Colbert any more than I already do. Not even if he gave me money. Go, Stephen, you're making life sane for us in the middle of total insanity!

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