how to manipulate and read people(machiavellianism)

48 laws of power =
The 50th law =
the 33 strategies of war =
the prince =
the art of war =

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  • red pill psychology

    the clips are from "the Mentalist", for a deeper understanding in machiavellianism i recommend reading the 48 laws of power,The 50th Law, 33 strategies of war,the art of war and the prince by Niccolò Machiavelli, i have added the links in the description

  • Universe Inside You

    Really amazing channel.

  • James McGregor

    "Two things define you. Your patience when you have nothing, and attitude when you have everything." Good work .

  • Nick Sikes

    Another way to develop wit is to make friends with those who are fluent in sarcasm.

  • Notice the Know-it-All

    #1. Master Subtextual Communication#2. Think More Logically #3. You Must Develop Wit#4. Emotional Intelligence #5. Cold Reading#6. Superficial Charm

  • Hector Nonayurbusiness

    Man I loved the mentalist

  • Carles

    Sorry but English isn't my first language so it's pretty hard for me to understand your accent...

  • Alexis Higuera

    But the real question is, why is Ernie from George Lopez in jail?

  • NovaNation

    he manipulated me to sub

  • North Owl

    "The dark side of the force..."

  • Brahyan Sanchez

    You learn all of this in the hood.

  • Jay Bando

    I learned this by myself

  • First Last

    Also helps to have a TV show and a script and a producer to make you look articulate and clever.

  • Mohammed Mangera

    Can hear that SA accent thick and strong. From Johannesburg, Keep up the good work bru

  • Kekoa Kawakami

    Good god the narcissism in these comments is ridiculous....🤦‍♂️

  • RockRobb

    Your channel should've earned more subscriber, you are genius! But for a moment, under-rated...Keep up the good work, dude! Good things come to those who wait :-)

  • Deadly Nuggetz

    This is the video I've been waiting to see for a long time. This explains (without being creepy) why I pay close attention to people's action and then try to predict what they're gonna do next. I look at what they're wearing, their moods & reaction in different situations, hear what they're saying. And then in a split of a second, I'm feeling what they're feeling by putting myself in their shoes. It's crazy how that can feel. I'm aslo charming so that helps me to get along with people and I often adjust my behavior according to who I'm talking to but I often (90%) get along with many people. This helps me gain their trust and it gets to the point where they tell me their craziest thoughts and truths about themselves that they rarely tell anyone. This video explains how I naturally am, it's crazy. I just need emotional discipline because it intervenes with the process and many other things. That's the disadvantage if you're naturally like this. I'ma read the suggested book and see how that goes. Oh, and You've definitely earned a subscriber. 👍

  • Tony

    The Mentalist is a hack TV show, not real life which is not that simple.

  • Terry Mangan

    This video is for people who like to pretend to be smart.

  • THE87069 BLOW

    How can I get laid bru...?Bru?😔🙏🏼

  • Durka Durka

    I'm a compassionate person when it comes to other good people who are compassionate as well and have empathy. On the exact opposite side, I use these techniques on people who are scumbags, extort what I want, exploit them for what they are etc. However, I'd never do that to a good person.

  • obsolete professor

    My grandmother would say "I can't predict the future but I do know who the players are."

  • JDAWGstone

    This shit is dangerous. I've learned these things but have also watched myself go through great pain when I noticed I became someone I wasn't. Tener cuidado. Take caution. Have pure intention. Love everyone.

  • manau mohamed

    can you suggest a book for more détails

  • OK-DUB

    Red Pill, keep up the quality work. The stuff you post is unlike others

  • John cena

    Is the guy speaking south african?

  • Chris Partlow

    machiavellianism is nothing but intellectually justified sociopathy

  • Jetpack Rorschach

    Machiavelli was a psychopath who thoroughly enjoyed the suffering of others, and even talked about how he loved to see innocent people being punished with being sawed in half from the groin up. The people who employ these ideas are simply training themselves into becoming manipulative sociopaths who prey on others for a sense of self-satisfaction.

  • you know i had to do it to em

    i don't need this, i watch rick and morty

  • tentimetex

    But if you tell everyone this information on youtube videos then the techniques will not work anymore because everyone will know about them.

  • Andy LJ

    I've been practicing listening, observing to become more empathic because it actually makes me feel also good. You're able to forget about yourself and your ego and to be present with a person you're listening to. I had no intentions of manipulation but now people are often just magnetically drawn to me. They are also willing to listen to me more if first i am open and listening to them so my relationships get better. What matters here is the intention. If your intention is to improve your relationships, really understand each other, it's good and you will inspire instead of manipulate. If you're intention is to control people through this, the karma will give it back to you. Simple as that. So never intentionally manipulate a person.

  • Declan1337 Nufc

    Why is this in my recommended section

  • JDAWGstone

    Emotionally abused upbringing can definitely make these tendencies a very seductive way to communicate. Just make sure you are getting help if you need it. You are NOT alone. People love you even if you aren't perfect. It's hard to get that across people's stubborn and bruised skullz

  • AntonioKowatsch

    Hey man, like your ZA accent :P

  • Mthunzi Mapatwana

    Reading people is not nice. You become too aware of everything and everyone, once you've mastered this there's no going back.

  • A Atom

    I have a friend who can hold in his emotions when someone is screaming in his face, but when doesn't have that face to face confrontation he lashes out ex: road rage, doesn't speak up in the work place. He also lashes out to his family and friends very easily even though he is right most of the time. He lacks control on how to speak. What does this mean?

  • Sannie

    I understand Reading , but why manipulate people?

  • JDOE Doe

    people who think this kinda shit works, always end up being the guy everyone think is autistic. theres a reason why you see this on movies and shows only. the only thing that truly influences anyone is money and power. thats it.

  • Steffen Olsen

    What movie is that taken off??

  • Dave-Jill Nelson

    That was a waste of time ...

  • emmet gundaski

    the person in the thumbnail looks like Linus from Linus tech tips

  • Bronx Native

    So I just happened to see an ad before this video started on that movie geostorm . It’s insane the way they try to condition us with these videos I mean I know haarp is a real thing that controls the weather but now more then ever they’re more in your face with it .

  • Gev G

    The fakest people portray no emotions.. you are humans not robots. Live like a human

  • Nikola Ivanov

    Interesting video. It makes me wonder though, is learning to manipulate people so as to have power over them the best way to develop as a human being? The video doesn't mention anything about the purpose of having this power. And it certainly does leave you the impression that you want to use that power to help people, not to harm them. But we do this all the time already. Constantly trying to outsmart each other in order to gain some sense of self worth, some sense of being special. Where had that gotten us? Really? In reality, we already are special. There are no two people alike. Isn't time to see that in ourselves and others? To protect and nurture that and not to take advantage of each other but to treat each other as the human being we are.And lastly, the video seems to imply that you can go through life manipulating people in that way and they will be none the wiser. It's not true. We may not relise it with our thinking mind but we feel it when someone wishes us harm amd when they wish us well. Sooner or later we will know. So the idea that we can learn these tricks and manipulate our way in the world forever seems absurd to me.

  • pale blue dot

    Issue with this its impossible not to 1 be manipulated 2 be emotionalSadly following these tactics. Can make you easier to manipulate.As well as a slave to your emotions.You must be able to fully recognized an objectively view yourself in order to do this that means recognize your actions of things like vengeance as a manifestation of anger. Ect

  • Punch Line

    Yea. This guy knows wasup. Awesome. 48th law n all like death note

  • Jame Jameson

    Though i cannot stand how pathetic and degenerate this type of thing is i concede it is good to know in some circumstances

  • Stalkerx13

    I can read people like a book, does that make me a socialpath?

  • Origin of Consciousness

    Only an idiot believes this type of video

  • thiery572

    I need to be more fake (superficial charm) and less trusting (less naive). But I don't know how to do that.

  • Liam Attwells

    Hey dude, glad I came across your channel. Super indepth thought you've put into your videos. Definitely not for your 'average bro' as they would watch these videos but not be able to implement the techniques. Curious, who coached you in this type of psychology? It's not something you'd learn in school, and by the sound of your age your to young to have learnt it through life experience, well, not all of it at least.

  • Yassir El Badr

    There is this one thing I do sometimes I go out of my way to win an argument even to give fake information also I easily and effortlessly manipulate and convince people I just dominate them by articulating,speaking clearly, using a wide variety of vocabulary and basically just taking the next step by their current attitude and reactions to me speaking....This is a skill that has come in handy MANY times in my life I'm afraid I might be a sociopath or a narcissist without even knowing can anyone help?

  • Raving Mad Man

    Learned this natrally as a survival behavior. Being in an orphanage and then a strange culture where no one looks like u, depreate times call for being able to read threats.

  • Chris Burton

    people being read and accused of something will never openly admit it. remember that also

  • Assisted sleep

    You're South African so am I 🇿🇦

  • Some guy

    Damn, took my brain a while to process all this

  • Armando P.B

    I cant use superficial charm. It feels evil and manipulative.

  • Blades O Grass

    To master it you just need to look at the high functioning sociopaths, psychopaths and narcissists, you'll learn a lot 😎

  • Nicolas Caron

    Dude you make natural social life and instincts into a science with lists and charts and data that requires "constant in-field analysis and calibration", you're sad.

  • Jeff Mansfield

    These Machiavellian Type uploads scare me.....I naturally do these things because of the outside lookin In type of upbringing and the "inside looking out" life experiences...Plus Im a consultant in a very primordial Tribal Political atmosphere...Thx, these uploads are GREAT!

  • Ema Kyabi

    Wt are the vids names you putted in this video?

  • propellipää

    Macchiavelli was wrong

  • Matthew Porter

    its Orson Scott Card not orson scott

  • Chris Ii

    guess what I am an anti machivillian. I destroy machs haha. I'm really good at this

  • Neil Hood

    I hate Trump but that Rosie O'Donnell one was gold.. dykebitch

  • I'm Puppy

    This is so me right now, I'm adapting this personality and technique into my everyday life, is that a good thing?

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