Why Socrates Hated Democracy

We’re used to thinking hugely well of democracy. But interestingly, one of the wisest people who ever lived, Socrates, had deep suspicions of it. For gifts and more from The School of Life, visit our online shop: https://goo.gl/mQYmze
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“We are used to thinking very highly of democracy – and by extension, of Ancient Athens, the civilisation that gave rise to it. The Parthenon has become almost a byword for democratic values, which is why so many leaders of democracies like to be photographed among its ruins…”

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  • edgar ramos

    This video wasn’t 4:20 so I couldn’t blaze it but did find informative value

  • jose juarez

    This type of democracy is neo liberalism and neoconservatism this not real democracy

  • Clayton Murrell

    Good thing the USA is not a democracy, its a republic

  • Ronald Achille

    The problem is ignorance and greed. Democracy is only as good as the people who participate in it, and if it fails, it's a sign of the failure of society as a whole.

  • Dragon Rider

    Wowwww... great explanation.. great

  • Silent Sword

    This isn't a case against Democracy. It's a case against Demagogues. Even people who are educatable on a topic can still be misled by false information, fanfare, etc, and that includes everyone. Yes, you, too. The question becomes how to arrange things so that those who are voting (and are doing so regardless of whether one thinks they should or not) have more interest in learning the topics. Here's where it gets ironic. My conclusion is : Cartoons.. (call them animated shorts) to explain issues, in detail, because people just aren't going to read a legal proposition or anything that dry. People are smart enough to decide things... therefore cartoons so that they may better decide. On the downside, we may need some demagogues to popularize democratic education;)

  • Mohamed Kenawi

    Great presentation.. With power comes responsibility..I wish if you could mention that Hitler was elected too by the populist public.. I believe a prequisit is a high school diploma.. And, mandatory basic finance, economy, business, and investing classes must be integrated throughout all education years leading to a high school diploma.. (like rich dad material)

  • Jonathan Critchlow

    Your bias is showing through, but there's irony in your message. The majority of the Left is in fact made up of the younger demographic, while the older demographic tend to be more conservative. Therefore, more life experience will help to constitute one's wisdom. The age should be lifted for voting requirements. So, I agree with Socrates.

  • Joe Gaspari

    This why the US has the Electoral College.

  • Knighthoodlington

    This is somewhat true however what if someone corrupted the test in favour of there version of Political intelect.

  • FV Make Up Chile

    I'm really impressed. i had this exact same though a while ago and didn't know socrates had it too.

  • Cristero Warrior

    Dr. Trump does have a nice ring to it but he is also The candyman

  • elaakso 00

    It was Plato who disliked democracy, not Sokrates. He wrote his dialogies with Socrates as the main charecter, but the ideas were Plato's, not Sokrates'. Sokrates loved democracy and died for it, even though his friends offers him an escape before the execution.

  • Jordan B

    So then republicans take this logic and keep the masses uneducated in a pay to win system that perpetuates ignorance on both sides.

  • Deb Clato

    Can someone explain why we can’t watch politicians on camera, 24 hours, and hear every word! 100 percent accountability for our democracy!

  • MyDear Gamer

    i dont think he hated democracy per say, he just saw the flaws and got stuck. He hated that he got stuck, how can you make people who arent smart enough to give up their right to vote, you cant, you shouldnt. If you put the people to answer tests, who makes the tests, with what worldview? Will you score people depending on their political understandings or ideologies, how is that score fair to the individual who had less resources to collect the skill. Can school teach actual politics with facts and history without ideology ?

  • Jex Cala

    If we did a literacy test for voters, a lot of people would become upset about that and they'd never allow that, simply because both the Republicans and Democrats depend on an uneducated population that knows very little about politics, which is how they were able to stay relevant, even in times where they nominated highly controversial figures, as apparently, hardly anybody was intelligent enough to go for another party outside of the dominating two, and instead simply didn't vote at all . I don't value democracy because it honestly promotes societal biases and a lack of competence in governing, but we keep it because it's least corruptible, as it's not just a few people controlling everything (or at least in theory; that's a different story in reality). While the best solution would be to require people to have really high education standards, but again, political basis' will not allow that to happen, as most of the Republican political activism is supported mainly by drunken, sexist and racist rednecks, old people who hate changing times, and superstitious/religious people who isolate themselves mentally, and the Democrat's, being supported mainly by ghetto colored people, overly sensitive college kids, and women who blame men for every issue in their lives. Hell, people in the United States don't value democracy, because they really just do it out of sheer tradition and habit and don't really bother to try to understand it, like going to church on a Sunday, and most people don't really vote anyways, which is why they continue to vote for the same parties over and over again, only switching between the two main parties once every 20 years or so. I find it hilarious because it's all bullshit, and I can't wait for 4Chan to fuck with people again in the 2020 elections to once again expose the bullshit that's deeply enrooted into the American consciousness, and thus, elect Trump again and have people panicking and worrying, only for nothing to really happen again and people to just go along with their lives because they don't really care, and nobody does; so long as we have what makes us content, like our media, pleasures, and the ability to do as we damn well please Point being; Yeah, sure, we can raise the standards, but question being; would an intelligent person really care? because last time I checked, there's a difference between an environmental scientist and a hippie, and people who do politics prevent issues, but intelligent people like scientists and engineers solve problems. Like how you couldn't use a car if you were drunk because of a politician until a scientist came along and made the car self-driving. And people who're dull will be content so long as there's sex and entertainment in their lives, so they're not really interested either. Thus, meaning that politics is honestly dead. Much like how Nietzsche once declared God to be dead under a similar context, where it's only still alive because it's entertaining because it's a societal tradition, promotes social hours, and gives us the thrills of feeling powerful and taking on "them" while defending "us". And this is coming from a guy who spends all day behind a computer screen to talk to kinky and weird people on Discord and shitposts memes and plays video games at the middle of the night while still attending high school, so don't take it from me. Hell, this is going on the Youtube comment section of all things because I was *bored*, so y'know. You choose your slice of pie or sip of poison, however you wanna look at this and take this. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Rae B

    . . . wow❗❗ you had an opportunity to enlighten people and offer a logical solution but sadly due to your ineptitude and lack of analyiticle thinking you completely botched it and got it wrong, why do you even bother dude if all you can do is mislead people into further ignorance?? He didn't hate democracy . . .

  • Mcface

    Donald Trump has helped to bring peace to Korea, prosperity to ALL Americans, and stopped funding radical murderers in Syria and Libya.he has done more for the good of mankind in 2 years than Obama did in 8

  • Holly Wood

    American democracy is a non existent joke

  • Jeremiah Murphy

    The United States is a republic not a democracy!

  • TheChosenSquirrel

    Service guarantees citizenship !!!

  • fede jenkins

    living in argentina i cans say thats true

  • Richard Bothington-Ashby

    I agree, my country, the UK has been fucked by the retards who voted for brexit.

  • Nietzsches Moustache

    Crappy education system: makes me think of my country Sweden which have been destroyed by the social democrats.

  • Logical Beast

    Once I saw Obama as one of the pictures depicted to represent democratic leaders, I stopped watching. The worst President in U.S. history.

  • Susano

    Socrates is right but its just like saying we shouldnt allow mentally ill people to get there hands on guns that is obviously true and there is precautions to do just that but it is impossible to make so a mentally ill person will never get there hands on a gun same with it is impossible to determine whether or not someone has thought through there choice for there vote and determining such a thing would be impossible based on the fact that your assumption of there unthoughtful voting choice will be based on ur subjective choice of voting for example people may think the people that voted for trump was unthoughtful therefore they dont allow them to vote but the trump voters will likely think the same as the hillary voters for example u basically need a non human intellegent creature to determine this without problem but sadly there seems to be none of those present and willing to atend

  • B Johnson

    So the educated voter is the best case....but who does the education?University faculties that deny opposing views?CNN or FOX, which one?And what of the illegal vote that cancels the legal and informed vote?Why is identification (voter ID) decried as "voter suppression"? And what chance of "education" not being framed as "voter suppression" as well?There are those who enjoy the uneducated vote and are willing to protect the environment that maintains the production of same.

  • James Shiflett

    Couldn't help but notice that this video wasn't published when Obama was President.Personally, I think anyone who receives a paycheck from the government shouldn't be allowed to vote. Direct conflict of interest.And besides, we don't have a democracy in America. We have a constitutional representative REPUBLIC.

  • Mark Joseph Lugtu

    Very true here in the Philippines

  • Tigerlilly Pearse

    That’s exactly why I find it so difficult to vote.

  • Haziq

    That's why in school we should be thought about politics and how government works

  • Brian Jones

    All systems have flaws! But I prefer an absolute monarchy.

  • Gavin Millar

    I must say that at the time of Socrates, the doctor them would seem like the better option. However, looking back many ancient practices would now be seen as crazy to modern doctors, so perhaps the candy shop owner wasn’t that bad back then, but today given the same philosophical question we would say the doctor is better, well maybe, candy shop owners are “small business owners” and that always a positive word in political campaigns. The whole situation is just ironic...

  • Joe Curran

    This video has attracted some horrible commentors.

  • AmericaFyeah1776

    We elect sweet shop owners because only sweet shop owners get into politics. Any ‘thinker’ worth their salt will gain more recognition and money in the private sector.

  • Bilal Ayub

    always hated democracy but no i know why.

  • rex mundi

    American elections often prove him right.

  • Adrian Lusvep

    I always thought this was obvious.

  • erravi

    tyranny of the majority

  • Harry T.

    Smarty pants intellectuals think they can turn negroes and mudslimes into white westerners. You haven't made your case that the "betters" of society are any better at running the ship.

  • Councilman Les Wynan

    Well, I'm glad I live in a Constitutional Republic

  • XxDemonicGamer

    How amazing to see how relevant Socrates is even to this day.

  • Karl Wytoldus Janis de Voorsbergh

    Also, like 90% of women and 98% of negroes shouldn't vote.

  • Okie Joe

    Thankfully we don’t live in a democracy!

  • XxXVideoVeiwerXxX

    Doctors don't run.

  • cynicalobserver

    Because poor or uneducated people also get to vote

  • Damion Copeland

    This perfectly describes the political situation in America right now

  • cameron burke

    I wish i didn't agree with this bit I do...

  • Hunter Vogl

    Democracy can work beautifully, it just has to exist alongside good education instead of the system we have now that produces idiots through education and keeps them stupid through society as a whole. Democracy takes work to maintain.

  • hijo de puta

    0:22 democratic values and leaders of democracies: margaret thatcher and obamahaha yes

  • Seth Maskovich

    This is why the electoral college exists.

  • V R

    Land owning property tax payers: the way it used to be. F the free sh!t army.

  • Surya Tjandra

    Democracy = democrazy

  • Vikrant Kulkarni

    Just one word is enough to describe this logicGenius....

  • robert juker

    amount of times that democracy has worked... count with me meow kids..... 0

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