Why Socrates Hated Democracy

We’re used to thinking hugely well of democracy. But interestingly, one of the wisest people who ever lived, Socrates, had deep suspicions of it. If you like our films, take a look at our shop (we ship worldwide): https://goo.gl/mQYmze
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“We are used to thinking very highly of democracy – and by extension, of Ancient Athens, the civilisation that gave rise to it. The Parthenon has become almost a byword for democratic values, which is why so many leaders of democracies like to be photographed among its ruins…”

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Mike Booth

  • ziah Reid

    There should be a test on basic economics and the systems of government, that a person has to pass in order to register to vote.

  • Lau Kyle

    Am I the only one who thinks that there should be a basic test for every registered voter before voting.Giving a vote to someone who has no idea how the society works kinda scare me.

  • Jochem van Oosten

    And who decides who can vote? Very dangerous idea.

  • Emperor of the Interweb, lord sausage of mash

    perhaps the price of freedom is occasionally making stupid decisions

  • Nicole Leah

    "I Love Democracy. I Love the Republic"Senator Palpatine

  • blackvalley007

    Trump is the living example of why democracy by birthright fails.

  • David Harrison

    That title is a bit shitty. Socrates didn't hate democracy, but rather questioned it.

  • Medna Luka

    Guess who decides the education material to keep people voting for those sweet shop owners?

  • Zach Iremonger

    We cant exclude anyone from the vote. All we can do, is make sure to teach people how to think for themselves and detect bullshit. There should be a class in school called bullshit detectory.

  • Garrett Seno

    If you're taking human stupidity as a given, then I can just as easily take human corruption as a given, and assert that those in charge of the government could make the criteria for voting something that'd reassure their own power. That's why the voting criteria is so basic, it views corruption as a greater threat than stupidity.

  • Druinkisk337

    Aristocracy = Rule by the BestPlutocracy = Rule by the RichOligarchy = Rule by the FewPeople seem to get these confused. Moreover people seem to be confused by the nature of Monarchy and Tyranny. Tyranny (as defined by Aristotle) is when one rules the country for the good of their self, whereas Monarchy is where one rules for the good of the country. We (in the western world) have forgotten the virtues of Monarchy, being too arrogant to look to countries like Oman, which in the course of one King has gone from a land of civil war into an indisputable Golden Age. Monarchs differ from the likes of politicians, because instead of future citizens reaping the results of their decisions, a monarch's own bloodline inherits it. There is a clear reason for them to only want the best for their country, in both short term and long term.

  • Arshbir Singh

    this Socrates guy kinda made a good point

  • Crunch

    "We're used to thinking highly of democracy" well I live in America, hopefully one day we will have democracy. I can tell you we don't have it now. I don't care what they claim. We have only the illusion of choice. Our government does what the rich want and that's it! This country was stolen from the indigenous people's of this land and sold to the highest bidder.

  • randomjester

    Socrates had a point. We now have Donald Trump who was put into power by uneducated, inbred rednecks.

  • Robert Theiss

    what an ironic death, being condemned to die through a democratic mob. Point proven I guess.

  • Ty Odle

    I just realized something, Democracy really isn't as great as I thought it was. I mean look at my leader, it's Donald fucking Trump.

  • Michael Calibri

    There are 2 types of stupid: those who know too little and those who know too much. The latter are never wrong.

  • Michael Kukis

    I like how democrats and republicans don’t realize that presidents don’t matter and there victims of a divide and conquer technique created by elites that really rule the country.

  • Raghava Reddy

    In INDIA , the same problem is going on.

  • Hassan Eskirjeh

    is this taking into account the representatives of each state in the USA that ultimately vote for either candidate?

  • pawbard

    If you aren't seriously considering alternatives to democracy you aren't politically in touch.

  • Lucas W.

    I've always said that uneducated should not breed nor vote


    I wish if Socrates was at least my neighbour

  • PyrrhoVonHyperborea

    @druikisk337Aristocracy / Plutocracy = Oligarchy = rule of the few(fixed that for ya)It's all the same. Some with a more optimistic projection, some less so; in "plutocracy" said few are defined by their property/wealth; in Aristocracy, at least in accordance to later interpretations, those are defined by birth-rights (idealy/naively: defined by their aptitude to rule/lead); the meaning "rule of the best" roots back to Aristotle, by the way; and he, also, said that from each of the 3 major forms of government, there are two occurrences (and no sure-fire method to guarantee, if it pans out one way or the other); it's politeía + democracy, aristocracy + oligarchy, monarchy + tyrannis. (rule of the many (good and bad), rule of the few (good and bad), rule of one (good and bad))To put it simpler: in aristocracy, few hold power; in oligarchy, also , few hold power; as oligarchy literally means "rule of the few", consequently, aristocracy is just a sub-category of "oligarchy"; and judging by the transformation of the term, there really is no way to ensure, that this more optimistic version would come to fruition... .please inform yourself before spouting nonsense!It's not "people" who "get these confused", it's actually you who does not understand, where they are connected; Dunning Kruger!"We (in the western world) have forgotten the virtues of Monarchy," <facepalm> wow, that was stupid... beyond believe! You learned nothing from Aristotle . . .In an ideal world, one ideal king makes the right decisions for everyone, rule un-tyrannically and with the best at heart;in an ideal world, the few, who are most fit to rule, will decide for the best of the whole (1.), and everyone (2.) -- and not abuse their privileges;in an ideal world, the many will not be a mob (democracy; later referred to as "ochlokratie"), but a rather well-informed and [politcally] engaged community (politeia)... but that's not the world we live in! - and Aristotle cared more about the latter, than all fancy ideas... it's symbolized, in that famous painting, the School of Athens, where Aristotle's teacher Plato points up into the sky, the firmament of ideas, whilst he himself points into the plain, to facts, to science. In reality, the lofty ideas never pan out like we hope they would, and as such, it's better to expect the worst. The famous saying, that democracy was the least of ills, roots back to that idea, as it is described, amongst the 3 negative outcomes, to be the least damaging; -- as a bad form of rule-of-the-many still makes for a better outcome, than a Monarchy (/Tyrannis) or aristocracy (/oligarchy) gone sour....More damaging to knowledge (and truth) than the liars, are the half-wits, the half-informed, the opinionated ideologues, and wannabe-sagessighLet me put it even simpler:Democracy = ochlocracy = politeiaAristocracy = OligarchyMonarchy = Tyrannis.Ultimately it's just names; and the political climate and genetical lottery (birth) will decide, if it will be of the "good" variety or the "bad" one; or of the "bad" one under the name of the "good" oneUltimately, I am rather with the outspoken republican Machiavelli on this one... too many thinkers after Plato, inspired by Plato (not by Socrates, other than this pseudo-informed video claims!), are anti-republican Dionysiokolakes . . .

  • Indrid Cold

    Democracy is great if manifests itself as a true communism. If it manifests itself as an oligarchy, the wealthy are the dictators. If it manifests itself as a Capitalism, those with control of the most money are the rulers and the capitalism inevitably decays into an oligarchy. If it a fascism, the power is all in one person and nobody has say. If it is an anarchy, all may kill each other and not be held liable.

  • Rene Purcell Wiltz

    Thanks for making this present day political! Jk

  • AJEK Gaming

    That is one of the best videos I think I've ever seen.

  • Piotr Mittag

    "Why Socrates hated the system that doesn't exist for over 2 thousands years" here, fixedKeep in mind that what we have today would not be considered democracy by ancient Greeks. Not in a slightest.

  • Benjamin Scheunemann

    The death of Socrates should be just as sad as the death of Jesus..."for thinking people"

  • GDI

    The ultimate demagogue: Trump

  • James Everson

    Voting should be a privilege, not a right.

  • Luke Storhelm

    (((Democracy))) is an anti-natural concept which allows half-man half-ape creatures to have a say in the most important matters of society. It allows the worst possible scum to take power.

  • Biggest 23

    The irony of trying to imply that that Trump was the modern equivalent of the wealthy Hellenic candidate offering sugary dreams, when Trumps platform was the stark opposite of the financially illiterate socialist Bernie Sanders promising all manner of freebies to his inexperienced voting bloc, or the corporate brown noser and lucre hungry death dealer that is syphilitic Bills bitter spouse.

  • NiknaF

    Socrates was NEVER AGAINST Democracy... where did you get those false information....Socrates was the EDUCATION of the citizens in a democracy...a democracy that should start from young age (Since a child) and reach its completion until the age of 50 to 55 maximum...So that together with education an experiential experience can be gained At the same time as the maturation of the mind...#Stop_fake_info

  • curtdawg

    That's an excellent question that we should thank socrates for asking and it should be something we strive to answer. And to supplement his question, how do you get a group of people to govern in the interests of the many? Something we have to realize is that there is no perfect system. There is no way to weed out greed and arrogance. Therefore we can only find ways to police and limit it's occurrence.

  • LA Savages

    this is how trump must have come into power. very interesting.

  • Husam Mirie

    Democracy is an Elusion

  • BarringtonDailey

    Education can't fix it. There is such a thing as genetic determinism, not everyone can play in the NBA, and sending dumb people to college does not make people any smarter than sending short people to NBA makes then taller. John Lock was wrong, there is NO Tabula Rasa, trying to make unequal things equal is bad as Aristotle pointed out.

  • Ioan Jordan

    With dictatorships comes revolution, from revolution a civil war which leads to a broken state. That is the result of the lack of democracy

  • Napoleon Bonaparte

    Globalist propaganda as usual with this channel

  • Carlos Fernandez

    Wow, Good thing America is not a Democracy, or else we would have a lot of problems. Just remember, America is a Constitutional Republic

  • reiwell del

    The idea behind democracy is to prevent a more sinister evil, to prevent a system where the chosen few have the power, regardless if they are educated.The solution is to educate your citizens, so they don't vote for Bush or trump and know better to push for candidates they believe are capable.

  • Kat

    I didn't even read the comments and I can imagine people crying "trump"

  • Mr K

    Who else thinks that this video would never exist had Hillary won? It's funny how the "media" and journalism are no longer about seeking the truth but about serving ideologies.

  • Seth Louis

    Historically do we know if this is actually Socrates? It is only a representation of him in Plato's book. How do we know the actual Socrates?

  • Deepak Sharma

    Democracy is not perfect and more reform are needed.

  • Bhavesh sinha

    Demoracy sucks Republic which must be ruled by law and the constitution not by Majority rule and Minimal Goverment

  • Matheus Bitencourt

    I hate democracy, the problem is that most of the people like it, which proves that democracy doesn't work.taxes are theft

  • Vincent Jones

    Just blame the jew, you can't go wrong.

  • meghan couture

    and now Donald Trump is president

  • Fox Vulpes

    And who shall decide who is "wise enough" to vote?

  • Loveisallthereis22

    This is truly weird. I used to do much more traveling outside of my country and insistently and consistently told those who would push me to vote, I didn't think it was fair or wise on my part to do so. I hadn't been keeping up with the candidates and there was just too much I felt unprepared to take part. My countrymen would taunt me with words like unAmerican or unpatriotic. I do study a lot more, but I still feel unprepared.

  • James Manzano

    This is why Trump likes the uneducated people. They vote for him, although, I am not against him. I am just thinking.

  • Sammy Angel

    That last bit took me out of what was a good video. A doctor would be able to win such an election easily by pointing to the negative effects of eating sweets over time vs. the cures only he has been able to provide. An effective doctor would argue, using reality as his proof, that he extends life, and too many sweets shortens it. The problem can't be analogized so simply as that; it isn't doctor vs sweetshop owner as much as it is lying doctor vs truthful doctor. And people's inability to tell between the two.

  • Dalimil Lazan

    One of the best videos I have ever seen, since that is what todays world needs, more educated people and a little bit of voting restrictions. Problem is, how to make a good test, for getting voting right ...

  • Δονάλδιος Τράμπιος

    Socrates didn't hate democracy this video is propaganda

  • werrec01

    I like the concept of your video however I get the sense you're just trying to make more anti-Trump rhetoric...nice little slide there @2.56

  • Stan Nicolae

    All these communists in the comments complaining about democracy but they cannot se the flaws of communism? Sometimes I think there are more smart people on channels about cycling and other hobbies than on channels about philosophy, because the wannabe intellectuals think too highly of themselves.

  • Rowdy Green

    I believe in a wieghted education based vote. Before you say "college kids are idiots" thats not what I mean. A system where the voters take a voters aptitude test based on a persons knowlege of the government. There the wieght of the vote would be determined by the score. Thus making the educated votes more value.

  • SkyWalker Uni

    please This is bullshit . Never been a socrates, or any of those so call greeks ..plato ect. They never existed in human history. Do your research.

  • Joshua Solomon

    democracy may even be educated, but it is only educated to its own desire and length. plus within its own structure so it isn't utilitarian nor can it make reservations for ethical decisions and empirical knowledge cannot stretch to persons only individual and moral concerns arise and its all the time. it is a neat idea but leads always to failure.

  • Ken Upton

    How does a doctor make a better representative than a sweet shop owner? Are you assuming the sweet shop owner is an idiot? or is there some other assumption that I am missing?

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