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“Most people agree that we need to improve our economic system somehow. It threatens our planet through excessive consumption, distracts us with irrelevant advertising, leaves people hungry and without healthcare, and fuels unnecessary wars. Yet we’re also often keen to dismiss the ideas of its most famous and ambitious critic, Karl Marx. This isn’t very surprising. In practice, his political and economic ideas have been used to design disastrously planned economies and nasty dictatorships. Frankly, the remedies Marx proposed for the ills of the world now sound a bit demented. He thought we should abolish private property. People should not be allowed to own things. At certain moments one can sympathise. But it’s like wanting to ban gossip or forbid watching television. It’s going to war with human behaviour. And Marx believed the world would be put to rights by a dictatorship of the proletariat; which does not mean anything much today. Openly Marxist parties received a total of only 1,685 votes in the 2010 UK general election, out of the nearly 40 million ballots cast…”

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  • Lawrence Eric L. Taer

    No. Here's the thing, Capitalism isn't perfect but it works for us. To say that "we can fix this wrongs of Capitalism and build a utopian world," is hell. Lenin tried this, Stalin made it worse, Mao showed us how "Great" a "leap forward" Communism is. Hundred of millions of people died for crying out loud. All of it was predicated on the notion that goods should be given to the people without working for it. It's like saying we should all depend on the government, because we can't feed ourselves. How incompetent is that? And to come out and say competence is a bad thing, like seriously, how stagnant can you be? Competence pushes us forward, to say that it's wrong to be competent is like saying we should all be Nihilistic about life, because we can't compete with other people. The Marxist idea is wrong, because it's an ideolog that encourages people to just let gold fall on their faces without having to work for it. Life isn't a utopia, it's suffering. To force or enforce utopian ideologies to human beings is just impossible. It's against our nature, and our nature is to move and explore. A utopian world where everything is "good" is just life with no purpose at all. There's no struggle, there's no moving with it.

  • Ender Angel

    Wow this comment section isn't filled to the brim with butthurt capitalists? Am I right? ...Communism > capitalismOh and I suggest you don't read the "replies" that will eventually start flowing in...

  • Arnab Saha

    May you please make one on Vladamir lenin.

  • john Johnson

    imagine a world where everyone has an Iphone XR ..... It doesnt take you long to realise how messed up that world would be

  • Kris Pugmire

    Kinda strange to think Karl marx will never know that his book caused the death of over 400 million people and the fall of empires

  • Sietse Van Overstraeten

    I like how much people DO NOT AT ALL know what normal socialism is. I don't know if it's only Americans but it surely seems like it, they go like: Oh? You pay an extra small fee that goes to people who are in a high need of it? YOURE A COMMIE YOU KILL SO MUCH PEOPLE AAAAAA AUTISTIC SCREECHING

  • Tom Jensen

    This is the most biased "unbiased" video I've ever seen. He talks about communism as such a good idea, but fails to mention the 100 million people who were murdered by their government in the name of communism and equality because they wouldn't give up their beliefs. He says capitalism is theft, but fails to mention the theft and death committed by communist governments taking land and goods away from the people to give to their own political elites and then to redistribute what's left to others so they can wait in a line for hours to buy bread. If you read the communist manifesto, he boldly states that the property belongs to the people (which really means the government) and that all religion must be destroyed. How do you do that without being a brutal dictator? The truth, is that the murdering dictators implemented communism nearly perfectly as dictated by Karl Marx. He didn't want equality, he wanted complete control to make society fit his utopian dream. This is a lousy video on Karl Marx and the ideology that has murdered over 100 million people in the last century.

  • TurdBirdFord

    If i say communism is bad i get replys like your dumbIf i say capitalism is bad i get replys like your dumbLets say communism is bad

  • Abso Lutely

    Im sorry i cant in good faith continue subscribing to your channel. You largely downplayed the effect marxism has had on this world and that bit at 8:35 about how marx's work was a keystone for "the most important ideological movements of the 20th century." Cmon. Those important movements were quite possibly the most lethal in human history

  • Zuyos

    Socialism doesn't work

  • EliteSam

    If I bought it, it's mine.

  • OrphanRug

    8:35 Most important? IF murdering and starving ur own population was important then yes.

  • StrannEho

    The author distorts the theory of Marx.Most likely specifically, but not because of ignorance.

  • Kirchesch

    Your all slaves from your own capital

  • Cold Wave

    In capitalism the cost of an employer employing a person is just a price determined by the market, exactly like any commodity. What follows from this is the treatment of humans like property, the notion that humans should be bought to serve someone. Their time and effort is meant to be subordinate to the will of a capitalist. This is some pretty fucked up shit. How people can continue to support this fucked up, shitty ass economic system is beyond me. It's like some kind of religious bullshit to think that we humans can't have a better alternative to a system that subjugates the individual to a large group of authoritarian institutions that take the product of our labor.

  • Andrei Maltsev

    haha Marx is a salty loserso is Lenin

  • Yousef Albasir

    Look I think Communism is doable. Much like what Marx had said (paraphrasing): “A proletariat thinking in capitalism knows only thereof because that is what the bourgeois has taught him.” In other words, you can’t comprehend communism if you’re thinking like a capitalist. And how does a capitalist think? The incentive is to gain wealth for individualistic reasons. To become wealthy fast and own all the trending items. However, in communism the incentive is different; it’s all about the betterment of the community. “From each according to his ability. To each according to his needs.” The one whose needs are fulfilled might be able to fulfill the needs of others. Basically, if most people were altruistic, and sought to work to improve society than just themselves, then there wouldn’t be as much of a disparity in the needs of people that is present in the U.S. today. Also, there wouldn’t be the issue of excessive surplus because we’d know, to some extent, what peoples’ basic needs are: food and water, clothes, shelter, safety, etc.Ex: A surgeon needs tools to operate on someone who’s ability is to produce surgical equipment.

  • Antoni Kudlicki

    To equalize people's outcome, you need to STEAL their deserved money from them. You also need people, who will redistribute money of others. And they need to be paid. One of many problems is that REDISTRIBUTION DOES NOT CREATE WEALTH. It makes as all, us Churchill said "equally poor". The next problem is big government. If government selects who's going to have money, totalitarian regime begins. Do you know what does rich people do to maximalize profit, with all their money? They don't keep it, they don't swim in coins, they invest. Then new factories and companies appears and new work space is made. More workers needed -> concurension -> higher salaries / lower product costs.Capitalism is the best system ever made, because in full capitalistic country you must do something good for others, in order to have something good for you.

  • ToxicUser

    Capitalism really isn't the best, but to say Communism is better is ignorant. Capitalism will stay as the best choice until some better system is made, and Communism won't be it.

  • Tre Reed

    It all sounds great on paper but this system hasn’t worked ever and won’t work ever because it is so primitive and leaves no room for innovation and growth it chokes itself in the end. Actually the most worthless system discovered

  • Kaepora Gaebora

    Can I be a communist, and a capitalist?

  • Caeley Tucker

    Im being forced to watch this

  • vmoutsop

    How can it be not obvious and apparent that this philosophy goes against every fiber of human existence. It doesn't work, it never has and never will. It's too idealistic for the masses and their is always the elite who are ultimately in control. It's just another framework for power. No one who learns history is doomed to repeat it, as is happening now in the 21st century. My parents were children of the depression and WWI & WWII, this is what they and generations of people fought against and the world has thrived since the the late 1940's only to have a bunch of sniveling baby boomers, millennials and the French who created the EU try to destroy it all with collectivism. May God forgive them for they do not know what they do.

  • :D whoIam

    all is all, Karl Marx is just a hippie with critical thinking and good wordings

  • Anab Keenadiid

    Marx was good at critiquing capitalism and highlighting the flaws of the system but his alternative (marxism) is/was a pipe dream.

  • moserr11

    who would advertise on this? Profit is theft??? WTF? Who can support this...come and get your bullets.


    Highly misleading video. He seems to add some stuff that Marx himself never said but rather what most neo marxists believe. If you care to actually read Marx works. It won't turn you into a complete communist but rather understand the pitfalls of both communism and capitalism and perhaps come to greater understanding.

  • Kalana Herath

    Fact: Marxism is not the same as modern communism

  • joe60ise

    Democracy is the absolute dictatorship of capitalism. Why? Because if we consider that we are all enslaved to the capitalism's economy, then instead of ruling the things by itself (capitalism) through politician politics, state, society, and so on... this is the people that manages by itself its own slavery. Read Marx!

  • Lawrence Eric L. Taer

    And to think like Marx?? You mean to play the "Oppressed vs. Oppressor" game? No thanks. I'm a victim of life's suffering, we all are, but I'm not just gonna freeze and nihilistically whine about how unfair the world is to me.

  • claire baron

    Mark my words from mark ha communism will come in a big way

  • Ercan Er

    Unemployment is not freedom in Marksist theory it is the haunting devil of every economy and proper social life. If the proletarians manage to get to political power, their first task was to destroy unemployment so every people would feel they are a meaningful part of society, because unemployment also makes people think that they are useless and their lives are meaningless for the existence of society which in the end lead them to either vandalism (destructive to others) or suicidal (destructive to themselves) without giving a cause to keep their surplus living energy in check.To fulfill this task, full time jobs must all be replaced by part-time jobs so Noone will need to be consumed by their jobs or by their engraving surplus unused energy.

  • Mayacocoice

    wheather or not you agree with marxsism, one thing he said is true, we are all depressed, lonely and insecure, and capitalism has been a huge factor in that.

  • Harald Selliseth

    So much propaganda in this video, not from Marx, but from the presenter.

  • AngRepublika _

    Capitalism > Communism


    Do young people still believe this stuff. Now before I am called a capitalist whore, I am unemployed infact unemployable. But I only have one question I would dearly Love to go back in time and ask Mr Marx why he hated the Burgiosie so much. As I said earlier I am unemployable due to being disabled but my father who was a miner before Maggie fucking Thatcher decided to destroy the industry went through 5 years of the most severe hardship Britain had to offer. 2 of my xmases were spent at the local miners welfare where we were fed, clothed and the local community looked oy for each other. But after so long the men from the pit saw the writing was on the wall and just like the Prateo principle suggests some of the miners had amazing ideas for new businesses, some had mediocre ideas and some who had no ideas decided to work for those who had the good ideas. So my question to Mr Marx would be this: Why should the people with the good ideas, the men taking the risk, ie their homes and cars and parents home suddenly have to hand over everything they have built simply because some so called philosopher decides he cant get his own leg up within his own upper class bracket. Because make no mistake, if Mr Marx had a good idea the it would have been implemented and carried out. This is the biggest problem I have with so called Marxism, Why should my father who sweated in filth, toiled 12 hours a day then after being thrown to the kerb by the tories suddenly after coming up with his 1 and only good idea have it taken from him by the political class. Why? it is a question no Marxist is truly willy to answer.

  • Jordan Greenhut

    Cue USSR strawman fallacies

  • Abhishek Sahu

    All I know is that beggars can't be choosers

  • Ian

    Karl Marx was a pussy.

  • TONY

    Communism itself is not wrong; it's people who use it to exploit other people are wrong.Most of us live in a world running by capitalism, so I feel like many people just unconsciously think that communism is wrong simply due to that it's opposed to capitalism (as well as that the countries with communism are ruled by dictators; yet autocracy should be a different concept from communism .

  • shѣgorѫ

    And this, ladies and gents , is how homosoveticus was born.

  • Hồng Kỳ Đặng

    Think of Karl Marx, you often think of Soviet Union (which flat fall); China, NK (Im sorry if you Chinese see this, you guys actually dictatorship); North VietNam (Which is now Vietnam really just a capitalist state). But his legacy right a round the corner, things you take it for granted. You work 8hrs/d, 5d/w instead of of 14h/d, 6d/w you take it for granted; your kids go to school in public education instead of being exploited in industrial business, you take it for granted; woman, black people, jews,.... pride with their own self instead of being abused in slavery-like system, we take it for granted. All this things is not granted, they have to fought for, by men/women like FDR, JFK, Martin King, Frances Perkin,.... (those "leftish liberal" that is being a laughing stock and mocking in the recent). They make our world in 100 yrs from a imperial like system in to the world that more/less worthwhile living today.I think instead of brainless insult and judge you should open the book and try to understand it once.

  • Russell Dodd

    A true Marxist has no possessions. Gimme your stuff lol

  • Manali Chalke

    I liked the video but Karl Marx eyes are going to haunt me 👀😱 very creepy!

  • Comrade Swinglish

    "Nasty dictatorships"

  • Vishnu Varma

    Communism is future! Long live Marxism!

  • pari brohi

    communism is only solution of human being

  • Hong Ji Chen

    Marx and Engels were definitely gay lovers

  • Andrew Waddingham

    Karl Marx never had a job, was supported by his parents even at older ages, didnt work to support his kid, hes just a lazy thinker.

  • Hans Hansen

    Socialism has been tried and it has failed several times, it has destroyed millions of lives on its way. Socialism Works through FEAR. Dont listen to this moron on the video, he is fucking insane. Capitalism Works, you dont HAVE to be a greedy fuck to live in a capitalistic system. If you get greedy you are working towards GLOBALISM! g o fuckyourself in the breadlines.

  • Jim Troy

    And I thought we learnt from the Hegel video. After reading the comment section a really doubt it

  • Antonio G.P.

    well explained... so sad seing the comment section... is hopeless


    The only Thing that works in Communist States and Countries are: Antidepressant Pills

  • Maria Chacin

    I wonder how history would look like without Karl Marx. I’m sure millions would have had a better life. His utopia have killed entire countries.

  • momo aus

    Was Marx on lsd? So paranoid about the community that raised him.

  • Comrade Swinglish

    7:41 is Socialism. Exactly what the USSR had. And Lenin added Council Democracy through workercouncils

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