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“Most people agree that we need to improve our economic system somehow. It threatens our planet through excessive consumption, distracts us with irrelevant advertising, leaves people hungry and without healthcare, and fuels unnecessary wars. Yet we’re also often keen to dismiss the ideas of its most famous and ambitious critic, Karl Marx. This isn’t very surprising. In practice, his political and economic ideas have been used to design disastrously planned economies and nasty dictatorships. Frankly, the remedies Marx proposed for the ills of the world now sound a bit demented. He thought we should abolish private property. People should not be allowed to own things. At certain moments one can sympathise. But it’s like wanting to ban gossip or forbid watching television. It’s going to war with human behaviour. And Marx believed the world would be put to rights by a dictatorship of the proletariat; which does not mean anything much today. Openly Marxist parties received a total of only 1,685 votes in the 2010 UK general election, out of the nearly 40 million ballots cast…”

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Mike Booth

  • James Montegomery

    So many "isms". Made me jizzum.

  • gud bie

    We gonna pretend like marx and Engles didn't write adorable poetry to each other ?

  • DoopsieTootsie

    S E I Z E D A M E M E O F T H E P R O D U C T I O N


    A very enlightening video. I enjoyed it. It's so easy to label Marxism as evil and wicked, especially here in America. And it's not hard to imagine why, with dictatorships that used his ideas to empower themselves. I had once believed Marx was little more than a rabble-rouser obsessed with bloody revolution, and I'm glad this was posted soas to prove that Marx was genuinely concerned with the welfare of his fellow man.

  • niefanx

    As Marx himself and every other economist acknowledges, I think we can all agree that Capitalism is the most efficient system ever created. Note the keyword here is efficient, not free or equal. Capitalism created more value than all previous history combined because the drive to profit AKA greed is the strongest power of all built in man.Now that's why it is impossible to establish communism in one country. Be aware that communism in its ideal form is a freer and a more equal society, but not more efficient than capitalism. That means if you establish it in only one country, this country will be completely destroyed on the global market because it is bond to lose the competition for efficiency. Your industry will be crippled, your products will be inferior, and in the end you will lose in every aspect of the economy to other capitalist countries, foreign products in its abundance made by capitalism will completely overrun your local market if you don't close your market entirely, as have happened to every communist states in history.Communism is only "achievable" through an actual global revolution, not a revolution in any specific country. Marx thought the global revolution can be achieved because the colonial empires actually controls most of the planet at his time, but right now we have a world of more than 200 nation states, that chance is lost ironically due to anti-colonialism. Now the most important lesson to learn from this is, once you understand that communism can never happen in a specific country, you have to understand that anyone who advocate a communist revolution in your country is either a misguided sheep or a foreign subverter who have no other motive than to disrupt your economy. Be very aware that communism in your country will fail 100% because your economy will then lose in the global competition for efficiency and inevitably collapse just like happened in every other communist states.

  • Mike Camire

    And who gets to decide who gets leisure time and who has to work and why on earth would I work if I can just join the leisure group and do nothing all day? I don't believe you can have true freedom with socialism or communism. I am an individual, and I have the right to chose my own path and to the things I create.

  • G.D .W II

    Well we all know that Chair wasn't made in communist Russia, they were so hungry they were turning wood pulp into bread.

  • Disco Stu

    Youll never find a perfect political idea that will ever work. Its not the way nature intended. Which is why civilisations fall and history just repetes itself with more moden twist. The only necessities for human life is food, water, shelter and reproducing. Every thing else is a man made luxury and politics is just a way of controlling those luxuries. Morning, noon, night nothing more nothing less. We invent time and now humans are the only creature on the planet that worry time is running out. With the expedential growth of the human race we have become a virius to our host, earth. What we do know is that no matter what, the out come is always the same, the virius kills the host or the host kills the virius.

  • Gregory Rendall

    All the fools defending capitalism will be proven wrong in time.

  • Razvi

    Thank you for this video.

  • Terra Sancta

    Karl Marx was terrible with money apparently

  • patorikkudozzu

    If you think Capitalism can be merely "reformed" and things will just be peachy keen, read "Reform or Revolution." Rosa critiques the Socdem belief that the Revolution can be achieved via mere gradual change. Of course that doesn't mean Capitalism shouldn't be reformed, but it means that if you think the Revolution won't be necessary because we will arrive at classlessness via reformism, you are wrong.

  • Anne Tessari

    seriously frightening how naive some of these comments are. I think, if I assume correctly that most of the replies are Americans, you have no sense of history and have been truly brain washed to think you system is so successful and everything is going swimmingly. That the wealthy 1% deserve to be extravagently   wealthy at the expense of the workers they exploit is just ignorant !  So glad I live in a country that had socialist reform in the 70s and a redistribution of wealth accepted by everyone.  4 weeks Paid annual leave, paid sick leave,  unemployment benefits, disability benefits, universal health care, minimum wage. Basic human rights - that those that have more money contribute to by paying more taxes.     Sounds perfectly fair to me. I pay higher taxes than most people, but I consider that fair to help those less lucky than me.  Isn't that fair?Brain washed by the media, who have big business interests at heart, there seems to be an absolute ignorance of history and how socialist reform changed everything for the average worker

  • Ada Onur

    Thanks for this video greetings from Republic Of Turkey

  • Jean Bordes

    Des vidéos extrêmement riches et le plus souvent formellement justes:bravo!

  • alex Debroux

    What's the point in disliking a video that's simply explaining Marx his ideas?

  • Derek Changed You

    The point that really hits me is that as a capitalist society we produce so many houses, cars, electronics etc. that everyone in this country could have one but we have so many people in poverty, living pay check to pay check and theres only 1% of people who barely do any hard work but live the richest and most comfortably FROM the other 99% of people who work hard.

  • GabeN The Great

    Unimplemented is not freedom. Anyone telling you that is a heartless basement dweller with no intentions other than being a leach to the normal person. Also yes the crisis of capitalism are that of to much resource, that being said the ideas of Marxism have led to some of the greatest shortages of the modern world. Communists can say you have. Place in the world's heart and all kinds of hippy dippy nice words but that will never change what they are.

  • SgtMichalek

    wtf i love communism now

  • Justin Mohr

    Your regular unbiased approach is completely gone in this video, you presuppose the correctness of Marx's underlying assumptions with providing no explanation as to why. You sound like someone with supreme faith in your ideology. As always, if religion really is the opiate of the masses, then Communism is the opiate of the intelligentsia.

  • Taylor G

    This was perfectly described so....can someone explain the 10k dislikes almost? Uneducated folks perhaps? Awesome video!!

  • Tupactip

    One thing is for sure Karl Marx was racisthttp://warsoftherosoes.blogspot.com/2017/12/karl-marx.html

  • SuperHans

    This is a pretty bad summary of his thought. He didn't think "unemployment" was a positive good in the capitalist sense. He thought capitalist societies create unemployment because without unemployment laborers could demand higher wages without fear of replacement. He thought humans are alienated from their labor under capitalism but not that "unemployment" or "leisure" was the ideal. Rather, it's that we need a system in which leisure and labor are both enjoyable elements in every person's life.

  • Brady M

    These are just your opinions... You reference Marx's words like 3 times...

  • Liberty Prime

    Marxism was severely flawed but I perfected it

  • Ville Lindgren

    this gave me back my faith in mankind

  • Inka Tupac Amaru II

    Viva Marx!!! Viva el Comunismo!!!

  • Robert Polanco

    I gotta say that Karl Marx will remain an important figure on the question of capitalism for all ages. By the way, 2018 marks the 200th birthday of the legendary Karl Marx.

  • Miles

    I think the mistake Marxist's make is that they try to force their ideology at the state level. Instead, why not let there be low taxes at the state level and then organize much smaller and more manageable-sized communities with families of like-minded people and then pool your resources (taxes) and spend it as you wish? Grow your own food, make your own shelter, in-so-doing, not giving your resources to the greedy capitalists you often despise. This would make more sense to me anyways. Centralizing so much planning and power in one place (the state) creates too much bureaucratic corruption and leakage of efficiency. Also it destroys freedom because often when the Marxist central government is managing the choices of the nation there are many options that go out the window for the individual. For instance, in China during the 50-60's (i think) Mao forced people to move from the cities to the country side because the state needed more food resources. I can't imagine what would have happened if you decided you wanted something other than what the state deemed important. Although, I know many people were killed in that time.My point is, if you want to be a communist, start with a community, not a nation full of people with a wide variety of wants and needs. Let everyone care about their own communities. And you care about yours.

  • Samfan P P

    The point however is to change it

  • Bhargavi Suhas

    Of every other political theories out there, Marx's is the one which influenced the world (both state and civilians) to fight against the status quo! Yes, may be we haven't found the better way or even any other way, but at least we started venturing out bcz of his theory of opposing capitalism... For now there are 2 options, 1. Believe in religion and do some charity for some credits from your god. Or2. Be a Marxist and redistribute your wealth..

  • Survive the Jive

    No inherited property, no private ownership? - these are fundamental to human life. The only way you can take these away form people is with violence, and if you are willing to justify extreme violence to deliver a utopia then you cannot morally oppose any other ideology that calls for violence as the means to the end. The old Robin hood types wanted less tax, the communists want to tax people more. There's also a contradiction between the assertion that people take pleasure and meaning from their work (when they can see it helps people), and the idea that we need more leisure. Hell is an eternal holiday.

  • MagnumMuzic

    "Yet just a few decades later they did, his writing became the keystone for some of the deadliest idealogical movements in history ever." Lets just brush aside the 100 million dead because of his "important philosophy that we can learn from".

  • hillary from jail

    I think unemployment means starvation. Marx was a very cynical man. People do marry for love. People do love their work. it is for them to work and get a career they enjoy. I chose nursing . Choice is part of freedom. Hard work IS happiness. I don't agree to slavery or horrible working conditions. . BUT I do not care how much money you have or don't have. You always need to do your best. That is happiness.

  • io non ho capito un cazzo della vita

    Communism is good on paper, and better on practice

  • Andrew Leslie

    Judging from the comments section, there are two distinct types of people watching this video, people who want to learn and actually have a deep understanding of the philosophy of a marx-capitalist society and people who comment only because the red scare is still very evident.

  • David Nall

    “Socialism is as beautiful as Jesus’s promise of heaven”Socialism/ Communism is a religion

  • David York

    Marx was very insightful.

  • Rippin FATVapez

    He had me until he said he doesn't believe in private property... 2 seconds in.


    Some cold war Cunts are here just to criticize Marx.....Illiterate Whores....

  • Tanner Herzman

    well at least the Antisemitism is low in the comments.. LOL..

  • Cathal Hegarty

    He should have cleaned his room.


    Stalin, Lenin, Zedong even Marx himselfare not real Marxists...

  • iicjlmbftn111

    saint marx i worship you

  • Chitra Agrawal

    i loved this man & his ideas (y)

  • Sirio Martins

    Make one about Bakunin

  • David Nall

    8:40 “Most important ideological movements” I think he meant to say, most Murderous ideological movements. (Edit) Don’t worry kiddos, I know Fascism is just as much of a terror, but at least it’s easier to identify because it’s explicitly wrathful.

  • alex Debroux

    Saying that Marx lead to the millions of deaths in the Soviet Union is like claiming that Nietzsche lead to the concentration camps under the Nazi regime. You may not like his ideology, but taking him responsible for what happened in the SU just shows your ignorance

  • Nick Gula

    Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Disney. What do these have in common other than all being extremely successful companies. They all began in garages and were able to become some of the worlds largest companies due to capitalism. This shows that if you put effort anyone can be successful. You can’t just be given everything.

  • budsyremo

    Saying a good good bye to this channel after seeing that you people are leftists . I am glad i studied the books Ludwig Von Mises . Will continue to read more books and i will find out more truths by myself . Will have to stay away from these self help channels who might be doing more damage than good . Ideas are dangerous , there are some ideologies that a person have to call them as absolute truths , which include calling out on absolute evils and absolute goods . Marx can be compared to the mythological Ravana of the hindu texts , who became so proud of his knowledge that he could not see that he was just wrong . The sad part of our generation is that we still consider these people as saviors . If you are a passionate person , go ahead , donate a chunk of your salary to help a poor person , inspire people to work and give charity but promoting marxism ???? I feel more sorry for marxists who are passionate but delusional for they are the ones who bring evil upon nations because they are good hearted . MY take on people who love marx is that they like feeling out of the crowd , they call themselves as "intellectuals" when in truth they are just nutcases .

  • Chen Henry

    Maybe communism will become reality when AI and robots are well enough to replace labor, so human beings can be free to do whatever they like.

  • benjikern101

    This lecture from School of Life brings up an important point about the works of Karl Marx. We should not be so willing to dismiss his views without firm understanding. Communism as an economic policy has been disastrous. When implemented in places like China and the Soviet Union during the Cold War era, millions of peasants hoping for a better future were subjected to forced labor and often died of starvation due to the failure of agrarian reforms. Coupled with failed communist policy was the restriction of rights under a totalitarian regime. We know that communism in practice is ineffective but it is so naive to dismiss the whole concept of communism because of what history has shown us. As School of Life points out, we can be sympathetic with some of Marxs core beliefs such as his idea about commodity fetishism and the specialization. Marx believed that people were fundamentally motivated by material desires, the need for status and money. This is why he was so critical of bourgeoisie marriage because it was a matter of money and financial security. Love or happiness didn't ensure marriage. In Marx communist utopia, money would not be at the center of people's lives. People wouldn't need to worry about specialization and competition. Everyone would be on an equal level playing field. We need to understand this ideal and how many dictators have tried to pursue it. In other words, we must be sympathetic with Marx but at the same time be critical of the implementation of his ideas

  • green bastard

    1 is dumb not everybody cares about novelty and leisure which is an objective fact not all people are high on opennes infact it's rather a small amount of population, and not everybody is alienated and thanks to capitalism's innovation there's more ways to have novelty now.2 is fair, automation is a problem and no there will be alwasy jobs but they won't be for everone and we know a(and many) limit(s) exists, IQ3 is pareto principal, and it's not a problem of capitalism but of every system of creative production. If you have a fair system(with autonomy of indivual) and there is inherit diffrences on ability between indivuals(which there is, outside of social contructions), you will have inequaility of outcome. And there's nothing wrong with that some indivuals (competent and intelligent people studies and common sense shows) do better. as they should.4 no it's not you morons marx said that because he thought the middle class was unneccassary and that the economy running on "useless crap" or abundance was a bad thing for it, somehow... He was wrong on both of them, infact the opposites are true.And no boom and bust cycles are generally the fault of historical events, or the state as it hapened before capitalism, but capitalism is just so huge that you can see enourmous hit. The overhall trend is pretyy stable anyways...And no you morons some actually like to work, and no it's not that capitalism opresses, nature does , there is still scarcity so "we can't just share it all" that would be destroying it all, you see you won't have that abundance on socialism if you're least bit intellectually honest. This particular part of doctrine is the most toxic since it focuses on equality of outcome, rather than of opputunity... It's not even equality IT'S TYRANY I have to slave myself to others just because I am too competent for them to like...5 most relationships(and longterm relationships are so by defiton) still is based on low rather than resources, and again this is not about capitalism it is innate in females to care about the resources of the male(no doesn't mean all do, surely you understand statistics?) and there was always novelty marriages based on bussiness strategy and class. "we all would have "perfect" relationships ah if only EBUL CAPATALISM didn't FORCE people to marry based on wealth" 6 ANY IDEOLOGY OR RELIGION INFACT ANY IDEA THAT IS A STRONG PRIMARY IMAGINED ORDER DOES THAT INCLUDING AS ONE OF THE MOST BRUTAL EXAMPLES, COMMUNISM.... YEAH JUST SAY "IMPORTANT"Crticisims are rather weak especially since communism is, not only on implementation but in paper, much worse if you actually care about indivual liberty and from there inevitably and obviously property rights. It's not just that bolshevs and other dictatorships misinterpreted him, his teachings lead to that >0 consideration for indivual rights leads to outracities including justifiable claims for genocide>it's necessacity for central power makes it easy for malevolent to rise>"property is theft" doctrine not only neglects but actively violates and justifies violations of indivual rights. You own your body- is that bloody theft? NOYour fruits of labour comes from your body, hence you own it. Where the fuck is theft in that "it is theft when bob has more capitall than mee" and no actually capitalists work their asses to death it's not just workers- if so why their work is so automatable as you claim huh?>underestimating the complexity of economics, central planing is by defition impossible to function>it's denial of genetics, things do not go well when you deny the truth you're kinda uuuuh what's the word... DELUSIONALAnd no that's not "ad argumentum hooman nayshure" I mean it is, but not just "humans are selfish" no there is countless genetic realities a marxist should deny. The theory of evolution itself infact since evolutionary psychology tears it apart.Stop making stupidly reductionist hollow explanations of continental western philosophyStop being pretentious morons and stop indoctrinating meek minds with the regressive, bloody tower of bable that is communism.JUST STAPH

  • HavocSquad DropOut

    I like how the narrator takes Stalin's rule which saw the death of 20-60 million and brushes it under the rug in the first minute. Might wanna change your narrative in light of facts.

  • Yampiri Yengeç

    Türkçeye çevirenler, iyi ki varsınız. Paylaşımcı ruhunuzu asla kaybetmeyin. Elinize, emeğinize sağlık. Teşekkür ederim <3

  • A - Metsan

    First off a disclaimer: at this point i still haven't read "the communist manifesto"I find the fact that people in the comments seem to argue communism vs capitalism quite strange. After all i thought that the whole purpose of this channel was to keep an open mind to ideas you might've not considered, plus the video mostly just explains the main points of Marx's work.As for the solution to the problems with capitalism, well i find that ideally a blend of communism and capitalism might be the way forward. For instance - healthcare, an idea that most people (including me) find communist in nature. The USA is aiming for pure capitalism and hates anything resembling communism, thus it has basically no working healthcare system. On the other hand Here in Europe countries have working, state sponsored healthcare which benefits all. I can't give any specific solutions to capitalism's problems, but i think people will find that many communist ideas will be realized in time. That will happen, as an era of complete automation and mass unemployment is coming, whole industries would be completely automated and fewer and fewer job positions will be available - some people find that terrifying, i on the other hand find it terrific. I can see this era coming within my lifetime (probably not but still possible). I find that due to that era of automation, having "basic income" systems is basically unavoidable - and that, on the other hand, will definitely happen within my lifetime - because unemployment in areas such as mining and cargo hauling, and many more such jobs, will simply skyrocket within the next decade or two. P.S. I am currently studying "Software Engineering" (basically programming) and - I LOVE programming, no matter what i'll never stop making my own programs and things - BUT i would also love the opportunity to be able to make my own little experimental programs without having the pressure of deadlines and awful bosses. At the same time i think many scientists will be extremely happy to be able to do their research without having to fight for funding, but that is a lot further in the future, around the time the abundance of resources removes the need for money.

  • Space Traveling Cactus

    I had to watch the most blatantly capitalist propoganda advertisement before I could view this awesome video. Gotta love late stage capitalism.

  • TheSciFiCat

    Communist joke:"Comrade, it this the line where there is no bread?""No Comrade, this is the line where there is no milk, the line where there is no bread is over there."

  • Daniel Mcleod

    The majority of us don't have to work because we can just take it from those who work right?

  • GabeN The Great

    America is the perfect place for capitalism sense it lends it self to free thinkers who like to be self made and self supported, if I want to I can go off and take a lone, start the next apple company and be rich, I could also fall flat on my face for trying to sell snake oil, but at least I could say that I made those choices. In a communist country I'd be little more than a pesent under a king, And my dreams of greatness would remain little more than dreams.

  • CJ Dion

    Basically he felt all humans should have their own capitalist shmuck to fund their indulgent lifestyle? What a selfless man. Seriously though, I don’t see how anyone with half a brain misses the holes in Marxist logic but then again people believe what they want to believe. Who wouldn’t want a life that’s all play and no work and all goods and services are magically provided by Engels?

  • Josh Lentz

    While trying to make the case for Communism and against Capitalism you did just the opposite. So profit is theft, but a government coming to my door with a gun and taking my profit and giving it to someone else who didn't produce as much as I did is not theft? How long do you think that society can be supported? Morons....

  • Kenneth K.

    Oh man so many non-arguments against marxist critique in the comments. If you want some reasonable discussion i would suggest that you go other school of life videos. Normally this channel has some pretty good discussion, but this video brought out all the "waaaah don't criticize muh capitalism." idiots.

  • Timmy Stepek

    Name ONE successful country that established communism and didn't end up with a dictatorship

  • Willy Guuse

    Marx is a total dumbass. Obviously, the first rule of economic problems are “there are insufficient wants and needs for everyone.” Therefore, we must work for our needs and it’s not slavery; it’s how the world should WORK. If not, it’ll be a total crisis.Look at all the other countries that took socialism and communism systematically. They’re the ones who are suffering the most.

  • Kim Carlson

    So many commenters trash the idea of spreading the wealth around--in an economic system where there are more people than jobs--but completely gloss over the fact that capitalists pay workers as little as they can in order to keep more for themselves. Maybe they're exploiter wannabes.

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