Karl Marx remains deeply important today not as the man who told us what to replace capitalism with, but as someone who brilliantly pointed out certain of its problems. The School of Life, a pro-Capitalist institution, takes a look. For gifts and more from The School of Life, visit our online shop: https://goo.gl/O1tWri
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“Most people agree that we need to improve our economic system somehow. It threatens our planet through excessive consumption, distracts us with irrelevant advertising, leaves people hungry and without healthcare, and fuels unnecessary wars. Yet we’re also often keen to dismiss the ideas of its most famous and ambitious critic, Karl Marx. This isn’t very surprising. In practice, his political and economic ideas have been used to design disastrously planned economies and nasty dictatorships. Frankly, the remedies Marx proposed for the ills of the world now sound a bit demented. He thought we should abolish private property. People should not be allowed to own things. At certain moments one can sympathise. But it’s like wanting to ban gossip or forbid watching television. It’s going to war with human behaviour. And Marx believed the world would be put to rights by a dictatorship of the proletariat; which does not mean anything much today. Openly Marxist parties received a total of only 1,685 votes in the 2010 UK general election, out of the nearly 40 million ballots cast…”

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  • Anubhav Solankey

    Really love the fact that in Marxism I can do different jobs to earn money and don't need to specialize . Alienation is a THING

  • Ricardo Nogaroli

    Hi, I'm a rasileiro, I liked your channel, Congratulations,

  • Texanboiii

    Lazy ass mf that Karl Marx was. Profit is exploitation lmfao!! Nobody is forcing you to buy it, idiot!

  • blackearl7891

    Most people who live in the west who claim to love capitalism only love it when it benefits them, but when you examine it carefully they hate it more than they care to admit. It's quite cute really.

  • Benoid Vas

    To learn more please watch "Europa The Last Battle"

  • frickleberry

    Capitalism isn't perfect, but it is a lot better than most political parties with a lot less corruption

  • mtrichard richard

    Has Marx ever been recognized as an Antichrist? Either in his life or after death? Because that's pretty much what he was...

  • Luvon Li

    Capitalism allows for us to make our own businesses. Communism takes that away!

  • Jeramiah Campbell

    Unbiased-?! What a load of one-sided propaganda, in the guise of truth.A HALF TRUTH IS STILL A WHOLE LIE.Go ahead, experiment with Socialism and Communism. Head on over to the many failed countries thanks to your idiot assessment of an even greater idiot, Karl Marx.Want a good rebuddle to this moronic intellectual circle jerk?https://youtu.be/jFxWXbdqGIgTry that video. Or, ya know, REALITY.

  • W S

    Marx theory agitated people to overthrow their government by violence, to achieve communist heaven by physically eliminating those who don’t agree with their ideology, thus the dictators, secret police, informants, labour camps and persecution and violation of religion and human rights. I lived through communist rule, even after the collapse of communist party rules in east Europe, people suffer from the evil brainwashing and darkest side of human nature for decades, their crippled economy, corrupted society, Low morale force their citizens to escape to west Europe. I talked to many East Europeans working in UK and see the evil affects of communism on the lives of these people. When I learnt that Carl Marx was a member of the Satanic cult, I understood why wherever his theory prevailed became hell on earth.

  • Nick Buchowisch

    He was refuted by the Austrian school.

  • the Q&A

    “In practice, his political and economic ideas have been used to design disastrously-planned economies and nasty dictatorships. Nevertheless...”Nevertheless???

  • No One

    Wow , didnt realise how marxist i was

  • Damuarth

    new definition of leisure: make the government steal from others so you can enjoy life!

  • Andrew Millar

    The School of Life; Karl Marx took Equality and Safety and Security from Women, now women are forced to work, family is Broken. Any ideology that has to put out literature to say "Don't eat your Babies" ,Can't be that bad!!!, This is your argument. I did like the way to formulated your argument, I did listen, and was impressed with this thought. Saying that you only put half of the truth, and as a person who was tort History, and teachers, you haven't given the other side of this argument. I must admit i've been subscribed for awhile, and do enjoy your Videos. Keep up the great work....

  • Suresh Krishnamurthy

    Take the best from both for betterment of humankind. No doubt easier said than done

  • Adam Bonus

    Anyone who is a Marxist, is a frickin moron

  • A Acevedo

    Every comment here has at least 50 replies with pseudo-intellectual garbage and terms like strawman red herring fallacy non sequitur ect. Is this debate class? Must every opinion include sources and shit?

  • Sebastián Sebastián

    Fuck this guy talking and also Karl Marx

  • Matthew Paul

    this guy is a communist

  • Dean Di Mola

    The biggest scumbag in history. His brain dead theories of trying to manipulate and force society into a collective direction has paralysed modern civilisation. This brain dead theory forgot to consider that humans would run government and humans are corruptible! May you rot in hell

  • Naivegedanke

    (((The School of Life)))

  • fallenSlave

    I have a great audiobook about marxicismHere it is https://youtu.be/-4Hvj1FrNzE

  • bill adams

    The only good Communist is a dead Communist

  • 4th Dimension

    I watched this video long before I bothered to genuinely look into socialism and anticapitalist critiques. I'm watching this again after becoming a socialist and now its making a lot more sense to me

  • john tirpin

    Ok havent got time of inclination to deconstruct the first scientific investigation of the economy event though Marx never used any evidence in his scientific investigation. FFS saying work does not give the worker pride anymore tell that to miners, tell workers etc a job well done is sufficient for workers and your bourgeois sentiments are all that keeps Marxian devotion alive. finish with that worker ditty for the ages.I'm the girl that makes the thing that holds the spring that fits the thing and works the tingimybob that makes the engine rawnow that was pride in something not understood but important and part of the common purpose of that time, that is what is missing now no idea of what common purpose society has now.

  • Somerandomperson

    Marx lived through an era where monopolies ruled and workers were almost slaves. No wonder he wanted to fix that.

  • S B

    I agree with Marx's critical analysis of capitalism, even though i wouldn't consider myself a communist. You do not have to be a communist to realize that capitalism, like all economic systems, have problem points. I think that it is nonsense to pick a side. We must understand that there isn't a perfect system, and be critical of all systems.

  • Toby Plays

    With Industrial Revolution 4.0 and AI revolution we will be able to automate production and innovation, socialism will be realised

  • A Wise Idiot

    Marx's idea of work... Supposed to be enjoyable. Tell that to the Chinese in slave labor. Theory and practice....

  • John Doe

    capitalism isn't perfect. but communism is fundamentally flawed. btw the only reason you can write and debate this with your pc or smart phone on the fracking internet is due to capitalism...so bear that in mind.

  • Hmm Nolastname

    As i have been studying Marxist theory, i can see that he had a good heart and intention when developing his theory. The issue is that any power given to any man is dangerous because power corrupts. In a perfect world it would be amazing if we worked together to provide one another subsistence. This isn't the case, humanity has a natural instinct to fulfill their needs at all cost not caring who they step over. Marx accurately pointed out the flaws in capitalism but was not able to come up with a solution. This ideology in the hands of evil men became some of humanities worst crimes. oh the humanity. i often wonder what he would say if he saw what it all has turned into. I imagine him rolling over his grave.

  • Pax Americana Nationalist

    You don't have to be a Marxist, Communist, or even a Socialist to understand the problems Marx points out in capitalism. Saying capitalism has no problems is naive, ignorant, and simply wrong.

  • Ngoc Que Nguyen

    Communism can work if all the work of producing is handled by robots, resources are plenty and people don't need money anymore.

  • Guard Passer

    Capitalism > socialism

  • Flip Ripples

    Is this a good representation?https://youtu.be/mCs7suhImhI?t=8m7s

  • Electric Toxic

    Marx's critic on capitalism and its flaws are brilliant but his is wrong on how to fix it. And after a centery of ideological campaign, Marx is now regarded as a demon. Yet, Marx would come out from his grave when the Russian and the Chinese decleared they have built a communist nation. The workers did not own the production. Western institutions are smart enough to propagandize the idea that "USSR and China are communists and look at how evil they are", while they clearly aren't. This smart use of false equivance is what most people have accepted today, a simple belief that eveything associated with Marx is wrong. It is not to say, however, that Marx is correct on how to fix capitalism, I still believe a communist paradise will never be unreachable. But many of his ideas must now be examined, for example, do humans actually need to work in the near future, when automation and robotization will produce enough resources for all humans to consume. This day is not far, and we are not perpare for it.

  • Brad

    Human nature man. We are not blank slates but at the same time we are not solely defined by our nature. There is a balance to be found here. Somewhere there is the right mix of altruism and egoism and a system that utilizes both.

  • Abraham C Rivera

    Human beings are "lazy" by nature. the only reason we do wake up early in the morning and go to work is cuz we long for the reward of our labor or for the fear of being in need.. and that's what keeps our GDP going... like the donkey chasing the carrot. If i go to the park tomorrow I wanna have ppl there selling me and offering me services, not because they like me but because they have to do something for a living, if you get rid of that need then you wake up to a world with empty shelf on the stores, bad quality options in restaurants if any .. (change my mind)

  • Mary Shelley

    Nope nope and nope. Nope. Marxism is wrong!!!!

  • ShAmAnNa BeNGalURu

    Man with great forethought...... ameliorating the disabilities inflicted on the poor by the crony Capitalist ...... even if it calls for a revolution✊.... a bit radical though.....💪

  • superdogmeatmeat

    Better dead than red.

  • Sogburd Dingus

    It's society's fault that I'm not special-Socialists

  • Atesh Sharma

    Capitalism may have paid for communism but it is the communistic value that earned it ..even in a socialist society like USSR if someone had to criticize the capitalism he has to earn from whatever is prevaling at that time in this case socialism !

  • Xavier Joseph

    The problem is, is that neither capitalism nor communism are the answers to our struggles. They are both sides to the jewish coin. With either option you’re screwed one way or another. However, there is indeed a third position, so reject the false dichotomy and choose national socialism. For a brighter future for all.

  • Cpt. Sealy

    Geez so many dumb Americans and dumb Russians. Communism doesn't work and is immoral in my opinion. But all these Americans making stupid arguments oof

  • Dan5482

    Capitalism is the worst crime ever committed on this planet.

  • Frank A.

    specialized = fragmented (particularly in the realm of medicine)

  • Troy

    Communism doesn’t work, stop pushing for failure

  • James Holbrook

    What no why is this a thing do you know the definition of insanity

  • Greg Memelad

    marx was just a man that glorified and romanticized himself for being unemployed in his older years and by leeching off his big capitalist friend engels. freedom is when the people that take care of karl marx's tomb in london charge visitors money to visit the tomb

  • Zuyos

    The comment cancer is rel

  • Derick Salguero

    So having profit is theft but stealing from the rich by point of gun isnt. Yeaah good arguement. greedy priveledged scum

  • Butter Bean

    Karl Marx is dismissed mainly due to the reason that 3million + deaths that occurred in the 20th century, under the fundamental Marxist principle of the oppressed and the oppressor.(Important context)

  • Espresso Depresso

    Yeah, but can he turn purple and sprout golden wings from his sides? I think not...

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