John Oliver - Comey, Cohen, Syria

From HBO's Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.
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  • Isaiah Santo

    That last part was perfect

  • Patricia61922

    Please continue adding in the “now this” segments!!

  • Agent Of Change

    Thanks for including "and now this" I appreciate it..

  • Arturas P

    Attack on syrian regime was absurd, why announce that you will be doing it, then wait a whole week till assad can evacuate all the stuff from the warehouses, then bomb empty buildings with very expensive rockets...

  • Rishabh Raj

    That last dude should be on Black Jeopardy for SNL

  • Samantha Ly

    That fly at 1:50 was way too realistic...

  • Manly Prime

    Consumer, I've been watching your videos for years and, I wholeheartedly appreciate your work. Honestly you make my day.Thank you so much for putting up the lwt content that the official YouTube channel doesn't upload. You are the best.

  • Chris A

    I thought the Republican Party is the party with high moral standards, since they are heavily supported by the holier than thou Evangelists. Why the wife cheaters then? Is it because, the morality is only a facade? A public front?

  • OrdovicianAphelion

    am I the only one who pays for hbo but watches it on consumer's channel because HBO's mobile app sucks?

  • no3namesalike

    Guys, the laughter after "...and we bombed Syria" is not laughter at the bombing. It's incredulous or slightly hysterical, because we as Americans have so little control over our government right now. As others stated, it's all about context: the joke is that Oliver listed a bunch of insane things that happened this week, and then tacked that on at the end, as if it were an afterthought, when clearly it's the biggest and most dire thing that happened. Culturally, laughter at our own helplessness in terrible situations, particularly at parodic reductions of complex/serious issues, is a common part of American cathartic humor.

  • Nick Supapol

    “...and we bombed Syria.” Everyone laughs.

  • Christoph Hößelbarth

    Really appreciating that you also put the "and now" segment in

  • Jino DMC

    Who else got bamboozled with that fly appearing outta nowhere

  • Kids Fornia

    Thank you so much for these clips!

  • Ro G

    "Ivanka is in the shower and forgot to lock the door. Mission Accomplished!" - t'rump tweet

  • sentient8

    No true Kanye fan is ever worried about running out of Kanye references. The man has eight albums and they’re all pretty good except for Watch the Throne.

  • Nurit Morgenthau

    Hey c'mon,can't you guys just enjoy something for once? Personally, I love Ari,he's a brilliant legal analyst, funny and sharp as a whip - Together with Joy Reid, Lawrence O'Donnell, Chris Hayes and Rachel Maddow he's MSNBC's finest,imho, forget about your cynicism for a minute and enjoy the ride.For all intents and purposes, following on Twitter makes this clear, he genuinely likes rap and hiphop,not contrivedly trying to appeal to some demographic. On a related note, those clips are moe than a bit misleading,they make it look like every second sentence he speaks has a reference to that genre of music,which it doesn't and I've been watching for a quite a while now.

  • MrCrockaG

    We're really gonna start needing a Thursday episode every week where John just tries to catch us all up on what Trump has been doing. Between Cohen's raid, the pee tapes, and bombing Syria, it feels like over a year's worth of scandals have happened in a week. Way too much to unpack.

  • Ian Knights

    Just watched the whole episode, but a badly cropped version. Thanks for your usual high quality uploads.Kanye would probably have a quote I could use here, except he'd be taking all the credit

  • everettd2

    And Ari also said (in reference to the Cohen raid) the FBI "came in the door waving the 44" and I died 😂😂😂

  • pellui millen

    consensual affair..... in today's word you have to specifically state that "we had non-rape sex" i had a relationship with a porn star without kidnapping her and without keeping her chained to a radiator.

  • Boyd

    Another idiot saying "mission accomplished" Would you like some financial disaster with that?

  • Abdullah Al

    50 minutes attack from U.S. big problem. 4 years of Russia and Iran attack plus using chemical. No big deal.

  • Abdullah Al

    As Syrian I support President Trump attack on Bashar. If you complain about 50 minutes of U.S. attack, why don't you complain about the rain of bombs and constant using of chemical weapons for 3 years by Russia and Iran.

  • Sasu123456789x1

    That last part ("And now this") with Ari is freaking hilarious, I'm like who is this guy 😂

  • cpt nordbart

    Wag the dogThis movie seems to be trumps strategy.

  • RhythmGameAddict

    Ari Melber is like the opposite problem of that outdated pop culture references And Now This: he's trying so hard to be trendy and hook the young'uns with the popular music that it just can't work. It's especially hilarious that he keeps quoting rap music in particular, but to be fair, if he was saying stuff like "In the words of Camila Cabello, 'I'll never be the same'" or "About this rabbit hole of meddling, to quote a famous pop line, 'It goes on and on and on and on~'" it'd be almost as embarrassing.

  • Chrisman Exist

    And in attacking Syria we brought along friends the uk and France thanks may/macron enjoy ww3


    Syria is the new Iraq.

  • ArtGirl82

    That Ari Melber is all right, and I think he said it best when he quoted 50 Cent about Micheal Cohen and Trump's other flunkies, ‘when the feds come in the game, loyalty is limited'. Ain't that the truth...

  • d1p70

    consumer - it's been said but not enough. thank you sir for doing god's work.

  • N.k Haidar

    Did the audience seriously just laugh when he said "and we bombed Syria". Are the American people that ignorant? you guys just bombed another country based on pure allegations, without any evidence, any briefings, or anything. Absolute bullies, people despise your country for this very reason. Wake the hell up!

  • Anzac-A1

    2:34 And we all know what happened the last time a Republican President attacked the Middle East and then said "Mission Accomplished", right?

  • shannon cardinal

    It's so funny how much Ari loves RAP. Yet, as a privileged white boy he knows that no way could he ever pull it off himself (even though he's just dying to and probably does it in his shower ALL THE TIME 😂). It's nice that he admires and respects what the rappers do without trying to be one himself 😂. We probably owe him a HUGE thank you. Plus he's really good at his current job.

  • Adib BehrooziTV

    Thanks for the uploads

  • MeisterHaar

    why would you pardon this dude libby that was convicted and never even served his sentence thanks to g.w.bush? why did anybody think that was necessary?

  • TheBadFred

    This show gets lamer, like Colbert.

  • Joe Buddens Therapist


  • Sam Oldfield

    "Hey look everyone, after two years of me accusing Trump of having ties with Russia, Trump has bombed a Russian ally for reasons I know I should be skeptical of, but for some reason I'm not, edging us ever closer to direct conflict with Russia, something I am partially to blame for thanks to also spreading anti-Russian rhetoric for two years, but never mind that because here is the best joke I could strip from Trump's twitter account for the week even thought it's not very funny." - Honest John Oliver

  • GekkanShounen

    between all the republican hypocritical moral signaling/warmongering and the MAGA (Mueller Ain't Going Away), I don't know if there's any winning but that Now This segment was a victory for mankind

  • S. Bakyhnh

    "'I am not a crook' is a very, very great phrase and it should be used more often, so I will keep using it!"

  • Abdulrahman Okol

    Fu%k Assad the Chemical animal!

  • Harshita Sandhu

    This now this segment was awesome!! Seeing rap lyrics quoted in such a dry way. Priceless!

  • John M.

    Ari should be writing for The Source hahaha!

  • SuJu_Mimi

    I love Jake tapper, lolz XD

  • Henry Stevens

    putin: can't stop, won't stop.

  • Lau DeNos

    One of the greatest "And now this.."

  • Iason29

    the rapper ending was hilarious

  • Aritul

    Thanks for uploading this. Loved the Ari Melber segment.

  • theboxingchannel2

    All my diamonds shine 'cause they really diamonds

  • FavJam

    Let’s bomb more countries. It’s so fun.

  • flyingmobias

    As a wise man once said: Gucci gang Gucci gang Gucci gang; mainstream rap is so wise; definitely not inflated egos dissing others and worshipping materialism and consumerism

  • Garett James

    I was wondering they'd get to Ari Melber's rap lyrics...

  • B Naylor

    Trump has jumped the shark.

  • Rey Alonsagay

    Just another day at the "Fox News" Administration.

  • Lucas Peruzzi

    Non-american guy here: What is the meaning of "got raided?"Thanks.

  • aranphor

    Ari is a class act. :D

  • Rouzhina Safaei

    I actually thought there was a fly on my phone and I almost dropped it

  • Dave Sumner

    re-release the film "Wag the Dog."

  • Basim Al-Harbi

    4:05 Where is that background music from ?

  • Maudy

    Yo ari is the best!!😂😂

  • Mobilized Panda

    We should just nuke Syria from orbit.

  • themaster408

    That white boy loves him some rap

  • 223Drone

    Of course the Trump cult ignores Trump's comments saying the president shouldn't attack without congressional approval. To them he's infallible despite the numerous times he's contradicted himself.

  • Jean~Luc Picard

    Bowel movement accomplished! Great physiological term. Use often!

  • Johan sigurdson

    Comey is corrupt af and needs to be fired

  • LadyHashZ

    Bombing Syria and not having a plan is idiotic! Did they learn nothing from Iraq!?I loved the Ari Melber segment 3:37 lool

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