SUPER TYPHOON in Hong Kong EXTREME PERSPECTIVE смотреть онлайн бесплатно в хорошем качестве hd 720 kinogo

I walk you through an exciting and exhilarating extreme weather report! Chronicle of super typhoon Mangkhut from street level and surge, according to the newspapers, the strongest Supertyphoon ever recorded in Hong Kong's History. Exceeded the Hurricane power level (winds over 120 KMPH) with winds up to 200 KMPH I experience on my skin the power of the wind and the mood of the people in the streets. Lots of fun and excitement brought to me by Mother Nature, and to you by me! It was fun to shoot the video, and i'm proud to have done it!
A cheerful hello to all the excitement addicts out there!
  • Semangat Baru

    it dangerous, you crazzy, but great video

  • helpless confused

    I was in Hong Kong. I underestimated the strength of typhoon. The typhoon blew away my toupee and exposed my hairline.

  • Teo Teo

    Bunch of idiots out there

  • Goldendives

    Hey guys what a exhilarating adventure!! It was so much fun to go out there and feel the power of the wind! I did not even get a flu after it, I was perfectly safe all the time!! Thanks for all the likes and support!!!! I hope to have brought you some "refreshing" entertainment :)I wish to everyone to be in a typhoon, to enjoy the force of the wind...wooohoooo!!Regarding the rescue teams that I have supposedly put in danger by being out there: science-fiction, government mass-manipulation techniques. It is not against the law, entirely up to your free-will to go out and enjoy the elements ;)The lion does not care about the opinion of the zebras... LolHappy time to everyone!!!

  • Cristiano Costa

    Você é muito Loko kakaka, we would use This phrase to describe your action here in Brazil !! But I liked so much!!

  • VR2UNA

    @Goldendives You sound like an Italian.

  • Rinny Rainwind

    If you live to 30 it will be a miracle , doing stuff like this.

  • 901 750

    ワオ!クレイジー ガイズ!!!!グッドラック!

  • Cristo Marrero

    when the phone its the best friend of the any reports around the page for you? lol

  • Aaron Stilinski

    might as well just drop dead

  • Unbeknown Forever

    That's too scary... Don't get yourself hurt only for videos, sometimes it might be dangerous but hope it wasn't when you filmed it.

  • Dota Forever

    u should come here in Philippines if u want to experience super typhoon. sure ur body will be half into pieces cause by a metal flying color roof.(Galvanized)

  • aslam mastoi

    wow great job but next time plz wear helmet or any protective thing

  • Mariya Izmaylova

    Зачем так рисковать и снимать в опасных условиях?

  • pur wanti

    itu bisa buat berlindung dr tsunami bangunanya kokoh2

  • Dream Girl

    Oh now I know why females live longer than men. 👍🏾

  • GDTV

    Everyone warning him to not do this again because it’s dangerous while I actually live there and experienced every part of it.

  • Mandy Zhang

    the typhoon did not want their lives, or they have gone to the jesus.

  • Kay Why

    Wash those racist fucks away


    To bad you didn't fall in the ocean, now that would of been a video Ha!

  • Donald Trump

    I experienced Super typhoon lawin at peak intensity and super typhoon mangkhut here in cagayan.

  • lmfffaaao

    Dumbshit like this is why poor safety personnel die...

  • Genna Tuelz

    Fake, I saw the water hose.

  • Sumi25

    That looked VERY dangerous...the news keep telling people not to go out that day...i had to stay home all day coz it was super dangerous! Falling trees could hit you and waves could sweep you could have died no offense... ://

  • Alan Kelly-Hamm

    Adrenaline junkies. Its fun til you get sliced in two by a metal projectile.

  • Aaron Stilinski

    might as well just drop dead

  • BhARTi Taylor

    You maybe should have worn a workmans hat and goggles

  • Lucia Palomino

    Que degenerado loco ...en lo mas fuerte!

  • Mukesh Goyal

    Slight unlucky nd title could have been "guy recorded his own death"

  • Blue Sky

    Good video, better than the ones from the news.

  • Eddie Lo

    Don’t understand why your parents let you go out.

  • Les Fong

    You are lucky a shark did not come flying over the sea wall.

  • Peter Chan

    Mangkhut was perhaps the strongest typhoon since 16 August 1971 when Super Typhoon Rose (Category 3) hit us. But the strongest ever? Most definitely NOT.

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