HD Russian Army Parade, Victory Day 2015 Парад Победы

This is the parade on Moscow's Red Square devoted to the 70th anniversary of victory in the Great Patriotic War. Helping Russia mark the 70th anniversary of victory this year would be many CIS nations as well as guest foreign nations participating in this parade. Participating nations include: Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Mongolia, India, Serbia, and China. First time participating are the Moscow State Cadet Corps For Girls School. Taking the salute is Russian Defense Minister General of the Army Sergei Shoigu. Commanding the parade is Supreme Commander of the Russian Ground Forces, Colonel General Oleg Salokov. Music performed by the Central Military Band conducted by Lieutenant General Valery Khalilov.
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  • modelllichtsysteme

    just scrolled throught this video and stopped at 1:17:01 The power of human voice is unbelievable! Never heard such a great militay song before!

  • A Freeman

    Patriotism is good and healthy - love your country and your people and thank the soldiers who defend you!

  • James Lane

    We have this man he said he in Missouri or 4 6 5

  • lølstrass

    Beautiful just like the country! I couldn't but feel proud like i was russian even though I'm not..... I'm weird i know but can't explain the feeling i had.Love you Russia!♥

  • Jimin Li

    China Russia forever friend !

  • James Lane

    We here this man he said he is in Missouri 465

  • John Emmanuel Ramos

    25:41Parade! Attention!Prepare for ceremonial march past!Form battalions! Distance by a single lineman! First battalion will remain at above face, remainder, right turn!Shoulder Arms!Eyes to the right, Quick March!

  • ByronClips

    Nationalism is necessary for the survival of any country.Our western civilization is collapsing and it doesn't take a genius to understand why.Good job Russia, you are smarter than us.

  • 3nien

    Russia China solidarity

  • Milos Vasic

    24:00 that's it!! Fantastic!! Pozdrav iz Srbije

  • KillerFrank

    A very impressive display of strength and grandeur from a proud nation. As a proud American who doesn't speak or understand much Russian, I was absolutely enthralled with every minute of this. A fine performance.

  • Sarath Rao

    RUSSIA THE BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY WITH A FAIRY TALE AMBIANCE ALL ACROSS....and what a mighty army ..who can dare to hold this.....simply brutal.........being an INDIAN we are proud to watch these parades.

  • Matheus Froes

    As a canadian, I have nothing but love and respect for Russia, our brother in the North!

  • The Amazing World Of Potato

    love Russia from Philippines

  • Carlos de backer

    To my. Russian fallen heroes!!! They were the best!!!

  • ZS Wasa24

    Nice work Russia , respect from China

  • Marquis de Dijon

    Very impressive. There's an awesomeness about Russia 🇷🇺, that you just cannot ignore. Whether you agree or disagree with political thought, that does not dampen this very impressive display.

  • Baltic

    The Whitest Army in the World.

  • thijs hagenbeek

    Russia, one of the few country's that honors the old ways and refuses to surrender its national identity.

  • Karl Tjokro

    This parade is even more larger than the 2010 version.

  • Overlord Bozel

    Beautiful and impressive parade.

  • Jang i

    My love for Russia and Russians

  • Minjun Kim

    Ура ! здравствуйте товарищ

  • Dan Palmer

    What's the name of the march that starts at 41:19?

  • Wira Agung Yuwana

    What's the march right after tri tankista? The one before pesnya o sovetskoi armij


    Russian Army Parade Victory Day,

  • Mischa Rus

    60 Americans dislike the Video

  • tobiasf1

    could you please be so kind to tell me the name of the song starting at 47:24 ?like most of these marches, they gradually grow on me. love it.

  • Brad Dixon

    What is the name of the song that the band sang at the end....that was awesome!

  • Neal Ingram

    100% respect from me as an American. Forgive us for our ignorance and rudeness.

  • Bandsman Pat

    A fine parade with Valerie Khalilov conducting the massed bands containing 1.000 musicians. I'm sure it would be a hair raising experience to be on parade here. We in the west can thank these Russians for their sacrifice of an estimated 26.000.000 to free Europe from tyranny. Unfortunately for the Russians the dictator they deposed was replaced by one of their own who was as bad if not worse than Hitler.

  • Nikolay Ryshkov

    СУКИ смотрите что мы можем вам показать. И бойтесь того что Вы не знаете.

  • Tiger Intrepid

    I love Russia from China

  • John Emmanuel Ramos

    26:43 I've noticed that move by two Air Force battalions...

  • Can Uysal

    R.i.p. Valery Khalilov...

  • aminluqman hakim

    i fell want to cry because earlier i cant find your channel... (i just remember you name as red samurai...)since 2010 your provide me with the best V.E day parade video: with high quality + englsih subnow that i have subscribe to you.. it make easier next year.. waiting for you last edition on 2016 V.E Day parade.. tq comrade

  • Iosef Stalin

    Armata looks bad ass, but I prefer the look of the T-90 heh

  • Nicholai II

    Can't wait for the 2017 Парад Победы!))

  • 30dk09

    what's the name of the song at 1:17:00 ?

  • Lam Hoang

    USSR national anthem, wow!!!!

  • kredka100

    what the first music ???????????

  • Rogério Alencar

    Greetings from brazil to the best military parade in the world!!

  • pavel georgevich

    Слав а, делам, слава отцам, нам слава, фашизм не пройдёт. а Бендерам пиздец придёт. Сто пудов.

  • Danny G

    Please what's the song that begins at 27:28! No one in the comments has asked but it's sounds so good

  • Chives

    at 32:29 at the top right is that a camera?

  • Connor Daugherty

    I have a slightly odd question, the man doing the commenting on the Parade, stating what unit is which saying who is leading it, and giving the information, what is his name? Because I've heard the same voice for many other events, including the Olympics. I'm just curious as to what his name is.

  • Homer Simpson

    what is name of the music? 41:23

  • Farhan Nahdah

    What name song in 30:16 please, i like it.

  • momento studios

    Russia. The LAST Bastion of Christianity in Europe. Not those Whore of Babylon in Vatican Rome.

  • Marxism Sucks

    China @ 34:47. LOL get rekt Zionists.

  • Krecci

    48:45 Служить России??

  • Eyeswideopen Truth

    USA 🇺🇸 USA 🇺🇸 USA 🇺🇸!!!!!!!!!

  • Jeanjacques Bernard

    never forget,russians win ww2,uuuuuuuuraaaaaaa!

  • 楊浩

    love russia from china, glory the CCCP soldier save the europe and north china


    putin made russia great again

  • Smith left fortless

    I love Russia ! 我爱俄罗斯!

  • CaptainCool07

    2015 was a big year. We had parade in China and Russia. Russia begins fighting ISIS

  • usep suherman

    Russia my friend indonesia i from indonesia

  • infinitecanadian

    Why the hell are they smiling? It looks ridiculous! They are marching on parade and should maintain proper discipline.

  • Golub

    Respect from Serbia !!

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