Gregorian chant - Deum verum

Medieval Gregorian chant.

Title: "Invitatorium: Deum Verum"

Composer: Etienne de Liege

Service: Matins of the Feast of the Holy Trinity.

Performers: Psallentes

Album: De Liège: In Festo Sanctissimae Trinitatis

  • Yokora -dono

    .... aren't gregorian chants monophonic? I mean I get there's transition but;;;anyway this is really nice to listen to nonetheless

  • PrincessPandaTube

    Sounds like the Devil

  • Sawyer Chisholm

    0:39 OMG I think I came.

  • Anne

    idk how to explain how depressed this sort of music makes me feel

  • Marat Khazeyev

    Edo, nechceš vyzpovídat?

  • Gianvito Tortorelli

    If i think about angels armonies, i think something like this!

  • Sam Novak

    This isn't a Gregorian chant. This is an organum.

  • Hei Hei

    This chant makes me want to put on my Sugarloaf Helm and reclaim Jerusalem from the children of Muhammad.

  • Yacht Boy

    Is there a translation?

  • Michal Šídlo

    Dycky Most! Ať žije farář 😂

  • Wojciech Kwiecień


  • Trepimero

    This is so hard to chant along

  • Slim Thuggin

    This shit is fucking 🔥

  • JkTheBoss

    God is Unity in Trinity, and Trinity in Unity, come, let us worship.Come, let us sing to God saving us come before his presence with thanksgiving to him.God is Unity in Trinity, and Trinity in Unity, come, let us worship.Is a great God, and a great King above all gods will not cast off his people: In his hand are all the ends of the earth, and the heights of the mountains.Come, let us worship.The sea is his, and he made it fall into his hands, let us adore and fall down: and weep before the Lord is he who made us, because he is the Lord our God; we are His people and the sheep of his pasture.God is Unity in Trinity, and Trinity in Unity, come, let us worship.Today, if you hear his voice, harden not your hearts, as in the provocation, the day of temptation in the wilderness: where your fathers tempted me, proved and saw my works.Come, let us worship.Forty years long was that generation, and I will always err in heart; these men have not known my ways: unto whom I sware in my wrath: If they shall enter into my rest.God is Unity in Trinity, and Trinity in Unity, come, let us worship.Father and Son and Holy Spirit. As in the beginning, is now and ever and ever and ever. Amen.Come, let us.God is Unity in Trinity, and Trinity in Unity, come, let us worship.

  • Shana Toma

    Only 1090s kids remember :)

  • Ryan

    Wasn't this music in OSP's video about the history of Christianity.

  • 庫倫亞利克

    As much as I disagree with the religion I surely enjoy the music.

  • Felice Buongiorno

    Solo nella Santa Madre Chiesa Cattolica Apostolica Romana, c'è la salvezza, la vera Chiesa di Gesù Cristo. La vera Messa è quella in Latino, la lingua della chiesa. Sia lodato Gesù Cristo, Ave Maria.

  • Ian MacReth

    Who made the painting of medieval life that ends ar 7:43? One of the Brueghels?

  • Unal Emrullah

    What an amazing music, just touches the soul...

  • campylobacter

    This music turns me on.

  • Noname Noslogan

    This is Christianity. This is glory to God.

  • Black and Moonlight

    What is this song about? It's real cool!

  • Kobe Greenan

    throwback! 2019 anyone???

  • Tiziana Shirel

    Stupenda e toccante!

  • two legged raccoon

    Interesting piece. I’ve always been taught that the only harmonic intervals that were allowed in music like this were the octave, the fourth, and the fifth, yet I here some triads in this piece. I could just be hearing things but either my professors lied to me, or this isn’t real medieval plainchant.

  • S T

    Soprattutto, “più meravigliosi”...

  • TwixRelleMalamute YouTube

    This is so beautiful.Imagine walking inside a European medieval time old church and put on headphones with this majestic music. Ahhhhhh you'll feel like time traveling back into the dark ages.💗💗💗

  • angela gentile

    Meravigliosa e' un tipo di musica che trasmette pace mi fà rilassare.

  • Uqba Sultan

    I am muslim but i don't know why i love this

  • Meme master OOFS

    oh lala this is 0LD

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