Samurai Champloo - Lofi HipHop Mix • Nujabes inspired

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1. 0:00 - Chubbster - Bushido Blues
2. 4:01 - Microphonist - Samurai Champloo Nostalgia
3. 6:37 - Lupin the Beatsmith - Nujabes Eternal
4. 9:14 - Jazzinuf - Sunflower Samurai
5. 13:37 - Killa C Beats - The old goddess
6. 17:44 - Caleb Belkin - Lost Samurai
7. 19:58 - Kadesh Flow - Samurai Champloo M
8. 22:56 Rukunetsu - BattleCry pt2
9. 25:34 - MUSICALITY - Just Forget
10. 29:27 - Lupin the Beatsmith - Lethal Lunacy
11. 32:46 - Lupin the Beatsmith - Champloo ending theme
12. 35:19 - Lupin the Beatsmith - Sunset Dreams
13. 38:54 - SparX Beats - Samurai Champloo Ending Theme

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Lupin the Beatsmith-


Killa C Beats-

Caleb Belkin-

Kadesh Flow-



SparX Beats-

  • Ambition

    After you're done listening to this, come chill out in my 24/7 Lofi HipHop stream ^-^

  • Alan Freeman

    About time they put this back up.

  • lordpsmatrix

    13 years later. I still have this classic Shinichiro Watanabe Anime on my PC. Mugen, Foo, Jin. Superb animation, beautiful story, unforgettable experience.Superb work guys. I hope Watanabe gets inspired to do us another epic series.

  • barzdaskute

    9:15 that luv sic drum sample thooo

  • scottiehippie

    i wish days felt like the bright sun, instead it felt like my blade was as quick as your gun, i used to see past the distant sky instead your eyes just made me high. Nights felt cold and i knew i had already sold my soul, blood dripped down to the concrete i felt so lost without a cause.My nights were of a samurai, i knew one day i might die or just end up a lie but ky mind wraps around my own void the thing i could never avoid, i begin to feel the rage, thr twilight hits as i swing the blade.

  • Manatsu Ueno

    I never knew, until I came to the USA from Tokyo for University, that Lofi was originated in Japan. Such a beautiful genre of music. ありがとう y'll for loving Japanese culture. :)

  • xtra shit

    R.I.P. Nujabes. rest in paradise on the next level of making elegant dope shit. long live samurai champloo.

  • w0wdubz

    Im going to start to watch Samurai Champloo Because of this amazing opening to this mix track. Imma subscribe to you for you amazing work.

  • Desragh Singh

    My homie just died from a heroine overdose today, and track number 4 brings tears to my eyes but it numbs the pain, rip Luke Russ Moeller😢

  • Direct Truth

    Dankness. Excellent work. Samurai Champloo was also one of the best and shortest shows ever

  • feels like flying

    any anime which gives you the same (or similar) vibes like samurai champloo??

  • Deepsagar Mandal

    the beginning.....nostalgia heights

  • Black Angel

    Black culture dominates the world, nice beats sounds like  Jay Dilla, look at Dilla loves japan

  • Bento Majinu

    I don't know why but this music gives me inspiration to go and chase my dreams in life thank you for sharing this

  • bellakurosaki


  • Madara Zipper

    Fuu said "We will meet again"... but guys, their journey ended and never met again..

  • Fei Pang

    Love the track at 17:44!!! B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L

  • Emily Miller

    This is really great! Samurai Champloo is honestly such a masterpiece. This mix helped me finish up my homework for the week :)


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  • Skye Cozad


  • Z D

    Killa C Beats - The old goddessthis remix version just blow my mind !!!

  • bacho abesadze

    This is not going to get old , never .

  • Vinzent Lenz

    i love it so much!you would get 100 dumplings

  • Jx2

    I use this to practice freestyling thank u for the amazing sounds just beautiful

  • Znaye

    That MF Doom sample tho, respect.

  • Peter Crush

    Saw lots of people asked for it, i found a Ambition Playlist on Spotify <3

  • Nyk Ginetta

    Listened to your live today -- awesome! Keep it going Ambition -- you have a spectacular talent!! Be fabulous!

  • Corki the Daring Bombardier

    As a Hip hop enthusiast and a huge fan of Champloo these are very well made. Been freestyling to your work for the past 32 minutes

  • Tracy Walker

    Sitting here doing college work looking back on when I watched this anime for the first time it bought me so mutch joy!!! 😊

  • KrylonGreen

    Perfect music to study to, chop up some bad guys, or for a chill cypher... shit is dope.

  • Mason Sturm

    Anyway I can download any of these mixes or individual songs? Or even buy them somewhere? I don't see where I can get them on soundcloud or any other media.

  • Pete Jones

    Fitty dumplings was a good deal.

  • Dominick Fileccia

    ambition you are underrated kid! I hope to see you in the limelight man! this music made me think clearly for the first time in 3 years.... tha kyou

  • Alice Fay

    mugen and fuu foreverrrrr 😢😢😢😭😭😭💔

  • Portal

    The intro is so GooooooooooOoooOoooooD!

  • ArsenikX7 Chavez

    Wandering the streets like mugenOn a search for Destiny like a cowboy bebop we hip some hopBut like galaxies im looking for stars with gun pointed for celebratory shooting farther then the mind reach , solo samurai with feet in the sand just laying on the beach Never with a destination only decrepit bricks ,crowded streetsMerchants trying sale leeches But i stay fruitful with women named peaches , slaying this browser like bowser sliding threw peaches DM's , mario still tryna save a hoe kingdomJerusalem still waiting on the returnWait superman is alive and wellJustice league was never intended to fail but o well here we areChopping it up like sushiBattle of the gods for goodsTune the tv with circuitsBut before i get ahead of this ramblings of a circus clown freakI only wanna ride the wave like im surfing the surge of surgical rogue waves , paid in full please Just a wandering samurai in need of work , she warmed my heart but i wormed her pockets Mugen she said , i said no peace only known war , but then i forgot What was this for lol

  • Xeon897

    woah that english dub didnt sound bad

  • The Martian Starship

    I indulge in that second track till I'm drenched in positivity. :)

  • LazerFist Studios

    What was the opening words from, and if from an anime, what anime?

  • Chiller

    I have been ignoring my YouTube notifications. This is the best

  • ICKY427

    I really dig the shiki no uta bit at the end

  • Zuriel

    I'm glad you chose Sparx for the ending of this mix, it's a perfect way to end it.

  • Chris Salter

    what is the song 19:58 - 22:55? I seriously love that song

  • Zach Kelly

    much love and skill to who ever made this

  • Char Aznable

    This is like an orgasm in my soul.

  • Money Magnet

    2:00 - 4:00 is the best part. Absolutely love this, I fell in love with this shit bro, I fuck wit it

  • Jose Hernandez

    Yo man, I've just been recently getting into this type of shit and I'm so glad to have found you. You've taken my kind of chill/hop music taste and showed me a whole new fuckin' world of sick tunes. Mad props.

  • Robo knowits

    I love your station so cool

  • Levi Pro

    What is the name for the first song?

  • Noble Vagabond

    Good choice for the background pic

  • Oliver Lopez

    i can't focus with this... i remember alot of things about the show :')

  • Suzanne

    I can listen to this until I died of old age

  • M. Ramey

    Old goddess is awesome!

  • M. Ramey

    The ending is the best! Reminds me of when I was a kid, and first saw this show. Good memories.

  • Johnny Fountains

    sword of the stranger also rules

  • isa dakosta

    there is so much Culture in there: black, japanese, white. music Brings people together

  • /\/\G

    kyle D brought me here

  • Dylan Iglecias

    Subscribing to you is one of the best decisions I've made all year

  • silver tiger

    If your broke go somewhere else savage

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