Samurai Champloo - Lofi HipHop Mix • Nujabes inspired

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1. 0:00 - Chubbster - Bushido Blues
2. 4:01 - Microphonist - Samurai Champloo Nostalgia
3. 6:37 - Lupin the Beatsmith - Nujabes Eternal
4. 9:14 - Jazzinuf - Sunflower Samurai
5. 13:37 - Killa C Beats - The old goddess
6. 17:44 - Caleb Belkin - Lost Samurai
7. 19:58 - Kadesh Flow - Samurai Champloo M
8. 22:56 Rukunetsu - BattleCry pt2
9. 25:34 - MUSICALITY - Just Forget
10. 29:27 - Lupin the Beatsmith - Lethal Lunacy
11. 32:46 - Lupin the Beatsmith - Champloo ending theme
12. 35:19 - Lupin the Beatsmith - Sunset Dreams
13. 38:54 - SparX Beats - Samurai Champloo Ending Theme

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  • Ambition

    Gonna try to be more active on social media, drop a follow if you want <3

  • HipHop Samurai

    I live for this sort of jam.

  • Venum Plays

    Why English though?!? The English voice acting was so uninspired compared to the Japanese voice work in this show.

  • Kakashi Hatake

    I haven't seen this anime yet, but after listening to the music, Insire freaking will..

  • Alexander Shimrat

    Your mom brought me here

  • Tangled Tunes

    Once again I am amazed by what you are making. Your keep being an inspiration for my own music making. Keep doing what you doing! 😀♥️

  • bishery

    rip nujabesyou will be remembered

  • goodiway o

    I love smoke weed with this shit

  • Caleb Jacobs

    This is dank af yoooo

  • Mugen

    all legends die young :(

  • Christofer Sensei

    "You Feed Me & I'll Take Care Of Those Guys For You"-Mugen🔥🔥

  • mike kabora

    Awesome mix. forward to 25:22 to 25:28 and listen with headphones.

  • Conspiracy theorist G.M

    why wouldi subsribe for you NOOB!

  • YouLostTheGame97

    Happy Birthday Samurai Champloo

  • Eric Johnson

    I'm love it very relaxed help me sleep real good and think about the makeup thing what needs to be done I'll let the same time one more can you ask for

  • TylerNOS386277

    That grand finale though...

  • Jedah Dohma

    So awesome bro!!! I LIKE IT

  • TheSoulAlchemist

    I'm in love with those rhythm, really cool patterns. I cannot fight to urge to move listening to this, brilliant mix <3

  • Dainian Malcolm

    Pretty smart with the trumpet replacing the rest for the show tufli jap scene instrumental

  • Alex Hayden

    I wish I could make good music like this. Good Job

  • Gold, Just gold

    It's not about the comment section... Just listen.

  • PrisonCipher

    The new songs are kinda mehespecially that Edo rap. Kinda garbo.

  • Jeff Ribeiro

    stumbling across gems like even more fire when it turns ya on to Nujabes

  • karutsune Renns

    The beats break the harmony so badly.

  • EJBlast762

    This went from Lo-Fi to trap at 14:21

  • Chikage

    this is my new dnd pre-session music, super chill while i’m just setting up and my friends are slowly showing up, it’s super sweet

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