Samurai Champloo - Lofi HipHop Mix • Nujabes inspired

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1. 0:00 - Chubbster - Bushido Blues
2. 4:01 - Microphonist - Samurai Champloo Nostalgia
3. 6:37 - Lupin the Beatsmith - Nujabes Eternal
4. 9:14 - Jazzinuf - Sunflower Samurai
5. 13:37 - Killa C Beats - The old goddess
6. 17:44 - Caleb Belkin - Lost Samurai
7. 19:58 - Kadesh Flow - Samurai Champloo M
8. 22:56 Rukunetsu - BattleCry pt2
9. 25:34 - MUSICALITY - Just Forget
10. 29:27 - Lupin the Beatsmith - Lethal Lunacy
11. 32:46 - Lupin the Beatsmith - Champloo ending theme
12. 35:19 - Lupin the Beatsmith - Sunset Dreams
13. 38:54 - SparX Beats - Samurai Champloo Ending Theme

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Lupin the Beatsmith-


Killa C Beats-

Caleb Belkin-

Kadesh Flow-



SparX Beats-
  • Gastro

    Maybe i could like this if it wasnt dubbed

  • Kaveras

    Damnn, one of the mostenjoyable anime ive ever seen, alongside to bepop. OST, flow of the action, just most relaxing series of all time. Love it.

  • Reynold Martin

    Lost Samurai s basically books of war by Doom and RZA but with more samples

  • Phantaminum

    Hi. Im 19, i have blue hair and im weird. I have noone to talk to. I do have some friends, but i can't be really myself with them, or anyone i supose. Anyways, i love the Lofi comunity, so if you want someone to talk to, or maybe just listen to music together, here:


    holy shit this is gold


    i fucking adore some of these

  • V3l3 T0x

    13:37 The number describes the song..

  • Ken Stoeg

    This shit is tight with the Kenshi play im doing right meow.

  • Lindsey M.

    I watched Samurai Champloo when I was pretty young, and even though I loved it as a kid I know now that back then I couldn't have fully appreciated it. Having just finished rewatching it, I understand it so much more and really do love it. The upside to having a terrible memory is that I get to enjoy things I love almost as if they're new to me.Last year I heard the lofi song using the convo between Jin and Kariya; I knew it seemed so familiar but I couldn't place it. Everytime I heard it I got frustrated, but also felt sad and nostalgic. When I got to that part in the series I cried like a little bitch, which might be stupid but oh well. I didn't realize it was from Samurai Champloo and it was an amazing surprise.

  • TyphoonSwell

    It's been two years since I discovered this playlist and I still come back to it for some peace of mind. Much love.

  • Brianna Bearden


  • David H

    I got the boxset some time ago and made my wife watch with me. At first she was just "meh" about it all. When we got to the climax and it didn't look good for the cast....she was in tears and yelled at me "dammit I care about these characters!"

  • Ruel Baliar

    Whats the song at 20:00

  • Iman Saada

    just the right song for studies !!! i'm gonna beat my exam tomorrow !

  • piepiepie0101

    I listen to this when I weld. helps me a lot.

  • ιtѕυĸι

    I keep coming back here whenever i feel lonely

  • ben dover

    You didnt give credit to the right person the first song is Saturday cartoons by geerad everyone's been stealing his work

  • himynameisnotmark1

    This is the only Anime series I've actually been able to watch, absolutely love it. Is there anything else similar to this show?

  • Bubonict

    Ending animes is so bitter sweet. Cowboy bebop, samurai champloo, Tokyo ghoul, ETC. WIsh I could watch them all for the first time again ):

  • Claudia Montaña

    Just to let people know, "The Old goddess" samples a song from Ikue Asazaki called "Bokuri"

  • Ambition

    Gonna try to be more active on social media, drop a follow if you want <3

  • Masonwabe Nkombisa

    Please Help i need the title of what's playing at 20:10.

  • whitexxghost -

    i miss it soooo much...

  • Solace Creat

    The ads are strong with this one.

  • RichardEthan

    Whats the song that starts at 20 min?

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