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George Orwell is the most famous English language writer of the 20th century, the author of Animal Farm and 1984. What was he trying to tell us and what is his genius? If you like our films, take a look at our shop (we ship worldwide):

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Mike Booth #TheSchoolOfLife
  • Thiago Maciel

    This guy was ahead of his time.

  • Jinkleberrytutupetuniamuffin

    Orwell held a grudge. I find him to be a petulant baby who didn't have the inner-resources, patience, or humility to make it into established intellectual and artistic circles. In the parlance of our time, Orwell was a demagogic "snowflake," with pedestrian ideas, for the pedestrian mind. If there is to be one redeeming quality to Orwell, it is that he isn't smarmy or condescending, although he seems to have considered himself to be quite so. Had he been born later, Orwell would have fit snugly into the milieu of Post-Modern/Structuralist/Deconstructionist idiots. He is of that calibre. A true Pseudo-intellectual and negatory thinker. A zero, etc., etc.. I will choose Upton Sinclair any day of the week, thank you very much!

  • Steve Rathel

    His ideas remind me of the song by john lennon imagine .sounds all pretty and all but not possible .

  • maria610421

    Why did the people die in Grenfeld Towers in London, most of them believed they should stay in the Fire and wait for some one to save them, rather than THINKING of getting out before the fire spread. Who told them not to think for themselves, the Firebregade. All this act proved that the people nolonger have the sense they was born with, see a threat and how to avoid the threat to find safety. They all sat in the Fire because some one told them to stay put. The people who are dead can't explain why they were foolish enough to stay in harms way based on a foolish concept. So the Criminal elite decides what they have always done have an investigation, when no investigation is necessary everybody know putting a Flamable liquid encased on a building will cause the spread of a fire, what does heat do it rises, so the fire was rising upwards to the places people should have feft the building, not stay put based on the fire department. What should have happend all the people in the building should have evacuated at the first sign of Danger. On the Animal Farm the animals is waiting for the leader on the farm to tell them what to do when they have a Brain they should use. Man do not need Leaders to lead him astray, but develope the senses you were born with to THINK for your self, no man need to kill his fellow man for other people for profit, hence the wars and Terrorism via the Church the Catholics the Muslims and the Monarchy for riches, if you have to work for a living why will they not work for a living because they can use their brainwashed slaves to CARRY OUT CRIMES AGAINST NATIONS FOR THEIR BENEFITS, ITS COMMONSENSE. They have all the benefits and the slaves live in poverty how old is that TRICK??. Why do you think we can't live in peace.

  • Sailor Venus

    nothing about catalonia? come on man

  • twodogs716

    abstractions = stereotypes

  • Owen Micheals

    James Baldwin would be cool

  • Clarence A. P.

    At the end of Animal Farm, he ridiculed the conflict between the pigs and the humans foreshadowing the Cold War. Remember that Animal Farm was written in 1945 and a year after it was published, the Cold War began.

  • adina sadiq

    Only one who wants to see a video on Bukowski?

  • John Maddin

    I think everyone looks up to Orwell as everything he wrote about he had personally experienced, he had fought Fascism, seen comrades die, he had seen totalitarianism, he had seen the treatment of the working people and the lives they led including the homeless. He had experienced imperialism, colonialism, public schools and the upper classes. Orwell is not just a great writer, he was a great human being.

  • Mindaugas

    Haha, 3:35 they used image of Vilnius Soviet sculptures which were demolished lately.

  • balthiers girl

    It's the BBC and the Tory's today

  • Javad khazen

    I have red animal farm and 1984 when i was 16 years old and i was in another country far far from England,i loved these tow books of him and i was very very sad that he passed away at young age. i have seen his house in London and i wish he was alive now. he is a great writer of ordinary people.

  • Gissie D

    is it really for the better or just another ideology.just another group of way of thinking.its just swapping one prison for another government to George Orwell.better if God is always watching than man.dont accept mans authority.its just one set of handcuffs for another its still all on the wrong side.he never read bible did he? then he was describing what sounds like state how Freemason.sound like a a biblical to look after poor etc but it leaves God out of life same sordid calling people people not behaviour etc love roast potatoes etc.but not foul language pressure on people calling them snob etc. dont like these books.Jesus said enslaved its satan who does bible is right teaches you how to resist it.its in your face.its wrong side controlling people only way is by faith in Jesus as people know.all other faiths have appearance of being good but aren' Hinduism its sacrifice et .

  • Daniel Newhouse

    The best writer of fiction for all time because his writing is non-accusatory. I remember trying to write this opinion of him in highschool before being hit in the head by Kelly McMahon.

  • Hussein Serhan

    Excellent! I just finished 1984 today for second time. I wonder if you guys have a video about Aldous Huxley as well?

  • Justin Albritton

    A honorable man against the system. It makes me a believer. Fight the machine.

  • Steve Rathel

    Just another person who although intelligent might just need some pych meds not being either just sarcastic just stating a opinion.

  • 4 KNIGHTS Productions

    'animal farm' fans hit like

  • Steve Rathel

    Some of his ideas seem to be fueled by resentment .

  • AbOmar Syr

    1984 isn't it exactly today?! the 21st century, specially America and the western world.

  • fazeel ashraf

    George Orwell was a god among men

  • Thomas

    Holy fuck he looks like Frank Zappa

  • Rodolfo Licks

    Why avoid so much to recognize the truth: Orwell was a revolutionary socialist! Capitalism only alienate the working class, even when it is thinking about alienation.

  • maria610421

    Not a single ordinary man has ever benefitted from any of these worthless wars, except for the few, they offer the poor man a Medal made in China's sweat shops, paying the Chinese a penny a day, for people they claim to be Heroes to pin on their clothing while shairing none of the profits. Has anybody ever imagined how they laugh at us, what man with any sense risk his life to frofit the criminal elite for no rewards but a tin medal made by their enemies in a sweat shop. And watch their own family die in misery and poverty but a man who is so brainwashed he have lost his own senses.

  • cerci Ironborn

    11:00 North Indian,in a nut shell

  • Tarkane

  • Dutchgala


  • Platinum Heart

    At least he accomplished his goal.

  • H. Brown

    Best videos on he web. Do one on David Foster Wallace.

  • Modern Man

    Ordinary people are a wonderful source of insight into the everyday functioning of a society because they don't have any ideological stances preventing them from saying or thinking anything.

  • Pazifista

    Is someone able to name the paintings used at 0:27? :)

  • Robin Banks

    'You will be shot for your own protection' could well have been an Orwellian phrase. Any others?

  • Dee Marty

    Four legs good...two legs bad...

  • Onizuka

    "all people are equal, but some of them are more equal" this quote is a masterpiece.

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