Trump Wants a Military Parade, Lies About Immigration: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at President Trump ordering the Pentagon to plan a military parade while his administration takes a harsher stance on immigration and insults Dreamers.
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Trump Wants a Military Parade, Lies About Immigration: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

  • ElectroNuke Mods

    Sounds like a pretty good name for him: Dick Tater. He does look like a mutilated potato.

  • Horizontal Tendencies

    I’m going blind I can’t keep looking.

  • palmieres

    I would love to tell this POTUS "People aren't laughing at you plural , they're laughing at you singular "

  • Darlene Pytlinski

    The USA’s Number One Draft Dodger wants a military parade?

  • largate antes de que te haga mi puta!

    And i heard the parade its gonna be on his birthday!!! Its gonna be a tremendous party!! Believe me....

  • dreembarge

    Here's an idea, DT, take the money it would cost for a military parade and give it to some needy veterans.

  • Connor McNamara

    Bet you 100 dollars that the tanks rolling down Pennsylvania avenue will be Russian...

  • No Labels

    Imagine how stupid you have to be to believe that a military parade makes America great.

  • jayarcu

    "The world is laughing at us because" the shallow president we have! This man is so insecure, he needs constant reasurance.

  • State of the Republic

    Alright, who wants to tell him the Bastille Day parade was to honor an occasion where people like him had their heads separated from the rest of their bodies? A military parade to goose this authoritarian moron's ego is fundamentally un-American.On another note, my channel has obtained exclusive microwave wiretaps of Donald Trump's State of the Union rehearsals. Weekly news updates as well. Check it out.

  • Aleta Mize

    Trump is nothing more than a TRAITOR hes also a thief hes stealing the money you are giving him for his golf time. Jail the REPUBLICANS along with the TRAITOR TRUMP.

  • Simon Ward

    Perhaps as approximately 90% as your population originally came from somewhere else you should sort out the system. If not you will end up looking like a nation of immigrants paranoid of immigrants......ooops too late.

  • yo yo

    Why does he wave his hands around when he talks git rid of the Electoral college

  • anita clarke

    We paid for his fascist parade with our healthcare money but who needs healthcare ! Right? Enjoy !

  • Lucas Martinez

    Trump wants to be a dictator SO DAMN BAD, but he keeps forgetting what country he's (very poorly) leading.

  • prikov1

    Can't wait to see Drumpf all decked out like khadaffi for his parade...strange that a draft dodger is always sniffing around cops and soldiers...

  • Stephen Anna Marydas

    the world is laughing at America because of you Mr. Trump. because of you Mr. Orange urangutan

  • Wanuby

    No one said Trump was racist till he was a politician? Seems he forgot that Trump was sued in 1973, when the United States Department of Justice went to court with a discrimination complaint against the Trump family business, which rented apartments across Brooklyn and Queens. Black couples were told there were no vacancies, but right after a white couple were told there were.

  • Englebert Humperdink

    I got an idea, why not give the 22 million dollars it's going to take to put on the "genital compensation parade" and give it to the 100,000 HOMELESS VETERANS that fought for his orange juice colored ass !! Ok, I feel better.

  • Angelina Williams

    How about the time he said that he had met the "President of Puerto Rico". That's another country!

  • Latasha Konopka

    PLEASE #rainonhisparade

  • Jeremy

    If Trump's people are able to convince him not to make the soldiers carry huge pictures of him, it will be a win for the administration.

  • Tobias

    do people in the States know that Trump's grandfather was kicked out of Germany because he was a DRAFT DODGER?! Seems to run in the family. I want some American reporters to write an article about that.

  • XCRunner

    I guess 90% of Republicans are idiots

  • Roland Oz Traveller

    I dont get the presenter`s concern. What is wrong about parades? The nation should be proud of people who dedicate their lives to country`s safety. Parade is the least we can do for these people.... to watch the parade, to cheer the soldiers up and to show that we support them. Gay prides are okay, but when it comes to military, they have concerns. Equality they say.

  • EGull

    Trumps continued popularity is absolutely terrifying. What the hell is wrong with people?!

  • Pauline Larson

    We have been watching "1869" on PBS. My father claimed relationship to a monarchy. So why are we not royal? This program, through an old man's grandmother's journal explains to a modern teen girl, why the senseless politics, wars, and greed of ruthless men, destroyed his familys legacy. Not just Trump. My daughter-in-law (35), bought a copy of 1984 to reread and loaned it to me. Her husband, my son, one of his brothers and another D-I-N, didn't read it in school because of dyslexia. 2 other sons read it, 2 youngest were not assigned it. But some of them did see the movie! ! Of the 12 grandchildren over age 15, NON have even heard of the book ! ! ! The 20' s started to read, quit because "it's too hard". I was appalled, and started to look for a copy of the movie. Looking to get Fahrenheit 451, also. With most of the WW2 vets and good number of Vietnam vets, gone or never talking about their experiences, the lack of hard history being taught, - -Our country, as it was, may be ending at this 4th generation. On the death of my last uncle, aged 93, one of my boys commented that I was now "the old ones". This " Old One" looking at "the young ones" , who think a war is just "Mortal Combat" - "Call of Duty" or some other game with a reset button, A 20 yr old grandson, flying drones over Arab countries for the Air Force, who BELIEVES it is JUST surveillance, and they will never send Him into combat. I want to go back to my "Old Ones" and beg them not to shield their children from knowing about the cold, hunger, poverty, depredation, danger, and discrimination they endured, coming to America, in order to give their future children security. (We were Scandinavian!) "1869" The PBS program is going to be helpful to my family & timely, even though some kids are struggling with truths of events they have never heard of. Find your own lost truths. We MUST see history repeating, or perish.

  • mister kickasso

    I was laughing, but then I realised that this man was actually president and this was all real

  • diceman199

    So he wants a military parade through the capital....that sounds familiar, da comrad?

  • duchesswannabe

    ''The world is laughing at us...'' well, at least he's got Something right.

  • The Noble and Mighty Beaver

    As a Canadian it is a bit nonsensical that Trump keeps citing Canada as having stricter immigration laws because it is bunk. Canada's immigration policy works quite well as it is a fundamental aspect of our population/economic growth objectives; but those objectives are literally the exact opposite of the Trump regime's immigration policy. Canada is in the process of making it easier for naturalized citizens to sponsor their family members and we have consistently increased the number of refugees we accept each year.Canada does employ a merit based immigration policy, but guess what, so does the USA and every other country in the world. Even as a Canadian I can't just immigrate to the USA on a whim. If I want to stay longer than 6 months or work I need to get a visa. The visa process is entirely based on merit and likelihood of success and contribution to the economy.

  • Andrew Courtney

    A Military Parade? Great idea......he could invite some of his old service pals.

  • Wesley Crabajales

    Trumpturds, are you tired of winning yet?

  • Dawn Turner

    90% approval among republicans...thats scary. That means 90% actually wanted his type as a president and approve of ALL of his statements and actions. We already know what's wrong with trump but the bigger question is whats wrong with THEM???

  • Mathew Pritchard

    Military parades? An impenetrable southern border? Mandatory displays of patriotism? He's so desperate to turn America into North Korea next thing you know he'll want a bronze statue of himself.

  • EvelineUK

    And he's too lazy to tape his hair down, apparently...

  • Casey Adams

    I just......I just want him gone. He’s a disgraceful representation of an “adult”. Honestly, he belongs in a retirement home where he can be monitored by people who know how to tell him no for the safety and well being of others and not for themselves. God forgive me for ever wishing this on someone much longer til that day? Cause I have a long list of nursing facilities he can go to.

  • Krydon952

    So he wants soldiers on the streets in Washington. If I was the special prosecutor I would be out of town on that day

  • keir100

    Every wondered how the Nazis and Communists were able to get people to follow them so blindly,watch this and read the comments its a real living history lesson.

  • Michael McBride

    He’s just jealous of Kim. What a complete fool!

  • Star Cherry

    Lmfao those dentures I almost forgot about that terrible speech

  • Rubjerg

    3:45+ Surely, apart from those countries, Trump also knows about Russia and Nambia.[EDIT:] Oh, Seth got around to Nambia. Should have seen that coming.

  • Wandering gypsy 3

    Daddy I want a parade too!! Now Daddy now!!‘Don’t care how I want it now’. Enter Oompa Loompas

  • Tanja Van Abel

    the world is not laughing at america, only at Trump !!!!!!!!! and his lackeys

  • John L Dunn

    Cadet BoneSpur wants a military parade.

  • kateemma22

    When Trump got all ‘little Rocket Man’ I figured he was just trying to excite his backwards voters that don’t understand the difference between North and South Korea (nor where it is). Turns out this was more his wanting to be ‘big Rocket Man’. Roll out the parades! The world is already laughing at the USA so might as well give us a show.

  • ExplosionChimp

    We spend more on the military than the next 10 countries on the list combined. The entire planet already knows we have the most powerful military, we don’t need a fucking parade.

  • jay bomb

    Parade your tax returns and we'll see how well that works for you !!! What a WOFTAM trump is....

  • Maëlle Bonnin

    I don't understand why you associate a military parade with a dictatorship. We have a military parade every year in France and we live a free country.

  • David Lucas

    Can somebody PLEASE stop this insanity?

  • Jimi James

    How did malaria and her family get in?

  • Cliff Roberson

    Will there be balloons? Will the same people who clean up after trump sweep up after the horses?

  • Alphasnowbordergirl

    Seriously though, only allowing people who have degrees and what not defeats the original purpose of why immigrants came to America. To be able to find opportunities and have the chance to grow and have a better life.

  • BonnieSumo100

    The left hates the arm forces but expects them to fight and die for them while they run away. This is one of the many reasons Trump won.

  • Jonas Sandoy

    The movement «boycott the military parade» has to be started asap!

  • Dare Jones

    Hmmm seems like Trump wants a parade like the one in North Korea..... Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!!

  • hoosierhiver

    Nothing like tanks rumbling down the streets to remind us that a huge amount of our budget goes to the military industrial complex

  • Ed Nogi

    Trump has a 90% approval rating among Republicans?II always knew Republicans were stupid LOL!

  • Richard Servello

    Hopefully the street is emptier than the inauguration!

  • Richard Servello

    Oh merit based...not his inlaws.

  • Walt

    Our taxes are going to a parade???

  • Kenny Bentley

    the rand paul interview on colbert seemed promising that things could eventually work out ok. it appears that at least someone knows is applying sound logic to the issue:

  • The bitch in the Corner

    Trumps check list:Call press enemies of the people ....doneCall those who don't applaud you treasonous ...doneCall all people of one religion terrorists...done Call all people from one country rapists...doneHave a military parade to prove you are great ....pendingAnyone having flashbacks to when hitler was in power.Have we learned nothing from history.

  • Poison !Toad

    America is backward. Sad.

  • GeForce

    I disagree Seth. He'll probably name Russia first and a half a dozen times more,,

  • Dominic Perez

    A military parade huh? Sounds like something Putin would approve of!

  • Mitch Jones

    Merit based migration? FLOTUS would not qualify: No education and no Country needs models. This...from her husband.

  • Wayne Black

    I have an idea.Instead of wasting money on a military parade, let's put that money into a college fund for the dreamers.How about that trump?

  • Wyatt Corbin

    I cannot stand this guy. Enough.

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