Trump Wants a Military Parade, Lies About Immigration: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at President Trump ordering the Pentagon to plan a military parade while his administration takes a harsher stance on immigration and insults Dreamers.
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Trump Wants a Military Parade, Lies About Immigration: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

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  • bill teix

    trump can have all the parades he wants if he pays for it. I do not want my taxes to pay. He claims to be worth 10 billion he sure can afford 12 million which is what is est cost.

  • queenbeethatme100

    Sadder than Trump wishing to emulate tin pot dictators frim shithole countries, like he is 5. Is the military's decision to honor his childish wish.

  • Anna Marcalleti


  • American Front

    Apparently you can only have a military parade if you're a dictator.

  • John Fradono

    If anything Trump, the world is laughing at us because of you and your sugar daddy Putin

  • Martin Janovský

    Someone please tell Elon Musk to stop with Mars and start to focus on inventing a holodeck. So we can put Trump there. He is so stupid he would not notice that he is in one and USA could have someone better as president.

  • Nora Nora

    Trump must have thrown a fit when he saw Mexico's military parade 4 days ago!It was awesome!

  • John Smith

    what's wrong with parades? sometimes taxpayers wanna see what protects them, lots of countries have military parades...

  • KL2010

    Maybe a parade's not a bad idea. Remember what happened to Anwar Sadat while he was admiring his military hardware?

  • catrina malloy

    I know Obama is laughing his ass off at this lying dummy.I would sit back an watch him crash too!then sink!plus drown,he can't keep up with all the LIES!He should leave with a little pride!!!Lazy f

  • Mark Kasprzyk

    Why doesn't Seth mention even once Obama and dem lies for past 8 years? Not once!

  • Jojo 45 Shelv52

    He is not wrong with the fact that the World is laughing at them because of the policies which correctly nobody else has

  • AnaisMartane

    He didnt go because vietnam was fake. And wouldnt the parade just be laughed at. Since the us military would look awful compared to the Chinese?

  • AnaisMartane

    China just held their naval parade. Its going to be hard to top the Chinese in real military spending

  • catrina malloy

    I Miss u Seth an congratulations on the baby!I have you back on my feed

  • EmperorGabeYT

    Is France a dictatorship, is Sweden a dictatorship, is South Korea a dictatorship, because they have military parades

  • Kimmo Laine

    The parade was fantastic. Ok?

  • Jj Chen

    military parade for vets would be a joke. It would just prove how fake the us military is. All personnel. no assets

  • Evets Zerimar

    A military parade? What is this, north korea

  • ClareBearPhD

    I actually have a kidney stone...

  • Blessed everyday

    Red wave pussys😂💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦MAGA 🇺🇸💯

  • C. K. Roberts

    Barnum and Bailey would be great advisers on parades for the missing bone spurs president.

  • shadowscreamer1

    I think a parade or something small for returning vets is great for morale. To be honest, I was run down when returning from a deployment and the great people of Baltimore cheered and greeted us at the airport...that was awesome and brought a smile to my face (it reminded me, and others, why we serve and what the sacrifice was for). No need for a massive annual parade (expensive).

  • catrina malloy

    Right!That Dum dummy! Worst in History

  • Jj Chen

  • kamenridernephilim

    It is clear Seth Meyers and his fan base are a mistake that needs correcting.

  • Beliarch

    the U.S.A has never been defeated on its own soil, and then occupied by an ennemi country. you can't immagine what a military parade means for the people who had to suffer this. The same way no european country ever had to liberate itself from a foreign colonial power by improvising an army with militia's, volunteers and pirates. so we critisize your second amendement (without understanding what it means) try to see things from other perspectives (seem verry closed-minded for "tolerant" people

  • libratigerpictures

    All the rappers and all the this and all the I can't think of anything else a black guy would be other than a rapper.... oh, Al Sharpton, Al Sharpton, yeah, yeah, Jesse James, too, oh whew, oh man, I'm so glad I remembered their names....

  • Jimmy Rice

    I love being in military parade. I have proudly marched as a soldier. I support President Trump seeing America's armedforces performing historical parades

  • Sarah Lisa

    He seemed to be a fan of chain migration when Melania's family was benifitting from it. Oh yeah, they're white, so it's ok.

  • Julio Herrera

    every race on Earth have racist people just because you have black friends or Mexicans friends don't mean your not racist

  • Jj Chen

    China has massive military parades all of the time. I wonder what the us is afraid of. Even if it sucks. Who cares

  • Magic Rhyno Creative

    Merit based immigration policy from a guy whose trophy wife slipped through on an Einstein Visa. I guess she's just waiting for Mensa to finally accept her application for membership is all. Probably...

  • Vengeful Revenge of the blue November

    It has never surprised me that these guys don't know do not know the first thing about actual law.Let alone one as complex as immigration.

  • JJ johnson

    Trump is copying Kim Jong-in. Trump is a idiot

  • Kevan Gunn

    I wonder how much it's going to cost for security for Trump and his family for the rest of their lives.Enough for free health care in the USA and change

  • Jj Chen

    americans have a garbage military. The Chinese military is far superior. Cant wait for the Chinese to nuke america again

  • s g

    The Military parade was made to honor World War One veterans.....

  • AnaisMartane

  • Grey Spears

    i would like a military parade just cause.

  • jonny blaze

    04:50 immigrant Melania bringing her immigrant parents in isn't that chain migration?

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