Sean Hannity Forgot To Mention Something...

Late breaking news revealing Sean Hannity as Michael Cohen's secret client literally knocks Stephen off his feet.

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  • Oma Rumunna

    watching this again.

  • Rachel Marie-Pfeifer


  • ClareBearPhD

    I think the real question we should be asking is, who would have sex with Sean Hannity?

  • Richard Mattingly

    Colbert should have had his sexy kitty ears on too....

  • Simon Hacker

    Anyone catch Colbert referencing Bill O’Reily’s book when saying that he felt sorry for Hannity?

  • ka11am

    This reminds me of a movie can't remember with ray liota and Robert dinero.and small guy

  • William Ridge

    I don't feel sorry for hannity. He's an trump loving idiot.

  • PutinWithAnimals

    9:39 That "Yeeeaaahhhh" sounds like something out of Family Guy xP

  • Ross Whistleblower

    You are an idiot Puke shit eater.

  • John Townsend

    trump claims he inherited "a mess" in the economy and boasts he "turned it around".But in 2014, 2015, and 2016 Obama created 225,000 per month! How's that a "mess"?. And in 2017 and 2018 job creation has been 194,000 per month under trump. How's that "turned it around"?

  • Francesco Di Cristofaro

    John B. plays Days of Wine of wine and roses very casually in this... I heard you Bautista.. ur awesome

  • Urnhead

    Ah. Right. There was a time Trump saw Cohen as an ally to protect.

  • Peachie Spence

    Love it......Colbert is HILARIOUS!!! Would not surprise me that Hannity has been up to NO GOOD!

  • Mira Petrella

    I've only recently been watching Stephen Colbert on YouTube roasting Trump and co. This was the funniest segment I have seen. Almost peed myself from laughter. He does a brilliant Trump when reading the twitter posts. As for Hannity, the man is a weasel and a dingbat of the first order. The only thing I can say about Trump and Hannity.......bum chums !!!!!

  • Joseph Fuller

    In case anyone wanted the Latin Steve was taking about, "Et cum patronus tuus uerbo oportet causidicum, vos postulo causidicum". At least that is how Google translate translates it.

  • javidgt8

    LMFAOOOO HANNITY AT IT AGAIN. Stupid ass hick mofo talking like hes some innocent ass nigga, talkin shit about everyone else with a brain and shitting on Obama on a daily basis. Shut yo dumb scandalous white ass up. I wish i could meet that jackass in person one day and deck that stupid white privileged supremacy ass look off his face. Spewin straight GARBAGE on the radio. gtfo

  • Stephen Dahlem

    Who would be the spoon and who would be the peanut butter? I think Colbert is the spoon and Stewart is the peanut butter. Just guessing...

  • Maria Fadli

    I love you Stephen - Asilocreo

  • PutinWithAnimals

    These are good times for lawyers.

  • Paul Goodwin

    *gasp sean hannity? you mean our beloved street martial artist? how will he ever prove his strength against sagat now?

  • S P

    Sad neck with hair, Michael Cohen.

  • liberty Ann

    Sean's got that big Fred Flintstone head no woman can resist.😌

  • Desmond M

    Is the "over-the-top" celebrating in this bit meant to depict that for once these NPCs have a "juicy tidbit" that they didn't have to first completely fabricate?

  • Gurunath Subrahmanyam

    you do have the right to see the evidence against you though so you can decide on a plea

  • Wurlag

    THIS SHOW SHOULD CHANGE HIS NAME IN LATE sHOW WITH Stephen Colbert and Donald Trump...

  • kim gonzales

    How are these fat ugly men getting these playmates---oh MONEY!

  • Bill Baldwin

    Trump is unfit to be president.

  • MsFair

    I always come back to this clip. Hilarious.

  • f4noil

    Hannity YOU'RE FIRED. Not really Fox is too corrupt.

  • Carmela Szymanski


  • ClareBearPhD

    Does anyone else think Mueller's hot?

  • Lalo Ibarra

    Sean Hannity is the biggest A$$ kisser in the world

  • J Lavem

    I don know how hannity can speak with his mouth permanently on trump's ass.

  • Ana Diaz

    This is my absolute favorite Colbert monologue! There are many great ones but this one just takes the win for me. This deserves the Emmy! I love John Oliver but Colbert deserves it sooo much!!

  • Susan Pickett

    Trumpet wants a space Force?? Why did he refuse to keep the USA involved wit protecting the EARTH. Is this SPACE FORCE for His CRAZY FAMILY.??

  • Josephine Dark

    I used to like you before I realized your true colors. I threw yr book in the garbage

  • Jhoshua Wolfox

    And you're telling me, there are people still siding trump? What the hell?

  • Pam Timmins

    Hannity, Trump, and Giuliani are the new Three Stooges oh this is priceless, sanctimonious Hannity no wonder he is always siding with Trump he has his own skeletons in the closet. Maybe Cohen has tapes on you Hannity and possible illegal activity which the FBI now have hysterical

  • Julie W.

    The MEDIA is spinning out of control???????? It's NOT a witch hunt when they ACTUALLY DID IT! But I guess the things that Trump's own son ADMITTED on tape, which out & out CONFIRMS collusion - CONFIRMS that he was working with Russia to RIG THE ELECTION!!!! That is the OPPOSITE of a witch hunt. That is called the wheels of justice. Really, what is wrong with half of the United States? Seriously??? This is what a shitty education system gets you.

  • Samuel Robinson

    "Halloween is teaching kids to be liberals"? Yes, 8 year olds are always coming up to me and banging on about Marxism and social welfare, I'm so sick of their politically correct views!! You're a fucking moron Hannity. So is Christmas also teaching kids to be liberal with the free handouts or does that go against your perceived war on Christmas, dumbass!

  • Thomas Connors

    Republicans are right- nobody should ever ask for a handout... they should do what Jesus would do... AND DEMAND 10% OF EVERYTHING YOU MAKE OFF THE TOP!

  • Jamie Reeves

    Sean Hannity looks like a perverted Ken doll!

  • Pam Timmins

    Hysterical, the fall is coming Trump I can't wait to see the last of you and your tweets you twit

  • Rhiannon

    Every so often I re-realize how great his object work is...

  • Qeisama

    Every time I come back to this "mystery client" reveal, it always reminds me of that scene in Harry Potter movie."We need the name!""BARTY CROUCH..." gasps "Jr."

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