US, France and Britain launch missile strikes on Syrian weapons facilities

The airstrikes, targeting and destroying three chemical weapons facilities, were ordered in response to another suspected chemical attack in Syria.

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  • Amir Hasan

    The world UN NATO US Israel were excited when the false flag was thought to be trueThe world was outrageousThe Americans media reported skripal poisoning against the RussiaSyrian gas attackedKurdish attacked by TurkeyTrade war with China even UK Canada n EUBut after the World Cup the US becoming so scared n desolatedAmerica n the American people has got a really stupid unfriendly untrusted deteriorating characters president of the globe

  • James Robersob

    Fuck trump the shit he do is just stupid

  • jinzhao Yue

    "Why did you attack Syria?"" Because we suspect they may have weapons of mass destruction。""Then why don't you attack Russia?"" They do have weapons of mass destruction。"

  • Dywane Cox

    Why does they always make it look as their leaders attack their own ppl. Then use it to justify going to war, the fake hero effect. Like America was threatening north korea. Now that they have developed nukes America wants to shake North Koreas hand.

  • خالد الحمود - Khaled Alhamoud

    if he killed syrian with normal weapons it is ok but no he can't with chimcal weapons it is not allow

  • Shady Brady

    You know , I find it interesting that the same people who will protest these missile strikes on the chemical weapons depot's are literally the same people who will protest the president for standing by while kids die from chemical weapons in Syria. You can't make this shit up. If Trump ignores the use of chemical weapons in Syria, they're outside protesting with signs that show pictures of dead babies from chemical weapons, and blaming it on Trump. And then when he strikes the chemical weapons depots, they call him a war criminal. Just astonishing.

  • FreeAlexJonesFreedomOfSpeechIsDead

    I thought we were at war against the terrorists, not against SyriaWTF AMERICA

  • 1 3

    fuck tramp fuck america people in syria have freedom live tramp need oil .... and he atack syria110 sky rocket .....just 20 hit the ground we will kill anyone try to attack syria🇸🇾 🇸🇾 🇸🇾 🇸🇾 🇸🇾 🇸🇾 🇸🇾 🇸🇾 🇸🇾 🇸🇾✌✌✌✌

  • Brooke Austin

    im 9 can i see this stuff im addicted to it

  • Dark Hunter

    Что то кремлеботы мало дизов налепили =)

  • ron hat

    At video position 2:22, you will see in the extreme upper right corner of your screen a man's shoulder. He is wearing the common shirt of the White helmets. This video has even been edited so more of him is not shown.

  • daddy's girl

    All arabs deserved to be punished like this for abusing/torturing filipino overseas workers working in their country...

  • Jakey Sigler Vlogs

    Wow fortnite season 5 realesed early

  • callum

    all three country played a role in what happened that was the most disgusting thing iv ever seen but it wasn't the citizens it was the government they dont listen to us trump does what he wants Theresa may doesn't listen to her government and makes Britain a pile of trash and macron is like a puppet to the uk and the states

  • Rox Riggen

    Alot of those kids from the assad chemical attack last time said it was fake .. they were never injured and they didn't understand why they were drenched with water .. I'm sure this is fake too .. they're all setting up the world

  • iinkredibal v2

    I am not proud to be an American

  • Mustaneer Ahmed

    Look what they did to Iraq it is a mess now. Now its Syrian turn.

  • Stuart Little

    People In Syria love trump

  • I am the last unicorn


  • Hua Lian

    Trump and the other western leaders are just being good dogs for Israeli by attacking middle east countries.If those americunts ever dare to attack China, we will retaliate by launching nuclear missiles to destroy that terrorist nation forever!

  • freedoom dispenser

    I love how 99% are attacking america and 1% are attacking all four

  • JungoJerry

    The way to avoid a 7-year battle? Simple - you strike SO HARD the first time that there is NO FIGHT LEFT in the enemy.

  • Luke productions

    Oh, now you fucked upNow you fucked upNow you fucked upYou have fucked up nowNow you fucked up, now you fucked up, now you fucked up

  • Raj Shikari

    Good Job Mister Trump

  • dagger brag

    US bullshits again....

  • ToFester

    Interesting how they can just launch missile strikes on a nation that hasn't bombed their nation at all.

  • XAmerican GloryX

    90% of people don’t know enough about why the US did this with France and Britain. No civilian casualties, and they successfully destroyed all targets.

  • feng chow

    fifteen years later,did the us army find mass weapons in Iraq?

  • Really?

    Good news is Trump can end a war quickly, unlike Obama who is like tomorrow at 3:00 am we will send 500 troops to attack this city, on national tv. UMMMM is this guy mentally retarded?

  • Gordon Chang

    We are told 4 ships took part in the exercise. Two submarines, two destroyers. And all we get is CGI of those 4 ships. Then we see a close up of a single destroyer. And it fires one or two missiles. While two american actors posing as news anchors narrate the story for us

  • John F

    Even the Syrians regime knows the chemical attack was man made, in order to toppled Assad from power.

  • ron hat

    See that little boy they are washing off with the hose? See those two doctors in the background? They all told what really happened. Did CBS correct their report? Ha Ha Ha. Fat chance.

  • Dj Broadhurst

    go trump go 🇺🇸 bomb 🇸🇾

  • Giacomo Baldon

    very good... bomb their cities until the ground will be flat, and the ecosystem is turned into desert.... this is the only way we can stop assad killing innocent people with chemicals

  • David Power


  • RenTin

    2:17 wow look at the bold text in red, this must be serious. Harmed as in some debris scratched their finger? Was it worst than the chemicals?

  • كمال الخزعلي

    الله ينصر السوريين عﻻ جميع الكفار والصهاينه

  • hita ya

    We should be just nuking this country and be over it. Trillions world wide spent on this shit. There are no innocent people there they are animals. Look at the damage they are doing in Europe, raping and killing their way there and raping and killing while their. Sweden once the country every western country strives to be, now we all wish we don't end up like them. If the US/Uk/France GOV was killing 100,000s of its people do you think its people would be doing nothing? no you would rise and and over throw them. Nope not the syrians they take it and take it ask for our help when we come to help they bitch and moan when bad shit happens. maybe they should do something why do we have to go there to help them sort your own shit out and don't flood into our country bringing kiddy raping 30 yr old men claiming to be 15.

  • Aidan Lastname

    Wtf this a** hole is gonna start ww3

  • Author of my own thoughts

    Assad is not an animal My president is wrong he is being leveraged by the workers of the zionist-- the o'l PNAC group ASSAD DID NOT ATTACH HIS OWN PEOPLE!! !! !! ASK THE ZIONISATS Ask Trump who he is beholding to the Rothchilds want control of the middle east as they said countless times before. POOR PITIFUL TRUMP ASKS A QUESTION THAT HE IS THE CULPRIT.They are using him so badly. I hope my president. fights back cuts his strings and does what is not what his benifactors of his past demand of his flesh. SAD

  • Lotus Dharma Flower

    Bully a small country, why Nor dare to fire misses to Russia or China.

  • Gordon Chang

    It looks fake. I think the news just tapes missile exercises performed by various ships. And then narrates a story for americans to watch. Its pretty low budget too. Because you never see like a 100 warships firing dozens of volley each. Its just one or two missiles because its all just low budget acting

  • Thank you

    asad not use.fuck for news lies.trump is terrorists.every peoples know us lies propaganda.get ready for back all pain.

  • Salem Fathi

    Tous coupables de massacres d innocents, il n y a pas de quoi pavoiserShame on all who kill civilians

  • Angel Love

    This people are true evil. They destroy countries to get more debt! They should die.

  • Thank you you tell about Israel? terrorists?

  • Chris Thompson

    Hear how these animals discussed and romanticised the US killing of civilians in Syria? Can you believed these white animals calls themselves journalist?

  • Bubba Chunk Funk

    There's a rebellion going on over their and there making it worse

  • NotQuiteSurprisedAtAll

    Never have sex with a transsexual goat. DO NOT DO IT!

  • 4el

    Вы скоро доиграетесь

  • Ezer2000

    Ебать они там мозги им там тоже промывают!

  • John Arch

    I'm a avid supporter of the Trump administration but there is NO reason Assad would do this nor would Russia support it, no upside and only downside. There's ample evidence the last chemical attack was staged by the rebelscan someone point to actual PROOF Assad used chemical weapons , or are we simply relying on videos made on cellphone by islamists with play-acting ??? Seriously, watch footage of alleged attacks and tell me that is genuine chemical agents being used where no first-responders are wearing any protective clothing , not even gloves!!?? Lets's not fall for any more false flags - the whole Syrian war began when Assad refused to allow Qatar to build a pipeline across its territory to ship natural gas to the EU .. Qatar got on to their paid employee in the US govt, Hillary Clinton and she got the ball rolling.. having destroyed Libya and nearly Egypt, Syria looked next... $million drops into the clinton foundation, such as on Bill's birthday, kept her on board agitating for NATO to intervene on the islamist's side against Assad.. if it were not for the bravery of Syrians ( not those cowards who fled to Europe ) and the Russians, Syria would be Terrorist Central today and located right where they could attack the middle east and Europe . Either this is seriously flawed intel or there's an effort to repeat the "WMD's in Iraq" lie.(or the 2017 "chemical attack" that the US never let get inspected and just bombed b4 anyone could b.c it was clearly bogus) Im a born U.S citizen and republican but my God Im so tired of these lies and wars we start for power...

  • Manny wit dat hoodie

    So when the russians break the law everything is fine is it me or the usa smell like pussies 😂

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