US, France and Britain launch missile strikes on Syrian weapons facilities

The airstrikes, targeting and destroying three chemical weapons facilities, were ordered in response to another suspected chemical attack in Syria.

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    US France Britain Rocks.. Few Good Men.

  • ron hat

    See that little boy they are washing off with the hose? See those two doctors in the background? They all told what really happened. Did CBS correct their report? Ha Ha Ha. Fat chance.

  • Thank you

    asad not use.fuck for news lies.trump is terrorists.every peoples know us lies propaganda.get ready for back all pain.

  • AL3X !S K!NG

    Ofc that fucking retarded orange is going to cause ww3

  • Mr.Right Thinker

    I am a great fan of USA. but when USA foreign policy terms someone as monster/tyrant/antichrist. , then consider 100% that the accused person is an angle.

  • Lester Araragi

    USA, France and Britain should work together also to solve gang violence in United States and prevent mass shooting from happening. It seems like it political decision rather than concern for the citizens of Syria.

  • Yu u

    Oh, USA helped because US is so pity for the citizens of syria who's chemically attacked by its own government.Of course, USA helped by bombing. Of course, everything we know is what they show.Of course, US helped with no profit. Bombing help just for Humanity. Ohh, Thank you so much.God bless America. Peaceful America.Oh, I almost forgot, #No refugees in America and Europe.

  • Parminder Singh

    stupid donald tump you are being just do work in your my opinion rest of the world should take action and maintain dignity and respect for the human our all the other country like china,russia,india and many more the go for war against uSa , France and England

  • August Frånfrankrike

    French people were against that.


    Fuck United states, unidited kingdom and France fuck fucking 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺

  • 刘人宇

    I just feel bad for Syrian people, why can't we just think about how to save civilian's life instead of fighting each other in YouTube comment section?

  • Blaxer

    Basically live firing training for friends.

  • David Power


  • dan kos

    what is america trying again, flying false flags while destroying the world.. Somebody stop these yank tards

  • Chevy Truck

    Syria should be banish because its a muslim country and they all believe what they read all in thier fucking quran like kill those people that dont believe in allah..... muslim is the worst people exist in this world

  • jaybird

    I thought we were at war against the terrorists, not against SyriaWTF AMERICA

  • Hubert 58

    Remember 9/11. That's what started bombing.

  • Yanis Torres

    Why do you need to actack Syria like it’s already being actack by themselves you putting us in danger like what the fuck

  • Bubba Chunk Funk

    There's a rebellion going on over their and there making it worse

  • 1 3

    fuck tramp fuck america people in syria have freedom live tramp need oil .... and he atack syria110 sky rocket .....just 20 hit the ground we will kill anyone try to attack syria🇸🇾 🇸🇾 🇸🇾 🇸🇾 🇸🇾 🇸🇾 🇸🇾 🇸🇾 🇸🇾 🇸🇾✌✌✌✌

  • ron hat

    At video position 2:22, you will see in the extreme upper right corner of your screen a man's shoulder. He is wearing the common shirt of the White helmets. This video has even been edited so more of him is not shown.

  • RenTin

    2:17 wow look at the bold text in red, this must be serious. Harmed as in some debris scratched their finger? Was it worst than the chemicals?

  • freedoom dispenser

    I love how 99% are attacking america and 1% are attacking all four

  • Rox Riggen

    Alot of those kids from the assad chemical attack last time said it was fake .. they were never injured and they didn't understand why they were drenched with water .. I'm sure this is fake too .. they're all setting up the world

  • Draak King

    North Korea has joined the war

  • Adelon Basa

    So easy to accuse a country of chemical or weapon of mass Destruction while the accuser has a lot of Weapon of mass Destruction, Poor Syria,Iraq n Libya


    Chemical weapon? That's a black propaganda of NATO and U.S THE TRUE EVIL OF THE WORLD now how many civilian killed on your missile attack WTF and FOCK YOU I.C.C

  • SyRiAnOo كلنا سوريا

    mother fuckers | we celebreted after that :Dto let u know that we always support al assad and we dont give a fuck about ur missiles put in ur ass trump bitch

  • Sang Bawi

    USA 🇺🇸 should have minded their own business!

  • Trixie Trongco

    you are all lier, syrian people are are innocent. why would syria attack its people its just that us and other are envy.

  • Parker Evans

    People are saying that this is fake, does anyone have actual proof?

  • World Anthems

    All arabs deserved to be punished like this for abusing/torturing filipino overseas workers working in their country...

  • Lotus Dharma Flower

    Bully a small country, why Nor dare to fire misses to Russia or China.

  • Donald Jonse

    I believe that children are innocent somebody have to defend them so the United States chooses to defend them praise be to God.children that being attacked with chemical weapons God bless them

  • Overland Metalhead

    fake news fuck trumpfuck mayfuck macronfuck imperialism viva Syrian Arab Republic.

  • Thank you you tell about Israel? terrorists?

  • John Arch

    I'm a avid supporter of the Trump administration but there is NO reason Assad would do this nor would Russia support it, no upside and only downside. There's ample evidence the last chemical attack was staged by the rebelscan someone point to actual PROOF Assad used chemical weapons , or are we simply relying on videos made on cellphone by islamists with play-acting ??? Seriously, watch footage of alleged attacks and tell me that is genuine chemical agents being used where no first-responders are wearing any protective clothing , not even gloves!!?? Lets's not fall for any more false flags - the whole Syrian war began when Assad refused to allow Qatar to build a pipeline across its territory to ship natural gas to the EU .. Qatar got on to their paid employee in the US govt, Hillary Clinton and she got the ball rolling.. having destroyed Libya and nearly Egypt, Syria looked next... $million drops into the clinton foundation, such as on Bill's birthday, kept her on board agitating for NATO to intervene on the islamist's side against Assad.. if it were not for the bravery of Syrians ( not those cowards who fled to Europe ) and the Russians, Syria would be Terrorist Central today and located right where they could attack the middle east and Europe . Either this is seriously flawed intel or there's an effort to repeat the "WMD's in Iraq" lie.(or the 2017 "chemical attack" that the US never let get inspected and just bombed b4 anyone could b.c it was clearly bogus) Im a born U.S citizen and republican but my God Im so tired of these lies and wars we start for power...

  • Dalton Jones

    Behead Assad infront of his children and wife!

  • Mr.Right Thinker

    fake accusations. no evidences

  • Lil Pockiîi

    It's been 7 months since this happened and im surprised they havent bomb us yet maybe they waiting till we least except it

  • Robert T

    Please Bomb Belgrade Again

  • William Hatchell

    Why doing for they didn't do anything to us trump is a cunt

  • Khaled TMK

    if he killed syrian with normal weapons it is ok but no he can't with chimcal weapons it is not allow

  • Matthew Price

    Bless the innocent people of Syria

  • Jeff Sturges

    I was taught if you kill the head the body will follow!

  • Yu u

    One day, God is so disappointed in bullies. And then, our father who arts in heaven, makes all the Nukes blownin the owners asses, for the world's peace. Just a dream. I don't pray like that.

  • darksidedavid

    Those missiles killed civilians too

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