US, France and Britain launch missile strikes on Syrian weapons facilities

The airstrikes, targeting and destroying three chemical weapons facilities, were ordered in response to another suspected chemical attack in Syria.

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  • o:

    Ill just live under my rock.. Seems alot safer

  • KT Hacks

    What the heck is going on just leave them alone. They had enough mess. Their country on the ground now.

  • MR J ,

    Ww3 I can hear the drums of war beating down harder and harder very moment


    I’ve made a few videos on this attack. I think we’re getting closer to World War 3!

  • Electric Fan

    When you join the military to pay for college, but WW3 starts.

  • Cthulhu

    france accidentally launched a baguette instead

  • CookieMonster

    Apparently Americans are easily fooled and have a short memory.

  • E MIA

    US is the principal reason for the chaos in middle east

  • A. D.

    Damn America, Britain and Israel 😒

  • Coco Loco Community

    Now they fuck syria to get the oil

  • impactajuvenile

    Martha Raddatz just retire already! Stop doing cocaine lines while live on air!!!

  • Imonous

    The U.S. is becoming a shithole. And everyone knows it.

  • 杨人凤

    A powerful, democracy, industrial country bully a small, weak, half-industrial county. That’s amazing thing, it is very America

  • Stove

    Glad I live in Canada, but that won’t keep my country safe...Way to go humanity...

  • mohan chandu

    Cruel America monster American,,, I hate America

  • Rob jr.

    Who else is here before world war 3?🙋

  • anwarkhan khan

    British and France both are American dog

  • Dredd GM

    Ask Trump where his 70 smart missiles went, or did they disappear in the air? came back home ? I think that they were not at all clever and as stupid as he was. They were brought down by means of 30 years ago S125, s200, BUK and Kvadrat.

  • George gmoney

    The Syrian people are celebrating that thier army shot down most of the missiles. people please wake up the "alleged " chemical weapons attack was bullshit America is the #1 terrorist in the world we have to stop this madness

  • 南朝鮮大統領金坷垃

    Why did the us attack Syria? Trump: because we suspect they have chemical weapons. Why doesn't the U.S. attack north Korea? Trump: because they do have weapons of mass destruction.😂

  • Angry Shamrock

    When they schlep out suffering babies, you know its bulllsheet meant to tug at the heartstrings.

  • E MIA

    ISIS is funded by US and now it is out of control ! ! ! Well done, US

  • Kid Vegas

    We love Russia , The Supposed chemical attacked was staged , Nobody was celebrating I'm Syria after the strike , they were piss off, as always your news take footage from other days , . That's why RT is the best news .If Donald is to compassionate for humans how come they don't take actions against Israel ? Exactly.ABC false.

  • zz tedd

    Can us change to a new excuse to start war ? " chemical weapon, nuclear weapons " same old shit. May be us should fix the gun control first stop people shouting in the school.

  • Huarong Liu

    Why you attack Syrian ?USA,UK,France: Because we think they may have mass-destruction weaponsWhy don't you attack Russia ?USA,UK,France:Because they do have mass-destruction weapons !

  • LeggesterLEGACY

    why cant we just set up a universal boxing match where the leaders fight


    I support this strike. Syria has gone on with this BS long enough. Take them out, not like we haven't used force to stop this stuff before.

  • SangaOCB

    USA bomb Syria after Syria bomb Syria to show Syria not to bomb Syria

  • OfficialCODTeam

    Mission Accomplished! #MAGA

  • Jason Jewell Davis

    Hit the country at night ! Jeez wtf ! Now pay back soon gone to hit us at night too

  • aaaaaaaaaaaa808

    Saying it's not our war and letting those people die also wrong, attacking them also wrong. It is very difficult being a president, always wrong. I'm glad I'm not a president.

  • Aryanaye Kabir

    I tihnk Iran has a chemical weapon test on Sunnit muslims.

  • mashfia ehsan

    71 missile distroy 😂😂😂😂 soviet missile sistem. trump smart missile my foot

  • Mors Arcanus

    All the elected officials of my country (Insert name of country involved) have no idea what they're doing. I obviously know everything that's going on and have the experience to make the right call.-Everyone in this comment section

  • theangryemonerd

    Funny how people don't want to believe it was a chemical attack and keeps saying it is fake news. Im sure if it was fake news the US wouldn't allow these corporate owned news to say "It was a chemical attack". The photos just came in. Everyone who died died from a chemical attack with foam coming out of their mouths. The pictures says it all So yeah it was a chemical attack

  • Safal Jung K C

    You Guys Better Play Fallout for practice.

  • Kingfish

    Russians are such wimps

  • Stephen Cook

    Look at the Russian trolls creeping out from under their stones.

  • Gérard Angé

    You call yourself a news organization???? That is as much of a joke as the Washington Post is a award winning Journalistic Publication... What is going on here is easy to see... Its the same Lies & Disinformation that lead our country into the Iraq War!!! And here we are in 2018... and it's happening all over again. And let me add...Your Propaganda was as wrong then as it is wrong today!!! Iraq was not even involved in 9-11. and The White Helmets are NOT an humanitarian group!!! Just more fake News and neocon Propaganda that you Broadcast to the American People. The results of your handywork...your viewers have no clue of the truth or what really is going on in the world because you think for them !!!! ABC, NBC, CBS MSNBC, FOX, NBC, CNN & PBS are all failures as news organizations... But, what you are All 100% successes at...are Feeding Lies & Pro Establishment Disinformation & "Neocon" Propaganda to all your viewers.. dumbing the American People down one story at a time!!!! . Or, At least until they discover that all your prepackaged spin is all fabricated Lies... Much like I did...and then... all of them ~ also could choose to follow my lead... My solution to all your 24X7 bogus content was very simple. .It was... to take my TV to the public Landfill !!! As I did years ago... and that was best thing I ever did! And would advise everyone still watching this syops garbage... to do the same As I have done!!!!.... Free yourselves from the nonstop lies and manipulations of our view of the world...through the lens of a corrupt Government trying to control the population through broadcast media ... All these Networks designed to manipulate the truth to conform with the official government narrative. It's the science of Network engineering designed for each region and each demographic audience... My Words of advice: Take your TV to the Landfill !!! Free yourself from Media Programming & Educate yourself on the science of Manipulation and Propaganda > Google: "Edward Bernays" . DemEXIT & RepEXIT .Have a great day! GA

  • Courtenay Collier

    I'm proud to be an American cause at least I know I'm free!!!!!!!

  • JJGalz

    time to start preparing for the nuclear apocalypse

  • Warrior wasp

    We bout to have beef with Russia I believe the Russian army is the strongest on earth 🔫💰⛪


    This is Iraq all over again. Nothing different at all! How are people not seeing this! It's the same old chemical weapons story!!!

  • Gaming Is Not A Crime

    America always lies that enemy used chemcial bombs and then bombs that area they just want to get control of that are a

  • OC GMBeverlyHills

    Every time a president is in trouble, war is started to distract the people from the real issues. Is it worth getting into a war with Russia, which would mean WW3, over the alleged used of chemical weapons. Even if evidence of chemical weapons used by Syria was verified, we have no business being there. 100 Tomahawk missiles = ~140 millions USD, that's money that we don't have, money that should be used to fix the crumbling US infrastructure. Anyhow who has traveled internationally knows that the US infrastructure is that of a third world country.

  • Arthur Fidas Jr.

    Good shit! How are you gonna chemically kill the people in your own country? If they would do that to their own people imagine what they would do to others? Had to be done

  • Saint of Mars

    I love how even though the title says it, people in the comments are blaming this all on the US even though three other major countries shot missles too.

  • PUNKYtb

    Trump talks about mass murder? Tell that to the 650thousend Iraqian civilians..!

  • Landon Sukie

    Now that trump is president they show and explain the extent of how much the US Bombs Syria. Although Obama bombed Syria like it was a hobby

  • Truth B. Told

    We know one thing: This ain't noFAKE NEWS

  • I Regret Nothing

    Oh hell yea, the brothers are back (France, Britain, and USA)

  • Alain Vargas

    David Hogg who survived the chemical attack in Syria while escaping on his bicycle, expressed his support for the response of USA.

  • Benjamin E.

    Only 3 civilians hurt, damn that’s some accuracy

  • Jimmy Yu

    Yeah, just like the time when USA invade Iraq and claiming Iraq has chemical weapons. After USA ruined Iraq and made most Iraq civilians homeless, then CIA admit they actually didn't find any chemical weapons in Iraq. Old dirty trick repeated again.

  • Austin Lee

    How many chemicals weapons in Syria. Over 7 years now. All I hear is chemicals weapons in Syria all the time. American is evils country " love of killing people.

  • Ceebtsheej Cheej

    Very excellent to fight Syria, go to fight Russia too, we are freedom u.s, France, uk, Germany, Australia, Japan, Canada, India, and many countries 1 side helping fighting to gether

  • Rahaper Aj

    hopefully russia stop their attack on syria.

  • Rationalific

    8:21 - Oops! Shouldn't have asked that...

  • Bluegamercake YouTube!!!

    I think I'll just stay on the Internet and never come out into the outside world AGAIN

  • Sub odh

    what is the ultimate goal here

  • Sub odh

    something is here we do not know about attacking of several country to siria

  • Sub odh

    wny did they target the specific place if they have nothing towards the country

  • christopher troy

    Was that all. They should have annihilated their air force bases before the moved them to Russian bases. This does nothing to deter further atrosities by Assad!!!!!!!

  • Lakrisi K

    Everything was staged by White Helmets group (CIA). There were no Chemical attack. Only the attack by US/UK Terror regime. You don't believe me? Watch the video of the boy at 0:34 talking to a journalist later

  • Gilberto Gomez

    Chemical (with not a single proof) attack in Syria...shame on US military attacking a weak country with excuses and false flags..only for the oil and the Israely Agenda

  • Nuck Chorris

    I am glad we actually stuck to our guns because we look like chumps when we threaten and don't follow thru.

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