US, France and Britain launch missile strikes on Syrian weapons facilities

The airstrikes, targeting and destroying three chemical weapons facilities, were ordered in response to another suspected chemical attack in Syria.

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  • Sheikh Javid

    Muslims are not terrorist

  • Brooke Austin

    im 9 can i see this stuff im addicted to it

  • HA SA

    This is a small crime by the US They have done the ugliest crimes in the world to ensure their strategic and political interests

  • Walter Dickman

    Ekh, my boy! Here we have a newer and more playful demon Mr. Trump continuing his stubborn race's chief peculiarity--reciprocal destruction. Lord Satan sits and bubbles drivel at his best with us, who rule everywhere that the human race puts forth its happy game of military nonsense. What rubbish possesses the hearts of mankind's leaders!

  • Life's truths

    And as suspected the chemical attack was a lie put out by the white helmets to give the west a fake reason to attack Syria yet again. The west wants a world war.

  • Hamdi Osman

    Save your people and not against them

  • Homam Trabolsi

    prepare your selves for something extremely big and that trump better get prepared to meet his maker

  • Dmitriy Starovoytov

    Вы скоро доиграетесь

  • Kaan Kaan

    What u want this world abd ??

  • Hadi Ali

    EVIL DONALD TRUMP what would you tell about killing Muslims in Afghanistan Iraq and YEMEN against innocent people in these countries ????? YOU ARE KILLER

  • Shady Brady

    You know , I find it interesting that the same people who will protest these missile strikes on the chemical weapons depot's are literally the same people who will protest the president for standing by while kids die from chemical weapons in Syria. You can't make this shit up. If Trump ignores the use of chemical weapons in Syria, they're outside protesting with signs that show pictures of dead babies from chemical weapons, and blaming it on Trump. And then when he strikes the chemical weapons depots, they call him a war criminal. Just astonishing.

  • Gordon Chang

    It looks fake. I think the news just tapes missile exercises performed by various ships. And then narrates a story for americans to watch. Its pretty low budget too. Because you never see like a 100 warships firing dozens of volley each. Its just one or two missiles because its all just low budget acting

  • Alice Konre

    If the Syrians are in place, the American takes MANPAD weapons, which Europe gives to the terrorists; I am retaliating against this attack by dropping the passenger planes of the countries that support the American terrorist organizations in their own countries.

  • WGwe Gwrw

    Russia humiliated in Syria yet again. Planes shot down by Turkey and punked by US. LOL

  • Carna Tomovic

    the only thing you know is how to destroy countries

  • Life's truths

    Lets not ignore the news media's part in bring on the war for Israel.

  • Yummy Shop

    ISIS is a Israel US Saudi proxy war to cut iran hezbullah supply line via syria.Being humiliated in 2006 lebanon war, israel US planned to creat terrorist to distabilize enemy country.

  • fred mcdaniels

    Bashar Al Assad is more human than others and in speech everyone have a right to life, can"t say that about others in this western hemisphere!

  • paul sticks

    What a piece of shit propaganda machine you are ABC......... just a joke. So you think its O K to use chemical weapons on children then, oh dont forget 3 civilians were harmed during the missile strike LMFAO but dozens were killed in the gas attack the syrians did. You are pieces of shit and traitors, people will not forget. Boycott disney and abc bullshit

  • Antonio Oscar Silva

    The war start in Syria many years ago: by creating terrorism ISSIS and killing thousands of people, inclusive millions of refugees ‘and continue accusing Syria of using chemicals in the war by saying at is a crime by Syrians president. What we knowing has the want so much to star another strong war, and for that the easy way always the same chemicals weapons . Why Syria president wants to kill own citizens? Why he is a monster when the people of Syria have die for many years ,just propaganda to continue having more people dying. From what have read it’s a knew terrorists (ISSIS) in Syria and organized for them to use chemical weapons the same way was done before?

  • Glenn ahnee

    All i have to say is stop the hate and Lets all Love one another for we are all the same human we are all GOD children stop the evil.GOD BLESS EVERYONE IN JESSUS NAME AMEN.ALOHA.

  • Salem Fathi

    Tous coupables de massacres d innocents, il n y a pas de quoi pavoiserShame on all who kill civilians


  • bannon1000

    The right thing to do

  • Hadi Ali

    Donald trump he has a EVIL who has killing Muslims

  • Angel Love

    This people are true evil. They destroy countries to get more debt! They should die.

  • Chris Thompson

    Hear how these animals discussed and romanticised the US killing of civilians in Syria? Can you believed these white animals calls themselves journalist?

  • XAmerican GloryX

    90% of people don’t know enough about why the US did this with France and Britain. No civilian casualties, and they successfully destroyed all targets.

  • Prince Piscez

    I am Native American, and I can assure you, Trump and his supporters and who they support are the real terrorists, just like their forefathers.

  • Kaimanawa Killa

    why cant they bring assad to trial and prosecute ???

  • Stuart Little

    People In Syria love trump

  • Justin Adamo

    Syrian president is a monster. Keep on them president Trump. Send the ones targeting innocent civilians back to the Stone Age

  • Jörg Schneider

    Gut gemacht SAA fast 80% der Raketen runter geholt weiter so

  • Hadi Ali

    who are BRITAIN'S , AMERICA and France who have attacking in Syria

  • Hadi Ali

    DONALD TRUMP he has WILD ANIMAL who has been killing Muslims in Afghanistan Iraq Yemen and Syria

  • Maha Ajmal

    Bloody trump ... what the heck is going with him ... why r u not leaving him alone .. they have already a lot of mess on their ground

  • كمال الخزعلي

    الله ينصر السوريين عﻻ جميع الكفار والصهاينه

  • muslim hosein

    Trump iz ah wicked mothercunt killing innocent civilians..

  • Orakel Gottes

    Nobody believes on US ... they are just looking for power to steal oil ... there is no chemical weapon, what is the point for Assad to kill his own people? Assad and Russia saved the Syrian people from US and its agent ISIS. There is no legitimacy for US to even put footstep on Syrian ground, because the legitimate government of Syria and people of Syria wants US and ISIS to leave .. that's it

  • Paul Heinrich

    Americans and British are evil and liars... they know how to manipulate and distort matters to occupy a country..... do you all realy want to know why they are attacking Syria? Let me tell you.... Israel occupied Golan hights which is Syrian land in the 70s... technically Syria and Israel was at war over this... and when Syria decide to go after to reclaim there land..... Israel’s hitmans or the bulldog uk and US was commissioned to bring essads government down..... Esad is not a regime the western media keep saying regime.... it is a government elected by people.... never believe the western media as they are paid fucked up evil corporations that only care about money..... they don’t care how many people die.. infact wars are the only reason these media corporations exist.... just like guns manufacturers.... they live on wars...... note especially BBC ... this is british governement propaganda machine..... Every child they kill in Syria is done with your tax money..... so technically there is blood on your hands of little children.... You can stop this.... get on the streets in millions and get these corrupt Masonic evil corporations dogs the politicans down.... the world is going in the wrong direction because of this.....

  • Dj Broadhurst

    go trump go 🇺🇸 bomb 🇸🇾

  • Hua Lian

    Trump and the other western leaders are just being good dogs for Israeli by attacking middle east countries.If those americunts ever dare to attack China, we will retaliate by launching nuclear missiles to destroy that terrorist nation forever!

  • ToFester

    Interesting how they can just launch missile strikes on a nation that hasn't bombed their nation at all.

  • Sharathnaik Sha

    so very sad syrian children condition why not understand ...fighting people purchase separate land offter that strat your fighting life long but not attack poor people land and not kill children this is not good ......why not think? syrian children and syrian poor pepel problem ...please save syrian children ......syrian children not attacking any country pepel but why fanish.....just understand ...

  • NotQuiteSurprisedAtAll

    Never have sex with a transsexual goat. DO NOT DO IT!

  • farris sanders

    First of all you'd have to be a moron to bomb a chemical plant you'll only spread the chemicals around now I guess the us and France and Britain should be bombed for spreading around the chemicals they claim were there and the us government poisons it's people's food water and air

  • Dywane Cox

    Why does they always make it look as their leaders attack their own ppl. Then use it to justify going to war, the fake hero effect. Like America was threatening north korea. Now that they have developed nukes America wants to shake North Koreas hand.

  • Michael Farshad Khounani

    The freaking hell are they talking about. This is False Flag written all over it. What the hell are US, France and Britain doing occupying a sovereign nation? They are occupying Syria because they want to push their oil pipe through Syria and Syrian does not allow it. So the coalitions backed, armed and trained ISIS and other Sunni terrorists to chop heads of innocent people. So, when Syria attacks the ISIS, US attacks Syria and calls the terrorists the Freedom fighter. They keep reporting that US troops attack when they are attacked but fail to mention that they are trying to occupy a nation through terrorism and force. Of course US tropes should be attacked. The ISIS terrorists are chopping innocent people's head but US call them Freedom fighter. Do you know why? Because we have been stupid and ignorant enough to eat whatever bullshit oil cartels wants to feed us. They keep pretending that we are on the good side. No we are not and that’s why we are hated all over the Middle East. A sovereign nation is occupied and US is pretending to be concerned more about Syrian people then Syrian people and their Governments. So, to create legitimacy they gas Syrian and blame Bashar Al Asad despite the fact that UN keeps saying they see no evidence of that. Why would Asad gas his own people while very well know that US is going to use that as an excuse to attack them. People, our hands are drenched in innocent people's blood by letting this corporation to get fat with the blood and the treasure of us.

  • Lup Peplai

    trump will get you into a war thats what will happen to usa

  • Gordon Chang

    We are told 4 ships took part in the exercise. Two submarines, two destroyers. And all we get is CGI of those 4 ships. Then we see a close up of a single destroyer. And it fires one or two missiles. While two american actors posing as news anchors narrate the story for us

  • Dan Ferguson

    Trump will double down every time. !!!

  • Reesey Me

    kim jong un obviously learn from example

  • Bureau of Investigation Federal

    Oh boi the smell of ww3 is fucking stink!

  • JungoJerry

    The way to avoid a 7-year battle? Simple - you strike SO HARD the first time that there is NO FIGHT LEFT in the enemy.

  • James

    Dang were savage go UK and France and us

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