Robert Mueller Investigates Trump's Kremlin Back Channel: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at Donald Trump's escalating scandals related to everything from Russian meddling to porn stars.
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Robert Mueller Investigates Trump's Kremlin Back Channel: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers


    Comedy works in threes.

  • New Message

    When the movie about all this finally comes out, it's gonna be the best ZAZ comedy EVER.

  • LibHunk

    Where is Christians conservative Mike pence on his boss scandals. He is hypocrite SOB like other Christian conservatives.

  • Jonny B

    Welp like I'm telling all my customers (do aluminum work for screen, gutters, soffit, siding etc.) and making a point when they are obvious Trump supporters that my prices just went up 12-15% to compensate for the 10% increase from tariff and 4% we got in January. Sometimes there are consequences for your decisions. Price increases on home improvement, who'd have thunk it.

  • Ęÿūį Æßñ

    The Trumptanic is sinking and the rats are fleeing the ship. The captain continues to call the big hole in the ship fake news.

  • rushil jalnawala

    Uh oh somebody in deep doo doo lol 😂 or pee pee whichever one he prefers lol

  • micomator

    Putin is the one exploring Trump's back channel

  • Cody Bishop

    Instead of enacting the sanctions on Russia, Trump goes ahead and sanctions America with tariffs. Trump was the best purchase Putin ever made.

  • zislec

    Trumps presidency... longest cartoon ever 😂

  • Willy Ajax

    Trump has great scandals... the best scandals any president ever had... you'll never meet anybody with better scandals!

  • Nelson Muntz

    Trump told Stormy she reminded him of his daughter Ivanka.

  • Chasing Autumns

    Hannity is SO jealous he didn't think of getting peed on first.

  • singerg02

    "I got a paper cut and before we knew it, we were swearing a blood oath and shouting "HAIL HYDRA!!!" DONE 😂😂😂

  • fishhead06

    Mueller's doing the job that Trump's Justice Department hired him to do. Hiring him is the only thing this Administration has done right.

  • Lily Geiser

    bless you Seth. bless you.

  • john k

    remember when Obama put dijon on his burger?

  • Diogo Sena

    Every single episode is genius.

  • Graham Walker

    lock him up lock him up lock him up.

  • friendofbeaver

    Erik Prince has a sister. She's our Secretary of Education. What have we learned?

  • idolboy09

    I’m wondering how Trump is going to play this off as “fake news”. Lol

  • Alex Oelkers

    According to friends of Trumps lawyer it turns out Trump is so cheap he didn't even pay his lawyer back for protecting his orange butt.

  • Jim Naylor

    Guilty af, stable genius.

  • Toad Jiang

    Trump refused the Russians' offer of women!? Yeah right, next you'll tell me that he's also a vegan, lol.

  • oopopp x

    I feel SO SORRY for the intern that has to watch Hannity for research for this show....

  • Bolgernow

    Seth is killing it with facts. Jokes + facts = perfection!

  • Samsonian Pitydafool

    Somebody get a picture of Hannity now before he turns into a pretzel or celtic knot. How about you stop trying to make it sound like everyone is out to get our idiot-in-chief and just accept that Drumpf is THAT incompetent that if there were a whole football field in front of him and one rake in the corner behind him he would still figure out how to step on the rake, then claim the rake wouldn’t have been there if Obama had done his job.

  • Unkle Turpis

    Hannity is a golden shower kinkster. He keeps taking about it so much, he must be. No judgement on the kink, just an observation.

  • Tanya Newman- Warner

    Stormy should have paid them to hide the affair.. she should be ashamed of sexing him. Ugh!

  • Kim Jong Fun

    Trump paid Stormy Daniels $130,000 because she told him that her price was $10,000 per second.

  • E MP

    YEEEEESS Blackwater guy Eric Prince under fire!!! That guy is so evil. Also I thnk Sean Hannity is living vicariously through Trump ha ha.

  • CN What I'm Saiyan?

    Methinks Trump dost protests, too much.

  • Random Dud3

    Maybe Sean Hannity hates trump and trying to secretly asking the world for help...........or he's just an idiot

  • alexander reusens

    So just to recap:Trump is currently in the news for- getting sued by pornstar- starting a trade war with the whole world- the Muller investigationDid I miss something, I'm struggling to keep tracking all this stuff.

  • Picket Fence

    Putin probably never dreamed his boy Trump would pay off this big. The guy even cracks a grin, that's unheard of for Putin.

  • pyrophobia133

    Explain to me why we had to choose between Hillary and Trump again? Or how we got here in the first place?

  • Eckhart of the Cygnus Knights

    4:10, that sounds like something out of a James Bond movie.

  • Biggus Dickus

    Republican’s Approach To Protecting America And Americans: "For Example, To Protect America against global warming, Republicans will have Jeff Session's and Ted Cruise's dads to stand on Texas shores, bibles in hands. The plan is to have them raise one hand to the sky while holding a bible on the other. As the sky darkens and see level rises, they command the ocean to settle down. If that didn’t work, go to plan B. That is to run off like hell and blame everything on Obama."

  • Joshua Perkings

    Never thought that in 2018 I would be getting my news from comedy shows just based on the fact that the news itself is comedy.

  • Richard Mays

    The dossier is a turn on for Hannity, obviously!

  • Alassandros

    I said it twice. I'll say it again. Robert Mueller looks like Sam the Eagle.

  • Tyrone Shoelace

    Your Fkn crazy Seth. But I like that in my friends.

  • Ultra Magnus

    Doe's anyone else remember that Trump said during his campaign "Hillary Clinton wouldn't make an effective President because there would be so many scandals around her!" Anyone???

  • MegaPaddz

    America should criminalize private military contracting.

  • beansnrice321

    Eric Prince has always been a huge threat to this country and was probably a bigger threat than Trump could ever dream of being. This is incredible news!

  • Hendry Suhartono

    Donald Trump is going to jail, cant wait to see that, looking for front row seat first, lol

  • K Boy

    We really have a modern day Manchurian President, this is embarrassing.

  • Sak Boun

    Seriously how much more evidence do you need? I guess impeachment isn't enough, Muller intends to bring House of Trump down.

  • FrankHamel

    First. Hehehe. Is that still a thing?

  • Alpha Male

    4:14 This is not russian map, this map is showing Russia and Ukraine. Please get a correct map.

  • Sharojan

    U wanna be an American idiot- Green Day Thank you Seth Meyers

  • kilroy987

    When Trump's tenure as 'president' started, I got freaked about his first moves. Travel ban, yeah. He quickly established the personality of his presidency. The GOP tried to take away health care, that failed, and they injected removals of protections for health care in the tax reform bill anyway. I've gotten tired of trying to follow everything. I watch these videos from Seth, Stephen, Trevor and John Oliver for news and perspective. At this point Trump's administration is on fumes, and I've seen nothing out of Congress, and nothing at all about Sanders forging forward on his crusade for universal health care. I'm just waiting for this crap pile to collapse and for someone competent to take charge.

  • jenpenn22

    Growing up in the 90s I thought I'd seen the most scandalous thing I'd ever see with the Ken Star report. How naive I was lol!

  • kalaya01

    Trump's bodyguard never said Trump turned down the hookers. He testified that HE (the bodyguard) turned it down, told Trump, Trump chuckled (but never said Trump said no), Then bodyguard reversed his original testimony (originally said he stood guard all night) & but now says he only stayed a short time & then left, so he could not testify if any girls were sent up later on. (There have been rumors circulating social media that foreign Intel says several prostitute were witnessed arguing at the front desk that night because they allegedly said Trump didn't want them to sign-in the register b4 allegedly going up to Trump's room.) Today it was reported in Rawstory "Trump partied with Russian oligarchs at Vegas nightclub shut down over ‘lewd’ acts involving women and urine." The last month headlines have been filled with stories of Trump cheating on his postpartum wife with Porn Stars & Playboy bunnies that were paid off hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep quiet. Walking in on naked beauty contestants & bragging about sleeping with his best friends' wives, At this point would any lewd act from #PresidentPu$$ygrabber surprise America?

  • ScytheNoire

    America elected a criminal con-man and is surprised about any of this?

  • Vicky Mc

    We know that Trump has had an affair with a sex worker, who he then paid, so the dossier doesn't sound that out there any more.

  • gvadj ito

    Interesting, what's UKRAINE doing on the all maps of Russia? (from 4:13 to 4:23 for example)

  • Robert Pirlot

    Can someone explain what the Difference Between Bill Clinton's affair and Trump's Affair? Last time I heard Republicans called for Impeachment for this kind of behavior. And that stuff is nothing compared to Trump and the Russians. Who everyone in the Trump Administration is admitting they were talking to.

  • nemian618

    Make America Average Again. Would be a huge improvement.

  • Ali Sultan

    These Blackwater guys came out to big bad patriots and then they were working for foreign govertments.


    When it pours.

  • Phyllis Arringtion

    MAGA= Mueller Ain't Going Away!

  • Edward Maxwell

    Mueller is slowly and methodically eating away at Trump.

  • Md. Abdul Ahad Chowdhury

    At this point, I'm not sure if a Netflix series based on Trump's presidency is gonna fall under thriller or sitcom category.

  • Adrian Daniel

    I feel like John Mulaney wrote this rendition of "A Closer Look," with all of the, "not for nothings."

  • Omar Hussain

    HAHAHAHAHA exhibit A, lmaoooo

  • onelove

    Blinders glued to your head, and a pair of earplugs melted into your ears is all that is needed to dismiss such allegations.

  • southrules

    I took a trump and some Cruz splashed up onto my rubios

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