Jon Favreau on The Lion King, Beyoncé & New Star Wars Series

Jon talks about making The Lion King, being nervous about the audience reaction at the premiere, the animation process, working with Beyoncé, cooking with celebrities and chefs on “The Chef Show,” and writing and producing a new Star Wars series on Disney+ called “The Mandalorian.”

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Jon Favreau on The Lion King, Beyoncé & New Star Wars Series
  • kristina23100

    I am so impressed. JON Favreau huh?

  • brad jenkins

    Remember when Disney stole everything that is lion king from that japanese animation studio? Pepperidge farms remembers.

  • Brendan Clayton

    Boba Fett wasn't a Mandalorian, why wasn't he corrected haha :(((((((

  • Peter

    Disney just saw this as a cash grab they got lazy smh this guy and others involved in this pointless movie disrespected the original classic.

  • Joachim Jensen

    Oh, the computers make the visual effects? I thought people made it.

  • Andréa Labonair

    You can't recast James Earl Jones. The guy's Darth Vader.


    Don’t say you feel responsible when you ruined Be Prepared and the scene of Remember Who You are with Simba and Mufasa! 🤬 You weren’t responsible, you did whatever the fck you wanted.

  • Joseph Menjivar

    Is he the guy from rudy

  • James Cumberland

    I really, really, really disliked this movie. Seems like a nice guy, but maaaaan, this movie is some uncanny valley nightmare that felt completely unfinished and unnerving.

  • Jayne Taylor

    I have nothing but respect for Jon Favreau. Especially when he used Robert Downey Jr. as Ironman, perfect casting. I love him in Couples Retreat and Four Christmases. Amazing actor, screenwriter and director.

  • Isiah Nunn

    You need Andrew Adamson and Steve Williams to help you.

  • Frosty TheWolf

    Reggae band from garageee

  • Jonathan David

    When I see Jon all I can think is couples retreat hahahaha

  • Maluka Ch

    Jon favreau is the best

  • Amirul Islam

    From Stanley Kubrick and Hitchcock to this hack

  • Thomas Rainbow

    The Chef Show is great!! Looking forward to The Lion King and Star Wars

  • مرسي جاسر

    The lion king stolen from anime kimba the white lion

  • Truevan ASAP

    Do you guys think the beginning was on purpose?

  • Brad R

    "I'm not allowed to say God Damn no more" This is always my first memory of Jon Favreau

  • jerifiidierj euufufuf

    which part of the movie was like real not by computer bc he said there’s 1 shot that’s real

  • Mufnstuf

    At 12:30 Kimmel tries to interject his tired leftist political humor and Favreau just moves on, like a champ. Favreau has enough business sense to NOT alienate 1/2 of his potential audience. The Mandalorian looks absolutely amazing (I saw the preview footage). It's shot like a classic Western movie set in the Star Wars Universe. The Mandalorian will bring the old school fans BACK to Star Wars.

  • Upasana Sarmah

    This man Favreau is like the GRRM of the Marvel Cinematic Universe😍

  • Zyhir Harris

    Tony: diesHappy: oh no i need money!!Happy: oh let's just make a lion king remakeTony and mufasa: drink beer in hevean

  • Marcus Manderson

    Great interview. He is awesome!...

  • Risko Dutil

    A true humble genius this man is.

  • Danstrzy

    I remember this guy from The King of Queens. Where he called Doug "heffercan" from licking the trashcan Lol.

  • TheUnholyGamer

    The man who started it all, brought the iron man from the comics to real life I swear

  • Prabu Megan

    I thought he is going to bring out "Kimba the white lion"

  • Canaan Lawrence

    Star Wars talk starts at 11:40

  • augusta adewale

    John Favreau's tag would be ''disney property for life,Don't tresspass!''Thanks!

  • tritone11

    This guy is in his own league in Hollywood. I remember seeing him in Daredevil and thinking “oh, the new Jeremy Piven”- I couldn’t have been more wrong. He deserves everything he has.

  • Aref Eshghi

    A quick reminder: the 'original' Lion King was not original! :))

  • Gracie Daniels

    No one.Absolutely No one.Jimmy Kimmel : So, Beyonce......

  • Skms creations

    For me he is just a wonder❤️ .. i'm dreaming that how could he have done these many heartfully amazing movies... love from tamilnadu ,, thamizhan .. India. Epdiyaa itha panreenga .. engalkum konjam kaththu kudungalen💕

  • KeyGamer100

    I want to be in a Jon Favreau project. He made my favorite movies

  • Apple Jucie

    God bless you Jimmy thank you for bringing happiest and joy to people

  • lando erv

    Jon Favreau is a great person

  • Laura Contreras

    I get why he was nervous..... it wasn't thaaaaaat great.... sure it had big stars: Beyonce, ...but the feeling was lacking. On a good note the ultimate bestest parts were everything Timon & Pumba 😁

  • Bob Don

    the Beyonce part is @9:08 . Beyhive you can thank me later ;)

  • Trev Mac

    can't believe this is Jon -- wow has he aged, What happened?

  • Crash Bandicoot71

    The fact they focused so much on how it compares to the success of the previous film says why it had such mixed reviews5:51 for Coo-GENG!!!

  • K Parker

    Somehow my favorite product of his is 'Chef'

  • IloveBaklava

    Looks like the movie sucks

  • Louie Smithen

    C'mon guys, we know that boba fett wasn't a mandalorian!

  • Ana G

    What the hell is Pete Becker doing here? Shouldn’t he be training to become the ultimate fighting champion?

  • Desvelada

    I wonder if he’s become the ultimate fighting champion yet 😂😂

  • DabzyTV

    Jon Favreau is an idol! Chef was amazing and I didn’t even know did lion king

  • Stefanus Cahyadi

    not want to exagerrate or anything,but i just have a lil goosebumps when i saw the introhope its good,looking forward to watch it

  • frank lucas

    Rudy, Rudy, Rudy, Rudy!

  • Myles McEwen

    What a true legend John Favreau is!

  • klaire anne

    Huge respect and admiration to this guy! I love Jon Favreau!

  • Kibe Paris

    Jimmy, I have reduced watching your interviews by around 80% because you constantly interrupt your guests, that was Jimmy Fallon's role. You're getting worse...let them talk and stop making it about you!

  • Atharva Kulkarni

    Let him talk Goddamn it...

  • TWSTF 8

    First season is done, and he's already started writing for the second season. That's awesome 😂 👍

  • Cook Fin

    Lion King is about to hit 1B world wide, so you know he did pretty good job directing this movie.

  • Jim Tuber

    I wish Jimmy asked him "Could you blow me where the Pampers is?"

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