Victory Day Parade in Moscow 2015

Victory Parade in Moscow
Парад Победы в Москве к 70 годовщине победы над фашизмом
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  • Discerning Troll

    Can't beat the Russians for pride, enthusiasm and ruggedness of there Parades. Urah!Can't beat the Chinese for there pride, discipline and precision in there parades.

  • Visesh Aj

    Love Russia 🇷🇺 From India 🇮🇳

  • shqiptar 100%

    Viva Russia 🇷🇺 and president VLADIMIR PUTIN

  • Ali Jama

    thank you Russia Nation supposed to learn Russian language we've been learning in Somalia 1979 11th my birthday soon as that day and today love it they change every day belongs to God every right of human

  • Jack Allen Dereck

    The MotherLand? Yes #Vostok 2018

  • TomikCR

    The Russian nation will never allow what happened in the Second World War.

  • Chaitanya Talegaonkar

    Best march i have ever seen. From India. You can spot aur flag and President

  • Rohan Kshirsagar

    live from india old friends

  • Al Cardoso

    May God bless the glorious nation of Russia. I wish I was born in that country that I love so much.

  • Group 73 Historians

    join us and you must watch and till me what you think - Egyptian pilot tells how israel air force pilot claim to killed him in 1967

  • Alehei spravedlivyi

    Нам ответить за сербию..живите пока нато

  • Athar Azhar Azhar Yusof

    Hurraaaaaaaa....Hurraaaaaaaaa.....Hurraaaaaaaaaaa....from Singapore...

  • TomikCR

    na takovou armádu můžou být obyvatelé Ruska hrdí....kéž by i naše armáda byla taková.

  • Aleksandr Stepanov

    Только один коммент - РФ готова бросить в топку глобальной войны миллионы жизней))) А США готовы????? По мне лучше бы США и РФ дружили))))

  • Subhra Paul

    Reminds me of the Glorious days of the Soviet Armed Forces

  • Ivan peverel

    Кто знает что за музыка

  • Václav Vykydal

    Tehdy Reichs Protektor Shapiro zakázal našemu prezidentovi zúčastnit se.

  • milan kos

    god blees russia my favorite country and most beatiful in world from serbian friend


    Русские девушки очень красивые

  • Daniel Silva

    "Chê quer vara" is a bitch .

  • Salvatore Camilleri

    Love from Italy. 🇷🇺❤🇮🇹

  • Black Berry

    Кто не знает Краснознаменную, Гвардии Генерала майора, Панфиловскую дивизию, которая обороняла Москву под Дубосеково? Так она прошагала парадным строем и отдала честь Ветеранам ВОВ!!! Ура товарищи!!!

  • rahmat kurniawan

    My friend russian.... Respect from Indonesian.....

  • Pah 91

    Russia like Ireland has endured and suffered througout the ages respect and greetings to all Russians from Ireland

  • reda bouacida

    Poutine the king. ...I like russia. .

  • 8 Balls

    Respect from Thailand USSR

  • Fhiean 56

    all people at my country indonesian love russia 💝

  • M. Raed Al Lulu

    Everybody respects power and discipline :)

  • Respekt


  • Mr. Kyle

    Beautiful white people! Glory to Russia! 🇷🇺 Peace for all world!

  • Beatriz Pose

    Cuánta arrogancia jovencitas!-El exacto significado de la ignorancia.Qué vergüenza!! ¿Acaso no saben de qué trata la ceremonia?. Catalina de Rusia ¡Hurra!¡Hurra! ¡Hurra!

  • Ali Jama

    thank you Russian people happy Nation day Russia belongs to God animation Every Nation please thank you mr. Journal Russian Somalia One Nation between many country who disconnected they've been the wrong direction Queen Elizabeth Department losers they still West African store East Africa disconnected Russia friendship nation is 1 thank you mr. journal and Russian Nation thank you everyday God is only one we all continue everyday pray

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