Victory Day Parade in Moscow 2015

Victory Parade in Moscow
Парад Победы в Москве к 70 годовщине победы над фашизмом
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  • SPB

    Не сдержать слез. Низкий поклон, отдавшим жизни, в борьбе с фашизмом. Помним, гордимся!

  • Tirthankar Sarkar

    Prevyet my Russian brothers & sisters. You have a very strong & beautiful country. Greetings from Republic of India :)

  • Florian van Dale

    Respect! From Germany. :)

  • KLG -

    Love from France.Brothers for ever. 💪


    Urah~! . . URAAAAAAAAAHH~! ! ! !

  • Cédric Vermoesen

    RUSSIA NUMBER 1!Greetings from Belgium

  • Mahendra Kumar

    god bless mother Russia. respect and love from India.

  • skydaimon

    ""Чёрные акулы" ..."Белые Лебеди"... Боже...., Как же я горжусь своей Великой Россией!!!!

  • Tillolo79

    God bless Russia much love from Italy

  • jrfk

    Great country. As the citizen of the Slovak Republic, occupied by the USSR (consisting of Russia, Ukraine, Georgia and many other smaller nations) since early 70´s to late 80´s I thought I would never say that - GOD BLESS RUSSIA and GOD BLESS ITS PEOPLE. I´m fed up by so called democracy presented by UK or US - hypocrisy in its deepest (very) meaning.

  • Andrew Borromey

    I can't help it. I like Russians. Several years worth of Russian language and history at university have convinced me that they are the toughest, crustiest people on the planet. They make better allies than enemies.

  • Roman Loch

    А главное...каждый мужчина в этой стране в любой момент может встать в этот строй....и все он знает и все умеет...а главное понимает за что...за жену...за дочу...за сына за мать...за неправду мы не воюем...вот в чем сила

  • walt braden

    greetings from the USA

  • morbid serbs


  • Praetorian GuardBC

    Long live Mother Russia. I'm proud of them and her people.

  • Alexander Tessema

    Great video of a great military victory parade befitting of a great nation. The Minister of Defense starts with the sign of the Cross in front of an Orthodox Icon of Christ as a sign of FAITH on God. Any one who has Jesus Christ on his side is already Victorious. This is indeed a Christian Army, an Army of Christ bearing his own image. Russia has Real Orthodox Christianity, Traditional Family Values, Real Moral and Ethics, Real Men, REAL SOLDIERS, REAL ARMY that can ANNIHILATE any enemy at any day. Long Live Orthodox Russia! The Orthodox world is with you.


    Либерасты жидко сруться посмотрев это видео .

  • Art Lukman

    Видео впечатляет! Приятно видеть нашего президента на параде в Москве. На фронт из Казахской ССР было мобилизовано более 1 миллиона 200 тысяч солдат, 12 стрелковых, 4 кавалерийские дивизии, 7 стрелковых бригад, около 50 отдельных полков и батальонов. Это общая победа!!!

  • Day Red

    A great country, great army and a faithfully firiend.Respect from Vietnam!

  • Elmar Agazade

    Greetings from Azerbaijani brother. Long live Russia.

  • Super Sonic

    Respect for Russia from Turkey

  • alex a

    Respect From Romania...Russian brothers

  • Slobodan Vilimanovic

    НАЈЈАЧЕ ОРУЖИЈЕ Руске војске нису авиони, ракете, подморнице...него ЉУБАВ РУСКОГ НАРОДА према својим војницима.Руси браћо моја, волите своје солдате, то је њихова снага....Поздрав из Србије

  • Suhi Chola

    Вау!! это так интенсифицирует, действительно чувствует себя потрясающе. что страна россия является абсолютной красотой. Какой лидер Путин для России. Однажды обязательно посетит Россию. Слава России!Привет из Индии!

  • Naddi HD

    wow.. just wow.. this is amazing!! greetins from Germany :)

  • Julian Pramana

    Greetings from Indonesia


    To my Russian brothers, Respect from China.

  • Rajnikant Tiwari

    I m Indian and I always love u Putin.....

  • Nedzad Ramovic


  • Kittyplitty Roden

    This video and music make to me Like Russia more then ever!!!Я люблю Москва и Санкт-Петербурге!!!/sorry for bad English and Russian

  • Aleksandr Sin'kevich

    и Сербы братцы как всегда с нами!

  • Maple Bacon

    God Bless Russia.  Love from Canada friends.

  • Tarun Verma

    I am from India.... Russia is very good friend of India.... Love you Russia form india

  • Kocka Cerny52

    Greatest country of the world !!

  • Gonzalo PDE

    The parade begins with the general in chief making the sign of the cross in front on an icon of Christ. In the U.S. is the other way around nowdays. I saw a video in which a soldier is expel from a military ceremony for saying "God bless America". Rusia now has higher moral values than America. God will bless Russia now.

  • Jason Voorhees


  • Irina L

    лучшее видео, что я видела!

  • jose sorell

    in Latin America we love Russia!!!!!!!!

  • veten 001 001

    Я Азербайджанец горжусь своим дедушках один дед войывал Крымы. Поранился. Один дед войывал Волгограды. Какая великий страны чего делали.

  • Živojin Vukić

    in Serbia we love Russian brothers...

  • Yevon

    My sincerest respect to the USSR and the current-day Russia.

  • Cali Méro

    Remember Moscow, Stalingrad (Uranus and Mars), Leningrad, Kharkov, Kursk, Kutusov, Bragation, Berlin.Thanks so, so mutch Soviet Union for your great victory; from France.

  • Asylbek Abizhanov

    СССР зто Россия я за Россию как за Казазстан


    respect from India to my Russian fellas

  • Jean-Paul Nederland

    just dont mess with Russia

  • Pascal Hagelgans

    thanks and love from germany

  • arif Dolf

    respect form indonesia

  • Argentina 73

    Respect from Argentina! We love you great Russia!!!

  • Slava Slavin

    "Go tell all in foreign lands that Russia is still alive. Let no fear of favor. But who to us with sword come, the sword shall die! At that stood and will stand the Russian land! ".Alexander Nevsky

  • Aleksandr Vladimirovich Ostrovskiy


  • foxy

    Vive la Russie et vive la France

  • Slick Nick

    USA people love Russia. Friendly people, beautiful places to see and culture

  • Djong TM

    Respect from Indonesia. We are waiting Su-35 and S-400 delivery soon 😃

  • FAIR

    70 ЛЕТ !!!!!!!! ЭТО ВЕЛИКИЙ ЮБИЛЕЙ !!!!!!!!!! ВЕЛИКОЙ ГОДОВЩИНЕ!!!!!!!!

  • Husky The Dinosaur

    Very Beautiful, All Respect from Australia

  • Janek Valcarcel

    respect from Germany ,well deserved victory

  • ellenhawk

    Terrible embarrassment that Obama did not send a delegation to help honor the 70 anniversary of the defeat of Hitler and sacrifices the Russian people made in World War 2. It still make me angry when I think of it.

  • Kenny911able

    Thanks to Soviet Union ,Russia is safe now

  • Xu Chenfei

    I wish Soviet Union never went down! Greeting from China, which is still a Communist country like once you were. We still have the same belief once you had. We are developing the technology once your taught us. Really wish you can develop well.

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